Biden Isn’t The Only Former VP With A Classified Doc Scandal

By | January 26, 2023

t looks like Biden isn’t the only VP concealing classified documents. Jayar Jackson and Benjamin Carollo break it down on The Watchlist. Watch LIVE on weekdays at noon ET.

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“A lawyer for former Vice President Mike Pence discovered about a dozen documents marked as classified at Pence’s Indiana home last week, and he has turned those classified records over to the FBI, multiple sources familiar with the matter told CNN.

The FBI and the Justice Department’s National Security Division have launched a review of the documents and how they ended up in Pence’s house in Indiana.”

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Classified materials and the nation's Secret is very serious matter And as a former Vice President of the United States I I can I can speak from Personal experience about the attention Uh that ought to be paid to those Materials when you're in office uh and After you leave office and clearly uh That did not take place in this case but The the treatment the unequal treatment Before the law was deeply troubling to Me early this week Uh oh Mike Pence he's talking about Classified materials that's a bit of a Throwback why would Mike Pence be Talking about classified materials here Again because Mike Pence was caught with Classified materials in his Indiana home Man this is with the the uh the the Count is up to three former presidents And vice presidents With these types of materials in their Homes so despite saying things like that About how there's no documents and Things in anyone's homes and how dare These things happen yeah he said more as He sat down with ABC's David Muir again After Biden's uh a classified document Story was breaking let's let him Continue talking about it let me ask you As we sit here in your home office in Indiana Did you take any classified documents With you from the White House

Uh I I did not Um do you see any reason for anyone to Take classified documents with them Leaving the White House well there'd be No reason to have classified documents Particularly if they were in an Unprotected area I don't know Mike Pence does a lot of Like pensive thoughts you know maybe but He was probably thinking wait do I Because apparently he does but he can't Find the reasons why a vice president Would have such a thing maybe he has Some excuses why a former president Would considering that former president Also said he has reasons why but still He made similar marks Also earlier uh With uh cbs's Bob Costa he was on the Media tour about how he did not have Classified information let's watch Our staff reviewed all of the materials In our office and in our residence to Ensure that there were no classified Materials that that left the White House Or remained in our possession and I I Remain confident that that was done in a Thorough and careful way Well the confidence is there but Apparently the reality is not this is How they discovered these things now These are details that are very Important based off of the different Cases that we've seen from these past Few Administration officials so a lawyer

For former vice president Pence Discovered about a dozen documents Marked as classified at his Indiana home Last week and he has turned those doc Those classified records over to the FBI It's multiple sources families said to CNN now the FBI and the Justice Department's National Security division Have launched a review of the documents And how they ended up in Pence's house In Indiana so very similar to what was Going on with Biden I think to a good Degree but I remember a bunch of Republicans went On television talked about the Espionage Act and they were talking about how Joe Biden is uh destroying the country and Therefore Donald Trump should be let off The hook how about both of them get Investigated or how about a third let's Watch some of the things these folks Said let's go to assat four here you Guys because they were all over the Place talking about this here's Kevin McCarthy It's me now You guys gonna dig hard on this speaker Yes we are and you're missing one Question they say the attorneys found These documents who told the attorneys To look there somebody else knew the Documents were there all along Otherwise why would the attorneys even Look but it's just this is the year of

Like the receipts being brought forward He could say that exact thing right now About Mike Pence the lawyers found it Someone else must have known they were There who knew I don't have any answers I'm just asking questions so you can Come up with ridiculous ones yourself And talk about the conspiracy that is Involved can we do that again now here Kevin Doesn't matter Marge Taylor green his New best friend also said some of the Things let's watch Well this is a huge story it's very Serious as a matter of fact Joe Biden Conceivably stole those documents what People need to understand is the President of the United States is the Only one that can declassify documents Not the vice president for Joe Biden to Steal documents and have possession of Them this is a serious investigation and The Communists that Nera can't hide it Anymore and Merrick Garland in the Department of Justice they have to be Held accountable if they don't treat Joe Biden exactly the same way they're Treating president Trump it's ridiculous And it's shameful Ridiculous shameful and they need to Treat President Biden exactly the same Way they're treating president Trump Even though there's a two completely Different situations and reactions to

