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In today’s video, Christopher Greene of AMTV reports on WORLD BREAKING NEWS!!!
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All right ladies and gentlemen do me a Favor like and share this video to the Moon like and share this video to the Moon at least give us a thousand likes No this is not fear-mongering this is What is going to happen next I’m always Ahead of the curve I always tell you What’s going to happen next and there is A massive planned collapse of the U.S Treasury market coming and I’m not the Only one saying this Janet Yellen and The revolving door of Washington DC and The central bank and the Federal Reserve Board and former governors are actually Warning of this right now in fact if you Go to my Twitter account at amtv media I’ll be posting content and articles in Relation to this but I’m expecting a Total blow up of the U.S treasury market And a pig’s Nation style collapse but Again trust this plan this is actually What they want to transfer the wealth More and then to condition everybody to Accept socialism and Universal basic Income here in the United States of America after all the wealth has been Transferred To the elites again I’ve been warning About this four years let me give you a Specific example of this and I’m going To give you exact moves and tips and how To play this in profit by the way in Today’s video with inflation rates at Let’s just say seven and a half percent

And I would argue it’s far worse than That it’s double digits in the United States but let’s be conservative for a Moment and say inflations only seven and A half percent in the United States of America that means every nine years You’ve lost half of your money So every nine years half of your real Wealth has been confiscated in the United States of America even if Inflation’s only at seven and a half Percent okay I would argue that we are Nearing 20 annually here in the United States so we are very much in Zimbabwe-esque Argentina Collapse-esque territory now and so Let’s talk about the coming events Political events and also economic Financial events and of course how to Profit from all this planned chaos uh That’s going to happen undoubtedly in The coming days weeks and months Breaking reports and again we expected This I fully expected this and they want This and they want to create this Polarization Merrick Garland the Attorney General here in the United States is planning to indict the former President of the United States right After the midterms and ahead of the Election so I would count on that and Plan on a trump indictment post the Midterm election now I think Republicans

Are going to win overwhelmingly and We’re going to see a transition to Conservatism in the midterms but expect An indictment and the only reason that There’s going to be an indictment is Because they want to create more Political division and Chaos in the United States is this is how they Achieve their objective again the Two-party system is an illusion Republican and Democrat isn’t real the Political system is insolvent it’s Morally economically decayed and it’s Absolutely bankrupt so the intent Actually is to divide this is what you Need to understand the intent of the Republican Democrat Paradigm is to Collapse the country is to divide people So the indictment of trump is a planned Event to get people really pissed off And angry to use that division for Further controls and for the further Plan uh that they’ll be pursuing but Let’s get into the treasury market Because the treasury market is in the Process of collapsing now now of course We’ve seen this with the bank of England And pensions basically going out of Business and the bank of England had to Go in and intervene of course so that Pensions did not collapse and its Currency did not collapse just several Days ago in fact Liz Truss Who was only in power for 45 days it’s

Now come out and been leaked that not Only had her cell phone been hacked in Key proprietary intelligence information Had been taken by alleged Rogue States China and Russia but she had been Seriously warned of a nuclear event in Europe in the Black Sea of which she Became perpetually interested in weather Patterns and wind patterns as she was Very worried that the United Kingdom Would be exposed to nuclear fallout and Radiation so the nuclear risk is very Real and I believe that that event is Going to happen in fact follow me on Twitter It’s been kind of interesting during the Previous lockdowns in February I Remember there was a nuclear-powered Submarine that came up right in front of My house with its Periscope up this was I think February 2020 and in recent days I’ve aired all This footage we’ve identified the naval Destroyer we’ve had one come over here From Honolulu but last night I had some Friends over And a nuclear-powered sub surfaced right Next to it so Patrol patrolling our seas And getting ready of course for the big One so let’s talk about the treasury Market and I did talk a little bit about This on Twitter earlier today and let’s Talk about the upcoming events so we Have the midterms we then have the

Central Bank meeting and here’s what They’re going to do we already know what They’re going to do inflation won’t stop My advice has been excellent advice it’s Not Financial advice I have to say that But it’s been excellent advice not only The dot the doggy coin the Dogecoin Position went up 100 massive profits Over the weekend That’s just an example over that but I’ve been telling you for months six Months ago inflation wasn’t going to Stop it doesn’t matter how much the Federal Reserve hikes interest rates Okay we are still essentially at zero Percent on interest rates even with the 75 basis point hikes so what I’m Expecting the Federal Reserve to do and This is why the Federal Reserve needs to Be ended okay and I always agreed with Ron Paul and the central bank and end The Federal Reserve they’re expected to Hike another 75 basis points but then With their language say that they’re Going to start easing those hikes so you Know even if we’re looking at this Objectively with real estate real assets Of course I’m the founder and creator of The island project the first tokenized Real estate portfolio in the world Focusing on the best of breed asset Class Oceanfront beachfront High cash Flow producing condos and Bug Out Retreats locally here in Maui Hawaii

