By | November 1, 2022

In today’s video, Christopher Greene reports on Breaking News 2022!
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Foreign [Music] What’s up everybody Christopher green Here Alive What’s up my goal let’s entertain all You guys Well I’ll make your first million this Year I’m going to tell you exactly how You can do it What the Federal Reserve and the central Bank is going to do baby but first we Get started like and share this video Okay so we know what the FED is going to Do they’re going to print baby print This ducky knows this they told me Earlier gonna print baby print this is What your own pal is going to do so this Is very easy to understand keep in mind That the Federal Reserve the base rate Here in the United States is still three To like three and a half percent they’re Only going to hike to five percent Ladies and gentlemen only to five so I Want you to think about this for a more A little bit of a minute The next hike okay coming this week is 75 bips that’s basis points for those of You don’t know that 75 bips now it’s Expected that Jerome Powell is going to Hike okay not a thousand acts but a Little baby he’s got a little shriveled Little baby nuts those are little little Shriveled you can kind of flick them a

Little bit they’re not the diamond nuts They’re not the diamond nuts ladies and Gentlemen he’s not going to the moon Like we are like you are like Island Project like Island project Club so Here’s what he’s going to do he’s going To take it to about five percent so They’re expecting these little bitty Bitty bitty little shriveled nuts to 75 Basis points then they’re going to stop That’s going to take the FED funds rate Ladies and gentlemen to five percent Essentially still at zero so here’s how You’re going to profit from this expect Permanent hyperinflation here in the United States in the westernized world Permanent hyperinflation for the rest of Your life and that it sounds hyperbolic But this is actually the truth inflation Is permanent just like it’s been Permanent for many many of you baby Boomers out there inflation has been a Permanent tenet of the last several Decades now let me tell you what also is Going to promote this hyperinflation Okay that they’re causing it’s the Sanctions it’s the sanctions I just Tweeted a report a couple minutes ago me And ducky here me and the duck Master by The way we just put out a new video at School at the club I released two new Picks you’ve never heard of before two Picks you can scale into day to make Your first million bucks in these coming

Moves no BS join join the school join The club learn as much as you can but We had a report come out earlier and I Just tweeted this U.S troops are now on The ground in Ukraine for the first time They’re calling them ladies and Gentlemen inspectors like Inspector Gadget but what that really means is U.S Troops okay the U.S funding the war 100 Billion freaking dollars ladies and Gentlemen Doling out that money into Ukraine all day long to that non-nato Country this means U.S troops are on the Ground now as a result of the sanctions Ladies and gentlemen this guarantees Inflation this is why they can’t stop it So in all seriousness this is what I’m Expecting Jerome hey Jerome how you Doing girlfriend this is what I expect Him to do this this week I think he’s Going to talk it up he’s going to sound Really tough right he’s going to read That teleprompter and say our primary Goal is to Target inflation we’re really A hawk we’re hawkish we’re so strong and Powerful oh we’re gonna hide like those Three we’re gonna we’re gonna continue To hike those rates guys right but Really what he’s telling you is he’s Going to soften he’s going to soften the Language is softening guys again these Are a little really shriveled little Baby baby nuts us okay so they’re gonna Soften that then they’re going to

Continue the bailouts then they’re going To continue the hyperinflation they’re Going to continue the trillions of Dollars worth of worthless money that Continues to be printed at the Federal Reserve in the central bank and of Course this ties into the economic Financial monetary fiscal policy that They’ve intended in the first place so What does this mean let’s talk about Actions this is why crypto guys crypto Is real money that dirty Fiat cash the Jerome padlock Dance For Me Baby Dance For Me Jerome hike those red 75 basis Points baby see that’s the dirty Inflationary Fiat trash it’s the zero Percent interest rate fed funds rate at Like three and a half percent it’s only Going to go to Five they don’t have the Ball so you don’t have the guts Jerome To raise more than five percent so I’m Calling you out now I already know What’s going to happen and this is how You’re going to get rich expect the Pause as we’re seeing across credit Markets right now because this impacts Mortgage rates it impacts credit cards It impacts auto loans it impacts Consumer Debt expect them to stop okay Right around five percent so we’re going To get a pause we’re already seeing this Across the country there’s a little bit Of a pause but then things are going to Explode once again so you’ve got to

