BREAKING: Trump Lawyers and the DOJ Met in Secret Late Last Night!

By | October 28, 2022

While the world was focused on Elon Musk buying twitter and firing executives, Trump lawyers and the DOJ were holding a secret meeting in Washington DC

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Hello Patriots thank you so much for Joining us here at The Newsroom and Today I have a breaking news report and This one comes courtesy of golden and it has to do with President Trump’s lawyers the doj and an Update regarding the whole classified Information Situation that’s going on between President Trump and Biden’s doj so Yesterday as everyone was covering Elon Musk purchase of Twitter Elon Musk Firing Twitter Executives and all of That The doj and president Trump’s lawyers Were meeting in secret at a courthouse In Washington D.C but we got the scoop Once again this comes courtesy of golden for more breaking news And political reports all you have to do Is scan that QR code and it’ll take you To for this news Report and others just like it so let’s Begin and it says lawyers for president Trump appeared for a secret Hearing in Washington D.C at a federal courthouse On Thursday night Which appears to be uh regarding talks Surrounding the high profile Investigation into his handling of Classified documents So it says that a senior justice Department correspondent Evan Perez who

Said Trump’s legal team including Evan Cochran Jim trustee and Lizzy Lindsey Halligan Appeared before chief justice Barrow Howe in a sealed courtroom with the Justice Department’s legal team that is Handling the investigation into document C’s from president Trump’s Mar-A-Lago Resort by the FBI there is video footage Of President Trump’s lawyers walking out Of the courthouse and back into their Cars And Perez said that they would not say What was exactly discussed at that Meeting All he said was that reporters were not Allowed in the courtroom or near the Courthouse because it was a matter under Seal And he said in a statement quote We really know the backdrop of this Situation the justice department is now Pushing for Trump to turn over whatever Additional documents That at least the justice department Believes are still missing and may still Be in the possession of the president He went on to say quote they have Continued to maintain that they believe Their continuous to their continues I’m Sorry to be government documents that Are missing And they want the president to figure Out whether they are still in his

Possession at one of his properties and How to turn them back into the federal Government So they’re continuing this Witch Hunt They continue to lie And now they’re even claiming there’s More documents And that Trump still has them which is False It says government investigators are Working to determine whether president Trump committed a host of crimes Including those engaged in the Destruction of government documents Mishandling a classified information and Obstruction President Trump has denied any Wrongdoing And has claimed that he Declassified all The records taken for you know from his Mar-A-Lago Resort in Florida the FBI Raid which took place in August stemmed From months of back and forth over Federal officials working to retrieve Documents that they say belong to the Government The FBI sees nearly 200 000 Pages worth Of documents which encompassed about a Hundred documents with classified Markings on them according to court Documents So they continue to say That President Trump has more classified Documents in his possession when he does

Not The documents that they took away the Whole the whole 200 000 of them According to the doj None of those are classified now there’s A hundred plus documents that were Classified But he had Declassified them before Leaving office And I have said many times before One of those documents that the doj Claims Claims that is classified will leak and Once that document leaks everybody will Be able to see at the bottom the big Beautiful stamp that says Declassified By Donald J Trump Once that happens their whole little Uh game Witch Hunt whatever you want to Call it Will implode And everyone will know that it was all a Lie it was all a lie to try to help the Democrats in the midterm elections which Is not working Just yesterday we uploaded a video about Chuck Schumer telling Joe Biden that the Democrats are in danger And not just in some states in many many States They’re about to lose a whole bunch of House Seats Senate seats and even Government race uh Governor races They’re in very very big trouble

They’re about to lose the Latino vote And once that happens it’s all downhill From there So they were trying to Use the whole Trump classified documents BS As a way to help them Win a couple seats or retain seats In the midterms but it’s just not Working out for them But let’s see what happens This secret meeting happened last night While everybody was focused on Twitter On Elon Musk buying Twitter and him Firing a whole bunch of people and Seeing when Trump was going to get Reinstated into Twitter these people Were having a secret meeting But it’s only a matter of time before we Find out exactly what that meeting was About what was discussed But stay tuned live here at Golden State Times for full updates coverage and Everything else once again if you want To get up to the second breaking news Headlines all you have to do is scan That QR code that you see on your screen Just take out your phone turn on the Camera point it at the QR code and then Click on the button and it’ll take you Directly to our website So make sure you guys join us at our Website make sure You’re subscribed to this channel you

Click the thumbs up button and you share This video on social media let Patriots Know that President Trump’s lawyers and The doj met last night And we’re about to get information About what was discussed so I hope to See you on the next report but until Then my name is Jen I’m from Golden State times and I’ll see you soon peace

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