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BREAKING: Meghan Markle is a nasty woman. We tell you why Harry made the biggest mistake of his life. Also, Joe Biden keeps lying about energy and oil costs over and over again. We collect all his lies and swat them down one by one. And it appears a college in Boston has created a new COVID. #MeghanMarkle #gasprices #JoeBiden

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Oh stay away from the house at 604. he’s On a watch list your parents will know What that means He’s not supposed to live that close to A grade school I’m meeting with the committee 604 go to goodranchers.com Crowder for 30 off any subscription box four pounds Of American chicken and a lock in your Price no ghoulish foodborne illnesses Here just quality American meat at Spooky affordable prices Goodranchers.com Crowder boo [Music] [Applause] [Music] What I know [Music] [Music] That’s called The Adjustment because Gerald a always mentions to me if I need To adjust with the with the sometimes You look disheveled yes I apologize I have more money than this One you’re depending on me to make sure You look good that’s a bad idea yes Exactly oh my gosh we have a lot to get To today look we have to discuss Something tomorrow so my question to you Right off the bat is since we’ll be Discussing this tomorrow what do you Think about the left trying to you know Cancel Kanye how much of it do you think Is true how much of it do you think is

Hyperbole is he too big to cancel and is It yay or ye now here’s the thing I thought it was ye because of Yeezy yes Yes I did too ease us with anyone right There we go yes Yeezy taught me did you Ever hear that you ever My Beautiful Dark and Twisted Fantasy where Chris Rock is he’s like oh wait wait did you Learn to treat it mad like that easy Taught me oh my God you’re wearing your Shirt with your boobs you look fine easy Taught me that was a whole like 20 Minutes in the song and he’s like this Is gonna be like Pink Floyd only it’s Chris Rock huh yeah and Yeezy but now It’s yay That’s what we’ve been talking about is Everybody’s gonna be quiet If you’re in touch with Black Culture More than Gerald I think it’s kind of Since it’s Kanye right it’s yay Devin it Was easy I mean I don’t know anything About this All right so uh we’re going to be Talking about that tomorrow today we’re Going to be talking about because this Has been By You By Request It’s been making the rounds of course as We’re dealing with OPEC right now in the Saudis and you know them obviously Bending over our former vice president And laughing there’s this idea going Around if you look at the New York Times If you look at Washington Post that

Actually Joe Biden has increased Production of oil here in the United States more than any other president They even have these nice little charts And these nice little graphs and many of You have said Hey how do I refute this It’s very simple we’ll do it today all References available at louder.com it’s Complete and total horse crap it’s not I Know you’re thinking is some of it it’s Not even close to the realm of true I Will explain to you why all right Gerald A how are you I would like to go buy gz We just got a new soundboard clip yeah Not not it doesn’t even try it yes I’m Doing well I’m fine except disheveled And uh you know you love him quickest Man in the well fastest man and speak Quickest way in the west we are together Uh Nashville November 12th Ryman Auditorium we added a second show so There are tickets at the classic Landoll Opera go to a lot of credit.com tour Dave Landau Ahoy how are you what is That shirt say it’s uh it’s available at Your store actually oh yeah it says due To inflation this is my Halloween Costume oh yes I will say this Jeezy Came up with I’m kidding I want you to Buy it turn that into spandex make it a Test holiday yeah that’s not too bad Some of these won’t be there for Halloween it’s too late to order for Some cheesy on it yes oh geez

Monica should we call you stay oh Speaking of which we’re gonna be talking About Eric swalwell now Eric swallow Wants you to believe that women are Going to be arrested for uh having Abortions that is also a complete lie Also Meghan Markle I don’t know if you Know the sociopath and she’s abusive Towards her uh Royal husband but now She’s complaining that she feels as Though she’s not being treated Respectfully enough as when she was one Of the briefcase broads from Deal or No Deal yeah she thought she was going to Go on the show and do String Theory Apparently they didn’t yeah yeah you’re Not there to answer the questions she Just thought she would get all the money In the briefcase yes exactly she took it Anyway All right So before we get to that you know John Oliver went on his trans rant the other Day and Jon Stewart’s been echoing this Remember when they told you we used to Get banned on YouTube we had a show that Was titled there coming after your Children right they want to transition Your children that’s one of the Band Episodes which you can find at mug club Uh because I said this is just Fear-mongering well now John Oliver did That now Jon Stewart did that now it’s a Matter of policy from the left uh but

Now we see that it’s really empowered Children and parents all over the world Uh or at least they feel emboldened I Don’t know if I’d use the word empowered Because of the brittle bones due to all The hormone Replacements see for Yourself [Music] He has a long hair [Music] They just if they combine like happy Music with horrifying imagery they’re Like oh yeah that was good the guy who Was the guy who jumped in the Burglar No no that’s the parents that uh you Know made that just rainbow Grimace no I Know I know who I believe Yeah there’s nothing that could possibly Go wrong there and by the way uh I guess They’re none too concerned with the Optics of putting a young boy slash girl On a pole yeah no no that’s not a Problem at all what what would that Sound like four years old in the first Clip right and it says four years later I can’t imagine that’s more than an Eight-year-old or a nine-year-old four Yeah yeah you think the kid knows that They’re wanting to be a girl for the Rest of their life that’s born a boy at Four look it’s no longer it’s no longer A conspiracy on the pedophilia coming From the left because guess what you’re

Allowing them to make decisions Regarding their sexual capabilities for The rest of if they can consent to Harvesting their sexual organs they can Consent to something that will affect Their ability and their sexual Interactions for the rest it’s it’s not Too far of a leapable if they can Consent to that why can’t they consent To a sexual relationship Come back remember this time stamp it It’s going to happen within the next 10 Years yeah guarantee it yeah and a lot Of people are up in arms about California right now they pass something In 2020 I think we talked about it then About mandatory sex offender Registration for people who have Non-vaginal sex right they were pissed Off about that because it basically said If you have gay sex you can do that if You’re with a minor but you’re within a 10-year Gap right the judge has discretion on Whether to put you on a sex offender List or not I’m like So a 20 year old and a 10 year old That’s the 10-year window I I think that Should be pretty automatic also in California they remember the left was up The arms that you would have to disclose If you have HIV that’s a partner they’re Like that’s that’s just another way to Stigmatize people who are spreading

Their hives yeah freedom and childhoods Not ruined this guy’s supposed to feel Bad pumping a disease into a random Stranger what I can’t believe you oh I Forgot you never made a mistake excuse Us intentionally infecting people what Are we Wuhan yes Good old California all right at least There’s a poll which brings us here to Swalwell uh this is something we’ll Touch on this pretty briefly because I Want to spend some time on the the oil Issue with Joe Biden it’s not even close To being correct and boy is the media in Going into overdrive here to try and try And carry this guy’s water going into Midterms but Um noted uh Banger of Chinese spies Um in public flatulating Enthusiast Eric Swalwell he just released an ad for his Election campaign oh good watch through Your fingers [Music] He is weird but cute Gross Larry Anderson yes I have a warrant for Your arrest a rest for what penal code 243 violation unlawful termination of a Pregnancy you’ve got to be kidding me That that is my personal business that’s For the courts to decide the medical Records have been subpoenaed and Dr Landry’s already in custody Oh my God you you can’t just you will

