Brian Stelter is BACK!

By | January 18, 2023

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On Tuesday Brian stelter was trending on Twitter again for the usual reason Thousands of people making fun of him And it turns out that he was invited by The prestigious World economic Forum to Host a panel discussion on the dangers Of disinformation the clear and present Danger of disinformation uh is our Conversation here this afternoon it Follows the session just now about Disrupting distrust and of course those Are connected so I hope that's where we Can start I'm Brian stelter formerly of CNN now a fellow at Harvard University Well a good place to start addressing Disinformation would be your former Employer CNN one of the biggest sources Of it on the entire internet they've Published so many fake news stories over The years it's hard to tell some of them From The Babylon B Sapphire website like This one from 2018 Trump props up false Claim that big Tech is out to silence Conservatives maybe talk from The Newsroom and the News publication Perspective and then we'll work our way Toward uh some of the political uh parts Of the conversation uh how does this Discussion of disinformation relate to Everything else happening here today in Davos I'll answer this one Brian maybe it's Because the world economic forum is an Elite consensus building conglomerate

Trying to finalize the New World Order Which they said then will cause people To own nothing but they'll still be Happy because everyone will be plugged Into the metaverse and popping their Prescription antidepressants and anybody Who exposes or opposes what the Bilderberg group's front men are doing Gets Shadow banned demonetized demonized And undermined by the liberal media Industrial complex during his panel the European commission vice president made This anti-free speech prediction or Rather I guess promotion with zero Pushback from Little Brian well we need The people who understand the language And the case law in the country because What qualifies as HP as illegal hate Speech which you will have soon also in U.S I think that we we have a strong Reason why we have this in the criminal Law uh we uh we need the platforms uh to Simply work with Mr language and to Identify such cases the AI would be too Dangerous what she meant there about AI Being dangerous wasn't that it's Creation or existence may be dangerous Which it very well may be she meant that It's dangerous to rely on AI instead of Human moderators to censor speech that Liberals hate from the big Tech Platforms I'll do a video on chat GPT The artificial intelligence text Generating software another time I've

Been playing with the software and Putting together an outline but that Deserves a whole video in and of itself Another one of his panelists was some Clown from The New York Times named A.G Salzenberger so I think if you look at At this question of disinformation I think it Maps basically to every other Major challenge that we are grappling With this society and particularly the Most existential among them so Disinformation and in the broader set of Misinformation conspiracy propaganda Click bait you know the the the broader Um mix of bad information that's Corrupting the information ecosystem What it attacks is Trust And once you see trust decline what you Then see is societies start to fracture And so you see people fracture along Tribal lines and Um and uh and you know that immediately Undermines pluralism and you know the Undermining of pluralism is probably the Most dangerous thing that can happen to A democracy so I really I think if if You know if you're spending this week Thinking about the health of democracies And Democratic erosion I think it's Really important to work your way back Up to where this starts well that is Kind of true the mainstream media is in An existential crisis a credibility Crisis losing half of Their audience

Having to do massive layoffs CNN plus Shutting down their entire division After just three weeks last year I Thought about buying a custom-made Brian Stelter puppet which you can order on The internet and then bringing it to a City council meeting and trolling them As Little Brian but the custom puppets That I found online are literally Hundreds of dollars so I just kind of Threw that idea away but great minds Think alike and it looks like Alex Jones Bought one instead ladies and gentlemen Brian stelter I would say thank you for Having me on but since I've been working Tirelessly for years with big Tech to Take you and other dangerous Disinformation operatives off the web I Just wanted to let you know that finally I'm in a place where I can get things Done speaking of Comedy CNN is talking About hiring a comedian to host one of Their Prime Time Shows on the network And since they are a joke why not Apple Previously hired former comedian Jon Stewart for a show not to do a comedy Show just more cultural Marxist Propaganda so CNN might be that Desperate to try to stop hemorrhaging Viewers maybe they'll follow on Apple's Footsteps and hire Trevor Noah or some Other Comedy Central reject oh and I Almost forgot also at the world economic Forum Joe Biden's Clement Czar John

Kerry who's a member of Skull and Bones By the way showed up to Pat himself on The back for working so hard to save the World and when you stop and think about It it's pretty extraordinary That we select group of human beings Because of whatever touched us at some Point in our lives are able to sit in a Room and come together And actually talk about saving the Planet I mean it's so almost Extraterrestrial to think about quote Saving the planet if you've said that to Most people most people they think You're just a crazy tree-hugging Lefty Liberal you know do-good or whatever and And there's no relationship but really That's where we are And we're so thankful for all of you who Fly private jets and live in your 10 000 Square foot homes to lecture us little People about what we should be doing to Lower our carbon Footprints a lot of People were talking about the world Economic Forum yesterday which might Have been why the hashtag Alex Jones was Right was trending on Twitter but still Sadly hardly anybody and I guess really Nobody in the Inner Circle of Conservative mainstream media has yet to Address the Bilderberg Group and Certainly not the Bohemian Grove because They're too afraid of being called a Conspiracy theorist by the liberal media

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