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By | October 25, 2022

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Rumors that Belarus may join Russia in its war against Ukraine continue to grow: the movement of troops, the concentration of soldiers on the Ukrainian border and statements by Belarusian tyrant, Alexander Lukashenko, seem to point in that direction.

Now, what would this mean for the war? Could Belarus really go to war against Zelenskiy’s country, and why does Lukashenko continue to support Putin’s Russia? In this video we answer these and other questions.

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This video is made possible by Masterworks more on this in a bit [Applause] [Music] Belarus is the perfect example of a Country that never left behind the power Structure of the former communist Empire So in keeping with Hollywood movies Whenever they talk about former Soviet Republics it is a relatively poor Country ruled with an iron fist by a Bizarre Tyrant and it’s not only us Labeling him a tyrant let me remind you That this is something he boasts about Himself an authoritarian style of rule Is characteristic of me and I have Always admitted it it’s better to be a Dictator than gay Alexander lukashenko President of Belarus we’re talking about A dictator who faced with the inflation Crisis the world is experiencing has Come up with a perfect solution to Prohibit inflation by law yep yep that’s What I said inflation banned in Belarus Belarus bans Consumer Price rises in bid To tame inflation let’s see in this Video we are not going to get into why Trying to ban inflation is from an Economic point of view a gigantic Mistake you can find that discussion on Visual economic our new economics Channel if you haven’t heard about it Yet then go ahead and check it out of Course Banning inflation is not the only

Measure taken by this tyrant in an Effort to contain prices have you heard About the general mobilization for the Potato Harvest well take a look Belarus Mobilize children to harvest potatoes And apples says lukashenko he started With the children and ended up putting Half of the country in the same basket Be that as it may this is not the reason Why Belarus is starring in this video The truth is that Beyond his peculiar Economic policy lukashenko has been Attracting International attention Recently and it is doing so no less Because it is the country that most Supports the horrific Russian invasion Of Ukraine there is even speculation That Belarus may eventually join the Offensive against its Southern neighbor For example in June the government of What is known as Europe’s last dictator Announced the creation of the Southern Operational command a combat force to be Deployed on the border with Ukraine it Also announced the expansion of the army And more recently in early October Confirmed that a joint military Contingent will be created with Russia In theory this will entail the arrival In the country of thousands of soldiers From the land of the former czars According to the lukashenko regime this Decision was taken to protect its Borders we emphasize once again that the

Tasks of the regional Force group are Purely defensive and all activities Carried out at the moment are aimed at Providing a sufficient response to Actions near our borders Victor crennan Belarus defense minister of course no One bought it Ukrainian President Vladimir zielenski himself set off the Alarm Bells during the next G7 session And proposed sending un teams to the Ukrainian Belarusian border to prevent a New escalation of the conflict on the Border of Ukraine and Belarus we can Place a mission of international Observers to monitor the security Situation the format can be worked out By our diplomats I ask you on the level Of the G7 to support this initiative Vladimir zielinski president of Ukraine This of course will not happen because As we all know when it comes down to it And Beyond the politics of gestures and Declarations the UN is not good for much [Music] The fact is that since no one trusts Lukashenko and his military movements in Russia and Belarus keep happening as the Russians seem to be losing the war of Course one question has arisen Everywhere to what extent is Belarus Thinking of joining the Russian Offensive against Ukraine what exactly Are they going to use this kind of joint Army they have announced for what could

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Masterworks in the description what’s More you can skip the waiting list to Register by using that link below and as Always in everything related to Investment use your head nothing is Risk-free From Disobedience to submission Alexander lukashenko has been ruling Belarus since 1994. during this time his Regime has been transformed from a more Or less soft authoritarian government Into an increasingly corrupt and Repressive autocracy a dictatorship that Keeps more than 1 300 political Prisoners in jail and has turned the Country into a wasteland of political Alternatives despite the regime being Terribly unpopular not surprisingly Along the way freedom of the press has Completely disappeared and with a GDP of Just over seven thousand dollars per Capita one of the lowest in Europe it is Estimated that barely 25 of the Population supports or sympathizes with This government we are talking mainly About pensioners bureaucrats and members Of security teams of course what the Government does not achieve with popular Support it achieves with the force of Guns trenches and handcuffs in a way This is very similar to the political Situation in Mother Russia and speaking Of Russia although Putin and lukashenko Now seem almost like blood brothers and