Have to submit to a physical examination No no no one’s touching it Turn around put your hands behind your Back puts three in the kids [Laughter] We’re just endorsing the wall here we’re Just enforcing the laws Written by Steven Seagal on November 8th Stop Republicans from criminalizing Abortion everywhere Protect women’s rights and freedoms Don’t do this please tell me Michael Myers pops up next door Wow yeah by the way the very next scene Is a guy in a trench coat and it’s like Ah you country pumpkin cops the feds are Taking over this is our jurisdiction Damn it this is my case shut up don’t Give me that juice mate the whole floor Is just covered in blood and there’s Just a baby crying left yes She reads to the spatula I don’t know What to do I don’t know what to do we Had to kill the whole family yeah I mean it makes it makes Christian film Look fantastic it does it really is it’s The pro clutching left quality Production left behind two yeah It felt real yes I felt like I was there Yeah and by that I mean at the craft Services table going that’s Thank God I’m going to scale yeah of Course it’s a family with a family with Two children yet you know she’s got

Abortions all the time yes exactly it’s More of a hobby really so okay look I Want you to just comment does anyone Actually buy this I’ve had to run into This it was changed my mind if you go Back and I’m pro-life change my mind Where immediately I refute the claim That women would be arrested and once You explain to them no no they wouldn’t They go oh oh okay I understand but this Is what this guy is running on and by The way Case you’ve gotten Eric swellball sex With Chinese spies that’s his thing That’s his reason dad he’s The Connoisseur of Chinese So uh let’s go the claim that they are Making okay is it Republicans Conservatives want women arrested for Having an abortion okay here’s the truth Not only has that not been proposed to Any maybe you find some radicals Somewhere in some Fringe but as far as At a legislative level or any mainstream Pro-life Advocates it has not been Proposed and it is not the law they do Not arrest women for having abortions Performed what people do believe is if It is an estate where it is without Outside of the confines of what that State would Define as legal abortion That the doctor is liable here’s uh Farah Diaz Tello a senior Council and Legal director of The pro-abortion Legal

Group It’s called if when how Good name If when how 501c3 well what kind of C3 What five one two three is if well okay When were you Incorporated when what do You do how son of a all right so This is a pro-legal abortion group Admitting this this is what they said States with abortion bands have focused Punishment on the providers and not Those seeking or self-managing in Abortion it is a straw man it is not Something that has ever been the case it Is not something that people are Proposing hit the like button to piss The people off at YouTube the YouTube Overlords because they don’t want people To find this truth and it helps us out Just hit that like button this is a myth I don’t know why it’s a Well I know Exactly why but it’s so lazy that you Would learn this in you know abortion Debate 101. if you were actually Debating abortion and you were actually Trying to make a case for it if you were With a professor who had any type of Experience And critical thinking or in debating Would say well hold on a second oh you Can’t actually use that because that’s Not true that’s right straw man oh okay Logical fallacy the first one you learn About

And just to be clear I want to declare a Personal level I I wouldn’t want that Because I will tell you this I believe That many women are lied to and they Don’t know that they’re terminating a Life many women don’t they’re told that It’s a procedure like removing a benign Cyst I can’t tell you how many people And this is why the change my Minds get Throttled this is why we’re not allowed To advertise them on YouTube why we’ve Had people go to change my mind with the Pro-life issue they’ve looked at a fetal Chart and they have become pro-life and Then millions of people have seen these And changed their opinion just by Showing them what an abortion is these Women are lied to many of them don’t Know and that’s not to say mansplaining Just like you don’t necessarily know What’s happening if you’re having colon Cancer removed you don’t know what’s Going on with a medical procedure you Often trust your doctor and you have Doctors who are predatory in their Practices who want to make you believe That this is a medically necessary Procedure and comes with no risk to you Or the life in your womb here’s another Truth uh Eric swalwell professional Banger of Chinese spies uh he’s running For California’s 14th District and uh Keep in mind that means that none of This matters anyway

Because of Roe v wait California can Have abortion up until including birth There’s still states that do that I Think they’re looking at extending it to One year after just to make sure buyers Remorse yes right so yes just in case You’re like ah like him with the Chinese Call service so that guy just let fake Police take his wife yes pretty much yes But they drew fake guns though Dave oh Phil they were just male strippers who Got a taste of Godlike power I’ve got a package no wait a second I Can actually strip her over rights let’s Put her in the Paddy Wagon like oh wow Your methods your method male strippers The locking doors and everything we take Our job seriously Dr steinman’s already In custody did he just do the one Abortion States yeah it’s not being proposed or In red States and in California they Would be unaffected by this now the Babies who are aborted into the third Trimester in California are not Unaffected the women who are lied to are Not unaffected just to be clear who’s More radical again let’s take the actual Radical position of the right that if a Doctor performs an abortion particularly In a state where or let’s say it’s a Late term abortion outside of the Parameters of what is permissible that Has been decided upon that state that

That doctor should be held legally Liable just like a doctor performing any Other risky non-medically necessary Procedure that is the position of the Right the position of the left in places Like California in places like Virginia Is abortion up until including birth Period taxpayer funded and in Virginia After birth well the the position of the People in the Republican party is look The people of your state get together And they vote on what they want and then It becomes law and then if you break the Law there are consequences this is how Rule and law Works in society you get Together you decide and then you move Forward by the way speaking of lying to Women the president of Earth Stacey Abrams lied about the fetal heartbeat to Make sure that people knew that that’s Not a real thing there’s not really a Heart actually there it’s just Electrical signals and somebody did not Do a Google search she also lied about Her weight no yeah she recently told the Pilot she was 115 pounds yes yes really Did the plane crash no they just Wouldn’t let anybody else go and they Were even generous they wrote down Kilograms and it’s still with Counterweight It flew like this sideways it was like Sully it just flew in a circle for about He’s circling not on purpose they yelled

Birds strike but it wasn’t we just need The land the whole flight was like Conair when I was going down [Laughter] Tell Us And then you want to live she’s like I Want to visit the park can I see the Pilot in the cockpit the plane just She was in Conair actually they put Christmas lights around her and used it Was one of the casinos They put on a spinner made her lay down Like crap stable Uh okay so here’s the thing this is Fear-mongering it’s not true that’s the Theme of today’s show these these myths That just they’re pervasive and they’re Easy to debunk all references are Available at a lot of crowded.com but They Trot them out at midterms Especially when the economy uh is at an All-time uh awful certainly in our Lifetime because the fear-mongering Right now is just designed to say hey Vote Democrat if you don’t want your Wife carried out It’s just the fact that if I say that it Sounds silly let alone to shoot a whole Sketch But here’s the thing it’s dirty there’s Mud slinging on both sides and we’ve Actually obtained an exclusive I believe If we have it ready an exclusive ad from