Expect Hyperinflation in this country and Understand just like energy and natural Gas is 15x in places like Czech Republic From where it was a year ago places in Europe are 7 to 15 times okay what it Used to be for natural gas trust this Plan in fact I expect governments to Start saying things like you’re selfish If you don’t want to freeze this winter In Europe like they’ll say well you know Just get a fur coat and uh get a couple Blankets and uh if you don’t go along With this plan a freezing or paying 15 Times the normal energy pill well then You’re just not in it with us together I Mean you know just listen to what we’re Doing here with all these sanctions so Also oil Executives came out over the Last 24 hours and had this to say that It’s not just 2022 that they’re worried About along with me and my duckies here In my Swan it’s 2023. so they’re expecting that in 2023 There’s going to be monster God forbid Civil unrest in Europe and the United States is this sets in and people Realize inflation is here to stay Because you have to understand the Overall game plan and what is the game Plan they need to incentivize Ubi Universal basic income and incentivize The collapse the only way they can do That is through pain so they cause the

Pain as the master Puppet Masters they Implement the sanctions they blame the War they put the troops on the ground And they spend the dirty Fiat trash okay And this is why I want you to take Advantage of this everybody’s saying oh There’s going to be deflation we’re Expecting more of a crash no I’m not Expecting any of that the only thing you Can count on is thousand X bailouts in This country and total manipul Regulation and debt that means that risk Assets are about to soar cryptocurrency Market knows notice the doji coin guys Was up a hundred percent since I called It a lot of you made a lot of money on The Dogecoin and I just put out two more Picks which I think could do just the Same it’s an accumulation period it’s an Accumulation Zone this is when you want To be fomoing in and buying and getting Into things like the club so This is what I see happening it’s all Lies okay the FED which lied to the American public said inflation was Transitory is lying now so they’re going To sound terse okay they’re going to Sound like they’re going to be really Tough but they’re not it’s just a war of Words and propaganda again Jerome Powell Doesn’t have his own thoughts okay it’s A teleprompter that’s given to him by The Establishment so he can pop it out Whatever language to Wall Street the

Hedge fund managers that already have The information on the inside so that They can profit from it that’s exactly How this works so Very very bullish and uh check out those Two picks at the club at school today uh Well worth your time at the club that’s make sure you get Into that and I also did a serious video This morning because you know I want to Entertain you guys too like have a good Time you know you’ve only got one life To live I mean people haven’t had enough Fun uh in the last couple of years so I Encourage you guys to go out there and Have fun let’s see what we have going on In politics uh Bibby out in Israel’s Rising again looks like he’s going to be Elected to a third term uh also to Trump Will be indicted uh in my opinion very Soon right after the midterms again to Cloaks the American masses into the fake Paradigm of the two-party illusion of The system which isn’t even real it’s All fakery Um you know gives people the idea that If things aren’t going right in their Lives for the country they can blame a Politician and then get the other guy in And then nothing changes and then get The other person in nothing ever changes It’s a revolving door on Wall Street Just like Janet Yellen used to be the Federal Reserve chairwoman and now she’s

The U.S treasury secretary because it’s All the same people whether or not it’s The bushes or the clintons or the bidens An extension of Obama I mean Trump was The real wild card even though he was Reality TV and a billionaire but look How they’re going after him because I Guess he wasn’t uh playing ball like uh Many of us uh had thought so how to Profit from this again inflation is here To stay the Federal Reserve is going to Backtrack and they’re going to continue To bail out and they’re in eventually Going to reverse policy so really what We need to be looking towards is December not just uh what’s happening Now it’s what they’re going to do by the End of the year so obviously with U.S Troops on the ground it’s it should be Just apparent to everybody that the World war is here uh we’re in it now This is fourth fifth generation Warfare This is what’s been going on over the Last couple years it’s an economic Financial reset it’s a psychological Reset we’re fighting spiritual warfare As we speak so Anyways I just encourage you take Advantage of the opportunity and fomo Now before everybody else because people Are really going to start fomoing Honestly in the next couple of months Especially when they see Bitcoin and It’s low volatility that’s actually a

Bullish sign guys right now that’s an Absolute Foreign Guys that’s it that was just my Federal Reserve report uh take it to heart Though I want you to understand that the FED is going to backtrack inflation is Here to stay hyperinflation is permanent So plan for that and realize there’s Going to be more of a panic into real Assets especially non-sovereign State Assets like Bitcoin Cryptocurrencies the island project you Want to get into this blockchain Tech Because this is where it’s all going Again this is all a part of the master Design plan of the new internet that They DARPA just like the internet open Sourced okay so they could transition it All to the new technology you’re Probably reading things about you know Xrp right now and the reset of the Monetary system and cross-border Remittance payments and you’re hearing Things about the metaverse and by the Way there’s key ways to profit from that You can profit immensely crypto is the Only place in the world you can thousand X literally from nothing with no barrier To entry as long as you’re you know what You’re doing and you have a blueprint For your success so anyways uh yeah this Is the white swan event ladies and Gentlemen I don’t know where swanny went

