California Governor Gavin Newsom starts to feel the heat – Watch now!

By | November 3, 2022

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According to a CBS News report, Newsom responded to a question from a CBS News reporter when asked about a Red Wave coming. Newsom offered only two words, “It does.”

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California governor Gavin Newsom starts To feel the heat watch now with the Midterms just around the corner of the California governor is beginning to feel The heat and he knows it wait till you See this thanks for watching Next News Network I’m Ivory Hecker filling in from My YouTube That’s Ivory Hecker on YouTube you want the top news every day Hit subscribe below and turn on your Notifications alright Democratic Governor of California Gavin Newsom is About to get a bit a big service of Humble Pie according to a CBS news Report Newsome responded to a question From a CBS news reporter when asked About a red wave coming Newsom offered Only two words it does he said watch We have a new song I said how many seats In California and the house side could Democrats lose he said there are four Races that are competitive now that We’re not competitive five weeks ago That indicates a shift in momentum and I Said does it feel like a Red Wave Gavin Newsom’s words it does wow Well when Gavin Newsom makes an Admission like this you know it’s bad For the Democrats Gavin Newsom isn’t Wrong when he says that there will be a Red wave in 2022 every major poll is Showing this also according to the Daily Wire based on the latest CBS Battleground track or poll Republicans

Are expected to gain at least 15 seats In the House of Representatives a Similar model was used by the poll that Accurately predicted the outcome of the 2018 midterm elections with a margin of Error of plus or minus 12 seats According additionally the model appears To reflect recent National polls that Suggest that the house is likely to flip To the Republicans in a red wave According to erasmussen reports poll Released Friday Republicans lead likely U.S voters Nationwide by seven points Let’s take a look At what Senator Rick Scott thinks about The midterms Outlook take a look So which Battleground states do you Think Republicans will win on Election Day how many Senate seats will the GOP Control next year We’re going to get 52 plus Herschel Walker will win in Georgia we’re going To keep all 21 of ours Oz is going to Win against Federman in Pennsylvania Adam lacksaw win in Nevada but I think We have every reason to believe we can Pick up with Blake master in Arizona With Don boldnick I’ll be going to North Carolina New Hampshire today I think Don Boldnick has every reason to believe He’s going to win but we’ve got shots And with Tiffany Smiley in Washington Joe day in Colorado leaving Connecticut We this is this is our year the

Democrats can’t run on anything they’ve Done people don’t like what they’ve done They don’t like high inflation they Don’t like gas prices food prices up They don’t like it the public doesn’t Like an open border they don’t like they Don’t like high crime and that’s what The Democrats are known for I mean They’ve done all these things Democrats Did it they did it they want to run away From it we’re almost out of time before We go Well it’s no surprise that Governor Newsom is already preparing for Democrats to lose seats in the upcoming Midterm election considering newsom’s Blatant liberal agenda it’s not Surprising that California voters might Be looking for something different and It looks like they’re not the only ones Nationwide polls are showing a shift Towards Republican candidates it’s time For a change in leadership and it looks Like the American people are ready to Vote for it the days of Democrat-controlled uh stalling and Partisan blocking blocking Are coming to an end it is time for Republicans to take back the house and Bring some much needed common sense and Unity back to our government but let me Know what you think let’s continue this Conversation in the comments below and Be sure to check out my independent news

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