Swallow Wells yeah political rival Allison Hayden and you know what I think That that’s it’s more effective it’s a Message we can all get behind Okay is there an inika igador off here Here hello I’m Congressman Eric Swalwell’s assistant Spartacus I just Want to see are you willing to have Intimate relations with Mr swalwell Okay and are you a Chinese or Russian Spy I spy for Mother Russia Great okay You are hired please vote for literally Anyone except Eric swalwell he has sex With spies A little on the nose yeah I mean it’s Not incorrect yeah on the nose doesn’t Mean wrong He likes to hire twinks yes Also that’s the game he plays the Chinese place got your nose there’s a Language you’re like oh no What happened he’s like I’m just kidding Always so cruel Should see what he does with silver Dollars no uh he pulls them out of Places you wouldn’t believe They’re tiny shoes uh it’s a live show Monday through Thursday 10 a.m Eastern By the way if you’re watching this right Now and uh nothing might be happier than You all going over to rumble of course Mug Club where we’ll be reviewing the Creed trailer today Creed Three it’s a Double show if you watch Club

Letterscutter.com you get the wonderful Hint at smug they get all these other Shows and you get uh uh it’s it’s the Only one that keeps us afloat because as You well know we are not monetized on YouTube nor should we be wow what And I’ll give you a reason as to why We’re not monetized on the YouTube What’s that because of recurring Segments like this uh we’re about to Talk Meghan Markle time for what a piece Of [Music] Sorry I love this segment she deserves It it’s time we were asked to stop doing It by certain powers that be by who Knock a queen yes sir by certain powers That be uh after we did the Don Lemon What a piece of okay like you can’t Do that that’s not very nice and I said You’re right it’s not very nice and um We’re going to continue so Tuesday’s episode of the podcast Megan And I I will say this it’s like an Amber Hurt situation she is clearly a Narcissist and I feel bad for Prince Harry he’s very clearly not happy oh no He’s very clearly being controlled in This relationship uh he’s sad and this What she does she seems to be Gaslighting where she’s a Perpetual Victim she’s alienating him from Everyone who’s been a support structure His entire life so anyway

She has to be a victim in order to try And throw you off the scent Markle in a Funny way lamented about how she was Treated like a bimbo and she wasn’t Valued for her brains when she was I Believe a briefcase lady right do I have That right she was yes she was a Briefcase bro hold on a professional Briefcase opener right yes yes and That’s the lowest of the low like you’re Not you’re not even doing The Price is Right showcase like that’s the Pinnacle Yeah well In fairness she has to Remember what number she is and then Opened the briefcase when called right And that’s they still pre-taped because They usually get it wrong well yes she Keeps opening hers every time I said I Said 13. oh is that eight not a three And if she shakes hands with Howie Mandel he’ll wash them until he bleeds Yes well that’s anybody and he has his White Suge Knight dangle you from a Balcony yes so she was upset that she Wasn’t appreciated for her brain yes Sugar night Sugar nightly that’s so bad Not for her brains I I mean I this is coming out of my Mouth but it’s trending like I don’t Know why but this is a surprising of Some people taking her side as though Yeah she’s being a she’s being Objectified well yeah yeah you’re not

Being objectified but you are being Treated as a model which is kind of Objectification so here she is in her Podcast complaining about her not being Appreciated for her brains but only her Body on the set of Deal or No Deal and There were times when I was on set At Deal or No Deal and thinking back to My time working as an intern at the U.S Embassy in Argentina and Buenos Aires And being in the motorcade the Secretary Of Treasury and being valued Specifically For my brain yeah because that’s what You value interns for yeah I was being Valued for something quite the opposite I mean you have to imagine just to paint The picture for you that before the Tapings of the show all the girls we Would line up and there were different Stations for having your lashes put on Or your extensions put in or the Question is necessary to Showcase your Brains we were even given spray tan Vouchers each week Because there was a very cookie-cutter Idea of precisely what we should look Like it was yeah it’s called a show yes And not necessarily about brains could You imagine her as an extra on like Battlefield Earth like when I gotta wear Blue makeup and yes yes imagine you go See the Blue Man Group and just some guy Shows up like powder you’re like that’s

Not the costume you saw auditioned for This you stood in line with other people And said please pick me for the job yeah Like you went out to get the job and Somebody said you know you are very Attractive I think the camera loves you And uh she was like I can’t believe it World I have to live in imagine if LeVar Burton came into Star Trek one day he’s Like I feel like with this people can’t See me no one asked my opinion yes You’re you’re an intern by the way an Internship is where you actually learn To do stuff interns typically are asked To do very low no no here was her job on Dealer no deal we actually have a clip Yeah yeah this is her doing her job Okay clapping that’s hard it’s difficult [Applause] Oh he even knew her name [Music] And she didn’t even get she didn’t even Get to do her quantum physics oh that’s What she had before she met the prince No no actually I think this uh helped Launch her career oh into meeting a Prince yes pretty much you mean into Infiltrating his circle of friends and Deliberately moving her way up and Finding out who could connect her with The prince correct before she got him Under her spell no that’s when she met Mike on suits working for the law firm So well that’s right she was on that

Show soon yeah yeah do you notice that All the women there look the same they Look pretty simple you notice they’re All wearing the same outfits hey I don’t Know if you know this when men play Sports they wear a team jersey what are We a piece of meat I know it’s crazy Howie Mandel same outfit just in the Male version of it right yes Oh my gosh she was so mistreated can you Imagine listening to this podcast well An idiot just tries to sound smart well She was talking with Paris Hilton oh Well then I stand corrected people just It’s like people only view me for my Body well maybe it’s because you got Entirely famous through a sex tape that You actually know no that’s not it it’s Because you are sexist I don’t know I Think it might be because I’ve seen your Privates and I didn’t ask to I don’t Know maybe it’s because you were on a Fox show where you went around American Belittled anyone who wasn’t extremely Rich yes with Nicole Richie yes uh you Yeah that’s that’s fair so you milk the Cow that’s where milk comes from What’s this is a real quote what’s Walmart do they make walls like I don’t Know I’d like to drive you through one Yeah it sure sounds a real quote I mean I realize Nicole Rich has grown up from That and yeah Hilton is too but so he Said not somebody you don’t really have

