C-SPAN Thanks Debate Partners

By | November 7, 2022

During Campaign 2020, over 60 local media, civic, educational organizations provided C-SPAN their Senate/House/Governor debates – key elements of the democratic process – to share with a national audience.

C-SPAN thanks these organizations for joining in the spirit of public service.

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This fall as part of our extensive Campaign 2022 coverage C-SPAN showed Nearly 80 debates from 39 States the Senate house and Governor debates were Provided to us by more than 60 local Media Civic and educational Organizations These organizations are also allowing C-SPAN to Archive their debates on our Website you can search for them via the C-SPAN video library at c-span.org C-SPAN thanks these organizations for Sharing their campaign 22 debates key Elements of the democratic process in The spirit of Public Service C-SPAN your unfiltered view of politics

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