I’m expecting a pause which we’re Currently getting in the market you’re Going to see parts of the market take a Little bit of a dip and everything is Then going to Skyrocket once again the One thing that I can guarantee you okay The one thing that I can guarantee you Is a hyper inflationary permanent Collapse here in the United States so Pick your opportunities very very Closely also I’ll be doing a video Privately at school for the club I’ll Include links in a minute on how to Absolutely profit make your first Million dollars in this treacherous Market in the coming months this is how Big the opportunity is right now I Believe that the cryptocurrency market And I’m calling this now Is bottoming and the marker for that I Already released a private video at School on this at the club I said the Marker for that was Elon musk’s purchase And acquisition of Twitter and the Reason is and this is why we profited 100 we just doubled our money in Dogecoin I personally made over 50 000 In less than 48 hours okay some of my Students even did better than that I Should have actually bet more but I was I always stick to my trading strategy And I I don’t get too greedy and this is Empowering stuff by the way guys annual Incomes and days I mean if you can if

You could figure out how to do this with A nine to five let me know about it okay Because I’ve never found another Opportunity in the world outside of Technology where your education doesn’t Matter the color of your skin and your Religion doesn’t matter no one cares Even your age ageism doesn’t matter you Can go out make millions and millions of Dollars in cryptocurrency in the Blockchain space on the internet social Media e-commerce and no one even cares Who you are if you’ve even been to School if you can even speak clearly no One cares if you’re good looking or not Good looking this is where you can do it But I believe that the purchase of Twitter uh that Elon Musk has just Acquired will be that marker for a Number of reasons number one many Believe and I actually believe that Elon Musk teal and the PayPal Mafia are the Founders of a lot of the cryptocurrency Blockchain technology which was all open Sourced and darpaed from the early Stages and then put out to the private Market for developers to go out and Develop the technology just like the Internet was a DARPA project that came Off the Cold War and we were in Cold War 2.0 right now and you have to understand The whole agenda here is to reset the Economic Financial system to get rid of And degrade the Petro dollar to collapse

Into a new energy infrastructure to Control Global populations see this is Fourth generation Warfare this is what This is what I want you to understand And I’ve been saying this for years You’re in fourth generation World War III Warfare right now this is what People don’t understand all the Objectives of world wars are being Accomplished right now digitally with AI With the geopolitical landscape with the Proxy wars in Ukraine with the eventual Chinese invasion of Taiwan which is Imminent with the nuke card all the Things that you’re being warned about on A daily basis and conditioned and Psychologically brainwashed by the Mainstream media So this is all a part of the reset in Their own words so I’m expecting the U.S Treasury market to collapse now Billionaires have been warning of Capital controls in the United States For some time and this will play into That this is why you need to get out of The banks again if inflation’s only Seven and a half percent a year and I Would argue it’s far more than that I Mean take a look at your own bank Accounts take a look at your own housing Costs help food prices have skyrocketed And energy have skyrocketed and this is Another key point the reason why we’re Not going to get a deflationary collapse

In my opinion uh is because of all the Policies but in addition to that the Sanctions the war in Ukraine is stifling Global trade so you can’t get stuff so That provides a floor for even more Inflation if you can’t get grain notice Russia and Vladimir Putin is backtracked Out of those dealings notice how China And Saudi Arabia are pivoting from the United States because the U.S is no Longer the global hegemony superpower we Are a very weak country and I would say We’re probably in the top 20 tier but We’re definitely not number one anymore These pressures and these sanctions and This is what they want they want a Global integrated order they don’t want Sovereign Nation States and this is why So much pressure has been put on the United States in recent years and it’s Also why they’re creating the Manufactured Division and the Trump Indictment is all but guaranteed because You’ve got to see the forests through The trees and understand really what They’re doing here so it’s crazy how Many people are still In the two-party system and think that That’s a solution when it’s absolutely Not you are the solution ladies and Gentlemen there’s actually incredible Opportunity in all this madness right Now if you’re smart enough to take Advantage of it so we have the Federal

Reserve meeting coming up we know that They’re going to backtrack the only Thing we can guarantee is hyperinflation And bailouts into Infinity that’s what The central bank is good at we can count On division we can count on Donald Trump’s indictment post the midterms and These are some just basic points that I Wanted to make today so let me go to Some of these articles real quick this Is what I just had posted Privately and make sure to click the Links and join us Island project clucks I’m going to do a Blockbuster Video Today on not just all these key points But how to make money and how to protect Yourself not just protect yourself from Hyperinflation seven and a half percent Minimum annual compounding inflation Which means fifty percent of your wealth Is confiscated every nine years if You’re a baby boomer or you’re on a Fixed income or you’re on Social Security half of your wealth is taken From you every nine years so take nine Times two double that you’re absolutely Bankrupted and at zero as a result of Central Bank Federal Reserve policies And the hyperinflation That they are responsible for and have Caused so I’m looking for this article I Must have misplaced it In the uh regarding the treasury market Also we see Brazil moving away from