To act smarts in front of Paris Hilton No you you don’t really have to ask if You should just be smarter Paris Hilton Doesn’t have to act smart in front of Paris Hilton here’s the thing these even Though it really is it’s women taking Advantage of opportunities right she Chose to go and then afterwards Complaining about it and and accusing You of being sexist or discriminatory For hiring someone like this to do Exactly what it is they sought to do That’s what it is and by the way you Notice there aren’t nearly I would love To as someone who was working you know And as an actor for a very long time of Course I wouldn’t make the cut if it was A modeling but the point is I would have Loved to have had that opportunity to Simply stand get scale to open a Briefcase you need to pay the bills it’s Better than waiting tables yeah but men Typically aren’t used as models unless It’s a novelty and women laugh at you When you do Chippendales which they Don’t take seriously because a wiener is A silly thing let me tell you this on The side did you know yesterday we had To go pee outside yes right because the Toilets are down they’re back up thank You small miracles now I wish someone Told me yesterday no they weren’t up Yesterday I’m kidding but I realized so We all we all agree we all peed outside

Right yeah I didn’t okay I have not peed Outside uh I realized I don’t think ever In like full daylight usually you’re in The woods or maybe it’s night time right Or it’s like you know your friend’s Sleeping in a party Yeah but in full broad daylight raking Across your John Thomas it is a very Very horrendous looking apparatus oh Yeah it’s not pleasing no you’re looking Like that’s not even the same color as The rest of your body no Stephen Crowder’s juicy balls no It’s just I had that realization I have Never looked at this part of me in the Sun and there’s a reason I don’t need to no and then if you if You didn’t shower that morning or you Went for a jog you’re like oh my God This is no good yeah I don’t think it Should affect its appearance that much It’s just one shower skip that sounds Like more of a life no no I mean I mean The odor in the breeze a series I’m not Saying you should smell it outside But if you’re inside you know what I Mean yes yes I don’t so yes you do here Is Mark I don’t smell yours no no that’s Because you actually you were peering Through the door well That one’s called he installed a sniff He installed a sniff hole in the Bathroom oh that’s it’s just bizarre Yeah all right so here’s the thing this

Isn’t the first time Markle has tried to Go out and and play the victim yeah um And this is the problem right is is Someone who treats people poorly and It’s on the record that she treats People poorly it’s on the record that She doesn’t make very good decisions she Seems to be rubbing a lot of people the Wrong way and it can never be her fault Like we’ve talked about with the left You’re dealing with narcissists you’re Dealing with clinical narcissism just uh On on a massive scale and now let’s Shrink it back down that you’re dealing With a Meghan Markle like an Amber Heard Type so some examples of it’s never her Fault uh it’s your fault or their fault It’s Deal or No Deal’s fault it was the Royal Family’s fault because they’re all Racist Megan claimed at least one member Of the family had concerns about how Dark their son’s skin would be there are Several conversations there’s a Conversation with you with Harry About how dark your baby is going to be Potentially and what that would mean or Look like I don’t believe it because you Are basically white looking and he’s Really white looking and who’s that Woman the great great slave grandchild Of Thomas Jefferson right yes yes Talking about Oprah [Laughter] I don’t believe it and if and of course

It’s something that can never be claimed It’s something that can never be proven Right it’s just I make the claim they Were racist they didn’t want the kids to To be dark and then the royal family Can’t defend themselves she also claimed That he and Harry were mistreated at the Queen’s funeral right that was a more Recent one yeah she complained about not Getting paid for her first Royal tour I Can’t believe I’m not getting paid for This Um a royal family yeah But yeah you turned down your paycheck Of everything right exactly you guys had Billions of dollars coming your way at Some point that’s like royal family Stepdaughter alimony yeah I do Unbelievable I never wanted to be a part Of this family anyway I’m leaving oh Well I guess that’s one less mouth to Feed I’m still one I still want to take Half oh no she’s she’s been steeped in American devotional I can only imagine I I just don’t want to be a prince a Princess anymore I’d be like all right Bye you were a princess for like a day Hey I’ll tell you what I’ll pay you Child support because you’re gonna Pitching and child and that’s only Because I can’t pay support You’re only at my funeral because I Wasn’t awake yes I didn’t want you there I’m just hoping

Someone who’s to say on so I can rise And strangle you right here with my blue Blooded imbren my old fingers I have syphilis under my hair And I know you have it from him oh I Just hope that she haunts Meghan Markle In her dreams oh I know right Queen Krueger and her silly hats yes and her Yorkies she left and then said I’m not Being paid for the Royal tour because You decided to leave and by the way Tried to force your husband to leave and Excommunicate his family it’s cult-like It should also be noted that Markle uh Herself she’s been accused of bullying The palace staff it’s well known that She doesn’t treat people very well sort Of like James Corden here’s one staff Member and this is all allegedly every 10 minutes I had to go outside to be Screamed at me by her and Harry it was I Can’t believe you’ve done this you let Me down what were you thinking it went On for a couple of hours so she’s Complaining about dealer No Deal job she Wanted okay they mistreated her okay Decided to leave the royal family right But the Roy I wasn’t paid as part of This Royal Tour all right by the way the Royal family is racist and then when There were people in the media who said Hold on a second I don’t really know if You should be throwing out accusations Of racism because we’re not seeing that

She said the media was racist it’s never Her fault it’s always your fault tell me Again about toxic masculinity there you Go Toxic femininity toxicity you know who Really hates the dealer No Deal thing All the the women that did not make the Cut I thought you’re gonna say Jews oh No no I’m not sure where that came from They’re probably sitting like I got how He met well I guess how Mandel is Jewish Is Jewish yeah He’s like helping him no this helped Launch her career by the way it’s like He’s tries to negotiate the price that’s In the brief briefcase like how he is We’ve already settled this like I think We can do better What if it was if if that briefcase was Uh 12 000. It’s 14. that’s blowing up a glove yes Oh I almost forgot by the way Divine in the oil situation here uh good Ranchers you tell the commercial I just Made the best steak of my life the other Night really yeah I need to show people How to do it I did it in a stainless Steel pan all clad I kind of sprung for It but go to goodrantries.com Crowder Use a promo code you can use a promo Code Crowder you get 30 off any Subscription box and right now they’re Giving you four pounds of chicken it’s

American Meat delivered uh they work With small American Farms it’s it’s Really it’s good stuff that chicken is Fantastic by the way so yeah I don’t eat A lot of chicken but it is good very Very good all right Um and I I need them to send me more Steak I eat a lot that’s all I eat now Well there’s actually a shortage of beef Right now not for this guy and it’s uh Probably because of that guy yes no well No it’s one of the perks that’s my Nickname I don’t have to be out there Beefless like you plebs It’d be racist if they didn’t send you Exactly let’s just try and use her all Right Megan Markle gets all the beef she Wants yes oh geez I don’t think that Works that way no idea can’t you just Have she complains about it it’s like This can get me real I don’t because it Comes in rain sounds I want the animal To hurt yes It tastes better yeah yeah bring it to The table I want to send it in the cage Being pulled apart yeah oh geez wow and Put lemon on it We’re here to arrest you because oh Sorry that’s the abortion house that’s Next door continue torturing your Animals at the dinner table it’s like Hibachi grill with animal torture all Right someone looked at me like I was Attractive

