By | October 29, 2022

In today’s video, Christopher Greene of AMTV reports on Breaking News!
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All right ladies and gentlemen massive Massive day this Saturday 50 000 gain I Just took profits near 100 in Dogecoin Which I recommended just 48 hours ago at The club make sure you get in I’m gonna Include a video link in the box below For proof it was a quick 100 gain on the Twitter acquisition by Elon Musk now by The way I’m not saying world war three Isn’t coming no it’s here guys we’re Fighting this now they’re warning of Nukes that’s going to happen but what’s Happening is the great reset okay if you Think these gains are big wait till they Reset us into cbdc’s you need to be Taking advantage of these opportunities Right now also want to talk about the Diesel shortage we’ve got weeks left Before potentially every truck comes to A grinding halt in the United States of America the entire rail system comes to A halt airplanes come to a halt as a Result of Biden’s strategic release of The oil reserves and of course the Sanctions that have been placed on Russia so again this is a reset I’m Trying to protect you guys I’m showing You the truth about what’s really going On in the world today so again I don’t make these videos to brag it’s Not a big deal but I’m going to include This link in the box below and even roll Some footage right now to prove that you Could have made double your money in

Just the last 48 hours simply at school All right ladies and gentlemen Christopher green it is 10 27 2022 and I Believe this is the marker for the next Crypto Bull Run just like coinbase it Was hindsight is 2020 when coinbase IPO To yes I am an investor I continue to Hold that position was the peak of the Last bull market and then a Consolidation which we’ve been in I Believe that the purchase that Elon Musk Is finalizing with Twitter on Friday Will be the marker for the ensuing bull Market and Bull Run welcome to welcome to and also the club How can you double your money very Quickly in this Marketplace I’m going to Tell you why in my opinion now Financial Advice read our disclaimers and Disclosures in the box below how can you Double your money and play a very Tactical trade today on October 27 2022 while I believe Dogecoin as I like to call the doggy Coin is that trade so we’re going to Specifically look at that and more and Also talk about the cryptocurrency Market itself and where I think things Are headed and I might dabble a little Bit into politics because I think it Plays in to the crypto space as well so We are just getting started of course in The blockchain space they are resetting

Us to a new system this includes cbdc Central Bank digital currencies we sit In an aggregate market cap of near one Trillion dollars so let’s take a look at The Dogecoin here specifically you can See them at and I’m putting a Strong buy rating on Dogecoin right now As a tactical play that could seriously Double in the short term on the hysteria On the emotion of the closure of the Deal on Twitter and Elon Musk making it The official meme coin of the ecosystem That makes up the Twitter sphere simply By you know under Advantage of the Difficult is inflation continues to pick Up and by the way I was also right about Yay Elon Musk did not reinstate his Twitter account Elon publicly came out And disclosed this was a part of the Twitter policy so I’ve been right on That account as well right on Dogecoin Right on the reset right on global Conflict right on the lockdowns and Write about everything else again it’s Not braggadocia I’m telling you the Truth get in now click the link below Join us at the club join us at before it’s too late God bless and Jesus Christ is King

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