“Biden Worships Satan,” Says Devoted MAGA Minion

By | November 3, 2022

Michael Shure went down to Pennsylvania to the “reawakening” right-wing event to understand the psychosis of the Trump supporters.
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And what about former president Trump And you know not being terribly Religious not being a church well he’s Saying God you know so There you have it you think President Biden believes in God no Not at all he worships the devil So I say so that and that’s the Difference between the two is it one Worships God and one worships the devil And how do you see that manifested in President abide It’s showing Child sex trafficking the schools Kids you know it it’s everywhere it’s Everywhere and do you think President Biden’s responsible for child sex Trafficking yes You do in in what ways Every way Are you a cunan supporter No I’m curious what the the child sex Trafficking and the president Where that comes from I don’t know ask him Ask him if you’ve noticed we’ve done These types of things before where Supporters of Donald Trump and Q Anon And any of these conservatives that are Fooling people like this lady into Believing all this nonsense these Cartoon things it the last answer is Always ask him

You’re doing the talking you’re Espousing the points this is your Identity why don’t we ask you what do You know I’m gonna just point out the Two really important things that Michael Sure asked her in follow-ups he says how And in what ways who cares what the rest Of it is how is a question it’s really Hard for folks to answer when they don’t Know what they’re talking about and also In what ways does this actually work You’re telling me he’s trafficking in Children and it didn’t exist until Joe Biden got into the into the White House After he’s in the White House how did it Happen I don’t know my favorite was are You a q a non-supporter Jeff she goes Are you a q Anon uh supporter No I want to respond to this and probably Go to the next one there’s more you guys But Jeff I mean what was there to think about I Don’t understand And I think she was trying to do like Okay if I say yes then he’s going to Know I’m nuts which means she knows She’s nuts and she went with no and you Know Michael sure is doing a great job Of being patient this entire time it’s Great The uh the next question I’d be is like So why are you here Anyways let’s get to more of that

Because he continued to ask folks Questions in fact these conspiracy Theories and all of their uh uh their Thoughts about what is that’s happening From the very top specifically how this Election was stolen they’re still on it Let’s watch I I believe that there was some sort of Fraud going on as far as the election Goes do you think uh the President Biden Was legitimately elected no nor do I Believe that he got 81 million votes You know unfortunately I’m probably one Of those election deniers that people Talk about but I also wear red white and Blue which According to some people Makes me a He’s he’s not he’s he’s illegal Um it’s uh Shadow government and I mean What what what do I think what do I know I mean gosh if I talk long enough just About anybody could think I’m absolutely Crazy like so what’s the shadow Government and how is is he not your President because he wasn’t legally Elected or because you didn’t want him To be president he wasn’t legally Elected how did he get elected He didn’t he got selected so you think All the Trump votes were fine but the Biden votes were curious uh you know What uh That’s uh that’s a If you know I feel like that’s sort of

Loaded That’s sort of loaded not that the Election was stolen not that uh Joe Biden was selected not that uh this Entire thing that Donald Trump has been Pushing from his January 6th uh foot Soldiers attacking the capital to them Still believing it With a straight face they’ve never been Asked any questions when you have this This uh this group Gang mentality it’s Well the guy next to me is thinking the Same thing as me we don’t need to Explain to each other because we all Just believe it they’ve never actually Had to expand upon their thought process Expand upon why they believe what they Believe is because they were told to Believe it again I want to stress it to You guys and Jeff This is the party that they claim to be Independent thinkers and come to Conclusions for yourselves Do you think these guys are thinking Independently do you think and these Folks are coming to the conclusions for Themselves one uh guy in the red white And blue shirt because he’s wearing that Because you know no one else in the Country wears red white and blue except Conservatives Um He says if I talk long enough Anything I’d say would sound crazy don’t

Talk that long I’m already there What do your thoughts bro yeah say laugh My dude I thought she were crazy from The outset you didn’t really have to go That in depth but and again I want to Stress this Michael sure does such a Great job because for me when I hear Stuff like this look it’s 20 22. so I Just resort to saying to people you know Since we all have computers in our Pockets with access to the internet I Just say hey show me where you got that Where did you get that information Because then it’s going to be a matter Of oh Just my opinion because they don’t want To have to deal with the fact that like Hey a lot of courts in a lot of places Just threw this whole idea out and even Someone like Giuliani when he was Pressed about it he didn’t say oh this Is alleged fraud because he knew that His license was going to be revoked if He lied about it in court all of these Things were thrown out and even they Think that’s a conspiracy never mind the Fact that there was no not enough Evidence for them to even have a hearing For it in Most states most of the time From Trump appointed judges they would Just rather want to I think they just Want to think what they think and not be Pressed on it just have my information In my brain the way I see things my

World view and just move almost life They don’t want Microsoft or me or you Or anyone to question them about it Because then they’re going to have to I Don’t know face reality of the situation At hand they’re gonna have to I don’t Know adjust what they should or should Not think and it’s getting bad it’s Probably going to get worse because Terms are here and if such a person does Not win when they thought they were Going to win they’re going to continue To say that it was it was stolen I I can Also go out on a limb and say that if The candidate does win they can be like That election was carried out correctly The same one it’s so weird how that Works uh it’s almost like it doesn’t Make any sense and you’re just it’s like You’re watching a football game like That was not past interference because It was my team that’s just how people Think except this score counts

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