Unbreakable allies the truth is that They have not always gotten along so Well [Music] In 1999 the Belarusian dictator signed An agreement with Russian president Boris Yeltsin to create a full political And economic Union between the two Countries the idea was to create a Supranational entity that would Eventually end up being responsible for Economic policy foreign policy and Defense there was even speculation that The countries would eventually end up Having the same currency common courts And even a single Parliament what is Most surprising of all is that Everything indicates that at that time The Belarusian leader thought that he Would himself manage this Mega nation in Other words the move lukashenko had in Mind was something like a kind of Takeover bid where the little fish would Swallow the big one his idea was that Belarus would end up controlling all of Russia However with Putin’s accession to power Those plans went down the drain and the Belugian Takeover bid was turned upside Down suddenly the deal became something Of a gateway to Russia’s annexation of This country for that reason lukashenko Stopped the whole process in its tracks And not only that after the Russian

Annexation of Crimea Belarus which seems To be aligned with Moscow began to smell A rat so what do you think the last Dictator of Europe did then well Basically he wanted to play games with Moscow by forging closer ties with the West in fact he didn’t even recognize Crimea as part of Russia and relations Became more and more strained until 2020. That year in 2020 there was an election A rigged election which lukashenko won With 80 of the vote you know a clear and Resounding Victory but this time things Were not going to stay that way popular Indignation resulted in huge revolts That almost overthrew the dictator so The question is what do you think Happened well Putin became something of A Lifeline for the belbrusian Tyrant he Sent propagandists security teams money And finally even confirmed that he would Intervene militarily in other words he Would send tanks to support his new Friend because of course all this Support was not in exchange for nothing From that moment on lukashenko would Become a puppet of Moscow and plans for The progressive integration of the two Countries would be put back on the table But why on Earth is the Kremlin so Interested in this country [Music] Well you see Russia has been trying to

Grow its political economic and Military Ties with Belarus since the 1990s However this effort has gained traction Since 2020 and there are three main Reasons that we can find behind all this Interest and which explain why this is An absolutely strategic issue for the Kremlin firstly Belarus was important For the Russian economy because more Than 20 of all Russian gas exports to Europe passed through Belarus secondly This country is the shortest way to Reach the kalinian grad a blast and Would allow the cutting off of the Sawalki corridor a narrow strip of land On the Polish Lithuanian border that Could prevent the passage of NATO forces Into the Baltic countries and thirdly Due to Putin’s own obsession with Restoring Russia’s greatness essentially The same motive that has pushed him into The Ukrainian War And what better for Putin than to both Expand Mother Russia and re-establish The greatness of this new Empire you can See once again that there are no Coincidences To make matters worse the international Sanctions caused belarus’s dependence on Russia to multiply and as you can Imagine Putin had no problem in giving a Lot of loans to support his new Lackey And so visualpolitik viewers that Explains why after the ruthless Russian

Invasion of Ukraine we have come across Statements like these those who reproach Us don’t you know that we have the Closest Alliance with the Russian Federation with them we are a single Powerful independent state the union State we have been and will be together With fraternal Russia our participation In the Special Operation was decided by Me a long time ago Alexander lukashenko President of Belarus however despite This the dictator has executed a Meticulous balancing plan throughout the War on the one hand he did allow that Before The Invasion thirty thousand Russian troops were deployed in his Country these were the troops that on 24th of February were launched on Kiev He also allowed Russia to use his Country to carry out a massive missile Launch against Ukraine even four days After the invasion lukashenko revoked His country’s constitutional neutrality Now allowing Russia to station permanent Troops and uneven nuclear weapons Remember the nickname Putin’s puppet Well now you can see why what Belarus Did not do however was to join the war Directly and now the question is why Have rumors been flying that this may Soon change does the creation of the Joint military contingent mean that Belarus is about to change that position And join The Fray if so what exactly

Would Ukraine be facing well let’s take A look War drums During the Cold War this territory was Very important for the Soviet Union the Troops stationed in the so-called Bello Russian Soviet Socialist Republic had The mission to be the spearhead of the Red Army in the event of the outbreak of Conflict with the West that is why a Large part of the Warsaw pact’s most Modern military equipment including a Quarter of all Soviet intercontinental Ballistic missiles could be found right There however after the fall of the USSR The situation changed completely today The Belarusian Army is ridiculously Small and terribly outdated almost all Of its equipment is decades old and Comes from the former Red Army in fact This is one of the few countries that Spends more on internal security than on Its armed forces in other words we are Not talking about a military Dictatorship but above all a police State that is exactly where the regime Has concentrated almost all of its Resources meanwhile the military budget Accounts for barely one percent of GDP About 700 million dollars annually Despite having increased in recent years And that’s not all almost all of it goes To current spending investment in the Purchase of weapons and military