Bolsonaro and going left so that’s been A political transition that we just Witnessed so here we go Tremors in the U.S treasury bond market now for those Of you that think it can’t happen just Remind yourself that the whole world Collapsed in 2009 as a result of the Policies of the two big to fail banks That sold crooked loans to people okay And then securitized all that crooked Scammy debt and then sold it on Wall Street a million times through Derivatives a multi-quadrillion dollar Market scroogeo then collapse the entire System and then confiscated through Foreclosures and short sales most of the Inventory then controlled the market Okay this is what the big Banks did and Then just put out certain amounts of Supply to control the market for Themselves to profit again so not only They took did they take your bailout Money they caused the collapse they Profited on the bubble I’ve talked about This for years profited on the collapse Took your stuff and then sold it again By controlling the market in a fake Crony capitalist system which is the United States of America but this Article is the Washington Post it says Tremors in the treasury bomb Market Worry Wall Street In Washington and it says things well Like you know this is in Zimbabwe so I

Mean people still have faith in the U.S Well people are going to lose faith in The United States during a Hyperinflationary storm and that’s the Point again they were telling you about Ubi and Universal basic income February March of 2020 because this was already The plan this is already the agenda Pieces and agenda items So this is a crisis this is a pig Styles Zimbabwe-esque Argentine and peso Collapse of the U.S Petro dollar and we See this with absolute obviousness the Rest of the world is selling U.S Treasury debt China is an enemy of the United States Russia is a black sheep to The United States India moving and Pivoting away from the United States no One wants to own a treasury bond and if You do you’re bankrupt every nine years Again your wealth is being confiscated Through inflation If we estimate that inflation’s only Seven and a half percent which I would Argue is much much higher so the Financial system isn’t healthy at all But again this is by Design and the Design here is to create an emergency And to create a panic here in the hearts And minds of everyday Americans so that They can reset the system it’s only Through sheer emergency and collapse Just like 200809 in the bailouts and Just like in recent years that they

Threw executive declaration and Essentially no votes can they pass all These new policies to implement the new Systems by dictate without votes without Any participation of the public same Thing which happened in the last couple Of years you’re non-essential and They’re essential so that’s just how it Works and see for for me guys you you Are essential see I’m the good guy right Hard hitting it in your face you to me Are all the essentials not the Fortune 100 and the billionaire class So you know let’s remind ourselves who’s Really in charge here in the United States of America it’s not our Politicians it’s you and I so again I Didn’t vote to send a hundred billion Dollars of my taxpayer funds to Zielinski so he could Sail on a yacht And sip champagne and waste those Worthless dollars when he’s not even a NATO country so I don’t support that war At all I pray for the people in Ukraine And I pray for people all over the world But I absolutely do not defend and I do Not support that war at all it’s hurting The United States of America it’s Bankrupting the United States of America And we have no strategic interest there Outside of the engineered pre-planned Collapse which is why we’re involved Again Rome collapsed as a result of its Egregious Wars uh its military buildup

It’s military industrial complex and Then the clipping of its coinage through Inflationary message uh inflationary Measures that Senate Into the Dark Ages We saw the same thing with ancient Egypt So this is all by Design and we can Really just look at the United States as No longer a key player on anything it’s Much like England and the collapse of The British pound of which George Soros Sold short and made billions and Billions of dollars I’ve spoken with Jim Rogers many times interviewed him in Places like Singapore and I’ve given him Tours of you know the blockchain market And spoken to him directly about Cryptocurrency he of course worked Directly with George Soros at the Quantum fund And went on to go make hundreds and Hundreds of millions of dollars and a Full disclosure he wasn’t a big fan of Bitcoin and I don’t think that he is but He’s a huge fan of blockchain Technology So let’s talk about this for a minute Um all the institutions are getting in So I’ll tell you what I’m doing Personally I’m aggressively buying all Cryptocurrency right now when retail is Out okay retail has no interest they Think Bitcoin is dead and they think It’s boring which is why I’m buying this Is how I got rich in the first place All the institutions are buying okay

They’re buying on low volatility and if We look back at 2018 before the last Bear Market to Bull Run turn we saw Similar conditions in the marketplace Also what Elon Musk is doing and Integrating With Twitter he will be blockchain of Fine Excuse me the Twitter app so he’s going To be using Dogecoin using Bitcoin using Smart contract Technologies and maybe His own proprietary Coins in blockchain in the future So there’s a key reason I’m mentioning This because the private video I do at The club today and I have a lot of Callbacks to get in touch with you uh Philip I’ll be giving you a call I just Responded via email you’re a new club Member so expect a call from me I’ll Text you on some available times here in A minute there’s a key play to make here Okay there’s a there’s a key thousand X Profit opportunity as a part of all These trends that I’m only going to Reveal at school I don’t just give Everything away for free you have to Invest in yourself I hear people say This all the time like Christopher if I Would have listened to you I’d be rich Now yeah you could have gotten into the School just a couple hundred bucks years Ago now it’s 1500. so I keep raising Prices as the market develops and

