Boris Johnson: A Tribute.

By | September 6, 2022

Some Highlights of Boris Johnson’s time in office.

Boris johnson is the most dangerously Incompetent and untrustworthy serial Shagger who won’t tell the press how Many kids he’s got because he’s not Entirely sure himself boris went to Eaton a sort of hogwarts for wankers Alexander boris defel johnson that’s his Actual [ __ ] name a man who would Rather pretend to be stupid than admit His mistakes which of course makes him a Coward was fired for lying about Shagging someone behind his wife’s back Narcissist is only out for himself an Egotistical charlatan posh upperclass Bumbling idiot i don’t understand what The word party means my willy just ended Up inside my secretary jimmy savile’s Fat evil twin chris tarrant on a come Down a man who took an 80-seat majority And just spaffed it up the wall you [ __ ] it mate he’s resigned but he Hasn’t [ __ ] up hubris incompetence Deceit and [ __ ] hair reshuffling cat [ __ ] on a litter tray a desperate sad Talentless flag shagger is arrogance and Entitlement they know no bound useless Posh sliver of bollock skin i’d be happy With just his balls the most hated man In his party and his country chris Johnson would be the result if greg’s The baker ever branched out into Eugenics dismal disloyal disorganized [ __ ] up after [ __ ] up lie after lie Cannibals self-serving parasites take

Worms in tiaras vicious right-wing Populists with the appearance of an Uncooked oven chip in a suit of a Wounded balloon a pickled intestine a Sack of vicious custard boris johnson an Abducted milky bar kid found 40 years Later in a port cellar a shakespearean Tragedy written by monkeys on Typewriters he’s still [ __ ] there why Don’t you just [ __ ] off you entitled Sakura minge what a legacy Chaos blah blah blah something latin Leveling up [ __ ] womble selfish Millionaire black shagger disloyal Popular [ __ ] div the day i start Taking lessons in morality from the Likes of boris johnson is the day i Start taking the [ __ ] smack [Music] Boris johnson is a liar just keep keep It simple

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