He’s over there this is the white swan Event okay so you want to be playing to The Moon shot right now understand it’s Counterintuitive all your friends you Know they’re planning that uh for Economic collapse they’re planning for Deflation they’re all wrong all these Pundits are wrong I’m telling you play The Diamond nuts right now realize is We’re going to the Moon okay and you’re Going to thousand extra Yourself by Being smarter than the Central Bank the Federal Reserve and the brainwashing Propaganda system that is the mainstream Media once you start thinking for Yourself you can take action aggressive Action change your mindset and you can Go to the Moon along here with my ducky Friend so anyways guys uh links below You can watch my last two videos that I Put out this week and I just put out a Video yesterday at the club another huge Benefit to being in an island project With two new picks you haven’t heard of Yet to get in and start stacking in the Accumulation phase everything’s green Lit here all my indicators are going off Like wildfire I’m accumulating my Students are accumulating and congrats To all of you that went a hundred Percent on the Dogecoin we’re actually Up again today so we’re going to see More of these moves and I’m expecting The whole crypto Market to 10x ladies

And gentlemen because again the only Fiat the only trash is Fiat uh your Cryptocurrency and blockchain Tech is is Real money uh created with with an Actual technology and algorithms to back It minors around the world that confirm Bitcoins as digital gold that’s where The real value is governments know this Around the world and this is why Elon Musk pewter teal Ray dalio and others And all the billionaires in the world Are all in you see it’s just retail and The non-general you know the general Public that it takes them a while to Understand the truth that are going to Start waking up to this reality probably By the time we’re hitting new all-time Highs and new tops anyways guys hardcore Truth that’s what the FED is going to do Expect a 75 basis point hike expect Harsh words but it’s all lies it’s all Lies they’ll eventually start cutting And then they’ll blame something right It’ll be an unforeseen event while they Have to start cutting there’ll be a Reason for that next bailout round There’s always a problem or something They couldn’t foresee you know an Economic collapse somewhere which is why They’ve got to bail stuff out and so They’ll make something up they’ll make Up some fake problem who knows what it Is nukes emps the war on the ground Whatever it’ll be the excuse for them to

Pump even more to continue to transfer The wealth and manipulate this Market to Collapse the Petra dollar and of course Reset us into the new digital dollar CBD System led by China because China is Leading the way and of course big Tech Has been investing billions into China And helping them build out their new Internet in fact that’s what Elon Musk Is doing with Twitter he’s going to turn It into the American version of WeChat Which is a payment integrated system It’s basically a surveillance system That the Chinese government uses they’re Just selling it here in the United States like it’s like a freedom version Of it but it’s not it’s it’s the same Mass surveillance State uh in orwellian Web that they’ve got in China no Different this is why every country in The world implemented the same policies As every other country over the last Several years because all countries are In this together they’re making the same There’s there’s slight differences in How they roll it out and sell it but It’s the same agenda across every single Country whether or not it’s the United States or China China exactly the same In my humble opinion they have the same Darn policies and they shut down the World just like every other country did As well so again that’s just the Hard-hitting and in your face trip so

Just understand the way to Pivot Leverage and profit is you’ve got to be A cynic here and you’ve got to realize Everybody’s wrong about this Deflationary collapse that’s not going To happen hyperinflation is here to stay I was telling you months ago that this Was extremely obvious and we’ve been Profiting since then uh and I encourage You guys to profit now so build your Portfolio build that up and get my Thousand X picks guys we just put it out Yesterday you can check it out include Links here below to the club and more I Want to see you there uh big hoorah to All of our Island project members as Well just onboarded uh a few of you and By the way a great opportunity for the Island project to get into the private Placement you can roll your IRA over to The island project we have many of you Doing that so get out of these Retirement accounts that are paying Nothing that might be locked up in a Bank and then get it into real hard Assets and real estate that are Producing cash flows in the bless best Place best place also in the world Beautiful Maui Bill anyways guys I love You God bless Jesus Christ is King links Below and uh please like and share this Video around the world I just told you The truth

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