By | October 29, 2022

In today’s video, Christopher Greene of AMTV reports on Breaking News!
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All right ladies and gentlemen Christopher green it is a beautiful Maui Booth Saturday and I’ve got very Concerning news for you all tuning in Please like and share this video of Course I just posted an epic video Earlier this morning but I wanted to do A live stream congratulations to Everybody in the club with 100 gains and The doggy coin to the freaking Moon and Beyond again I posted that video October 27th just 48 hours ago we’ve had a huge Win full disclosure I did take profits Earlier this morning I do think that the Dogecoin could go much higher however I Don’t want to be greedy and I want to Stick to my actual plan 100 gains I’m Good with that take the profits cut and Run but let’s talk about Tucker Carlson Fox News links below to get into the Club and up here ladies and gentlemen If you think those are big profits wait Until the full cbdc reset commences but Tucker Carlson Fox News did a very Alarming episode just about 48 hours ago As well that within 25 days ladies and Gentlemen there is a diesel shortage That could affect the entire Global Supply Chain now why is this important It’s not just support regarding filling Up your tank at the pump let’s say You’ve got a diesel truck and the fact That we’re going to see massive price Hikes like we’ve already seen with

Inflation arguably hyperinflation in the Westernized world as a result of what Joe Biden has done with westernized Sanctions but also when it comes to the Food supply when it comes to our Trucking many of you know for example if Diesel trucks can’t get their loads into Grocery stores here in the United States Of America and I don’t know about you I’ve noticed dwindling amounts of food In the grocery stores I was just down at The local shop myself two nights ago Making some burgers and they barely had Inventory for me this is why I go Hunting by the way for Access deer Because it feeds my entire family for Six months After I go and grab one plus we have an Overpopulation of it here on the island So they actually want us to go out and Hunt because there’s no natural Predators of those beautiful amazing Animals but this affects everything this Affects planes this affects trains this Affects cargo and so that’s massive in And of itself but the Crux of this video Hard-hitting in your face is in addition To that Vladimir Putin of Russia has now Just suspended the Ukraine grain deal of Course grain that goes in everything That feeds much of the world population Not just first world but most Importantly second and third rule which Is now starving as a result of the

Westernized sanctions that have been Impressed without a vote so keep this in Mind nope none of us voted for the war In Ukraine I didn’t vote to give Ukraine And zielinski over 100 billion dollars Of taxpayer monies at all nor did you Just like the westernized world did not Vote to Uh start a war and get involved in a Very costly war of which now many Europeans are set to freeze and Electricity bills are hitting record Highs of thousands to two thousand plus Dollars a month so this just came from The Observer and I encourage you to Watch that Tucker Carlson video clip on 25 days left again this could become Catastrophic now Joe Biden has also been Eliminating our strategic reserves of Oil and petroleum which should only be Done during a time of War okay this is a Wartime act and this tells you that we Are in World War III like I’ve been Telling you uh the proof is in the Pudding why else would he liquidate our Petroleum reserves and our strategic oil Reserves if we weren’t at War and if We’re not at War then it’s simply Political and he’s actually meddling With the midterms think about those Apples for a minute but this just came From the guardian Russians Russia Suspense Ukraine grain deal after attack On subastopol Naval Base so this is

Breaking now like it share it get it out Be prepared a move comes after assault By airborne and underwater drones in Which Flagship may have been damaged so Not only do we have the pipelines Blowing up both sides Warning and blaming the other for it of Natural gas so that that’s that’s what’s Caused actually all of this okay so it’s The sanctions it’s the war it’s also the Shutdowns that Global politicians put Everyone through over the last two to Three years many suffering mental health Issues suicides were up Um forced job losses people weren’t Allowed to work so there’s a lot of Mental health going on too because you Know hey when you lock down billions of People like China just locked down uh I Think a couple millions of more people Moving into the winter So I mean prayer prayers to everybody Suffering out there Um but this is really really bad so Here’s what I don’t think people are Talking about is this is going to move Into the food supply next so as I’ve Been saying for years now Um and and months uh the Central Bank Just like they lied to the American Public before and said inflation was Transitory that’s what Joe Biden said That’s what the Central Bank chairman Said that’s what Powell said they were

Lying either that or they’re grossly Negligent in syncing the Titanic Intentionally negligently or just simply Because they’re idiots uh and they’re Going to just sink it right into an Iceberg I mean it’s unbelievable so they Were wrong about that Um they’re wrong about inflation and Notice inflation continues to trickle Higher this is why people can’t afford Afford housing like we have a housing Crisis here at Maui guys and the reason For that is because of the politics Politicians the politicians are at fault The politicians are making it so people Can’t afford to live the politicians are Making it after closing down the Economies they did that the causing all This which is making it very difficult For people to get by I mean this is why I tell you guys you need tools you need Profits you need cash flows to get ahead In this world because what else are you Going to do when the cost of living and The cost of wages or the real wages are Declining and housing costs are tripling Overnight and food prices continue going Up up and up if you’re if you and you’ve Got to keep Pace with inflationary gains Like I feel sorry for those of you that Are on social security or fixed incomes Even if Joe Biden hikes say like 10 Percent you’re still losing money you’re Going to be bankrupt over the next

