Bye Bye Boris

By | July 7, 2022

Bye Bye Boris!

So he’s gone he’s [ __ ] off then He’s resigned Okay so he’s resigned but he hasn’t [ __ ] off okay [ __ ] I mean what do we have to do Wait wait for another few months whilst He takes the wallpaper down I’m loving This what an exit that the Prime Minister forgot that his whip was a Sexual predator no answer to that one no Answer no humility no meaningful apology For days just more dickensian twaddle And a little reshuffle not so much Reshuffling Deck chairs on the Titanic More reshuffling cat [ __ ] on a litter Tray and the manner of his departure Should tell you everything you need to Know no dignity just desperation and Delusion and a despotic disposal to Cling to power no matter the harm to our Country a Tory party facing the Inevitable truth that they have been Complicit in enabling one of the most Dangerously incompetent and Untrustworthy selfish individuals ever To have occupied number 10 for as long As they have and what’s beautiful is it Was the lying the that got him in the End he leaves in disgrace as well he Should having exposed himself once and For all well for what we always knew him To be not a Statesman but a sad little Liar a Shakespearean tragedy written by Monkeys on typewriters a prime minister

Who is as Adept at lying at the dispatch Box as he is to his string of Mistresses Every marriage Boris has had has ended When he [ __ ] someone else and got them Pregnant that’s who he is lies on top of Lies on top of Lies he lies and gets People to lie on his behalf and then Lies about the lying and when he runs Out of Lies he can always rely on the Incompetence card I forgot I can’t Remember I don’t understand what the Word party means my willy just ended up Inside my secretary oh I forgot that He’s a renowned sex pest essentially a Man who would rather pretend to be Stupid than admit his mistakes which of Course makes him a coward A desperate Sad talentless flag shagger who is so Blatant in his dishonesty that when Accused of lying to Parliament he simply Tries to change the rules to make it Okay to lie to Parliament who when his Own ethics advisors resign in disgust at His complete lack of Ethics scraps the Role of Ethics advisor altogether which Proves his complete lack of Ethics but The devastating cries over the last few Days from the Tory party of enough is Enough and one step too far are coming From the same people who have sat and Watched him take a flamethrower to their Party and our constitution for three [ __ ] years [ __ ] up after [ __ ] up lie After lie and and they were thinking

What oh he’ll get better in a minute All of them talking about trust and Integrity if you cared so much about Trust and integrity then why the [ __ ] Did you put Boris Johnson in number 10 In the first place All of the reasons they’re getting rid Of him now lack of leadership lack of Morals lack of Integrity lack of Truth All these traits have been in plain Sight for years his CV reads like a Demon’s resume these Noble cabinet Ministers all falling on their swords These are the [ __ ] that enabled Boris To be there in the first place and just Look at what he’s achieved trust in Politics at a lower ebb than that time President Trump told Americans to drink Bleach a government with a complete Absence of Ethics morals direction or Ideas a ministerial code in the bin an Oven ready brexit deal that even Boris Admits is unworkable a coveted response That has been found to be criminally Negligent a United Kingdom inches away From complete Devolution and economy in Tatters a recession on the way a Health Service barely fit for purpose a country On the verge of a national strike a man Who took an 80-seat majority and just Spaffed it up the wall in the name of Hubris and ambition destroying his Party’s reputation and leaving the UK Ungovernable what a legacy chaos

He leaves office the most hated man in His party and his country and even Though he’s resigned he’s still [ __ ] There Just [ __ ] off and we’ll take our chances With the next useless Posh sliver of Bollock skin who gets to Shag their Mistress in the 50 000 pound floral Wallpaper gin Palace and Factory of lies That number 10 has become under Boris Johnson Okay but we’re we’re still waiting to Get a clearer picture as to the timeline As to the prime minister’s departure but It is safe to say that there are signs

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