[Music] I’ll never walk right again okay Joe Biden former Vice President Joe Biden Right now this is going on there’s a lot Going on with oil with energy this is One of the things that affects you most Right Americans at the pump that’s a big Part of what determines election certain Certainly midterms they really are Trying to Pivot away from that and make It about abortions you just saw from uh Eric banging Chinese spies as well well That being said they’ve had the media Carry their water and uh try and Propagate these myths out there and I Know a lot of you have asked uh how to Refute these so comment below if this is Something that you’ve heard that you’ve Had to deal with and if it’s helpful you Know I try and pick these topics based On what is helpful to you and we love to Hear what it is that you would like like Us to address next because if we’re not Helping you then you know there’s no Reason to really do this so um Here’s the the just kind of the briefers The OPEC plus member OPEC plus OPEC plus I hate clubs it’s OPEC producing okay Whatever what what do you want to call It I just don’t like the Plus Everything’s plus Disney plus apple plus Lgbts leather pluses yes thank you very Much can you just say OPEC and we’ll be Like yeah we understand there’s more I

Don’t even like pluses on my batteries Nope they’re both negative well that’s My house is very dark Out of one word Um so the OPEC members they just Unanimously approved a plan to reduce Oil production by two million barrels uh Per day and what does that do of course That’s that’s going to assure that Prices are likely going to go up okay Wait OPEC made the decision uh in spite Of Biden’s request that they postpone The cut specifically until after the Midterms we talked about that yesterday It’s confirmed right because Biden does Not care about you He just says let’s just punt it till After midterm so we talked about that Yesterday go and watch that segment Here’s the thing this problem right now That you’re dealing with at the pump It’s gas prices it’s one of the few Issues where presidents can have a Direct impact right there is sometimes a Rubber band effect in the policies don’t Really come into player I should say the Net effect of the policies for a couple Of years gas prices especially in an Industry that is so subject to I mean For forgive the redundancy as far as This phrase sounds Um uh uh speculators it’s subject to Speculators yeah subject speculators That works fine subject to speculators

We’re really just one executive order or Honestly one press conference can change The industry because people are hopeful That they’re going to drill and that in Essence uh creates you know some kind of Speculation that there will be more Reserves that will be available it it’s Very volatile because it is based Largely on hearsay and the president can Change the environment in which the oil The fossil fuel industry all energy Industry operates so those guys are Betting on the future price of all yeah The president understands every time he Comes out just like when the FED comes Out and kind of hints that they may Raise interest rates it affects the Markets exactly right this is the same Thing for the president affecting gas Prices so let’s look at how this is Exactly a problem from former Vice President Joe Biden and the lies that You’ve been told and how easy they are To debunk so let’s go back in time Really quickly let’s go to then During the final presidential debate uh 2020 I believe it was a final debate if I’m not mistaken don’t hold me to it Could have been one of the 19. uh former Vice President Biden he said in and when I say on no in no uncertain terms just I Ask that uh you know you you say well Hold on a second be skeptical of me and Then listen to him say it

Word for word he said he was going to Shut down the fossil fuel industry 2020. I have one final when he closed down it Falls would you close down by the way I Have a transition from the oil industry Yes oh I will transition it is a big Statement because I would stop because The oil industry pollutes significantly I see here’s the deal Well if you let me finish this I’m a big Man because it has to be replaced by Renewable energy over time over time and I’d stop giving to the oil industry I’d Stop giving them Federal subsidies and I Think we also have that that clip of him Talking to someone on the campaign Trail Remember saying yes I’m going to put an End to the fossil fuel industry so he Reiterated several times so that’s him Back then just to be clear oh that’s a Big statement don’t you left I know That’s a big statement that’s a big That’s a big statement that’s really big Wow it’s pollution so what are you going To get oil from oh countries that really Don’t care about pollution at all nailed It because that brings us to now wow Thanks for the layup Dave Former vice president is literally Threatening Saudi Arabia four wait what What what what Cutting oil production Disappointment and uh we’re looking at What alternatives we may have

There’s a lot of Alternatives And I am uh in the process when the when The uh this house in Senate gets back They’re going to have to uh there’s Going to be some consequences for what They’ve done with Russia what kind of Consequences Menendez says suspend all Arm sales is that something you’d Consider I’m not going to get into what I’d Consider and what I’m having mine but There will be there will be consequences I’ll tell you what he has in mind That’s it that’s it he answers every Question like a movie cop that doesn’t Want to tell you there’s a serial killer On the list right exactly but he’s just Like no look we don’t have any Information at this time we can either Confirm nor deny that’s happening lock Your windows and stay inside why I can’t Tell you that There’s no reason to be alarmed yes There’s nothing to see here no trouble At all no trouble at all it’s exactly When you should Panic what about Venezuela he’s just like I’ve I’ve never Even heard of it well let’s think about This for a second Saudia he’s mad now he Wanted to transition away from fossil Fuels now he’s mad that Saudi Arabia is Cutting oil production right we’re Talking about Alternatives so right away We already know an alternative to

American oil production was Saudi Arabia Right we don’t need we would never need If we just actually accessed our own Energy maybe it’s Venezuela you think They have the same environmental Standards that we do here in the United States folks what about China and coal We can be a net this is something we Don’t think about we can be a net Exporter of energy what about these Other countries that are using dirtier Forms of energy like China with coal Other uh countries that are extracting Oil basically using archaic methods we Could help them improve Their drilling practices their energy Practices to make them more eco-friendly But we can’t do it because we’re Dependent on their energy to get to us So this is also just proof positive it’s About the midterms he does not care About you the United States of America He wants to appeal to his base in a General say I’m going to shut down the Fossil fuel industry he knows for well That’ll hurt you then going into the Midterms well let me alleviate the the Pain for the average American who I Don’t care about any other time of the Year Punt it until after the midterms and Then we’ll come right back to square one You don’t matter it’s not about just Democrat it’s about the Elites in power

They know that it’ll affect you after The midterms now let’s get into a Biden Would actually he wants you to believe That he improved the oil industry in America even though he said he would Transition away from him now he wants to Take credit For oil production have you seen this Right I have yeah this is one of the Biggest lies that the White House has Spun yes and by saying something by White House every major press Outlet yes So this is something that you’ve Requested uh from me quite a bit uh so Here’s the claim that you see going on Out there that uh gas and oil in the United States right in the permit Specifically that they’ve actually Increased under bite because if you say Well oil prices are higher why don’t we Access our own oil they say actually Biden’s done more for oil and gas than Any other president so you’re that’s a Strong no no hold on a second they’re Lying but here’s according to Yahoo the Federal government has been issuing oil And gas drilling permits more willingly Than it did during President Donald Trump’s first three years in office That’s key first three years and it Could be issuing even more of the oil And gas industry weren’t leaving many Current leases undeveloped okay so They’re saying more under Biden he’s

