Buh-Bye Nancy Pelosi❗️

By | January 4, 2023

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So there's a big battle on Capitol Hill About who the Republican speaker of the House is going to be and for the first Time in a hundred years it wasn't Decided on the first day of voting so Liberal media industrial complex is Reporting as if this was the end of the Republican party and rhinos and other Republican establishment hacks are also Crying about it because 10 percent of The Republican members of the house Don't want to vote for swamp creature Kevin McCarthy without at least getting Him to commit to start cleaning up the Place Gatekeepers like Sean Hanley and Mark Levin are upset at the holdouts Along with other establishment insiders Like Ronald McDaniel the GOP chairwoman Who will hopefully be replaced soon by Harmeet Dillon Dan Crenshaw who is The Reincarnation of John McCain says that The Republican holdouts are enemies and Siding with Democrats this handful of Members is Very clearly looking for notoriety over Principle that's what it is they are Enemies now they have they have made it Clear that they prefer a Democrat agenda And a republican if they if dick Crenshaw says that something is a good Idea like getting the United States Involved in more Foreign Wars then you Can always bet that the exact opposite Is true here's Congressman Matt Gates a

True American Patriot explaining just Some of the reasons why they're not Supporting him those of us who will not Be voting for Kevin McCarthy today take No joy in this discomfort that this Moment has brought but if you want to Drain the swamp you cannot put the Biggest alligator in charge of the Exercise I'm a Florida man and I know of What I speak we offered Kevin McCarthy Terms last evening that he rejected we Sought a vote in the first quarter of The 118th Congress on term limits he Refused we wanted a budget from the Republican study committee that balances On the floor in the first quarter he Refused we wanted the Border plan that The Texas delegation put together on the Floor he refused time and again His viewpoints his positions they shift Like Sands underneath you there are Plenty of reasons not to trust Kevin McCarthy like him throwing Donald Trump Under the bus after the mostly peaceful Protest on January 6th the capital and Caught on tape on a conference call Suggesting that Republican members of Congress who are questioning certain Things that happened during the 2020 Presidential election should also be Banned from Twitter if Kevin McCarthy of California told his close friends with Cheney that he helped the social media Companies would censor more than certain

Republicans Things today even Guys honestly McCarthy one of the tech oligarchs to do More to force disobedient lawmakers off The internet and closing up with Liz Cheney before realizing the political Wins weren't blowing that way but here He is dipping his toe into the Democrat Side of the pool the president Bears Responsibility for Wednesday's attack on Congress by mob rioters He should have immediately denounced the Mob when he saw what was unfolding These facts require immediate action Kevin McCarthy isn't a principled Politician he's a power hungry political Strategist and like most of the swamp Creatures in Washington DC he just so Happens to play for the Republican party But he has no more allegiance to Republican ideologies than Tom Brady Does to the New England Patriots or the Community in the Boston area where he Played for 20 Seasons before moving down To Florida for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers Like any professional sports player most Politicians allegiance to their team is Only as long as they're the ones signing The checks they don't really care about Which team they play for they just like Playing the game now I'm not going to go Through all the different scenarios About what might happen it might take

Another day it might take a week it Might take a month and Kevin McCarthy May very well end up being the speaker Of the house anyway but one thing is for Sure it's not going to be the 82 year Old inside Trader corrupt Crypt Keeper Nasty Pelosi because she's gone despite Being an evil witch who makes Senator Palpatine seem like a good guy she has Provided us with plenty of entertainment Over the years so at least we could Laugh or well cringe at that Good morning Sunday morning But you know what he's not going to be President he is not Donald Trump is not Going to be president of the United States take it to the bank okay Guarantee it all right Sayonara Skeletor and when the Speaker Of the House vote finally gets settled One thing will be for sure we will have The majority in the House of Representatives we will chair the Committees we will have subpoena power There will be no more January 6th Committee and it'll be time to go ultra Magnum by the way I get free shipping in The U.S on all of my shirts at Markdice.com for the rest of this week By using the promo code ultramega at the Checkout so if you want to get a trump Class sweatshirt for next Christmas Might as well get it now or my new Ultra

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