Matures as we should because frankly I Don’t have time to talk with all of you Okay I’m I’m a busy guy and I don’t say That from an egocentric standpoint just The truth so as the market matures as we Go from a trillion to 2 trillion to five To ten trillion expect the prices of all My courses and subscriptions to keep Going up tenfold along the way which all Also rewards those of you that got in Early like the reason I’m going to make Everyone Rich an island project is Because you guys are the early birds That bet on yourself first so I’m going To make all of you thousand X Rich You’re the only ones that are going to Get my blockchain when I go live with it And you’re the only people that I’m Gonna reward I’m going to reward Diamond Nuts across the board and Diamond Ovaries to all of you that got in and Bet on yourself not when we’re not when We’re hitting the next top okay not when Bitcoin’s trading at 100K and all of you Are telling me it’s obvious okay that’s Too late So people will be Panic buying out of The dollars and out of worthless Fiat And out of the collapsing banking system In the coming months and that’s just the Hardcore trip So major Financial political uh economic Transitions and keep in mind Britain was On the verge of collapse just a couple

Days ago so the entire pension Market Here in the United States as well Depends on actual return on investment So all these managed funds which you Know let’s say you’re a firefighter or You’re an education or you’re part of a Public pension fund and a zero percent Interest rate Market none of these funds Have been able to produce any kind of Value or gains in recent years so They’re going bankrupt you have an Upside down pyramid scheme and you also Have a demographic change where there’s So many retirees in the United States as A part of the demographic move to Baby Boomers that the underclass can’t Support the current infrastructure the Only thing they can do is collapse There’s really nothing else they can do It’s not it’s a mathematical certainty It’s not even an opinion at this point Now this could be reversed if we had Good people in Washington and we didn’t Have a central bank and we had true Capitalism everything would have been Fine the 2009 collapse would have been More painful and it would have taken Longer but we would have worked our way Out of it in a healthy way see what all The bailouts have done and the financial Engineering and most of the wealth most Of the wealthy the hedge fund managers On Wall Street they don’t even create Real stuff they’re just trading

Securities back and forth I know this Firsthand they create no value in Society at all they trade one derivative From another derivative that they’ve Created from nothing okay one Quadrillion moves over here one contract Moves over here there’s no real value Added they create they create it out of Nothing And and these are the wealthiest people In the world the wealthiest people in The world also don’t work harder than You okay they work less and they make More and their money works for them this Is another key thing that I teach at Schools how your how your money how you Can get your money to actually work for You if you’re not in a situation where You can’t make money when you sleep then You’ll never be rich if you always have To go to work nine to five you’re never Going to be rich your assets have to Produce income and cash flows for you This is what island project does the Cash flows produce we as managers my Team my father and other members of our Consulting team produce cash flows for You while you sleep your investment is Entrusted into the real asset with zero Debt all Island project real estate has Zero debt I constructed that for a Reason and The Leverage point is the Thousand X opportunity as I blockchain It and take it public worldwide and then

Only reward our founders and those are The only people that are going to be Rewarded and It’s a key point you know the reason I’m Making the point number one you should Get in I’ll include links below and up Here the club and also the private Placement I’ve constructed built Businesses around and do everything that I recommend to you guys like if you’ve Noticed I made most of the majority of My wealth in crypto and as a result of Being an early mover in social media and That technology got rich in crypto and Now what am I doing I’m doing the same Thing I’m advising all of you guys to do I’m diversifying into real estate and Then a real asset with no debt and then I’m blockchainifying the asset class and I’m the first person in the world to do That before everybody else so even Myself if you see what I’m doing with my Wealth people are like Christopher what Are you doing I’m telling you to do the Same thing that I’m actually doing which Is taking the wealth in the concentrated Position because you always make the Most money in concentrated positions When you go all in I went all in social Media that’s how I made my first million Dollars then I went all in crypto under A thousand dollar or Bitcoin across the Market not just Bitcoin that I owned I Own hundreds of cryptocurrencies in the

Marketplace after making all that wealth Now diversifying into the next big thing And what is it it’s the Blockchainification and tokenization of Real estate assets okay that’s what Island project is people say what is it It’s the tokenization of a highly Specialized real estate portfolio that You own So when you buy a hundred Thousand dollars worth of the island Project private placement you own 100 Shares just like you own a hundred Shares of stock and we are registered With the SEC you can look all this stuff Up it’s all public out there guys like We’ve done we’ve crossed every T dot at Every I I have the best team in place And then we’re decentralizing around the World not just out here in Maui and Oahu This is the other benefit it’s a Decentralized portfolio I hear you guys Say things like well you know Christopher what what happens if Something goes down in Maui well who Cares we’re going International just Like all the other Elites do what the The elites are doing and do it for Yourself that’s what island project does With a freedom mindset which takes care Of each other we’re all taking care of Each other and we’re having some fun You know you got to have some good times Life is short ladies and gentlemen I’ll Hear people say things like well

