Biden Warns Republicans Will Destroy Social Security

By | November 2, 2022

President Biden echoes Former President Obama’s recent campaign remarks regarding Wisconsin Sen. Ron Johnson’s desire to make Social Security and other benefits discretionary spending so Congress has to vote to renew those benefits yearly. In response to that, Biden tells a community center in Florida, ”You’ve been paying into Social Security your whole life. You earned it. Now these guys want to take it away. Who in the hell do they think they are?”

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Check out more from the MR crew:
Matt Binder DOOMED
Brandon Sutton THE DISCOURSE
Emma Vigeland ESVN

In the meantime you know it would be a Good idea go out and uh go around your Neighborhoods I know friends who are Going down to Pennsylvania this weekend Doing some uh some door-to-door work Down there Pennsylvania obviously Incredibly important Wisconsin Ohio North Carolina New Hampshire Nevada in Particular If you have the opportunity to go out And knock on some doors explain to People why it’s very important for them To vote Wow there are places in New York state Frankly uh where it’s also really Important Uh here is Joe Biden who I gotta say Like he’s been out there I know Everybody’s talking about how much Obama’s been out there but I feel like Biden has been out there in a more Effective way than than Obama was when He was in that same position back in 2010 . and um And this I think it was Perhaps and I have no sense of how much It’s coming up in the context of of each House district But one of the things that made it very Effective for Democrats in 2018 is that They had a national message which is Donald Trump sucks You can’t vote against him but you can

Vote against the guy More often than not it’s a guy Who is Um his surrogate now of course there’s a Different Dynamic going on you have the You know the president of the opposite Party I think most of you are familiar That it’s uh almost a lock every year That the party in power is going to lose Seats in the House Um however The Republicans About three or four five weeks ago maybe Even more than that Started to give the Democrats what could Be a national message The polling seems to show that the Abortion uh question sort of baked in Already That there’s not a lot of growth in that Area part of it also it seems to have Like left the front pages In September in October in particular And But the fact is The Republicans have a plan to cut Social Security and Medicare And to do so even with with uh Joe Biden In office and that is to leverage the uh National debt ceiling here’s Joe Biden On that in Florida I have a brochure here it has he is Draws it for one second this is uh Tim Scott’s uh brochure it’s Rick Scott’s

Excuse me Rick Scott uh senator from Florida he is also the chair Of the national Republican Senate Re-election committee And here’s uh Biden I have the brochure Here yes he is he Is in charge of electing Republicans and Senate he’s the head of the campaign and He laid out a clear plan he said every Five years Social Security Medicare would have to Be reauthorized And this is from the report I I made it A larger list than all they want to do Quote all federal legislation Sunsets please go out and it goes out of Existence in five years If the law is worth keeping Congress Will pass it again So every five years The Congress have to vote to reauthorize Social Security Reauthorized or else it goes away would Have to vote to reauthorize Medicare Reauthorized veterans benefits Now go down the list but guess what Very idea that a senator from Florida Wants to cut Social Security Medicare And by they don’t have to just it Doesn’t go away they can cut it they can Change it basically The senator from Florida Going after Medicare and Social Security [Music]

I tell you what I know as they say that Something doesn’t know where you all Have been not damn boy I tell you look So outrageous you might even you might Not even believe it And again word for word all federal Legislation sunsets means goes away in Five years if the if the law is worth Keeping Congress can pass it again In other words It goes out of existence if Congress Doesn’t vote to keep it isn’t that Wonderful Uh there’s a couple things that are Interesting to hear about this and Understand that That means they can destroy Social Security and Medicare without even Taking a vote They do nothing They control the house they control the Senate they only have to do nothing If it goes away automatically And they could reauthorize it but with Uh 67 years is when you get to retire 69 Years is when you get to retire there’s No cost of living increases And the reason why Joe Biden says you May not believe this that there’s a Specific reason why he does that because They have done Focus test groups Over the years this is they’ve had Multiple findings like this

Where they show people Republican party positions They show them the platform where they Raise like the fact that Republicans Have since 1936. since the day it was Implemented Been attempting to destroy Social Security They tell people in the focus groups This And the focus group people do not Believe that’s their position They show them ads and they go I I don’t Now that’s that’s a lie and they’ll and And the focus testers are like what do You mean it’s a lie and they go like I Just don’t think that that’s their Position it’s not real it’s not real They just can’t believe that there are Politicians who are out to do this and Let’s be clear The idea That the Republican Party Is willing to pursue things that the Majority of Americans are against We have seen this we see it with Abortion We see it with a whole host of other Policies they have worked it out Where minoritarian rule is possible it Exists in the Senate It exists through gerrymandering across The states It exists in the context of the

Electoral College the last two Republican presidents Who have been elected to this country For the first time Did so With out the majority of votes So they can get away with this They work for a very specific group of People that are not interested in things Like Social Security and Medicare VA benefits I mean go on and on that’s Just the reality of it You say what you want about the Democrats And and we certainly do But you have one party that is out And you want to talk about enabling the Democrats to be crappy when you talk About cutting Social Security and Medicare it doesn’t make it that hard uh You really load the bar So uh get out and do some work if you Can over the next couple of days Um and You know for some people Uh abortion may be the issue For people my age the idea of Social Security Medicare going away in five Years It’s a bummer I’m looking forward to That Medicare yeah let increasingly Minoritarian Congress deal with these Programs I just I can’t even begin to tell you I

Just got like like the like health Insurance stuff is just the greatest Pain in the ass I feel like I have a Second job Uh meanwhile speaking of our first job We have a couple sponsors today

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