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By | November 8, 2022

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A ton of news to get into today far Beyond self-proclaimed comedian Kathy Griffin finally making people laugh by Getting banned from Twitter for Impersonating Elon Musk and these Articles need to start and everybody Really needs to start using the precise Term because she hasn't been suspended She's been banned there's a difference You know if you get suspended when You're in school you get to come back After a couple days if you get expelled You're gone for good so thankfully she Has been expelled from Twitter for Violating a major rule impersonating Someone let alone the owner of the Company by changing her username and her Profile photo to the same as elon's and Then replying to a bunch of Tweets in His threads so if you're just casually Scrolling through some people may Actually get confused that those tweets Were actually from Elon so she was Banned after Elon implemented a zero Tolerance policy parodies if you're Going to claim to be a parody account The account has to be labeled a parody Uh properly labeled as a parody which I'll get into so a ton of morons started Changing their usernames to Elon their Profile photo and doing the same thing Like this from the h3h3 YouTube Channel Ethan Klein who thought that he Was going to skirt through the rules by

Labeling his account of parity in the Profile in the bio and in the header but If you actually read the rules if you're Gonna do that and use someone else's Name in your username the word parody Has to be in the username itself not Just in the bio so he has been banned as Well So long scumbag but the train wreck Continued when I celebrated liberals Getting a little taste of their own Medicine Twitter's a private company They can do whatever they want remember Then Facebook issued a fake fact checked On my post claiming that what I posted Was false oh fact check from your Trusted fact Checkers did elon's Twitter Account get banned no well I didn't say That elon's Twitter account got banned Uh if the AI systems could actually Properly fact check they would notice That I said self-proclaimed comedian Kathy Griffin has been banned for Impersonating Elon which is 100 true and They claim that I posted false Information then she decided to log into Her Dead Mother's Twitter account I'm Not kidding and impersonate Elon using That account as well her mom I guess was On her reality show I didn't even know She had a reality show I'm sure this is News to every normal person in America Probably on E or Bravo or something so Her mom had a Twitter account and her

Mom is dead and so her Dirtbag daughter Logged into the Dead Mother's Twitter Account and is violating Twitter's terms Of service with that account putting That at risk which will probably get Banned as well Using elon's name and elon's profile Photo and continuing to tweet as him Normal people would want to do Everything that they could to preserve Their dead mother social media accounts So that they could scroll through them Occasionally and bring back some old Memories Instead This Hollywood demon is Hell-bent on getting all that deleted as Well but like I said the chaos is just Getting started yesterday Elon tweeted Out to independent-minded voters shared Power curbs the worst excesses of both Parties therefore I am recommending Voting for a republican Congress given That the presidency is democratic and Since all self-proclaimed journalists Only have one hobby wallowing in the Cesspool of Twitter with the midterms Today they are absolutely freaking out Including one of the former leaders of The election Integrity team who is Spreading fake news along with the Liberal meeting industrial complex when Aren't they about Elon making the staff Cuts and he says that he's really Concerned Elon cut half the employees Just before the midterms certainly

Doesn't look good well as the current Head of the trust and safety department Who should have been fired on day one Joel Roth made clear only 15 Of the uh thought police The Trusted Safety department the censorship Department have been cut not 50 50 of Total employees yes 15 of the thought Police and Howard Stern is concerned About our democracy and hate speech on Twitter and he says that he's not going To pay for that blue check he doesn't Give a bleep seriously Howard Stern says That Elon Musk is ruining Twitter Because he's allowing hate speech on the Platform so Whoopi Goldberg over at the View decided to do America a favor and Quit Twitter I mean I'm I'm I I'm Getting off I'm getting off today Because I just feel like you know it's It's so messy yeah and I I'm tired of Now Having had certain kinds of attitudes Blocked and now they're back on actually They're not and The Trusted safety team Has made it clear that none of the Moderation policies have changed at all And I just I'm gonna get out and if it Settles down and I feel more comfortable Yeah maybe I'll come back but as of Tonight I'm done of course she's coming Back no celebrities are gonna possibly Quit Twitter for more than a week they Need it they're addicted to it and by

