Boebert Beats The Bible, Forgets To Actually Read It

By | December 14, 2022

One day, Lauren Boebert will read the Bible she claims to love so much. Today was not that day.

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On Twitter a lot of the The little Twitter trolls they like to Say oh Jesus didn't need an AR-15 how How many AR-15s do you think Jesus would Have had well he didn't have enough to Keep his government from killing him so Well Lauren bobert is back at it again And this time she's using Christianity To justify the use of assault rifles now Cancel culture is something that's been Kind of a big deal lately however Cancel culture is nothing new Cancel culture has been here since the Very beginning Cain canceled Abel And guess what it wasn't what the big Scary AR-15 it was with a rock so I Don't think it's a firearm issue I think It's a heart a sin issue [Applause] Now there's so much to unpack here that I'm tempted to throw away the whole Suitcase but my job is to break it down For you so here we go Starting with Kane killing Abel or Canceling Abel with the rock yes murders Have always happened murders probably Will always happen you can't eliminate Murder By eliminating guns but boy we've Seen evidence of eliminating a lot of Murders by eliminating guns Australia Was having mass shootings they decided To get rid of most of their guns and Guess what they've had like one mass

Shooting since they implemented that yes You can't do away with murder murder is A sin if you want to view it in your Religion that's fine But you can't say that well you can't Get rid of guns because you can't get Rid of murder yeah but you can weigh Lessen murders and accidents happening Secondly the presumption that Jesus Would have not only been okay with the Manufacturing and owning of assault Rifles but the fact that he probably Would have used his own And use them to murder the people who Were putting him on the cross that sort Of went against everything Jesus stood For Not to mention that the whole point is That Jesus was sent to die on the cross For your sins so if he would have Avoided that by using an assault rifle That kind of defeats the whole purpose Of Christianity and the Absolution of Sins It's also interesting how Lauren bobert Put so much stake into government and Religion run together when she clearly Can't respect any religion other than Christianity let's take a look but since The speaker has designated the floor to Discuss members inappropriate actions Shall we The Jihad Squad member from Minnesota Has paid her husband and not her brother

Husband the other one over a million Dollars in campaign funds this member is Allowed on the Foreign Affairs committee While praising terrorists That was a video of Lauren bobert Disrespecting representative Elon Omar For which she later apologized but not To Elon Omar just to the Muslim Community and never actually publicly Apologize to representative Omar at all Do you find that people sometimes are Wanting you to say just tone it down a Little bit congresswoman just tone it Down do you hear that I you know I I Think that people would love if I would Tone it down but you know we we had our Lord Jesus that certainly didn't tone it Down for anyone we had the apostles who Carried this message of the gospel and Even the leaders in their days they said You know it's fine you can you can pray But just don't do it in the name of Jesus and so now here we are in another Cycle of cancel culture but this is Nothing new cancel culture has been Around since the beginning of time King Canceled Abel we have Shadrach Meshach And Abednego that were thrown into the Furniture the fiery furnace King Nebuchadnezzar wanted to cancel them but There stood another in the midst of them And he was as of the Son of God and then They tried to cancel Jesus but you can't Cancel God there's no other way to

Describe representative Lauren bobert Than a total complete mess of a human Being there are so many jokes to be made About her recent comparison of herself To Jesus Christ but to me it's so deeply Sad and aggravating because I really Think she believes it and and so we we Right now are are charged to be bold in This time and God has given us a a Spirit of of power and mind uh might and A well-disciplined mind not a spirit of Timidity and this means not only that She's a total raving mad lunatic but That she doesn't understand a single Thing about the faith she claims to be a Part of one part of her rant to Mike Huckabee I want to hone in on is the Part where she describes the Biblical History of cancel culture Cain canceling Abel chadra messhock and abdenego thrown Into the fiery furnace and finally her Assertion that quote and then they tried To cancel Jesus but you can't cancel God What bobert fundamentally misunderstands Here aside from everything about the Biblical context of those stories is That the Bible is not a reference guide That can be easily translatable to fit Every one of our modern circumstances Sure people can find examples to live by From the Old and New Testaments but There is an alarming Trend in Evangelical communities specifically With a right-wing agenda to use the

Bible as a self-help manual flipping the Pages to find examples to use as Legitimization of their terrible Contemporary political beliefs as the Christian writer John pavlovitz points Out that people who worship God In This Way quote passionately worship a deity Made in their own image white American Republican male and perpetually Terrified of Muslims immigrants gay Children special counsel reports Harry Potter Starbucks holiday cups yoga wind Turbines science everything he goes on He cannot protect them from the Encroaching monsters they are certain Around every corner he is exactly right The far rights God exists to serve their Personal specific material outlook on The world which is not at all what a True concept of an a historical Apolitical moral God really is people Like bobert have no respect for God Albert has absolutely nothing in common With the biblical figure she references And she's telling on herself and her Conception of Christianity by insisting That there are any similarities above All of the things this comparison is False lazy and just stupid it's also Deeply sad and it's sad that there are So many who think that she speaks any Truth