biden drafts transgenders

By | October 13, 2022

I guess we figured out what a woman is

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Foreign [Music] We know you’re a man and you’re being Drafted no I’m a woman hmm well you are Lying maybe you are a woman huh nice uh Not nice that’s not nice clearly saying Something other than you mean Not bad I might have believed the whole Woman thing but your paperwork says Mal Oh what are you so upset about nothing Oh you’re good oh me no I’m terrible Today oh my gosh oh my God except to Compliment except just accept the Compliment Thanks not like that it’s yeah you Really are very womanly I I’m going to Give you one final test if you’re a Woman then let me take you on a date [Music] Oh Foreign [Music] Guys You really are a woman Here Fill out this form And you’ll be Exempted from the draft [Music] Foreign for exclusive cartoons

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