This problem now the problem being all These guys keep taking classified Documents is she prepared to say that Mike Pence should be treated the same Way She might be she's still on team Trump And we know team Trump has nothing to do With Mike Pence anymore one more piece Here Ben before we let you in here Because Congressman Byron Donalds who Was nominated multiple times Could be speaker of the house uh because They were trying to push back on Kevin McCarthy not because they actually Wanted him please he tweeted this up a Former vice president again this has Nothing to do with Pence this is about Biden a former vice president has no Ability to remove classified docs former Presidents are different all caps they Have the ability to declassify Biden's Intent and usage of the docs is Irrelevant Biden's intent and usage of The docs is irrelevant This is about when he removed them Anything taken before he became POTUS is An Espionage Act violation keep that Same energy for this guy now maybe They're on media tours and I missed it This morning late into the night about How they're all over TV talking about How Mike Pence is uh is violated the Espionage Act he's a pariah against the United States he's a traitor he sold our

Secrets to foreign governments I can't Believe people do such a thing for the Trump Administration God's been Yeah everything about this look I'm not Gonna lie as somebody who has in the Past worked with like classified uh Information systems and stuff like that Um all of this kind of rings really Silly to me like so quick history lesson The whole birth of classified documents Like at all like the whole idea of like Having like official secrets and things Like that Um literally just Roots down to George Washington as the President of the United States kept getting called into Congress and says no you have to let me Do my job you can't call me into Congress every single day Um I'm gonna invent what is called Executive privilege which means I don't Have to share literally every detail of What I'm doing every single day with Congress unless you like subpoena me for A legitimate reason right that is the Birth of classify like classified Information Um another thing I want people to Understand about classified information Is that there's really two types and Most of it is really really boring most Classified information is boring stuff Like it's like deployment schedules

Names addresses Social Security numbers Like it's personally identifiable Information or it's information about When specific people are going to be in Specific places Um doing specific things right it's just Very boring logistical stuff that is Kept secret for the very explicit Purposes of like not putting people In Harm's Way then there's the other type Of classified information which is Basically just like this is really Embarrassing for the United States to Like admit to do right like if people Knew we were doing this uh it would be Like a big international incident Um or it'd be like a major news story Right so there's like the politically Inconvenient things that the United States does and then there's just like The boring mechanical stuff most of the Stuff is boring mechanical so when it Comes to like people like Joe Biden or Mike Pence and stuff like that when it Comes to like storing classified Documents my guess is the overwhelming Majority of those things are actually The boring stuff that just got like hey Can you sign this paper work to Authorize this deployment or whatever Um and it just kind of like lingers Around on their desk or something right Where they have a copy of it yeah Yeah and it's it's it's very unlikely to

Be like a malicious youth Um not very different than like sort of The rumors that were going around about Like President Trump for example uh Which where they were they were like Rumors that he was like sharing like Nuclear secrets with like other Countries and stuff like that that kind Of Falls more under like the sort of Like international incident embarrassing Type of stuff for the United States so All of this really is to say though like Fundamentally it's so incredibly Arbitrary and it's it's it's deeply Rooted in sort of the whims of the President Um in terms of like what is classified What isn't classified what you can do With classified information and it's all Really like this house of cards that is Just built on like precedent and Tradition entirely within the executive Branch like there's some laws but like Very few that actually dictate like who Can do what with classified information Realistically speaking so it all it's All very arbitrary so we've got a lot of Different things I'm so glad this Breakdown is very interesting to me and I'm mad that I never knew this even the Base level of what you just told us the Reason why you host a show called Galaxy Brain tell it about stuff you didn't Know about

Which I didn't hear didn't know now but I'm thinking about the extreme Frustration it could be from someone in This position maybe they were part of That boring stuff and you're hearing new Codes oh man this Harm's Way and maybe Even some of that information or Position a position a type of documents Or classified information is even old Now if someone was at that place in what 2014 they're not there now that mission Was done or that movement happened or That address changed or any of that Stuff I get it and that would really be Frustrating that not people say you got The new codes because some idiot on Fox News or CNN or MSNBC says so so I can Understand that frustration and then This internal investigation has to be Looked over when it could potentially be Something that gets kind of evened out And we're done with it the problem then Comes though when people like the former President Hide it say they don't have it move more Of it and say no actually it's in a Locked case in my room and that's the Best place for it to be that's where Those extra problems come and I guess we Just can't admit it sometimes there's Things that the citizens just never get To know