Biden TRAUMATIZES His Own Family AGAIN With Remarks about his Deceased Son Beau

By | November 2, 2022

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In a recent remark about his son, Joe Biden confused Ukraine with Iraq. This has caused some controversy because his son, Beau Biden, died of brain cancer in the United States not while serving in Iraq… or Ukraine.

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Joe Biden traumatizes his own family Again with remarks about his deceased Son Beau In a recent remark about his son Joe Biden confused Ukraine with Iraq this Has caused some controversy because his Son Beau Biden died of brain cancer in The United States not while serving in Iraq or Ukraine Wait until you see this one I’m Gary franchi and news breaks every Day here be the first to know when tap Subscribe and stay informed While referring to the Ukraine conflict Biden incorrectly claimed his eldest son Beau died in Iraq despite him succumbing To brain cancer Stateside of course According to the Washington examiner Biden was speaking in Helendale Beach Florida when he made the false remark About his son watch Inflation is a worldwide problem right Now Because of a war in Iraq and the impact On oil and what Russia is doing I mean Excuse me the war in in Ukraine And uh think of Iraq because that’s Where my son died The uh because you know the but the Point is that they’re uh you know that’s Why it’s up we have the lowest inflation This is not the first time it probably Won’t be the last time when Biden Seemingly forgotten to know where and

How his son passed away on October 13th During a speech in Colorado Biden Claimed his son Beau died in combat in Iraq watch American soldiers in the 10th Mountain Division scaled that 1800 foot cliff at Night caught the Germans by surprise Captain captured key positions and broke Through the German defense line at a Pivotal point in the war Just imagine I mean sincerely I say this As a father of a man who won the broad Star the conspicuous service medal and Lost his life in Iraq imagine the Courage the daring and the genuine Sacrifice Genuine sacrifice they all made Biden’s son Beau served as a Judge Advocate General Corps member in the Delaware National Garden 2003 and Deployed to Iraq for a year in 2008. an Aggressive brain tumor led to his death In 2015. Imagine the horror and pain that Joe Biden is causing his own family with his Seemingly never-ending careless blunders Each time he confuses where and how his Son Beau Biden passed away from brain Cancer It’s a stab to their already raw and Tender wounds Biden should be using Moments like these to honor his son’s Memory not disrespect it with confusing Details about his death and for his

Handlers it must be a constant fear that He’ll make these kinds of painful Mistakes again in front of large crowds Is clear that Biden lacks the ability to Carefully and respectfully handle such Delicate topics in public settings his Own family deserves better than that a Sign for Biden to step aside and let Someone else take over the reins of this Important conversation about honoring Our fallen soldiers and families let’s Continue the conversation in the Comments below for the next News Network I’m Gary franchi Thank you for watching that report yes Keto the keto diet has been a Hot Topic In the weight loss Community for years Now myself and thousands of others have Personally experienced weight loss and The health benefits of the keto diet but There is a little secret we aren’t Really on the keto diet we use an Amazing new powder it’s called keto Powder keto with Gary is a powdered form Of the most ketogenic MCT oil called C8 It helps give you the many benefits of Elevated ketones without having to Completely follow the rigid guidelines Of the keto diet within weeks of taking It it controlled my appetite I had more Energy and I even saw an improvement in My mental focus if you want to begin Experiencing these benefits for yourself Don’t sleep on it you got to go to keto

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