Christopher if the world’s coming to an End why should I invest that’s exactly Why you should invest in fact if you Think it’s the end of the world you Might as well go all in because you have Nothing else to lose and if it’s not the End of the world then you might make Thousand times your money what’s your Other option hold your money at the bank And lose seven and a half percent on an Annual basis where you lose 50 percent Of your money every nine years and Possibly they Institute Capital controls And don’t allow you to move your own Money out of the bank And the fractional reserves like what Else do you have to lose this is what I Think is so incredible You have nothing to lose and by the way This is actually when you want to get Super aggressive so let’s talk about That right now Retail money is complacent if you ask a Lot of people they think bitcoin’s dead They think it’s boring and they think It’s never coming back which is why you Need to buy it this is why I’m Aggressively buying across the board and It’s not just Bitcoin that’s important Okay and the number one technology that I’m going all in on is my own technology Because I’m the manager of it of course I’m going to go all in on myself and the Number one best of breed asset in the

World real estate with no debt backed by A blockchain that’s going to be Tokenized and potentially thousand acts And rewarded to all the early birds so If you look at Island project Let’s just say we’re super conservative About it you get in today let’s say you Came in with 100 000 bucks you’re likely To Triple your money just on the real Estate asset itself because keep in mind It’s a diversified portfolio beachfront Oceanfront condos and income producing Assets with no debt you own a fraction Of the portfolio not just one house okay So let’s say you got in today you’re Likely to Triple your money Maui boo Goes up in price like it always does It’s the new Malibu let’s say three to Five years you’ve tripled your money and We’ve paid you to wait with cash flows At project build out so at the very Least you’ve done that it’s a triple You’ve tripled your money you’re outside Of the bank you’re part of an ecosystem And you’ve been paid cash flows and a Zero percent interest rate market and You’re part of amazing dope community of Like minds and you’ve come chilled and Surfed with me in Maui you’ve got access To all my jeeps in the ecosystem and This dope ass Freedom Community that’s The new Americana outside of the system And you’ve bet on yourself and you’ve Got a little excitement in your life

Secondly I’m tokenizing which means Quite literally your hundred thousand Could turn into five million or 10 Million or 20 million or 100 million a Lot of you were hexed by Richard Hart’s Hex in fact even I was a little bit in The early days although I did buy Into hex uh and I submitted to the pulse X airdrop Etc where people like how can This thing just keep going up and up and Up and up this guy’s such a polarizing Figure and a lot of people look at me in Similar ways I think I’m sure Richard And I disagree on certain things but You’re going to watch the same thing Happen this is what I’m telling you with Island project you’re going to be hexed By it and you’re going to watch me make Our Founders hundreds of millions and Billions of dollars as we roll this Thing out and it’s going to be Absolutely incredible so You know many of you will look back at This opportunity is another what if just Like many of you look at it as a what if Now when I told you to buy Bitcoin under A thousand I told you to go all in at 3 500 and now I’m telling you to go all in Now I mean at the very least I would Just join us at the club or school and Uh just buy a little Bitcoin right now Because Bitcoin is uh very undervalued In my opinion right now and everyone’s Super negative and super bearish and

Again this is a this is a a base this is A base to build and the reason for it is Low volatility is actually an indicator Right now this is when the institutions Always get rich and I know this Firsthand having been a former Banker Who you know who’s always been on the Good side which is why I quit and expose These Crooks and criminals in 2009 and Along with you thank God for all you Tuning in built this enormous amazing Platform of Truth which uh you know also Talk about this for a minute too I’m Going on a little bit of a tangent There’s very few people that are unique Anymore in fact people like me invented The alternative media quite literally so I mean you can look up alternative media Televisions a registered trademark of my Platform like we invented it along with A few others now people parrot the same Message but they’re not unique they’re Not doing anything different it’s not Exciting all of you know these tropes And these basic truths that we there’s a Lot of imitators is what I’m saying and So my focus isn’t focusing on the things That we’ve already done and the things That we’ve already invented and the Things that we’ve already built it’s new Things it’s new Solutions it’s new Technologies it’s new inventions like Island project uh and it’s building this Is what’s so interesting too is like

This is the time we want to be the most Aggressive so I just want to encourage You guys you know when you feel that Fomo when bitcoin’s hitting new all-time Highs and you Pile in at the top which Is not what you should be doing fill the Fomo now feel the fomo now realize this Guy is telling you the truth on the Other side of the camera me then I’m Telling you the truth this is actually When you get rich I’m gonna make you Guys Multi-multi-millionaires if you get into The island project it’s not a guarantee I’m not a financial advisor we my Disclaimers and disclosures I have to Say that for legal reasons but that’s my Full intent to make you all stinking Freaking thousand acts Rich to the moon And it’s absolutely what I’m gonna do Along with all of you and my world-class Team And we also need to internationally Diversify as much as possible just like The elites are because that tells you The state of the world it tells you the State of the world that you’re going to Need ecosystems and what I’ve dubbed Parallel economies outside of collapsing Sovereign Nation States and that’s with Island project is it’s a decentralized Diversified portfolio of real assets and Community that’s tokenized Across the board links below I’ll add

