Brian Stelter Makes a Stunning Admission, But First An Update From Adam Schiff

By | January 25, 2023

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Congressman Adam Schiff is sad yesterday He tweeted quote Kevin McCarthy just Kicked me and representative swalwell Off the intelligence committee this is Petty political payback for Investigating Donald Trump if he thinks This will stop me he will soon find out Just how wrong he is well you keep Looking sir it's only been six years of Non-stop investigations but maybe you'll Find something one of these days he Hasn't been this sad since he almost Broke down into tears when he was Pleading with Congress to impeach Donald Trump one of those times here's Speaker Of the House Kevin McCarthy's response To Schiff for brains what did Adam Schiff do as the chairman of the Intel Committee what Adam Schiff did use his Power as a chairman and lie to the American public even the Inspector General said it when Devin Nunes put out A memo he said it was false when we had A laptop he used it before an election To be politics and say that it was false And said it was the Russians when he Knew different when he knew the intel if You've talked to John Radcliffe dni he Came out ahead of time and says there's No Intel to prove that and he used his Position as chairman knowing he has Information the rest of America does not And lie to the American public when a Whistleblower came forward he said he

Did not know the individual even though His staff had met with him and set it up So no he does not have a right to sit on That but I will not be like Democrats And play politics with these were they Removed Republicans from committees and All committees so yes he can serve on a Committee but he will not serve on Intel Because it goes to the National Security Of America and I will always put them First all right Adam Schiff is such a Loser that many of the most intelligent Americans like contestants on Jeopardy Haven't even wasted any brain cells Bothering to remember who he is correct Uh U.S representatives for 12. 153rd of California's house delegation Is this intelligence committee chairman Foreign Schiff back to you Veronica Former Intelligence committee chairman that is I also have some new Brian stelter news Sadly not another appearance on Television but wait for it also if you Missed his uh panel uh just information At the world economic Forum check that Video from last week but this Twitter Thread was brought to my attention Yesterday somebody who runs a Maxine Waters parody account responded to a sad Pathetic tweet from Little Brian after He tweeted the remember when Elon Musk Posted a poll and asked if he should Step down as Twitter CEO so the users

Decisively voted yes and nothing Happened so the Maxine Waters parody Account responded saying remember when Brian stelter got fired from CNN and the Only people that missed him were those Who love to watch Mark Dice mock him on YouTube and then this user who obviously Isn't the most informed American replied Saying Greg Gutfeld definitely mocked Brian stelter more than anyone and Emily Compagno slammed him even worse last Week on gutfeld's show on Fox and then The Maxine Waters account replied nah Mark Dice has always been and always Will be the master of stelter Comedy to Which Brian stelter himself this is Actually a real tweet replied so glad This is a debate I'm sorry so glad this Isn't debate worthy topic and then he Deleted this reply to this person who Said well to Brian can you settle the Debate who most effectively mocks you And he responded his mom so I had an Idea I went to chat GPT the artificial Intelligence article story songwriting Software from Elon musk's open AI you May have been hearing a lot about it it Could be pretty horrifying um with what The possible abuses are so they placed a Lot of limitations on it I'll do a whole Other video showing the bias the Limitations and how they've placed so Many restrictions on what kind of Articles it can write and what sort of

Things you can say about certain people And just the inherent biases that are in The software itself but I told GPT to Write a story about how CNN host Brian Stelter is the laughing stock of the Internet because of my parodies of his Squeaky high-pitched voice and odd Mannerisms and this is the real actual Response from chant GPT once upon a time There was a CNN host named Brian stelter It was a respected journalist known for His in-depth reporting in an insightful Analysis however little did he know that His career would take a turn for the Worse when Mark Dice a YouTube Personality began creating pair 30 Videos of him again this is all just From that one sentence instruction dice Mocked stelter's high-pitched voice in Odd mannerisms and the videos quickly Went viral people couldn't get enough of The comedic take on the serious news Anchor I would say clownish news anchor Before long stelter had become the Laughing stock of the internet as the Videos continue to gain traction more And more people began to do to tune in To CNN just to see stelter and laugh at His expense His colleagues and superiors at the Network were not amused and stelter Himself was humiliated despite his Efforts to brush off the ridicule and Continue with his work the damage had

Been done [Music] This was forever tarnished and he became Known more for his awful voice in Mannerisms than for his reporting Stelter tried to fight back but it was Too late the parody videos taken on a Life of their own and he could never Escape the shadow they cast over his Career he became a cautionary tale a Reminder of the power of the internet to Make or break a person's reputation as For Mark Dice he continued to make Videos and gain a huge following because Of his Brian's daughter parodies but Despite his success he always felt the Tinge of guilt for the role that he Played in ruining sponsor's career That is wildly inaccurate Chachi PT it's One of the greatest achievements of my Life also if you want a good laugh take A look at this video of the day in the Life of a Google employee you may have Seen that viral video of a similar one Of uh Dana life of a Twitter employee Showing the girl badging into the office And then getting her fancy coffee at the Fancy coffee bar and showing off the Yoga studio and the meditation room the Game room doing anything except working Which leads to the obvious conclusion of Why Elon went in there and immediately Fired 50 of the people so Google has Also just done a bunch of layoffs I

Forget how many people is ten thousand Twenty thousand people they just laid Off so just keep that in mind uh while You're watching back with another Realistic Day in the Life at Google Seattle get to the office at around 6am To beat the traffic and just get a nice Workout in at around 7 A.M I'm getting Ready at the locker room you're getting Breakfast at this really cute Cafe at 8 AM got some Crepes iced Americano which Is so good and at around 8 20 I got to Work I usually get a snack at around 10 A.m and today I forgot a charging cable So I went to the vending machine to get One and 11 30 is usually when I eat Lunch I got a whole hodgepodge of things Including pizza and this is the view That I like to eat with at 12 o'clock I Get some more caffeine and just spend The afternoon doing some more work I Like to do stress at the end of the day And today I booked a massage appointment So I have that for an hour and then go Home at 5 30. Big Life Update I got laid Off yesterday What a surprise also speaking of big Money here's a parody that you have to See a Ben Shapiro addressing the daily Wire Stephen Crowder 50 million dollar Beef okay gang I obviously have to Respond to the Crowder situation it is a Absolute mess what went down should not Have happened the contract should not

Have been seen by the public which is Why you have to protect your important Online documents by using expressvpn Protect your data and keep your next 50 Million podcast contract super secure by Using Code Ben for 20 off it was a solid Friendship so it's always hard to lose a Friend it could be one of the hardest Things in life but one thing I did not Lose was sleep because I slept off this Treacherous week on a helix mattress They're incredible I use them every Night I woke up feeling great make your Next publicity nightmare a dream with Helix if you somehow the stomach too Listen to Ben Shapiro's voice and Actually like listen to his show like All conservative ink talk radio hosts His show is like 50 commercials so this Really is pretty accurate this is an Actual unedited clip of Ben Shapiro Going off on the whole situation on his Show if you miss my two videos on it go And watch those I'm not gonna rehash it Again I might do a third video because There's still a lot of misconceptions Going on about there and I want to get Into it now but this is Ben Shapiro oh Just watch this is one of the all-time Planned attacks for monetization I have Ever seen And doing it by attacking a person like Jeremy who's been extremely kind To Stephen is just vile at the highest

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