Actually done more than Donald Trump Here’s the truth The permits issued in 2021 were for Leases that were sold mostly almost Entirely under Donald Trump oh and in 2022 the new permits plummeted So in other words he was enjoying an Effect from Donald Trump that he was Publicly he can go back to that debate He was attacking Donald Trump for those Leases that created the bump frame which He now is claiming credit for so Production just a human idea for oil it Plummeted by 55 percent from 2021 to 2022 the numbers 2021 3 800 2022 1700. So he comes into office there are all These leases they’ve increased under Donald Trump they were permitted under Donald Trump takes advantage of them Then Cuts them but he’s taking credit For that first year That’s brilliant Now let me let me undergird this a Little bit here’s another truth in case You don’t believe what I’m telling you All of ref all the references are Available at lettuce cutter.com Trump’s Highest average month Or sorry the highest sort of average of The monthly permits I should say uh in 2020 it was higher than Biden’s 20 21 Average So you had a huge you had a spike you Look at the trend okay 2020 monthly

Average 452. we’re talking about these Permits 2021 333. and then of course it Went down dramatically after that so it Was a ramp up there was a benefit from The ramp up and then Biden screwed it up And they want to take credit for that First year of ramp up while it was Tapering down well and the big thing Here is look at the policies from these Administrations and the effects that Those policies have under Joe Biden if He has his way this trend continues Right the trend after Trump continues And he can no longer take credit for Anything but he’s going to transition us Don’t worry because everything’s going To run on electricity which is powered By coal because wind and solar cannot Lift that weight and I thought Electricity was powered by other Electricity ah yes no Tesla should say Coal powered on the back of them you Were all living a lie are you saying That the electric car doesn’t charge by Electricity no it I just assumed that Electricity came from electricity what If uh but it comes from something that Produces electricity what about the key Kites sunshine and farts I just thought It was a bunch of Spencers plasma balls In a warehouse I thought it ran on Elon musk’s Nightmares yep yeah but they’re very High powered your guess is as good as

Mine we don’t know I guess we’ll never Solve the mystery of where electricity Comes from go ahead under Donald Trump If he was in a second term right now we Wouldn’t care what Russia was doing nope We wouldn’t care at all it would have You ever checked on us to be like oh Russia you guys want to act up over There OPEC you guys want to cut for I Don’t give I have no shites left to give Because we just produce all of our own Stuff here so you know you can buy ours If you want just like you just did with Uh former Vice President Joe Biden that Debate like oh that’s a big statement That would be the exact same approach if Putin says we’re going to cut off supply Of oil oh that’s a big statement big Moves Russia I’m shaking in my boots I’m Literally shaking and when I say Literally excuse me what I say literally I mean that I’m frankly not shaking and He’s like on the front lawn yes to go Inside he’s like oh I said the guy again I don’t want yes he makes me eat Hamburgers it’s long stable he’s An Inspector Gadget helicopter [Laughter] All right Yeah we didn’t worry about Putin Remember no we didn’t right now CNN what Biden to release another 15 million Barrels from strategic Reserve I think We had 12 million yesterday the day

Before 40 million something like that so We’re just dipping back admonish us we Were wrong we were right now we’re wrong It’s a second one I think it’s on top of It yeah I know but it’s either way I Just want to cut this off at the past Because tomorrow will be wrong because He’ll release more oil like he’s like He’s Tyra Banks handing out Vaseline Bottles this was a double admonish That’s it’s times two admonish well no I Mean hey do any of you remember ever CNN Praising Donald Trump for opening up oil Leases ever ever ever let alone the last Election can you remember any instance Where CNN focused on gas prices or Focused on how much more access we had To our own energy under Donald Trump was That ever a topic let alone right now The main headline on CNN in case you Didn’t actually but go ahead and bring It up there to him in case you didn’t Believe that CNN was carrying the water So is ABC NBC CBS for this Administration you would never see that Because oil bad Donald Trump in the Pockets of oil yeah well and right now They’re saying that Joe Biden is Reducing the price of gas and it’s like Oh well that’s great it’s actually Coming down it’s still incredibly High Don’t play the game that Joe Biden wants You to play on inflation where he’s like It only went up point two percent it’s

Like calls were they trick Suburban White by marking something a Hundred dollars up to 300 and then Giving you 40 off it’s true it’s sixty Dollars to fill up a basic sedan yeah That’s not a good thing Well It could be a good thing well I mean I Guess if you’re on the oil side of it Exactly I have a diversified portfolio Yeah and by that I mean I take calls From Putin on oil and Bitcoin why aren’t You in ethereum now hit the like button Right here as we go through another myth Uh because this is This is important you see it right now In real time don’t you just love it when We’re budding thing and then they’re Trying to do it during real time here’s Another claim that they’re making not Just as it relates to leases but and You’re seeing this right now Joe Biden Is actually former Vice President Biden Is producing more oil than than any Modern uh presidents previously Including president Trump some I know Have made the claim that this Administration is in the way of domestic Production because you are but the Numbers here are inarguable we are now At close to record levels of oil Production here in the U.S averaging now 12 million barrels a day Under this president the president the

Country is producing more oil on average Than it did during the bush Obama or Trump administrations okay so here’s the Truth okay in 2020 oil production Reached an all-time high of more than 13 Million barrels per day underdog If we can make cars run on garbage from All the stuff she had shipped over from Canada and buried in Michigan we’re in Luck yep that’s not kind of high all Time high The average the press secretary is Trying to talk about is from again Former Vice President Biden’s what what First year and a half in office so if You’re comparing the averages of the First year and a half The first year and a half of Biden okay Donald Trump comes in let me just Explain this to you really quickly okay You have this overlap Donald Trump comes In we have eight years of Barack Obama Slash former Vice President Joe Biden it Was very anti-oil was very anti-energy Drilling went down okay Donald Trump Comes in reverses that takes a little While to ramp up you look at his last Two three years right the first year he Just had to actually put some policy Into place boom we hit all-time highs Then reverse it former Vice President Joe Biden comes in he’s benefiting from The policies of Donald Trump and then Plummets it so they’re taking a year and

A half average of Biden versus the four Years of Donald Trump let’s look at the Total at the four-year total as a matter Of fact let’s just compare the second Half of Biden’s presidency yeah to the Second half of trump they deliberately Avoid the and this is something I hope That you guys do and you hear me doing This too when I work with our Researchers I go give me an Apples to Apples comparison yeah so when I give You a comparison I try and say there’s X Percent increase versus X percent Decrease or there’s a four times Increase in the likelihood versus a two Times less like I try and make sure that You see a percentage and a percentage or A multiple and a multiple or a fraction And a fraction so it’s consistent Because it’s very very easy to trick People and when you say we’re comparing Four years of Donald Trump including the First year the first year where there Was an effect from Barack Obama to one And a half years of Biden that’s how you Come up with a lie something completely Irrefutable we reached an all-time high Period under Donald Trump as far as oil Being produced under his presidency of All time yeah and by the way just again I want to go back to this it’s his Policies once they take effect that’s The question that every reporter should Be asking okay I understand what you’re