The way Whoopi Goldberg is a pseudonym Her real name is Karen Johnson and early In her career many many decades ago and 120 pounds ago she admits that she chose That as her stage name apparently Because she believes the same thing that Kanye West believes about the Entertainment industry and she was Hoping that it would help gain her favor With certain people in positions of Power who would see her as one of them And it would open doors for her and now Jack Dorsey the former CEO of Twitter is Beefing with Elon on Twitter of course After Elon said that the platform needs To become by far the most accurate Source of information about the world That that's our mission that's a pipe Dream Twitter is a cesspool of chaos Rumor and disinformation the only way to Stop it would be to completely delete The app so Jack Dorsey responded Accurate to who and also gave his two Cents I didn't pull it up but after Elon Said that he's going to rename this Ridiculous fact-checking feature that's Sort of outsourced to other users not Their internal fact checking system Called bird watch then he said he's Going to rename it to community notes Because nobody knows what the hell a Bird watch is so then Jack Dorsey Responded saying that he thinks that Birdwatch is a better name well nobody

Cares Jack you're not the boss anymore But hold on because things got even Crazier Jack Dorsey just launched his Own social media app a direct competitor To Twitter called Blue Sky it's only Available for a handful of beta testers Right now but I'm sure that he's fast Tracking this and is going to get it Into the App Store as soon as possible And what's extremely shocking about this Is this wasn't even a secret he'd been Working on this so Twitter had been Funding this and I'm sure that Elon is Going to sue him to try to stop this to Claim that that's his proprietary Technology But Jack Dorsey has gone Full Speed Ahead and launched it in beta and it's Supposed to be sort of like Twitter but A protocol meaning it's a decentralized App and supposedly no company's going to Be in charge of it this might actually Be what Twitter should be And if it is it'll get banned from the App Store but then you can just use a Browser like you can on gab gab's not in The app store or there used to be fake Gab apps but that's not gab.com you can If you use an iPhone I'm sure if you're Using an Android you can just save the Website on your home screen and then it Functions like an app so that's what Truth social is going to have to do Because they're gonna probably get

Banned from the App Store I wouldn't be Surprised if Twitter gets banned from The App Store at least temporarily uh You know parlor is back in the App Store And so if Jack Dorsey is launching blue Sky as a truly decentralized Uncensorable platform or protocol I can't see any of the app stores Allowing it to be there then of course Donald Trump made an announcement last Night at his rally in Ohio where he was Stumping for JD Vance where he said that He will make another announcement a big Announcement next Tuesday I'm going to Be making a very big announcement on Tuesday November 15th at Mar-A-Lago in Palm Beach Florida Oh Foreign We want nothing to detract from the Importance of Tomorrow you understand That JD so he's gonna wait until Tuesday November 15th so stay tuned and of Course if you haven't voted in the Midterms today you have to go and vote But not just so that we can hopefully Take back the majority in the house and The Senate there are so many other Important positions that are at stake Here like who's going to be on your Local school board who the district Attorney is going to be are they going To be a George Soros puppet or are they

Going to be an American or who your Sheriff is going to be and so you have To find out in those positions by the Way don't have Republican or Democrat Next to their name like a lot of the Other offices so in order to find out Who's going to be a good school board Member good for the sheriff or which Judges you should vote for all these Other positions You need to go and look up your your Local city Republican voter guide okay So here's just one example you can save It on your phone bookmark it print it Out and they though they do all the work For you okay so a lot of the positions Like I said You may know who's running for congress Because you're Senator your Governor Right there's so many of these other Positions in the ballot measures as well So you're not going to know is a school Board member a communist unless you've Done some research the local Republican Party has done it for you they probably Have one so just go and Google you're Whatever the big city is in your area You know the big Metropolis closest to You and then find that Republican Party Voter guide and bring it to the polls And to support my work head on over to My online store at markdish.com and Order yourself a liberalism find a cure Shirt a trump was right shirt or any of

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