BOMBSHELL: They’re Plotting The Takedown Of Free Humanity!

By | October 31, 2022

BOMBSHELL: They’re Plotting The Takedown Of Free Humanity!

This video explains the massive revelation about what they’re up to.

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Welcome back beautiful and amazing human Beings this is zukudowski here we are and boy oh boy oh boy do we Have some absolutely crazy news to get Into today especially when it comes to International relations Central Bank Digital currencies and the plans for Future enslavement of free Humanity lots Of major Bombshells especially when it Comes to leaked new Department of Homeland Security documents that will Blow your mind away that of course we’re Going to be talking about in this Broadcast as well as giving you an Important update to what is happening With Elon Musk and Twitter all the Latest updates a major burn to the old Head of the snake lots of very Interesting things to get into that We’re going to be talking about in this Broadcast if you like the shirt that I’m Wearing you could get it on and the clip That we played in the beginning of this Broadcast is by the extremely talented Draw fans or memes he is at draft fanzer On Twitter we of course will be linking His account down in the description Below if you have found this YouTube Channel we will be promoting that Extensively because this is absolutely Hilarious extensive beautifully done Meme magic that definitely deserves your Support at least it deserves a follow

And the memes are more important than Ever and they might actually be freed With Elon Musk which gives us some hope But as the clip that we played in Today’s broadcast show specifically Dr Fauci uh performing to please this crowd We do have to understand that this is Funny because there’s some real life Components to this as of course there Are many marionettes there are many Puppets many actors in politics working To perform for the benefit of the few in A select class which I think perfectly Represents what just happened in Brazil Recently where Klaus Schwab International corrupted businessman got His way once again where one of his Members Lula de Silva just won the Election there over balsanero the now Previous president of Brazil and has Gotten into power and most likely will Be implementing the UN 2030 Vision the Great reset build back better policies But of course do not benefit anyone There’s also reported footage of people There’s also alleged footage of narcos And gangs inside of Brazil celebrating This Victory which According to some People is highlighting some very Precarious times for the people of Brazil this says The Reckless policies By a lot of these top globalists have Created a situation that of course has Been absolutely wrecking havoc on our

Current Financial system this as Inflation in Europe has reached 10.7 Percent as of course the European Central Bank keeps pretending like There’s actually no inflation when of Course it’s all around us it’s Everywhere it’s unavoidable and a Solution to this crashing economy is of Course also presented by the same people That crashed it and that solution is of Course a central bank digital currency With which essentially means the bankers Knowing and seeing every little thing You do taxing every transaction finding You automatically taking money out of Your bank account debanking you for Wrong political ideas and of course Creating a total track trace and Database Society where essentially There’s no liberty or Freedom this plan Has already been underway in many Countries around the world particularly Canada and Australia as today turkey Just announced plans to officially Launch their Central Bank digital Currency in 2023 which of course will Digitalize cash and create a cashless Social credit score like society that There’s no escaping from an unjust and Unfair one ruled by the dictates of a Few unelected sociopathic ruling class Members like the Dutch Ministry of Finance that also is a member of the World economic Forum that is looking to

Pass a law inside of Holland that will Monitor all transactions over a hundred Euros that’s around 100 bucks why is the Government trying to watch and monitor Every transaction over a hundred dollars Why does the government want to know Every time I spend my money well because If they could do that they could find Out more ways to control you which is Essentially what the Department of Homeland Security has been doing According to the latest leaked documents That are now being reported by The Intercept that highlights how the DHS Wants to become online police officers That behind closed doors in a secret Unelected fat cat bureaucrats would use Their powers to fight quote Disinformation as a way to shape online Discourse specifically detailing how They needed to shape the discourse on The Afghanistan withdrawal which was a Huge government mistake that the federal Government was never held responsible For but of course was heavily criticized For and here we have the federal Government saying specifically hey we Need to shut up all the critics for Criticizing us for doing something Horrible and that’s essentially what They’re trying to do here that’s what They tried to do through their Disinformation governance board which Luckily fell through but as we’re

Finding out from these leaked documents That are still more secretive efforts in Order to establish this governance board And we have to remember the member that They wanted to head this board was an Outrageous partisan leftist lunatic that Literally almost got every single story Wrong in the mainstream within the last Two years another topic that the DHS Wants to of course control the narrative On excuse me excuse me shape online Discourse with is of course a rushed Experimental product that the government Is forcing on everyone with no liability To Big Pharma that’s making billions of Dollars off of it again we’re gonna have To save that topic for Luke But before even getting there another Major bomb show was that Facebook create Did even a specific portal between the Department of Homeland Security and of Course themselves with the direct line For quote government Partners to report Disinformation to them directly now if Facebook is doing this you could bet Your bottom dollar Google is doing this As well most likely according to my own Personal opinion and Twitter as well as There’s also emails showing Collaboration between the Department of Homeland Security and Twitter as we’re Finding out that their previous CEO met Monthly with the Department of Homeland Security to discuss censorship plans as