Saying right now this is a carryover From the past administration your Policies are actually cutting this we Have graphs we have charts everything is Going down and to the right that’s a bad Sign where will we be in two years right Because of your policies don’t tell me What Donald Trump’s policies have Produced in your Administration you’re Trying to do something different you Said it you wanted to do something Different to Donald Trump where will That put us well yeah has it ever been This level of blame the previous guy Well well in this case he’s trying to Take blame the previous guy for Everything wrong and takes credit for Credit for it too that’s what I mean Like yeah you know what it’s always been Going on this is why I say there was Never real journalism yeah go back and Look uh the first couple years of Ronald Reagan after dealing with the disaster That was Jimmy Carter oh man where People try and blame him for inflation People would try and blame him for you Know your dollar purchasing power being Uh significantly lower then look at the Totality of his presidency he had to Come in and change a lot now it’s not Like Barack Obama who in year seven and Eight was still blaming George W bush While taking credit you could go back And read articles from the media blaming

Ronald Reagan within the first few Months that he came into office Of the issue that were clearly set by Jimmy Carter that’s what they’re doing Here only trying to take credit for the Tail end of Donald Trump again this is One thing it’s very easy to trick you I Ask that you do this next time you vote You go okay Eight years of Barack Obama Okay really three years of Donald Trump Let’s admit the fourth year was kind of A wash because of the the pandemic and The planned lockdowns they’re into Trying to win the election but you have Eight four and you’re gonna have four Eight four and four one of these things Is not like the other you can never Again claim that you didn’t have Contrast that you didn’t have an example Our Generation didn’t have that the Closest we had was George W bush who was Never a conservative he was a big Government Republican we all know that I Don’t think he’s a bad man I don’t think He was a great president you now have it Remember this let’s go down to another Claim uh that uh former Vice President Joe Biden’s Administration made that Shutting down the Keystone XL pipeline Didn’t affect oil prices this is nothing They want to tell you we’re making more Oil we have more leases than ever and That’s a it’s a red herring

That the Keystone XL pipeline is it has Anything to do with oil prices okay Here’s the truth all references Available at lot of credit.com the Pipeline could have delivered 830 000 Barrels of crude per day by 2023. more Supply almost always results in lower Costs in a free market I know what You’re going to say you’re going to say Oh most of that was actually just crude And it was going to go it was Canada it Was going to okay hold on a second Didn’t we just yesterday hear former Vice President Joe Biden talking about The global economy and inflation across The board yeah right so so even if That’s the case and it’s not entirely The case we would benefit from it Directly Still that would be better if it’s Better for the rest of the world then It’s better for the United States of America you’re the one who thrusts us Into a global economy as it relates to Oil yeah but by the way if you can blame OPEC for cutting Supply right and that’s A bad thing and it’s going to make oil Prices go up and gas prices go up Wouldn’t increasing Supply be a good Thing and make oil prices go down and Gas prices go down right you can’t have It both ways most of that’s going to be Canada and hold on a second you’re Talking about Global Supply yes let me

Again read that number to you 830 000 barrels you have crude oil per day We would care about 50 percent less About opec’s decision if this pipeline Was up and running by next year easily And keep in mind again let’s compare That with the all-time high 13 million Barrels of oil per day right under Donald Trump that’s actually I know it Doesn’t sound like a ton but guess what With 13 830 000 if you have that on that Still is significant that’s not nothing Certainly on a global skill that is a Significant amount of energy yeah Absolutely and and I don’t remember Exactly what the number was but I think It’s somewhere between 15 and 20 million Barrels per day that the United States Uses in oil consumption right so this This is a big deal right when Joe Biden Releases 15 million barrels or 14 Million barrels whatever the number is Today tomorrow when we get admonished Again that doesn’t even cover a day Folks right so we have we have this Overall effective of Not only would uh Opening the Keystone XL and by the way Sometimes people get to Keystone don’t Be tripped up by this Keystone versus Keystone XL different Um Keystone already exists I won’t get Super nerdy on that we’ll do another day Just don’t want to get tripped up make Sure you use the term Keystone XL okay

Not only would it increase the supply Which would benefit everybody but again Going back to how the oil industry Works Which this Administration admits by Simply threatening Saudi Arabia again We’re dealing with speculators canceling The pipeline of Keystone XL when you Have businesses who are looking at many Many many many many years before they Have before the level ever turn a profit This signals to energy companies do not Invest also the reason that energy Companies might not invest they’ve sort Of in a soft way uh been single to not Invest when Joe Biden says I’ll shut you Down so you better not invest yeah That’ll do it You know I know he’s he’s there’s Nuance You kind of have to read between the Lines it’s it’s not direct yeah now Again if you say well hold on a second It’s not that much but hold on but Didn’t allow keys don’t let’s say Keystone XL is all for Canada it only Benefits Canada all right okay let’s go With that then why would he allow Nordstrom too About something go through where where Russia to Germany the Baltic regions Yeah yeah no not here in North America But sure we’ll sign off on Nordstrom too Again you do have to ask yourself is it Idiocy or when every single policy that Is enacted by this President harms the

American people while assisting foreign Sometimes adversaries but certainly People who don’t have American best Interests at heart and certainly should Not be more important to the president Than the American people oh no wait That’s nationalism you’re racist if I Say hey Keystone XL hey we should allow All of our onshore drilling we should Allow all of our drilling here we should Allow Drilling in Alaska we should allow Ourselves fracking uh but I don’t think We should have anything to do with Nordstrom too no no that’s nationalism That’s racist don’t worry they’ll Probably support blowing it up at some Point in the future if we haven’t yes Yes yes By the way U.S oil consumption it’s a Little bit higher even daily oil Consumption is 19.89 million barrels and It was somewhere around that number but I didn’t want to get it insane and 14 of Those barrels are just just lizzo’s Servants as they clean her with a Stridgel She’s like the guy in Dune that’s how She recharges every day [Music] I’m sorry that’s a lot of avocado we use 19 billion or million million okay I was Gonna say a billion seems like a lot That does seem like a lot that would Seem like too much but it’s so hard now

Because everything’s just a rounding air Billion trillion it’s all trillion these Days folks here’s another claim that They’ll make that Biden is helping uh All of us by releasing 15 million Barrels from the Strategic reserves okay Here’s the truth right now because of Where we are 15 million barrels is not Enough because of how much we’ve reduced Our capacity yeah by an entire sell-off Of 160 million barrels from the reserve Has changed the price of gas by about 40 Cents And that’s insane that’s a quarter of The reserve by the way so if the reserve Also be more important to us than you Screwing up as president yes you would Think so yeah because it’s for that you Know when we really need oil really Badly need oil by the way so what is That was 40 cents on his entire sell-off Yeah you understand that for for every Ten dollars the price of oil goes up per Barrel that’s a 24 or 24 Cent increase At the pump so basically what OPEC just Did is going to raise the price they Estimate by about 11 12 bucks which cuts Into everything that he just did Basically it’s a 16 Cent difference so Get ready for gas prices to go right Back up it didn’t do anything except Depleta reserves Joe right thanks Appreciate that Couldn’t possibly be necessary it’s the