Equipment is minuscule to give you an Idea between 2014 and 2019 the country Barely allocated 898 million dollars to This issue an annual average of 180 Million dollars minus payments to Corrupt officials If funding explains why the Belarusian Army consists of only about 50 000 Soldiers and that’s not all of these Troops it is estimated that only 17 000 Are currently trained and ready for Deployment and that is being generous Many sources reduce this estimate even Further to a range of between six Thousand and ten thousand troops to make Matters worse since the outbreak of the War Belarus has delivered a lot of Equipment to Russia we don’t have the Troops or the military hardware a lot of Hardware has already been handed over to The Russian Federation there are a few Combat ready trips up to seven thousand And they are not ready for an assault Operation for anak via shortka senior Advisor to the Belarusian opposition Leader see Atlanta tuscanuskaya but take Note that the lack of troops is not the Only striking fact for example it is Estimated that the Air Force has only 24 Combat capable aircraft and that the Army could only count on some 200 Old Soviet t-72 tanks What they do have as a deterrent measure Is a reserve of supposedly more than 290

000 people but the truth is that nobody Seems to care that they have the minimum Equipment and training to be of any use In this war then they have quite a lot Of equipment in storage but it remains To be seen in what state it is in after Seeing the Russian disaster in Ukraine It does not seem that much can be Expected from Belarus But wait a minute if that’s the case Then why on Earth is there so much talk About Belarus why all the rumors and This kind of military game that Moscow And Minx have been playing lately well Here we can also find three possible Answers [Music] Foreign First of all the Russian and Belarusian Soldiers being deployed once again on The border with Ukraine could have the Objective of forcing Kiev to move part Of its troops to this area to prevent a Possible fresh attack this could Somewhat reduce the enormous pressure That the Russians are suffering in the East and south of Ukraine these are Areas where as you know Ukrainian troops Are making significant advances some Even suggests that if things continue to Deteriorate Moscow could attempt a new Assault on Kiev if only to force a Negotiation or wear down the Ukrainian Forces secondly Belarusian troops could

Be used to defend the rear or Supply Networks so that Russia can send more Units to the front while continuing to Use belugian soil for missile attacks And thirdly the exact opposite may be Happening that all these announcements Simply end up translating into the Donation of the equipment that Belarus Has in fact we’re seeing a lot of Transfers of equipment such as tanks and Tons of ammunition from Belarusian Warehouses to the front which seems Incompatible with seeking a military Mobilization in the country the military Leaders are trying to to come down the Troops saying they will not be embroiled In the war as the troops are very Worried seeing the success of the Ukrainians no one wants to fight for Putin Franken senior advisor to the Belarusian Elite opposition leader the Atlanta tuscanuskaya in fact belarus’s Entry into the war could be Counterproductive why well because on The one hand it could end up making Washington give Ukraine long-range Rocket launchers and on the other hand It could put lukashenko on the ropes Keep in mind that the war is Tremendously unpopular in Belarus According to polls less than 10 of the Population supports participation in the War in fact sabotage operations against The Russian army have been frequent and

Even high-ranking officials such as the Deputy defense minister have resigned in Protest against the support for Russia Of course Putin has a lot of Leverage But he cannot compel lukashenko to Commit political suicide artrum Schreiber man a Belarusian political Analyst as you can see Belarus has Little to contribute Beyond outdated Equipment who knows what state it is in Of course if this war is characterized By anything it is moscow’s lack of Rationality and who knows that could Become contagious to its cronies be There as it may what is clear is that The lukashenko regime has been complicit In an inhuman and cruel wave of violence And Terror and that is why his regime Must be the target of all International Sanctions but having said that it’s your Turn do you think we will eventually see Belarus declaring war on Ukraine is this The penultimate bullet Moscow is keeping To try to reverse the defeat it is Suffering how do you think this comp Conflict will develop leave us your Comments below and now if you found this Video interesting don’t forget to like And subscribe to visualpolitik if you Haven’t already done so also check out Visual economic 100 recommended thank You very much for watching all the best See you next time [Music]

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