Behind the Scenes of the Hollywood Mafia

By | December 28, 2022

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Mark Dice is an independent media analyst and bestselling author of “Hollywood Propaganda: How TV, Movies, and Music Shape Our Culture.” He has a bachelor’s degree in Communication from California State University and was the first conservative YouTuber to reach 1 million subscribers (in 2017).

He has been featured on Fox News, the History Channel, E! Entertainment, the Drudge Report, and news outlets around the world.


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There's a famous quote attributed to Eleanor Roosevelt that says great minds Discuss ideas average Minds discuss Events small minds discuss people the Moronic masses are concerned about who Their favorite celebrities are dating Which rappers are having a new B for the Latest actor found to have said Something racist years or decades ago Well their life is passing them by it's A circus and as media analysts Neil Postman noted most people are amusing Themselves to death sadly the City of Hollywood largely shapes our culture and That City makes Sodom and Gomorrah seem Like it was inhabited with Puritans in Comparison everything is backwards and Upside down in Los Angeles even the City's name Los Angeles is Spanish for The City of Angels when really it's a City of demons Hollywood is the city of Dreams they say but it's really the city Of Broken Dreams cute girls from across The country moved to LA thinking they're Going to be the next Kim Kardashian or Cardig B only to realize that they're Just one of tens of thousands of other Girls equally as beautiful who are all Competing for the same prize after a String ring of dead end auditions or Maybe Landing a few bit parts and B Movies that are never released in Theaters most girls eventually give up Or start alcohol or drugs hoping to numb

The increasing depression they feel from Not seeing their dreams materialized as They're faced with the harsh reality of The entertainment industry the supposed Sunny Blue Skies of Los Angeles are Filled with toxic smog from the Overcrowded freeways most of the people Driving fancy cars and renting nice Houses or living paycheck to paycheck And have no money saved for retirement And spend most of what they earned Trying to portray an image of a person That they're not living beyond their Means further every day almost Everything in Los Angeles is fake the LA River is made of concrete the city's Basketball team is called the Lakers but Most of the lakes are man-made most People think that the Hollywood Walk of Fame is a beautiful place symbolic of The glitz and Glam they see on award Shows but it's really just a dirty Street filled with homeless people and Beggars I've been there numerous times It's a hell hole Los Angeles is widely Considered to be the loneliest city in America because so many people living There have few or no close friends that They can confide in or trust many Residents don't even make eye contact With their neighbors when they're out to Check the mail they just ignore them and Then pretend that they don't exist it's A strange and sad City unfortunately

Much of our country is now Afflicted With these same kinds of sentiments the American Empire will most likely Collapse someday just as ancient Rome Did the United States has too much debt There's no sense of community throughout Much of the country anymore national Pride has been undermined by floods of Immigrants who won't assimilate and are Openly hostile to our culture customs And history and now millions of native Born Americans even hate our country Because of the Marxist indoctrination And endless anti-American and Anti-capitalist propaganda they've been Inundated with open hatred of America by Enemies within has never been more Widespread and they're determined to Overthrow our Republic and put an end to Our constitutionally protected freedoms And everything that has made America Great child drag queens may be being Celebrated by Major media Outlets Celebrities are bragging about their Abortion work ethic as dwindling calls For socialism are spreading and people Can't decide which one of the 57 Different genders they are Elementary School teachers are openly grooming Children trying to confuse them about Their gender and pushing their perverted Views of sexuality onto them the angry And ignorant masses want to seize Financial assets through force from

Those who have worked hard and saved Their money for decades instead of Steadily pissing it away on things they Don't need and they're trying to censor Anyone who speaks out too loudly about Their agenda but we do need Entertainment in moderation it's Important to relax your mind at the end Of the day or get a little distracted After a long week so what should we do What can you show your kids without Having them indoctrinated with the Idiocy and enemy propaganda that Surrounds us fortunately there are Limitless choices of quality Entertainment if you take the time to Look there are science shows cooking Shows how-to videos and plenty of Family-friendly entertainment available Not to mention good old-fashioned books Aside from quality non-fiction books That can educate while they entertain There are also countless literary Classics that will take your mind on a Journey to Faraway lands all from the Comfort of your own home but it's Critical to do a regular digital detox Especially on the weekends and tune out The endless distractions competing for Your attention on television and on Smartphones spend time with family and Friends having face-to-face interactions Not artificial ones by liking their Facebook posts or communicating through

Social media it's important to limit Social media consumption because by Design it's addictive due to the endless Feedback and dopamine boosts people get From likes retweets comments and follows Stories on social media are hard to Resist because they personalize Incidents that happen across the country In cities and states you'll never step Foot in but the viral videos and photos Open up a window to an artificial world That most people have no business being In it's a distraction but it's also Dangerous because lies spread through Social media at the speed of light Racking up tens of thousands of retweets And shares within minutes by censoring Opposing voices manipulating training Topics and major celebrities constantly Jumping on the bandwagon for Liberal Causes the big tech companies create the False appearance of a consensus around Issues and many are afraid to stand up Against it under concern that they may Catch the attention of the angry moms Who will harass and dox them and do Everything in their power to destroy Them so it's important for people to be Media literate which means developing The skills to analyze and evaluate not Just the messages in the media but the Forces and motivations behind their Creation all of this leads many to Wonder what is wrong with liberals why

Do they always seem like they have no Sense of right and wrong almost like They have no soul well researchers at Virginia Tech discovered that people can Be identified as either liberal or Conservative by a simple fmri scan a Functional MRI scan of the brain they Found that when people are shown images Of disgusting things like a dead animal Or food covered in maggots they can Predict with 95 accuracy whether a Person is a liberal or conservative Based solely on the brain scans which Shows how people's brains react to Seeing such things how is this possible What they found was that the brains of Liberals don't show the same signals of Being disgusted when shown the Disgusting images it was probably a Discovery made by accident but it has an Enormous significance what it means is The further left someone is on the Political Spectrum the higher their Tolerance is for abnormal and horrifying Things it makes perfect sense when put Into perspective they're the ones who Accept and embrace the most bizarre Unhealthy and disgusting behaviors and Lifestyles so when shown images of Disgusting things their brain scans show Little reaction when a normal person Should be repulsed the researchers who Conducted the experiments appear to be Afraid to explain why liberals aren't

Disgusted by disgusting things but the Answer is clear the Bible calls this the Reprobate mind the Bible also predicted In second Timothy chapter three that Quote there will be terrible times in The last days people will be lovers of Themselves lovers of money boastful Proud abusive disobedient to their Parents ungrateful Unholy Without Love Unforgiving slanderous Without Self-control brutal not lovers of the Good treacherous rash conceded lovers of Pleasure rather than lovers of God Having a form of godliness but denying Its power have nothing to do with such People end quote the fact that you're Watching me shows where your heart and Mind is and while we may be a minority There are millions of us who see the Principalities and powers that oppose us And we'll never go along with the neural Order agenda or submit to their demands If you like watching my videos you'll Really love reading my books because They're completely uncensored and let's Just say quite a bit more hardcore than I can get into here in my videos for Obvious reasons with the thought police On patrol looking for any little excuse To cancel me so order my book Hollywood Propaganda how TV movies and music shape Our culture in paper back from or download the ebook from Any of the major ebook stores or pick up

The liberal media industrial complex or The true story of fake news how Mainstream media manipulates Millions All available in paperback from or the ebooks in the major Ebook stores of course there's a link to The Amazon listing in the description Below so click it and head on over there And check them out [Music]