Biden & Obama Warn Democracy is at Risk & Atlanta Zoo Now Allows Guns | The Daily Show in Atlanta

By | November 4, 2022

Guns can now be legally carried in the Atlanta zoo, Biden and Obama urge voters to recognize that democracy is at risk in the midterms, and Ulster County reveals a new, terrifying “I Voted” sticker. #DailyShow #Comedy

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I can feel the city starting to seep Into my bones I can feel it you know it Feels good yeah I'm starting to become More and more Atlanta even even the way I said when I got here every time I said I'll say Atlanta I'll say Atlanta I'm in Atlanta Atlanta and then I started Noticing all of a sudden I was like Atlanta Atlanta The tea was gone The tea started fading away yeah by the Time I leave I'll just be like Lana Lana Atlanta yeah now I understand how Mumble Rap was invented here I get it we're Just trying to shrink all the words I get it now oh and we've had so much Fun it has been so much fun you know We've eaten the food we've gone out We've seen the sights and the sounds Yesterday we went out as a whole group We went to Magic City you know oh Yeah I will say worst magicians Abba Ah only thing that disappeared was my Money And I will say we came to Atlanta to Have a good time and I have not been Disappointed we have not been Disappointed in fact we've been lucky That we came when we came because this Has been a really momentous week in that Freedom has been achieved in Atlanta and I think you know what I'm talking about As of this week the Atlanta Zoo has Announced that people are once again

Allowed to bring their guns when they Visit And I was like wow You really don't mess around with second Amendment in this town huh A whole South even at the zoo people are Strapped Yeah just packing their lunch being like And bring the Glock you never know you Never know just walking in like yeah now Let's see that parrot say something say Something Rob say something yeah say something Say something yeah that's right that's Right that's right that's right yeah You're pretty cool parents And you know if you ignore all the Terrible reasons I mean having guns at The zoo is actually a really great idea You know think about it think about how Many times you've been disappointed you Go to the zoo and what happens the Animals are sleeping when you get there Not anymore You just walk up to that enclosure Ah the Panda's awake now look at him oh Look at him running for cover You know the only way you could get more Exciting is if they said it's not just The people right they should go all the Way they should give the animals guns Too I think that's what we should do Right I mean they're the ones who are Going to be there it's only it's only

Fair to them give them guns as well see What happens huh it's going to be Exciting Every single exhibit is going to turn Into a Mexican standoff Those people walking in like honey honey Keep the kids behind me keep the kids Behind stay cool stay cool penguins stay Cool hey hey slots no sudden moves no Sudden moves snakes let me see those Hands all right nobody needs to go Extinct today Now now look obviously obviously other Than the armed animals the reason we're Here and the reason we're excited to be Here is because the midterms are around The corner right With everybody focusing on Georgia five Days away and your races are coming down To the wire can I tell you right Herschel Walker and Rafael Warnock neck And neck which is wild It means that something happens to Herschel Walker could be elected Senator Next week Yeah I mean I I also hope it doesn't Happen I mean that would be crazy Herschel Walker as a senator you know Can you imagine how that would mess with The whole Capital you know take your Child to work there's gonna feel like Another insurrection This is going to be like they're Storming the Capital no wait wait it's

Herschel Walker's kids it's all of his Kids Because I allegedly my kids You know this whole midterm campaign has Gotten so extreme it almost feels like Republicans are running a political Science experiment just to see how crazy A candidate can be and still get people To vote for them it almost feels like That What can they do before people say no I Wouldn't vote for them it's almost like Mitch McConnell is just in the lab you Know just working away like all right They voted for Herschel Walker uh let's Try a bag of wet spaghetti next see if They go for now And I don't know if you've seen this but Herschel Walker has gone from beefing With uh reality to beefing with Barack Obama I don't know if you've seen this Yeah they've got a thing going back Because obviously Obama roasted him in Georgia right over the weekend and then Walker shot back shot back that he could Quote put his resume up against Obama's Anytime And First of all It wouldn't even matter if Walker's Resume was more impressive than Obama's Because Obama's has aligned in his Resume that says not crazy That carries a lot of weight in a job