Links also Make sure you get in today and feel the Fomo now because you will be feeling the Greed factor in the fomo in the coming Months that’s when you don’t want to get In okay I mean once the blockchain once I’ve released it we start going public And and likely I haven’t disclosed when I’m releasing the public blockchain Because we’re still running our funding Around right now for the private Placement when I go public is likely to Be during the next Mania which is going To be a massive liquidity event that all Of our investors are going to cash in on A thousand X that’s separate from what I Just told you about the real estate Investment see many of you understand What you know a real estate investment Is right so you triple your money but I’ve got this tokenization over here That’s going to come in a thousand x That you understand how this is going to Compound and how significant this is Even fractionalizing beachfront that’s Never been done before in the history of The world what do you think is going to Appreciate more our portfolio and Maui Boo or some chicken crop condo in Middle America it’s not going to be the chicken Crop condo it’s going to be houses like These and Views like these that look Fake because the rich are always going

To buy these up just like they always Buy up Bel Air and this is your only way To own a piece of the action by the way How else are you going to own a piece of This a pre highly appreciating Tokenized real estate you’re not unless You got 10 15 20 million dollars and you Want to park your money here like the Rest of the elites that have already uh Basically completed the wealth transfer I mean this is just how it works I’m Just telling you guys the truth of all This it’s like when must sold all of his Real estate in Bel Air it’s not like you Can’t go back out and buy new mansions On a dime you can do that anytime he Wants it’s just for virtue signaling and If he’s gonna buy more Mansions uh Across the world it’s not like he’s Going to stop doing that So uh very My big point today The big point of this video Is the collapse of the U.S treasury Market it’s not fear-mongering it’s Absolutely guaranteed it’s going to Happen in my opinion expect a collapse In U.S treasuries expect Panic selling And illiquidity Janet Yellen is already Warning about this all the bankers know There was a former Federal Governor Advisor that’s warning about this as Well everyone knows this okay so trust This plan trust liquidity freezes this

Is what’s going to happen that’s what Capital controls are they’re liquidity Freezes as a result of gross negligence Mismanagement or I would argue intention By the Central Bank Federal Reserve to Transfer all the wealth and then Collapse the United States of America Into the new system so they can do Everything that I told you they’re going To do reset the system collapse the Petro dollar introduce Ubi Central Bank Digital currencies and everything else That they’ve been working on for a year So Get ready be aggressive ladies and Gentlemen join the island project today Got more hats going out to uh hundreds Of you hundreds of new investors we’ve Onboarded there of course is a 30k Minimum to get in a lot I encourage you To come in with more we’ve had a lot of Investors come in with 100 150 250 then Double and triple and anti-up the Investment once they get involved and See what we’re doing they start like Again like I’m telling you guys don’t Fomo at the wrong time Fomo now when volatility is low when the Cryptocurrency markets at 1 trillion When people are telling you things like Bitcoin is dead and it’s never going to Moon again this is when you want a fomo You want a fomo now anyways all more Content coming I have a highly

Specialized and very private video Coming to the club join those links Right now 1500 minimum to get into the Club to see that if you’re a placement Member you’ll get it uh Bitcoin Rich Legacy I’m actually hooking you guys up Because I’m freaking awesome and by the Way I’m taking care of everybody if you Haven’t noticed that okay I figured out Ways to take care of all of you and our Entire audience no matter where you guys Are on the financial Spectrum I always Do what’s right I’ve got Diamond nuts no One else in the world has Diamond nuts There’s only one dude on this planet Right now okay with the diamond nuts to Thousand X the island project and build New Freedom inroads in blockchain Technology and use all of his talents Wealth that he’s created totally against The grain when people said it was Impossible and then pour this into the New digital Noah’s Ark and why am I Doing it why am I doing it how come I’m Not just you know sipping my ties myself And taking my nice retirement exit Number one that would be incredibly Boring Number two I don’t think it’s Godly I Think it’s gluttonous the last thing That I would ever want to do is retire And sit on my ass all day and thirdly I’ve been instructed by God to build the New digital Noah’s Ark just like Noah

For all of you guys to use all my Talents any wealth that I’ve created my Team my guts no guts no glory to go out And build this entire New Economic Financial Freedom system and parallel Economy which is the digital Noah’s Ark And the island project you can learn More about at you know There’s times ladies and gentlemen where It’s just you and God And you’re sailing on your your sailboat Or on or on the island project itself And you’ve got to go all in and have a Hundred percent faith and courage in the Lord Jesus in fact very few people Actually have that courage so I just Encourage all of you if you’re in that Moment now and in addition to that I’ll Change your mindset too I change your Mindset as a part of Island project I’m Power you guys I teach you guys to go Out and be spiritual economic Financial Warriors and to go out there and to be The benefactor so to speak and I believe The Christian Millionaires and Billionaires I’m going to make all of You to go out there and kick major ass And fight back against the evil empire That wants to control all of us put Chips in our heads and order us around And tell us what what to do well I don’t Know about you I will never get on my Knees for anyone but Jesus Christ Our King and I will always stand and fight

