Bette Midler Falls For HOAX, Gets BUSTED Sharing MISINFORMATION Ahead of Midterm Election

By | November 6, 2022

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Daily wire reported, Bette Midler was slammed on Wednesday after she promoted fake news about Republican Arizona gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake from a parody website.
The 76-year-old actress shared a screenshot from the “About Me” section of the satire site mocking Lake, describing her as embracing “far-right nationalism and the forceful suppression of any opposition.”

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Apparently the same rules that work for Republicans do not apply to the woke Liberal Elites as one of them just got Busted falling for a hoax and sharing Misinformation I'm Gary franchi and I Want to fight the fake news with you Every day but you need to be armed with The truth tap subscribe enable Notifications and fight back with me and The next News Network Bette Midler recently shared a Screenshot of a website she thought was Carrie lakes and oh boy was she wrong Daily wire reported that Bette Midler Was slammed on Wednesday after she Promoted fake news about the Republican Arizona gubernatorial candidate Kerry Lake from a parody website these 76 year Old actress shared a screenshot from the About Me section of the satire site Mocking Lake describing her as embracing Far-right nationalism and forceful Suppression of any opposition The page went on to say that Lake Strongly opposes democracy Bette Miller tweeted here's Carrie Lake Running for governor of Arizona spewer Of conspiracies and all-around nasty nut Job that's what she tweeted to 2.1 Million people Don't let the cute package fool you She's lethal Well Lisa doring tweeted conspiracies you

Just created one this is a parody site Be better bet American made tweeted look at Bette Midler spreading parody sites as real Information that will be twenty five Hundred dollars from your PayPal Epic Additionally reading through the Comments many people noted that the site Included a disclaimer this website is Parody and proudly created by Toby Morton Now Kerry Lake's been under attack from All angles during this race but she gave A shout out to Liz Cheney of all people Recently Arizona Sun Times reported in The wake of Liz Cheney's pack spending Half a million dollars on TV advertising Urging Arizona voters not to vote for Republican nominees Kerry Lake and Mark Fincham Lake's campaign announced a significant Boost in donations They write here that since the ad was Released Lake's campaign received more Than three hundred thousand dollars in Donation she tweeted we just hit 300K in A single day shout out to Liz Cheney my Biggest fundraiser yet And to uh turn the knife she sent Liz Cheney a letter thanking the Rhino Politician for her generous contribution Thank you Cheney for your generous In-kind contribution to my campaign your

Recent television ad urging Arizona not To vote for me is doing the opposite our Campaign donations are skyrocketing our Website nearly crashed from traffic as People rush to learn more about my plan To put Arizona first and join our Historic political movement She concluded enjoy your forced Retirement from politics and know America will rest easier knowing that One more warmonger is out of office The left never ceases to amaze me They're always quick to point out the News errors of the right but they never Seem to hold themselves to the same Standards I mean Bette Midler's tweet is Still on her Twitter It's truly shocking that someone of her Statue would stoop as low as to share Misinformation especially in the lead up To such an important information Election it just goes to show the left Doesn't care about fact checking when it Comes to spreading their lies all they Care about is winning at any cost Thankfully this latest blender is not Going to stop the Red Wave that's Sweeping the nation Republicans are Gaining momentum and the left is Scrambling to try to stop us but they Will not succeed we'll take back control Of the house and send it in November and Finally put an end to their Democrat Bias and once we do we can get our

Economy back on track inflation of Course as you know has been steadily Rising over the past few months and it's Only going to get worse if Democrats are Allowed to continue their Reckless Spending we need to put a stop to it now Before it's too late let's continue the Conversation in the comments below for The next News Network I'm Gary franchi Let's continue that conversation now About the coming food shortage that American farmers are warning about Because they're not going to be able to Grow enough food because of the off the Charts fertilizer shortage that means That you need to stockpile emergency Food if you don't have some I have and Right now you can save 150 off a Three-month emergency food kit from at my Patriot Supply They're the nation's largest Preparedness company probably offering Ready hour Brand Products you will not Go hunger you when you have this food This kit provides breakfast lunch Dinners drinks and snacks totaling over 2 000 calories a day get yours right now Do not delay go to And get your 150 savings on their Three-month emergency food kit and we'll see you at the Next report for the next News Network I'm Gary franchi Possess the power to impact the global

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