Ben Shapiro Struggles Defending Candace Owen’s Kanye West Reaction

By | November 3, 2022

Ben Shapiro discusses the antisemitic remarks made by Kanye West recently, and his colleague Candace Owens’ reaction to them. Shapiro thinks West is an antisemite but also that he is in the midst of a manic episode.

He also explains that if Candace Owens herself said the things that West did, that she wouldn’t be working at The Daily Wire anymore, but ”She did not say what Kanye said…nor do i even have the power of firing at The Daily Wire…”

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Check out more from the MR crew:
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Here’s Ben Shapiro trying to sort of Like walk a line here what do you do When you have based a significant Portion of your career On On essentially Positioning yourself as the only Righteous Jew In the country not the only but Representative of a small cohort of Jews That you perceive to be the only Righteous Jews because you’re a Right-winger What do you do when your colleague Who at the company that you founded that Apparently you you have no no influence On whatsoever according to him Um comes out and Embraces a guy who is Clearly At the very least like you never know What’s in people’s hearts maybe he’s Just doing it because he thinks it’s a Good business move and not a very good Businessman uh coming out in spewing Anti-Semitism and of course he’s also Been platformed on the biggest Conservative Platforms in the nation View this anti-Semitism how do you Address this This is a headache I really didn’t want Here he is He is an anti-semite he’s saying lots And lots of anti-Semitic things I’m not sure what more there is to say

About it pause it for one second Incidentally Four weeks ago three weeks ago he was Not an anti-semite he said some things That were anti-semitic that’s definitely True but we appreciate what he has to Say about family and and what Candace Owen said wasn’t just that she disagreed About whether it was anti-semitic or not She said that anybody who thought it was Anti-semitic uh was a lie was lying Coincidentally All right just go back a little bit so Remember he’s talking about Kanye West And he’s going to ignore the fact that He was called a liar by Kansas I might he’s saying lots and lots of Anti-Semitic things I’m not sure what more there is to say About that the only thing I might add is That he’s pretty obviously bipolar and I Would think that right now he looks like He’s in the middle of a manic episode I Only say that because I have members of My family who have been bipolar and bad Man like episodes and one of the Characteristics of a manic episode is That everything that comes out of your Mouth you think is a wonderful idea even When everyone around you is telling you To stop which seems pretty obvious Because he continues to just his career I wonder if all those people in his Family who have had manic episodes do

They spout anti-semitic stuff too yeah I Mean I just wonder like when when Kanye Was saying slavery sounds like a choice Um like those sorts of things Candace Owens his employee was embracing him and Actually defending that stuff too so Right interesting I’m just curious being Bipolar means that you spout Anti-semitic things like Kanye like Obviously he Bears a lot of Responsibility for this but I can’t get Over the house Judiciary GOP tweeted out Elon uh like he this has been sort of Like Guided by particularly Candace Owens for the GOP midterms yeah Not everyone is telling him to stop Actually yeah some people are saying Actually you know you should keep going And also buy my husband’s uh parlor Website because uh yeah the freedom Affair that’s a new thing of free speech One of the characteristics of a manic Episode is that everything that comes Out of your mouth you think is a Wonderful idea even when everyone around You is telling you to stop uh which Seems pretty obvious because he uh Continues to destroy his career and uh His wealth base based on his own Foolishness malice and bigotry so you Know that’s all I have to say about Kanye I will say that I’m amused by some Of his theories I have I have some Questions about some of his theories uh

And namely his uh his his theory that That the Jews perverted Kim Kardashian Is a weird one uh I have lots and lots of questions about About how that happened he actually I Think his line was that Kim Kardashian Was a wonderful Christian mother of four Black children and then the Jews Perverted her and I seem to remember Kim Kardashian before she was a beautiful Christian mother Doing As far as defending her I don’t think That anybody should be defending her you Know my my friend Candace Owens is Friends with Kanye she initially gave a Response Candace is great but she Initially gave a response that I thought Was uh pretty wrong both morally and Sort of logically but we allowed this Agreement at the daily wire even when I Think that some of my colleagues are Wrong if she had said let’s put it this Way if she had said what Kanye had said She wouldn’t be working at the daily Wire she did not say what Kanye said Instead she defended her friend Initially in a way that I didn’t like But that is not a fireable offense nor Do I even have the power of firing at The daily wire which is why Michael mull Still works there So wait a second we allow disagreement So she can say that what Kanye said was

Not anti-Semitism and anybody who says Otherwise is a liar but if she said what Uh what what Kanye said she’d be fired Also I wonder what kind of someone’s Thinks about this framing that she was Just saying that because she was uh too Close to Kanye as a friend and just Purely defending her friend I don’t Think she admitted that it was just I Was defending a friend or well yeah I Mean that’s pretty strong defense but But I’m curious I mean what I guess what It does And and and and and and Ben has been Very helpful in in in in illustrating This Much better To bring Kanye on give him a platform Therefore you can promote the Anti-semitism Without actually having to be Responsible for the anti-Semitism and He’s given a perfect illustration how That works right Candace Owens can go And say like yes what he said was not Anti-Semitism anybody says anything Otherwise is a liar But according to Shapiro if Candace Owens had said the exact same thing even Though Even though they had these they had the Exact same platform right like Kanye Reiterated that through Candace Owens She played the clip she said it was

Right Yeah why don’t you uh tolerate that Disagreement well exactly but what he Also showing is exactly their entire MO We will promote the racism But it is just far enough from us That we’re not racists agree to disagree I mean that’s that is the whole game and He just gave it away it just so happens That anti-Semitism calling out Anti-Semitism and having no quarter for Anti-semitism More or less is his branding Super super awkward at the daily wire Commissary indeed

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