Ben Shapiro Comes Out In Favor Of Segregation

By | December 8, 2022

Ben Shapiro, discussing the civil rights act, says that the legislation from the 60’s was important in doing away with state governments that promoted segregation, but that it overreached by attempting to compel individuals to not engage in behavior or action that can be seen as protected by The Constitution. He uses banning Jewish people from country clubs and banning black people from restaurants as examples of things that, despite Shapiro not personally condoning them, the federal government should have no business in regulating because they’re choices made by individuals and businesses.

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Check out more from the MR crew:
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Put the Jews Ben Shapiro like I say when They go through an election like this And everything gets cleaned up and it's On to autopsy the right is always going To return to uh some form of xenophobia Or racism or xenophobic racism or uh Racism Tings with xenophobia and uh here Is Um Ben Shapiro now just all of a sudden Again sort of on this still want to need To revisit the Civil Rights Act of 1965. Here we go And again you can make the case in 1965 That on a temporary basis the federal Government has a practical matter needed To be able to cuddle people away from Bigotry you can make that that case I Don't make that case I think that the Federal government was perfectly Justified in going to the states and Obliterating all of the segregation Regimes that existed in the states I do Not think that the federal government Had the power constitutionally or Morally or philosophically to compel Individuals not to engage in Constitutionally protected Behavior even Behavior I don't particularly like like For example Banning Jews at country Clubs I'm a Jew non-favor bandages of Country clubs I'm not in favor of Banning black people from restaurants do I think that the government the federal Government had the power to compel the

Individual bed and breakfast owner to Determine it to the federal government Could override that person's priorities In terms of who they had in their house No I don't think the federal government Had that power however you could at Least make the temporary moral case this Is something that had to be done in Order to get over several centuries of Blatant and evil racial discriminate you Can make that case But the problem is that essentially that Exception is now eaten the entire system Of law and left knows it and they are Pushing this all the way to its limit And if it were not for a conservative Supreme Court majority they would get What they want which is to obliterate All traditional religion from the Public Square Now pause it for one second now he's Saying a lot of uh things here that sort Of like uh co-mingle with each other but He's saying that the federal government Does not have and he's talking obviously About the the case that uh we had we had Discussed yesterday that was heard in Front of the the Supreme Court on Monday Now the interesting thing about this is That a lot of these uh religio uh freako Types are convinced that this is a Religious Um uh A religious beliefs case and it's not

It is uh the the plaintiff in this Instance is looking is arguing on a First Amendment rights that she doesn't She should not have her speech compelled By developing websites for Um gay weddings now nobody is compelling Her to build uh websites for gay Weddings at all literally she's not it's Not happened to her not only has nobody Could compelling here she does she's not Even in that business she's just saying That she couldn't go into that business Of doing uh wedding sites if uh and Building templates if she had to sell Those things The templates to gay people And he's arguing that the government has Overreached In the passage of the Civil Rights Act That it protects certain classes of People from discrimination and not even Classes of people It protects people from being judged With certain lenses you cannot Discriminate against somebody because of Their religion you cannot discriminate Against somebody because of their gender You cannot discriminate against somebody Because of their race You cannot discriminate against people Because of their sexual orientation Although that's not in the Civil Rights Act and that's why you do see some of That still continues to this day

Um in housing and in jobs And he's arguing that the federal Government Has no right to say to a restaurant Owner You cannot put up a sign that says we Don't serve black people or we don't Serve Um you know Jews I mean part of his uh Argument there right that you can't you Can't have a country club that excludes Jews now the the basis Of the government's authority to do so Is that government regulates business All the time The government cannot compel you to Welcome black people into your home you Can put a sign up on your front door of Your house and say no black people Allowed no Jews allowed in here You can do that Because it is not a place of business But once you start to once it once it is A place of business When you are exchanging not Ben Shapiro's currency But the United States of America's Currency and you're subject to tax Breaks say because of your own business Or entire regime of uh regulations Federal and state and local laws You can't Um you can't uh you know poison the Water

With your you can't you know you can't Dump toxic waste out of the back of your Restaurant if you have it Because of federal regulations You are subject To the laws of this country and your Business is being is doing business Under the auspices of the laws of this Country and his argument is They may have the ability to regulate we Can't you know uh sell uh two-week-old Chicken That's been sitting out on the counter But We can discriminate and just like that Is just a um I mean it's an opinion It's not founded in uh U.S law at all But it's an opinion and they're really Pissed people like Ben Shapiro are Really pissed The American public completely rejects That opinion they do they simply do And so they have to find like a Workaround to that Which is that it's in some way stifling My freedom The idea that black people could go to a Hotel They come to town And that the federal government Or the state government I imagine he Might have a problem with too but maybe Not maybe it's just the

Compels a hotel to allow black people to Stay there Is now an infringement on his free Speech that's what they're arguing Continue go back a little bit Blatant and evil racial discriminate you Can make that case But the problem is that essentially that Exception is now eaten the entire system Of law and left knows it and they are Pushing this all the way to its limit if It were not for a conservative Supreme Court majority they would get what they Want but just to obliterate all Traditional religion from the Public Square To shift it and mold it into basically a Version of secularism with a tiny little Cross on the side maybe a little Jewish Star over here and basically all of the Secular precepts except you say God once In a while and God can be a he or she in This particular version Well what is what is this agenda that we Have to get rid of religion from the Town Square like first of all what like What is that what does that even mean It means we're not letting them do the Ten Commandments uh exclusively in the Town Square but I mean that's been Around for quite a while like what is it That are well it's like We already are there what's the next Step that we he presupposes that we're

Doing no and even millimeter sized uh Cross and a centimeter size uh Star of David so so dumb the the only Um the only thing that that he is Concerned about is that culturally Speaking people are rejecting this type Of religion because it is built upon the Oppression of Women it is built upon the oppression of Others who are not in the majority like That is what he's talking about Um slavery Was uh justified through religious Grounds I mean that's always talking About is that it has been removed by Removed from the Town Square what he's Talking about is that people no longer Subscribe to his Theocratic ideology and That's what they're upset about there's No other further agenda other than the Fact that like you cannot discriminate Against people and yes the Supreme Court Is reversing that they roll back the Individual right Of a woman or a person who can get Pregnant To determine what will happen with their Life and their body And that for him is religious freedom Yeah And religious freedom for Fundamentalists like Ben Shapiro Theocrats like Ben Shapiro is I get to Exert my will over you because I just

Coincidentally am placed at the top of This hierarchy in this religious system Because I'm a white you know I'm a male And you know I mean you touched on it There but he did like a rhetorical trick In the middle of that rant where he the Whole conversation was about businesses And then he said something about your Individual home right uh that like he he Has to be dishonest to sell this because You know even in his little rant at the End there people fundamentally Understand this is not popular this is Not popular and so Um he has to he has to sugarcoat Theocracy there's no other way to sell This especially when he came to Prominence as the cool kids philosopher Yep That's what's going on there Um This is their it and and make no mistake About it What what theocrats like Ben Shapiro are Doing now Is backfilling these edicts from the Supreme Court They're just providing like sort of like The you know the spray foam insulation Around the structure that is being Imposed Now by this uh this conservative Supreme Court and it's not going to end Talk about a runaway agenda we are Watching a

A hijacking Of American society and the regime of Rights that we have had in this country For the past 60 some odd years By Basically five votes on the Supreme Court and he's just coming in with the Spray foam to sort of support that That's what's going on He's just trying to make it so that There's a little bit less and it is a Minoritarian Uh we're in it all and very often always Is with these theocracies we're seeing It in the context of Iran right now Yeah I mean that's the way theocracies Work