Uh for what is right You know I believe your value should Never be compromised uh Integrity is the Most important thing that you have and Then in addition to that not just what You think about but your action sets so If you want to grow some Diamond nuts I Encourage you to do it today and join us Okay invest 100K 250k a million dollars In the island project that’s the limit By the way I’ve limited uh whales into The island project just FYI no more than A million dollars can come into the Private placement and the reason that I Did that is I don’t want one single Interest controlling it and the purpose Of that is to democratize for the little Guy the private placement later on when We’ve tokenized the blockchain and we Become a multi-billion dollar asset Class and technology and I’ve rolled That out with my team of Consultants And great people like my father of Course that’s when people will be able To buy things fractionally at less than A dollar just like Bitcoin you’ll be Able to get in then okay but you’re Gonna miss out on all the Thousand X Returns just like in other Cryptocurrency Technologies it’s the People that get into the seed round and I’ve discussed this privately with many Of our our members that have already Onboarded I could have just private

Rounded all this like it’s not hard for My father and I and I can bring on one Other investor raise 33 5 33.5 million Dollars which is what are democratized Round one target is For all of you early birds which were Just about there and you’re not going to Be able to get in once we hit that Mark That’s easier for me to do but that’s Not any fun okay and that doesn’t Empower the little guy that doesn’t Reward my audience those of you that Have believed in me all these years that Have bet on amtv that are betting on the Island project that are betting on Yourself and saying you know what I’ve Been watching Chris for a long time I’m Going to bet on him I’m going to bet on That thousand X and uh you know I’ll Just tell you guys too from the bottom Of my heart I’m obviously not a perfect Person but I will always stand tall like A freaking General and I will always see It through to the end of my days and I Plan on being here God willing for a Very long time and I have an amazing Team I’m so blessed and so lucky uh to Have the consultancy and the input and The real estate expertise people like my Father Etc as part of our group and a lot of Others that I’ll introduce you to very Soon I have an entire Consulting team Around Island project and our blockchain

Launch which is world class I’m just Guys I’m I’m the creator of it okay I’m The Visionary I’m the dude you see every Day on camera I got an entire team in Place helping me build this out along With you Also I’d love to see you here out in Beautiful Maui boo uh if you’d like Access to one of our Jeeps go to my Website and book one Today I’ll give you a discount all of Our Island project members get discounts On that and all of our members at Project build out also get big big Discounts on stays in Maui so for Example as an investor in addition to Everything else we just talked about I Mean this is incredible think about this Let’s say you visit Maui and you stay at A hotel for a thousand a night Instead of staying at a hotel for a Thousand a night you get a massive Discount on the stays of our private Portfolio app project built out build Out and you get to stay at places like This so instead of being at an Airbnb Something that honestly ain’t that good And you never get your return and Investment back you stay at one of the Island project properties that you Actually own how cool is that so when You’re hanging out for your week or Whatever it is 10 days you come in You’re getting a discount

You’re paying less than you would at an Airbnb or a hotel which you’d only get a Small room Okay but you actually get to stay at the Properties that you actually own I’m Also going to be holding private events Here in mauibo uh things that where People can fly out and uh Mastermind Groups uh networking opportunities with World-class people and investors and Some of the most brilliant people in the World and blockchain Tech so for you Business owners out there for those of You that are already very successful as Many of you are is a part of my project This is another opportunity just to Scale up Network yourself with other Successful people and people on The Cutting Edge of all this new technology Etc feel free to go out make millions More I mean that’s the whole point of Everything I’m doing I’m building a true Incubator of success for everyone Somebody’s got to do it ladies and Gentlemen Thousand Oaks want to see you there I’m Christopher green I always tell you The truth God bless and Jesus Christ is King expect a full Market U.S treasury Collapse in the United States very soon An imminent liquidity freeze of which Now Janet Yellen and the rest of the Central Bank Federal Reserve System is Warning about and also expect the

Federal Reserve to start easing and the Hyper pump and the inflationary collapse To continue Leverage yourself learn and profit from What what is happening and I’ll teach You how to do that today another benefit Of the club and Island project with the Private video that I’ll be releasing Shortly and for the first 25 of you that Get into the club of course we can Schedule a consult call With Me Yours Truly for about 15 30 minutes and you Can ask me anything about your portfolio Advice anything that you wanted to know My opinion on I’m happy to book and Schedule and for those of you that have Already on boarded the club membership I am getting back to those callbacks so Just be assured that I’m doing that and I really appreciate your support and Your commitment to the truth to freedom And liberty while the rest of these Dirty politicians and corrupt government Officials continue to screw you so again If you’re unwilling to build yourself up And do big things that’s your fault uh There’s plenty of opportunity in the World in fact there’s more opportunity Now in this chaos and disruption than There’s ever been when markets are good And things are normal okay and there’s Peace and stability in the world there’s Not as much opportunity there’s more Opportunity and Chaos disruption and