Interview But also Obama was President People he was president but two terms Herschel Walker can't even carry any of His pregnancies to two terms what are You talking about Are you serious right now I'm kidding his resume is impressive I Mean any resume is impressive when you Can just make it up right I was a cop I Was an FBI agent a ballerina I Discovered nitrogen I also am nitrogen The list goes on and off But yeah Barack Obama is back on the Campaign Trail he's back out there Trying to get people Ripped up trying to get the people Voting All right just hitting all the swing States around the country and last night Last night's both Obama and President Biden made big speeches about how there Was a lot more at stake in this election Than which party gets to use the good Bathroom at the Senate folks can we when If we don't do our part And if you've got election deniers Serving as your Governor as your Senator As your secretary of state as your Attorney general then democracy as we Know it may not survive in Arizona That's not an exaggeration that is a Fact This year

I hope you'll make the future of our Democracy an important part of your Decision to vote And how you vote In our bones We know democracy at risk is at risk What what I heard what he said though he said in Our bones We know democracy that means we're Screwed Yeah whenever an old person feels Something in their bones It means the storms I feel it in my bones Season that or osteoporosis but I think It's a storm By the way I love seeing Biden and Obama Both doing speeches back to back no Because sometimes you think that you're Imagining it you're like Obama had more Energy and then when you see it you're Like no they have very different Energies that they bring you know it's Almost like seeing a before and after of A NyQuil commercial you know It's better or worse it's like a level Of excitement you know basically Obama Is the Beyonce concert and then like Biden is the traffic on the way home do You know what I mean That's what it feels like Actually actually you know what actually Obama is like me right before every

Dinner I had in Atlanta this week and Then Biden is like me after every dinner I had an Atlanta Street yeah I would Walk into Busy Bee and I'd be like let's Do this I'm gonna dominate this fried Chicken plate and then after I'd be like I did not feel confident About the future of my stomach I can feel it in my bones But but look however they're saying it However they're saying it Obama and Biden are making the same point and it's A Salient one this election is about Whether America wants to continue being A democracy all right and that's Actually a tough sell believe it or not It really is Because ironically democracy isn't What's on people's minds right now right People are paying more for groceries They pay more for gas right and Democrats are going yeah we know that Sucks but democracy and votes are like Can I eat democracy Can I fill my tank with democracy as a Challenge it really is and it's a Challenge because if you think about it Humans we wouldn't evolve like this Right humans didn't evolve to think long Term all right if you think about we're Designed to put long-term problems over Immediate problems this is that's just How we are right the caveman who was Worried about the saber-toothed tiger

Was worried about surviving that guy Survived you know saber-two tiger Survived around the caveman who was Sitting in the cave like hmm I wonder How we could make our hunting practices More sustainable That guy died right he was right But he died And this is one of the flaws of Democracy it's a weird flaw when you Consider it right this is not just the Fact that it it can fall at any time but It's also the fact that the people who Are anti-democracy can use democracy to Get into power and then end democracy And if you if you want to see a silly Example of how unpredictable voting can Be look look at what happened when People got to vote on what their Election sticker should look like a Sticker design contest that went viral This year is making good and it's Promised to an Ulster County team a few Months ago the counties I voted sticker Contest made headlines all great designs But one just happened to get some National attention Hudson Rowan's design You can see it right there gosh came Away with more than 90 of the vote man That is crazy looking Counties new I voted sticker for the 2022 November election See See

That's what can happen and I mean I do I Do love this don't get me wrong I've Always wanted to see Rue giuliani's baby Pictures but But this is what can happen And you heard what they said you heard What they said this sticker got 90 Percent of the vote You realize there's no politician who Gets that kind of support right but you Know this competition got me thinking People go so crazy over these stickers In fact I think we should use that you Know what we should do is we should use That energy there's so many people Who only vote for the sticker I know Some people who are like oh I can't wait To vote so I can get the sticker like What about the election I just want that Sticker Maybe we should use that enthusiasm to Save that democracy right you can use it To save democracy in addition to an I Voted sticker from now on they should Also have an I accept the results of the Election sticker yeah that way That way the day after the election When somebody is like you know the vote Was stolen by robot pedophiles you'd be Like ah you want this sticker I'm like oh Mike Pence is lucky I like Stickers more than his neck I'll take it

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