Couple of years during the economic Financial reset in the transition into Cbdcs so we’ve seen nothing yet if you Thought the profits were big in Dogecoin That was just a fun trade a fun pick That I made at the club Links below think about that if you Would have gotten at school just 48 Hours ago you potentially could have Doubled your money and you’ve already Paid for your admission and more Okay I mean the proof is in the pudding Guys like I’m telling you all this is Going to happen also I was 100 right About Elon Musk and his acquisition of Twitter he did not reinstate yay he did Not reinstate him he just came out and Disclosed that today publicly that was Just a part of Twitter’s policies also He’s not restoring free speech in fact He’s convening I forget what he calls it But it’s like a moderation Council wait A minute here Elon I thought Free Speech Meant there is no moderation I thought Free Speech it means that there doesn’t Need to be content moderation or Restrictions Free Speech means there is No restrictions so you’re telling me You’re creating a council this is like The the uh novel George Orwell’s 1984 A Brave New World why do you need a Moderation Council if it’s just freedom Of speech see it’s not freedom of speech He’s basically saying he’s going to look

At the terms he doesn’t want to piss off Advertisers although you know I kind of Side with them on some instances of this I’m not like totally attacking Elon Musk I mean I’ll say this notice General Motors pulls out of Twitter and all Their advertising dollars boycott them Boycott them uh anti-free Speech Anti-freedom all these Fortune 100 Companies and I’ll tell you what Elon Musk and all of you tuning in you’re Gonna have to boycott all these Fortune 100 companies all these Fortune 100 Companies are in on it all these Fortune 100 companies backed all these policies In recent years almost 99.9 percent Supported everything that just happened Ladies and gentlemen this is a Fortune 100 event this is what you need to Understand these people are in charge They own the politicians they own all The lobbyists they pump millions and Millions of dollars billions of dollars Into all these lobbying groups Etc to Pass the laws of which they control to Place and power people people like Joe Biden who are just empty vessels these Are just empty vessels so that they can Use them just like a tool put their key In the ignition and transport everybody To the new system and the Hyperinflationary collapse and the Economic reset that they had planned From the beginning so let me get to this

Report again Russia said it will pull Out of the U.N brokered grain export Deal after a dramatic attack by Ukrainian airborne and underwater drones On its Black Sea Naval Base so this just Broke today so not only do we have 25 Days left That’s all for diesel fuel at the very Least expect prices to Skyrocket so at The very least even if we don’t have Nuclear war expect not to be able to Afford the basic things that you need to Live this is this is the new normal okay That they had warned about we’re never Going back to the way it was guys this Is a new hyperinflationary normal that They cost okay that Fortune 100 backed Remember they were firing people they Said if you didn’t do what you were told You couldn’t hold the job you couldn’t Create income and all these things I Mean this is tragic see I’m I’m the good Guy I’m the good guy I’m telling you Guys the truth I’m telling you you need To form to centralized communities you Need to increase your own cash flows you Should have bought Dogecoin with me and My every all my students at the club Just two days ago you would have made 100 gains on your money just simply Doing that all these tools I’m giving You guys I’m showing you what to do and Most of the stuff I give out for free by The way I never run ads I never run any

AdSense all the other YouTubers you Watch run all these ads by Nike and General Motors the same comp companies That are working against you I only sell You the things that you actually need That help you guys okay whether or not It’s gold silver or it’s cryptocurrency Or it’s blockchain or it’s the island Project our first real estate Diversified portfolio here in Malibu in Oahu with real cash flows real ownership Real decentralization and a future Blockchain launch for all of you earlier Birds that get into the club and also The private placement that I’m launching Very very soon no it’s not Financial Advice I have to say that but it’s it’s Darn good advice and it’s darn good Opinion okay so I put the proof out Earlier you saw that video I cut it from School I wanted you guys to see just so Just so you know that the critics out There could see I literally said buy Dogecoin two days ago and I did 50 000 Gain my portfolio I should have bought More honestly Um and I already took profits because I Don’t want to get greedy I want to stick Tactically to what my goal was and I Said at school if we had a quick hundred Percent Sell it now with that caveat I will tell You guys uh that it could go much higher So I might have sold early make your own

