Biden’s Handlers SCRAMBLE to Clean Up Comments that had Gun Lovers’ Blood BOILING

By | December 2, 2022

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Joe Biden’s handlers were quick to clean up comments he made about guns during recent remarks. The gaffe had gun lovers everywhere fuming, and left many wondering if the President is too out of touch with the issue.

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Joe Biden's handlers were quick to clean Up comments he made about guns during Recent remarks the Gaff had gun lovers Everywhere fuming and left many Wondering if the president is too out of Touch with the issue I'm Gary franchi I Want you to keep up with the latest news Tap subscribe and enable your Notifications Before I get to that friends American Farmers recently warned about coming Food shortages they're not going to be Able to grow enough food this year Because of an off the charts fertilizer Shortage that means you need to Stockpile emergency food if you don't Have some right now you can save 150 off A three-month emergency food kit from my Patriot Supply they're the nation's Largest preparedness company proudly Offering ready hour Brand Products this Kit provides breakfast lunches dinners Drinks snacks totaling over 2 000 Calories a day you can get yours by Going to and get Your 150 savings on their three-month Emergency food kit he will not regret it Now back to the news after President Joe Biden told reporters he was seeking a Ban on semi-automatic weapons the White House had to issue a correction on Thanksgiving Biden made the remark to Reporters at nantuck and fire Nantucket Fire station according to the blaze

Watch One of the first red flag laws in the State of Delaware my son Beau is one Horseman and it made a lot of difference In stage five that's number one number Two the idea the idea we still allow Semi-automatic weapons to be purchased Is sick Says sick it has no no social redeeming Value zero none Not a single solitary rationale for it Except profit for the government Infection can you do anything about gun Laws during a lame duck I'm gonna try What will you try and do I'm gonna try To get rid of a saltway during the lame Duck whenever I got to make that Assessment as I get in and start Counting the vote As a result of the comments critics came Out and forced to condemn what they see As a massive and unprecedented Infringement of the Second Amendment Especially considering that nearly all Modern day Firearms are semi-automatic So on Monday after reporter Philip Wegman asked if Biden made a mistake White House Press Secretary Kareem Jean-Pierre walked back his comments Watch I just want to ask a quick follow-up the President has said repeatedly that of Course he wants to ban assault weapons But on Thanksgiving when he was in

Nantucket he said quote the idea we Still allow semi-automatic weapons to be Purchased is sick obviously that's a Huge category of guns from rifles to Pistols to shotguns that are not assault Weapons so I guess my question here is Did the president misspeak or does he Impact want to ban all semi-automatic Guns no he was he was talking about uh Assault weapons that's what he was Talking about on that on that morning or That afternoon when when he was asked That question Did you hear that sigh Oh Joe Biden did it again he misspoke oh In the last term Democrats had a slim Lead in the Senate but failed to pass a Ban on assault weapons but now the Republicans have taken control the house The task will be almost impossible It's no secret that Joe Biden and his Team don't have the best relationship With the gun community For his call for a ban on assault Weapons to his comments about Semi-automatic guns it's clear that Biden is out of touch with the majority Of Americans when it comes to firearms So what should come is no surprise that His latest comments about guns have set Off a firestorm of criticism from gun Lovers everywhere Biden's call for a ban on semi-automatic Weapons which are currently the most

Popular type of firearm in the United States just goes to show how little he Knows of the subject Not only would such A ban be an infringement on the Second Amendment but it would also severely Limit the ability of law abiding Citizens to protect themselves and their Families This is yet another example of why Joe Biden is not fit to be our Commander-in-chief And the White House has to keep cleaning Up his mess let's continue the Conversation in the comments below for The next News Network I'm Gary franchi Let's continue that conversation now About the coming food shortage that American farmers are warning about Because they're not going to be able to Grow enough food because of the off the Charts fertilizer shortage that means That you need to stockpile emergency Food if you don't have some I have and Right now you can save 150 off a Three-month emergency food kit from at my Patriot Supply They're the nation's largest Preparedness company probably offering Ready hour Brand Products you will not Go hunger you when you have this food This kit provides breakfast lunch Dinners drinks and snacks totaling over 2 000 calories a day get yours right now Do not delay go to

And get your 150 savings on their Three-month emergency food kit and we'll see you at the Next report for the next News Network I'm Gary franchi You possess the power to impact the Global narrative please share this Report and to get more videos like this Become a Next News subscriber by Clicking the link below thank you for Watching the next News Network Thanks