Difference of long-term uh policy Designed to strengthen the American People the American uh American Energy Period American Energy Independence Versus short term as we know we know on The record short-term political game Before midterms this is not someone who Wants us to be energy independent they Don’t they’ve said so You may not like President Trump and by The way the left who doesn’t like President Trump they would say we hate President Trump because yes sure he’s Brought down the price of gas but it’s Because look at all of the increase in Drilling look at what it’s going to Destroy our environment now these same People want you to praise Joe Biden who Just wants to take it down enough before The midterms so they can screw you Afterward For all the same reason that people have Criticized Donald Trump is the same Reason that gas prices are through the Roof and it’s the same reason that we Might enter into a global conflict the Scale of World War III you understand This right if you rely on shitty I don’t Understand someone explain this to me Can you maybe comment below maybe this Is lost on me because it’s one of those Things like Charter Schools where I am Not able to find an answer The left says and by the way not a fan

Of Putin just to be clear Russia evil Shitty there is no Nuance whatsoever we Should be involved we need to go to Where Russia is awful bad okay And we should be reliant on them for oil You can’t say Russia bad and then but we Have way more oil than Russia is Saudi Arabia terrible right Michael Moore 911 Terrorists right okay good shut down our Oil production no one there’s no one out There right now none of these critics by The way you don’t like the fossil fuel Industry not one of them will argue that We right now could transfer to Green Energy meaning solar wind none of them It can’t be done So okay Russia bad then you need to Follow the policy of making sure that we Are not dependent on bad people I don’t know I don’t know how these Positions I don’t know how they’re how They’re reconcilable I guess we’ve just Gone down on your crack dealer it’s more About getting the crack than really Liking the dealer there’s really no Other way I can put that no I think You’re absolutely right and my point is We should have our own crack uh crack House It should look like what was that show Union Jack yeah all the ladies without The tops on that’s right like that check Under Putin’s tit he’s got a he’s got Some crude underneath there yeah we got

A whole Factory underground and we’re Just letting it sit there just a bunch Of naked Russians yep Check under them skirts or the wire Whatever whatever show where they’re all Naked American Gangster New Jack City That’s right new decks I think I said Union American no American Gangster has It as well that’s true yeah the point is If you make drugs Frank Lucas heroin if You make drugs you do it naked if you’re A team player exactly now here’s another Truth yes don’t be sneaking barrels out Under the tips Are you Donkey Kong here’s another truth The Strategic Reserve is supposed to be What what one for war time it’s like an Emergency food supply it’s for Emergencies hi George this is a Self-induced wound a self-inflicted Wound we do not need to be dipping into Our strategic reserves we certainly Wouldn’t if we continue the policy of Donald Trump and every day was an All-time record high pumping of oil So by taking the oil from the reserves Biden is threatening our national Security how do I well the Strategic Reserve is now at its lowest since 1984. So let me recap this for you as people Come to you and say there’s more there’s More releases right now under Joe Biden Than ever well okay that’s complete and Total horseshit it was for the first

Year and a half we just went into why There’s been more oil production under Joe Biden than any other president well You know that’s complete horseshit That’s because during again the first Year and a half it was a result of President Donald Trump and then it Plummeted well a second a Keystone Pipeline wouldn’t make any difference Keystone XL pipeline so we don’t need to Do that okay great I’m glad that you’re Happy for us to be dependent on Russia With this Administration approving the Nordstrom pipeline oh and I hope that You’re happy that we have now tapped Into our energy reserves to the lowest Level since 1984 which again puts us in A more compromised position so that Someone might be able to take advantage Of us like who I don’t know I don’t know Hint someone Eric swalwell might want to Bang Any spy from any country yes let me go Back to one two ones that we said I’m Not gonna have him play it but Joe Biden Not only has he done all of that right And that’s bad enough that’s enough to Destroy the Americans Every single person out there who goes To the gas pump all of us He said Saudi Arabia is going to face Consequences because of how they’ve Handled Russia

He basically is saying it’s not because Of their cut of oil production it’s not Because of what OPEC has done American People you hate Russia right well Saudi Arabia they’re friends with Russia That’s why they did this you know who’s Not complaining about this right now Ukraine the people that would be most Affected by Saudi Arabia partnering up With Russia they are not partnering up With Russia to do this I understand that Russia is part of OPEC plus but the President is trying to frame this as now We have a common enemy right the enemy Of our friend over here right they’re Hurting Ukraine who we want to help by Supporting Russia right that’s dangerous Rhetoric for an election and I guess it Doesn’t work on me because I don’t like Anyone well I don’t like any of them Either I don’t like Saudi I don’t like Saudi Arabia I don’t like Russia and I Don’t like Ukraine the left are the War Hawks now I have no idea what’s happened To society in the United States they’re The ones saying that we should be going To war and now Donald Trump is tying That in remember War for oil so can I Pardon my language I’m sorry is Code pink They’re when you’re out there protesting The White House the second we went into Afghanistan where are you right now time Complaining that it was a war for oil if

We had oil here remember yeah and you Were advocating for drilling in Alaska Or Antarctica whichever one of those Places everywhere yeah Everywhere look a little Helpful uh it won’t be when Skynet Falls And Russia decides to turn it into a Nuclear Wasteland yes they put if you Fix it we can’t complain yes It’s unbelievable to me that’s Incredibly dangerous It really is good what happens when you Make ice the temperature of the Sun Let’s see yeah exactly yeah what happens When Russia turns all of the country Into Superman’s dad’s bachelor pad yeah It’s gonna really feel like pollution When there’s a warhead the ghost this is Quite literally Mount trying to convince All of you that we need to engage in an International Conflict for oil and by The way it didn’t pass the sniff test When we’re talking about Iraq and oil Sure I understand no bid contracts but Again if you understand what happened With desert storms you know what a war For oil actually looks like if you’re Talking about actually just taking Siphoning oil from a country it’s Surround the oil fields surround the oil Reserves bring in air support don’t let Anyone take you don’t pack up your stuff And leave Yeah in this case we’re actually right

Now you can see through the legislative Process approving International or at Least supporting International reserves Of oil while shutting down our own and Saying hold on a second the reason we Should hate all of these people is Because Russia oil Saudi Arabia oil we Might have to enter into a war why for Oil yeah but don’t we have a whole lot Of that I don’t know anything about that It’s all about Saudi and Russian oil Kids You’re an sir all right we’re Gonna go do a review of creed uh I’m not Looking forward to this on the mukla Please share hit like comment below if In comment which one of these was the Most helpful for you A lot of these Myths are going around every time I Receive one of these Washington Post Charts on oil production under Joe Biden Like Kool-Aid man through the wall YouTube thank you very much not really We hope that Rumble replaces you very Soon piss off Foreign [Music]

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