I think it’s important to note here that That with this official relationship Being set up with them we have seen a Plethora of ideas accounts users be Banned censored and have their Livelihoods destroyed for just Expressing political opinions this as Even radical jihadist ideas are not Tampered are not even dealt with or Dressed and and this is what the Department of Homeland Security is going After political candidates that they Don’t like officials that don’t want big Government and that right there is a True Telltale sign of utter Totalitarianism and the fact that big Tech social media is working hand in Hand in collusion with big government Particularly the Department of Homeland Security to do some evil awful things When it comes to destroying the Discourse in this country and Manipulating it for their own personal Benefit and this is one reason out of Many reasons why I started as of course for many Years now I’ve been saying Hey Big Tech Social media is is not a private entity It’s it’s not a corporation in itself it Is connected with government that is Telling them what to do and now finally I have been proven right over the years With my larger surgeons I make a lot More assertions a lot more predictions

On Luke as of course this Is the place that is my own platform I Get to say and do what I want without Any fear of Retribution and in today’s Video we got a lot of very important Topics to talk about especially when it Comes to Mr Paul Pelosi the media Narrative Kanye and of course another Issue that we can’t even mention here on This particular broadcast I’m doing a Special video just for you later on Today on Lucan that is Available for members right now in the Making of this video along with that Three master classes a forum exclusive Merchandise and access to upcoming Events only available to members of see you there right After this broadcast is of course we’re Not done here as it’s also important to Note that a lot of big Tech social media Is just becoming too horrible to use Because of their censorious nature Because of their manipulative nature Because of just how outright money Hungry a lot of these corporations are And how they’re willing to bend over Backwards for government officials that Absolutely ruin their platform Facebook Is a perfect example of this as Mark Zuckerberg has been doing almost Everything the government has been Telling him to do the government says Jump Mark Zuckerberg says how high Klaus

Schwab comes in and says hey we need Everyone living in the pods over Consumed with video games eating the Bugs playing virtual reality and Elon Musk says Can’t compete cyber box tasty as of Course Facebook and meta has spent Billions of dollars on of course VR Headsets which uh the investment isn’t Really paying off as of course we’re Getting reports today of the Facebook And Monopoly imploding as their stock Value has gone down dramatically they Were supposed to fire a whole bunch of Employees they didn’t there was even Corporate media Outlets talking about How Facebook was going to hire all the People fired by Elon Musk and I don’t Think that’s going to be the case here As of course Facebook is running out of Money and then on the other hand we of Course have Elon Musk that right now is Being attacked by The Wall Street Journal that is trying to tell people How to deactivate their ads there’s also A coordinated effort put on by Bill Gates in order to use his of influence In media and in corporate governance in Order to try to get advertisers to pull Ads from Twitter which Elon Musk Responded to all these recent attacks by Now launching a potential plan that will Have verified Twitter users paying Twenty dollars to use the platform and

If they don’t pay the twenty dollars They lose their blue check marks and I Think it’s fair to say this is a plan That circumvents a lot of the larger Attacks being made against him currently Right now and if he implements this plan He will be able to finance and fund this Independent online social media platform That hopefully doesn’t get gobbled up by The Department of Homeland Security Now What will the DHS do to Elon Musk if He’s not complying with the whims of Their censorship efforts well this is Going to be a very interesting fight That of course we are going to be Keeping a close eye on as of course it’s Also important to note that Elon Musk Looks like he’s going to be saving a lot Of money as we’re also finding out today That he fired his top Executives for a Cause in a way to avoid 122 million dollar golden parachute Payout to the former head of the snake Of Twitter which all had guarantees that They would be paid huge sums of money if They were fired and that’s probably Going to really piss off parag now will There be a legal challenge to this uh Probably but more importantly what’s the Cause for these top Executives to be Fired from the platform well according To Elon Musk it looks like the Twitter Board deliberately hid evidence from the Court when it came to of course his

Acquisition of the company as of course There was a legal Court battle Beforehand that forced Elon Musk to buy The product but as we’re finding out Right now there was some information Hidden from the court which didn’t Comply AI with discovery which there Could be some larger legal ramifications For now what was the evidence what what Did they hide from of course Elon Musk When it came to this public court Hearing also more importantly how many Fake users does the platform have more Importantly how does the government work With the DHS more importantly what Accounts did the Department of Homeland Security have censored and banned on Their platform well this is something That of course I want to know that maybe Hopefully we will get to know here in Just the upcoming few days as of course This is a story that I’m going to be Keeping a very close eye on Elon Musk Just moments ago of course tweeted if he Had a dollar every time someone asked Him if Trump was coming back on the Platform Twitter would be minting money And would all these larger questions Looming all these people waiting to get Back to the ability of being able to Talk to each other how will this Progress well you have to watch to see What happens here as of course again one Of the biggest stories one of the

Biggest October prizes out there that Will have huge ramifications on the World a big battle between DHS and Elon Musk incoming I’m I’m watching out for Every little thing when it comes to this Battle as I think it’s integral to the Future of this country and the future of Society and hey that’s just what I think If you think I’m wrong let me know why Down in the comment section below but if You like my opinions and assertions and Perspectives share this video with your Friends and family members that’s more Imperative than ever and because you do That I am still here Atlas my co-host by The way she’s doing her routine yearly Checkup she’s fine she will be back Tomorrow and I wouldn’t be here if it Wasn’t for you guys and this is why I Love you guys stay tuned for more here On we are one more video Coming your way here on Foreign

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