Financial decisions again Congratulations to everyone in the Island project Club just another benefit Of everything that I’m teaching Regarding the fractionalization of real Estate and more did you notice that the Deep fake of Elon Musk I’m not sure if You caught this in the news you know What that company is actually selling Fractional ownership of Airbnb income You see I’m already way ahead of the Curve this is why I footprinted all of This stuff three years ago is I came Into Maui boost seeing this opportunity Seeing the best real estate in the world In fact we have a warship here right now You guys want to see this I don’t know If you can see this right now but There’s a warship they told us it was Coming I don’t know if you can see it This came out from Oahu you probably Can’t but it’s it’s back there over in The distance it’s docked Right over there to the harbor I don’t Know if you can see it might be Difficult to see but my point is get Your ducks in a row now okay all of you A lot of you at least not not not the Audience here not not my hardcore Believers and supporters a lot of people Are going to miss this I said this to School as well and I’m saying it Publicly now uh that Elon Musk Acquisition of Twitter this will be the

Marker for the Thousand X Bull Run in Cryptocurrency it’s just beginning you Will look back with hindsight 2020 and a Lot of you are going to miss out you Could become millionaires as a result of Getting in and learning these skills Learning the blueprint at school Learning it’s Worth the price of a mission a lot of You are going to look back and be like Oh man I’m pulling my hair out Chris was Right again he was right about buying Bitcoin at 3500 I’ve been right about The Dogecoin I’ve been right about the General geopolitical direction I was I Was right about the shutdowns February 2020 I strategically relocated told People to get out go up into the Mountaintops strategically relocate get Your homesteads in order Etc so what We’re doing with Island project is like High-end homesteading so all our Diversified portfolio of real estates Connected with bug out Retreats I’ve got Properties scheduled up country that are Also going to be health and wellness Retreats as well so people can come you Can use the facilities we have a Built-in ecosystem Of course I’ve got all my jeeps at as well and every Color of the rainbow it’s like a bag of Skittles or something you get discounts On that you get discounts on stage you

Get private events and more importantly You get a decentralized network of like Minds all supporting each other during This economic Financial great reset and Collapse of really Sovereign Nation States in the westernized world I mean This is just what’s happening so now Biden and the politicians can blame the Economic collapse this was all by Design On Russia and on the war in Ukraine it’s Not their fault the reason there’s no Diesel and you might not have food in The future and you can’t afford your House and your kids can’t go to school And you can’t afford anything well it’s Russia’s fault okay it’s it’s the war in Ukraine it’s not the politicians by the Way I condemn the events uh Nancy Pelosi’s husband with a severe attack Completely condemned that but it does Point out you know people are really Pissed off in the United States why is That why are people at the breaking Point maybe have something to do I’m Just guessing with like shutting Everything thing down over the last Couple years maybe people are pissed off That they can’t afford food so again I Don’t condone that at all tragic prayers Go to you know Mr Pelosi even though I Don’t like their politics politics aside That’s absolutely terrible but it’s a Sign of the times it’s it’s a sign of How angry people are how pissed off

People are how screwed people have Become as a result of everything we’re Seeing so you know is General Motors Your friend this is just my opinion Absolutely not they don’t believe in Freedom oh none of these companies do I Would say very very few of them actually Do And this is why I don’t run any Fortune 100 ads by the way and I’m like the only YouTuber that doesn’t you can even go Look up this on analytics like uh I Think I could generate an extra 50 plus Thousand dollars a month just running AdSense based on my current view Subscribership uh and my subscriber base So it’s not like a small poultry amount Of money like I’m making an intentional Decision not to run those ads because I Actually stand for what I believe in Same reason why I didn’t take PPP loans In 2020 I could have uh accepted a Couple million dollars in PPP loans but I knew that they would strong arm that And use it as leverage for the state and I prayed about it knew it was wrong and So I didn’t do it could I have used a Couple more million dollars that’s all Forgivable loans by the way in 2020 Absolutely that was a crisis point that That put a lot of stress on my Businesses like probably many of you you Know I’m lucky to do what I do I’m lucky To be in technology so I’m a digital

Nomad and I can go anywhere in the world But this is going to get very very hard All of you need to emulate these success Points is what I’m telling you all of You need to emulate These skill sets so I want to hear from You what do you think how will this Diesel shortage impact the United States Of America in the westernized world are You planning on it getting much worse And then just Join today guys Click the link below I want to see at School uh here I’ll dive into the pool For you just to show you how beautiful It is out here today And by the way I also went surfing this morning was Absolutely epic surfing is like the best Workout Um I caught yeah quite a few waves man And uh you know this is like first class Out here I’d love to go surfing with you Guys our members so Click the links below I want to hear what you think God bless Jesus Christ is King what I’ve been Telling you is the truth and this is the Hardcore reality of where we are headed So Just pray guys pray but take action like Noah you need the building blocks for Success to protect you and your family Before these inevitable events continue

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