Biden Breaks All-time Record On Illegal Immigration – and it’s Horifying

By | November 3, 2022

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Western Journal reports, Western Journal reports at least 853 migrants died trying to illegally enter the US in the past year, making it the deadliest year for illegal immigrants. The deaths occurred amid record migrant encounters at the southern border, with around 2.4 million in fiscal year 2022.

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Biden breaks all-time record on illegal Immigration and it is horrifying Joe Biden has just set a new record for his Border policies and unfortunately it has Cost many many lives to accomplish wait Till you hear this thanks for watching Next News Network I'm Ivory Hecker Filling in from my YouTube That's Ivory Hecker on YouTube news breaks every day Here be the first to know when tap Subscribe below to stay informed before I get to that friends American farmers Recently warned about coming food Shortages they're not going to be able To grow enough food this year because of An off the charts fertilizer shortage That means you need to stockpile Emergency food if you don't have some Right now you can save 150 off a Three-month emergency food kit from my Patriot Supply the nation's largest Preparedness company proudly offering Ready hour Brand Products this kit Provides breakfast lunches dinners Drinks snacks totaling over 2000 Calories a day you can get yours by Going to and get Your 150 savings on their three-month Emergency food kit you will not regret It now back to the news all right it is Not a shocking statement to say that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have utterly Failed America in terms of the illegal Immigration Crossings at our borders

Daily but why is the left silent on the Massive amount of casualties that his Idiotic border policies have cost Western Journal reports that uh at least 853 migrants died trying to illegally Enter the U.S in the past year making it The deadliest year for illegal Immigrants the deaths occurred amid Record migrant encounters at the Southern border with around 2.4 million In fiscal year 2022. According additionally in the fiscal Year 2021 there were 546 migrant deaths That we know of Western Journal reported Citing internal border patrol data yet In April a government Watchdog reported That border patrol didn't gather And record Complete data on migrant deaths which is Convenient for the Biden Administration As the number is likely way higher U.S Customs and Border protections Spokeswoman Cecilia barata told Reporters quote smuggling organizations Are abandoning migrants in remote and Dangerous areas leading to a rise in the Number of rescues but also tragically a Rise in the number of deaths the terrain Along the border is Extreme the summer Heat is severe and the miles of desert Migrants must hike after crossing the Border in many areas are unforgiving This report comes after a Border Town in Texas has run out of room at its morgue

According to the Daily Caller there are No more burial spaces available for Migrants who died on the way to the U.S In a border community in an interview With the Daily Caller field reporter George Ventura Maverick County Sheriff Tom schmerber Said that the sheriff's department Identified three of the five deceased Migrants recovered from the Rio Grande River according to him many migrants die In the sweltering heat from drowning or Dehydration in September Eagle Pass Texas officials requested Refrigerators to store excess bodies as Morgues and funeral homes became Increasingly overwhelmed due to the Overwhelming situation several local Counties have stopped performing Autopsies on migrant swatch Uh we spoke to some of the Deputy Constables here in Maverick County They're saying they're saying they're Seeing between one to two deaths per day We're seeing at your local Cemetery are Starting to bury some of the deceased Migrants there now you have the Refrigerator trailers I mean if this Continues at the pace of this for the Next three to six months I mean are you Going to run out of space for the bodies We might need another one but I hope not You know about a year ago when it Started this immigration problem started

I was telling the media that it's going To take like maybe two years I was Almost right it's almost a year now Hopefully it won't be the second year Hopefully be it not more than six points Hopefully because it now becomes a Problem not only immigrants Crossing but Also immigrants not not making it you Know they drown some die in the brush Whatever the summer was very hot you Know we had the the the drought and now We're almost the fall you know so but Still we find immigrants so that's That's the set part you know that not Everybody makes it and uh including Children that we see including children Females that are pregnant you know and I'm hoping that we don't have to get Another Trader like this with a with a Freezer because it's sad you know we Have people in Mexico waiting Wow typically border officials recover One to two dead migrants a day most of Them drowned Ventura was told by an Official in Eagle Pass Texas that they Would have to open another plot to bury Migrants due to the Overflow watch Here in your own Cemetery I mean what's going to happen if this Continues for the next six months do you Even have space to continue to do this At the rate we're going right now Jorge Unfortunately we're going to have to Open up or the county is going to have

To open up another plot here in the Cemetery at some point open up another Section because some days we're Receiving one to two persons deceased Per day sometimes we're receiving eight To ten and it's gotten to the point Where our local mortuaries are no longer Taking the deceased and keeping them There overnight it's gotten to the point Where the state has had to provide a Refrigerated trailer where we're having To take the deceased to Wow for unidentified migrants makeshift Crosses are labeled John Doe or Jane Doe And include the date of discovery on August 13th an infant drowned in the Rio Grande river whose grave is marked baby John Doe when it comes to failures the Biden Administration has more than a few Yet these stories are not for points in A political game people's lives and Livelihoods are not pieces on a Chessboard for pundits to score Imaginary points with people are dying Lives are being ruined ultimately it is The Biden Administration that has failed Us they have allowed millions of illegal Immigrants to flood our borders allowing Fentanyl to get into our communities and Is ultimately costing Americans jobs and Lives we have people struggling to stay Afloat yet Biden gives illegals free Phones and food what about the American People what about the people

Dying from the drugs coming in what About the kids drowning crossing the Border the Biden Administration needs to Be held accountable by the American People for their policies that are Putting our lives at risk we need Security at our border and we need a Wall to keep illegal immigrants out Joe Biden and Kamala Harris need to be held Accountable for their failures but let Me know what you think let's continue This conversation in the comments below Be sure to check out my independent news Coverage on my YouTube search Ivory Hecker on YouTube for Next News Network I'm Ivory Hecker Let's continue that conversation now About the coming food shortage that American farmers are warning about Because they're not going to be able to Grow enough food because of the off the Charts fertilizer shortage that means That you need to stockpile emergency Food if you don't have some I have and Right now you can save 150 off a Three-month emergency food kit from at my Patriot Supply They're the nation's largest Preparedness company probably offering Ready hour Brand Products you will not Go hunger you when you have this food This kit provides breakfast lunch Dinners drinks and snacks totaling over 2 000 calories a day get yours right now

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