#BREAKING: Democrat Senator Bob Menendez Under Federal Investigation for taking Bribes…AGAIN!

By | October 26, 2022

Senator Bob Menedez is again under federal investigation for taking bribes as a sitting Senator. The person who bribed him was pardoned by Trump right before leaving office.

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Hello Patriots thank you so much for Joining us here at The Newsroom and Today I have a breaking news story this One comes courtesy of golden Statetimes.com and today we’re going to Be talking about extremely corrupt Democrat Senator Bob Menendez he is Under federal investigation once again Now this investigation The Obama Menendez is now going to be Probed about Also involves president Donald J Trump Believe it or not because the person That Bob Menendez is being investigative Because of Is also involved with Trump in a way But we’ll get to that in just a few Moments but I thought that was very Interesting that Trump is involved with This so This comes courtesy of golden Statetimes.com again that’s Www.goldandstatetimes.com and it says Senator Bob Menendez is under federal Investigation once again the feds are Taking a second look at Senator Robert Or Bob Menendez five years after an Initial corruption investigation ended In a mistrial It says Michael Solomon an advisor to The powerful chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee told Reporters Wednesday Wednesday that Menendez Democrat of New Jersey is quote

Aware of an investigation but he does Not know the scope He went on to say quote as always should Any official inquiries be made the Senator is available to provide any Assistance that is requested of him or His office It says the investigation Was leaked to reporters It says Manhattan Federal prosecutors Have contacted people connected to Menendez and sent out at least one Subpoena in the case It says Menendez was indicted in 2015 After prosecutors from the Justice Department’s public Integrity unit Accused them of accepting lavish bribes From Palm Beach ophthalmologist Dr Solomon melgan Solomon melgan Investigators allege that Menendez Received Hefty political donations and Enjoyed free private jets and luxury Vacations in exchange for helping that Doctor secure lucrative government Contracts as well as visas for that Doctor’s three foreign girlfriends Three foreign girlfriends and that’s a Pretty crazy stuff it says uh Senator Cory Booker and Lindsey Graham testified On menendez’s behalf during the lengthy Proceeding which ultimately ended in a Mistrial back in November of 2017. Prosecutors officially dropped the case

In 2018. It says that melgan the doctor that Bribed Menendez Was convicted of Medicare fraud back in 2017 but was pardoned by President Donald J Trump as he left office in 2021 I don’t know if you guys remember that Right before January Inauguration day is what January What day is inauguration they January 20th Yeah so January the 20th so the 19th I Believe or the 18th one of those two Trump Pardon a whole bunch of people including Steve Madden and a whole bunch of other People And one of those people was that doctor That bribed Menendez and now Menendez is Under investigation because of that Exact same doctor So let’s see what happens with this Because this is very interesting stuff Menendez thought that it was over And it’s not But somehow I have this um This How should I put it I want to say Theory because then you Know you you might people might call it A conspiracy theory no no no I have this Uh this question let’s say you like that This question if somehow in this

Investigation into Menendez Trump will Get pretty much wrapped into it They’re going to pull Trump in into this Whole situation because he pardoned that Doctor That bribed a U.S sitting senator So they’re going to try to involve Trump Into this but let’s see what happens Let’s see what happens with Menendez Let’s see if he can get away with it This time or if you’ll finally Get convicted for bribery Which Being bribed As a sitting Senator is not a good thing But let us know what you guys think About this whole situation in the Comment section below do you think that Menendez is going to get away with it For a second time or do you guys think That it’s finally going to be Judgment Day for Menendez for being bribed In exchange For getting that doctor Hefty Government contracts And visas to his three foreign Girlfriends that’s some crazy stuff but Let us know what you guys think in the Comment section below don’t forget to Click the thumbs up button and do you Think that they’re gonna drag Trump into This whole situation because he’s Involved so let us know in the comment Section below don’t forget to click the

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