Economic collapse like we’re currently In and I’ll leave you with this too if You don’t do something uh you’re only Screwing yourself because the next major Narrative build is putting chips in your Brain and I was even listening to Alex Jones talk about this over the weekend Because he’s a psyop in and of himself He’s done some good things for America I Think and I don’t agree with everything He’s done maybe some put out some truths Out there to the public But there’s a lot that I disagree with And I don’t condone uh necessarily the Things that he’s he’s said however I was listening to him over the weekend And he was actually telling his audience That Elon Musk is actually a good guy And that uh you know putting a chip in Your head might not be a bad thing as Long as it doesn’t control you so that Just goes to show you what a psyop he Actually is no chip is a good thing in Your head it’s the mark of the beast Ladies and gentlemen there’s not a good Republican libertarian microchip to put In your head when you put a chip into Your head you’re accepting Satan okay Into your soul and you’re accepting an Override of the instruction manual right Here that God gave you which is perfect So when Alex Jones tells you there’s a Potentially Good Ship to take he’s a Liar he’s an absolute liar and he’s a

Great Deceiver with no Solutions people Like me have real solutions which is why I’ve already poured tens of millions of Dollars of my own hard-earned Capital Into the island project because my goal Is to empower you guys so you can stand Your ground not be just a whiny little [ __ ] telling you to take a chip in your Head I’ll tell you this straight up Never take a chip in your head I don’t Care if they say it’s a good chip or a Bad chip or a republican ship or a Maga Chip or a leftist chip never put a chip In your head the minute you accept the Mark of the beast it’s over so never Accept it and that’s going to be the Next major narrative and I’m telling you Guys now They’re going to tell you how great it Is uh it’s going to be sold as an Upgrade it’s going to include benefits To your Wellness let’s just say and They’re going to sell it as something You want to do to compete in the job Market and eventually as they take human Beings as the base layer motherboard They’re gonna they’re going to convert Humans into these transhumanist Androids that will eternally separate Themselves from God and only live Honestly in my biblical spiritual Viewpoint in Eternal damnation and Desolation away from our King So what I’m telling you guys is you have

To resist it’s not just about making Money although I’m going to make you Guys incredibly Rich it’s about standing Your ground and sailing and going a Hundred percent all in with God the Creator in Jesus Christ Our King having A hundred percent Eternal faith in him And him alone and realizing all these Other people they’re deceiving you maybe They do some good things God chooses Imperfect vessels I’m totally cool with That uh and I understand that I’m an Imperfect vessel but I’m telling you Straight up if anyone starts defending Musk in the brainship you know there’s Someone not to listen to you know that That’s the warning sign Okay not to mention a lot of other Warning signs like for example who’s Been supporting Trump for all these Years and still supports him Alex Jones Who Trump is responsible for operation Warp speed that’s all you need to know You don’t need to know anything else you Don’t need to know what he says you Always watch people’s actions he’s the Founder and creator of operation warp Speed which is completely decimated the World and now it’s coming out now Ben Shapiro and others are saying oh I’ve Been lied to about everything I I Wouldn’t have taken it if I knew now Well that just shows your absolute Negligence stupidity and the fact you

Have zero discernment in front of Everyone else I knew day one along with Many of you that this was one giant Deception of Satan and we’ve stood our Ground from the very beginning whether Or not it was 2809 or it was the heart Of the peer pressure group think storm In 2020. we warned about it and now We’re going on to build the most World-class community in the world and Uh it’s an honor to do it And it’s it’s an honor uh to go out and You build out all this amazing stuff With you anyways I love you God bless Jesus Christ is King like and share get This out to your friend and family and Uh unless you have a solution yourself That’s better than the ones that I’ve Posed for you then uh honestly lead Follow or get out of the way but I Encourage you to join Island project Where the real men stand in the real Women’s stand And uh grow those big freaking thousand Ax Diamond nuts to the freaking Moon and Beyond I’m Christopher green hard Hitting it in your face Links below and up here and by Subscribing and becoming a member and Remember you can only speak with me or My team I will never contact you on what Stat WhatsApp uh or telegram so ignore All those comments that’s not us and When in doubt give us a call and and

Hear my father’s Voice or hear my team’s Voice or hear my voice and if you’re Ever in doubt unless you hear me Speaking or me instructing or telling You something or you hear me on the Phone and say yeah hey it’s Christopher Here or you’re talking to my dad then It’s not us okay so be careful as well I’m always here to protect you guys I Love you thank you for what you do for Me it really is an incredible honor uh And I say that with absolute humility And totally humbled by your grace and of Course the grace of the Lord I love you Guys I always do right by you amen God Bless Jesus Christ is King Island Project thousand acts of the freaking Moon

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