Barstool And Fox News Have Beef And It’s Ridiculous

By | January 12, 2023

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That's the rundown everybody thank you So much we will see you tomorrow oh bro We didn't talk about you going on uh What's it called Jesse Waters yeah it's Okay I go on it all the time yeah how Was it Appearance I didn't catch this one last night what Was the topic what was the topic well he Wanted me to talk about how Democrats in Massachusetts want to lower the voting Age to 16. that seems like a bad idea Yeah I mean I just did like I was trying To do like some I did a To Catch a Predator joke Um Q Anon I had a q Anon reference in Their Pizza it was a little like Stammery and I just couldn't get my feet Under me and I was like I'm trying too Hard I don't know what they wanted me to Do they wanted me to take like this Subway bingo card down into the subway And be like ask random strangers have You seen a rat Fill out your bingo card yeah and it was Like so she like you read it I know That's Barstool host Francis Ellis Talking about an appearance he had on Jesse Watters show which apparently is a Somewhat semi-regular appearance that he Had and he's talking about some of those Bits they wanted him to do he's had to Go on and tell us some jokes this was Off the Record they had just ended their

Show these are things that they were Saying with what they thought was within Themselves the hot mic continued as they Then start talking about Tucker Carlson And the network in general here's the Juiciness let's go to this but uh but What if they offered you not just a Segment but what if they're like Francis We want you to do the eight o'clock to Nine o'clock hour Well yeah I mean then that would be I'd Have to have a conversation with Dave For sure like hey I have a full-time job Being offered to me Fox News yeah no but I look I got control I talked to my wife About it because I was disappointed in Myself and she was like Let's be honest like do you want To be working with these people She was like I watched the rest of his Show and like the stuff that he he's a Joke there isn't still part of the Rundown Dude he's so wrong baby That and then like Tucker comes on and Just Screams like what's going on Weird that doesn't make sense to me does It make sense to you Fox News contributor Francis Ellis and His buddies talking about the way Tucker Cross and says don't you think Something's wrong I'm just asking the Questions everyone knows how Tucker

Crossing in the Fox News crew is even Folks that go on there to discuss and in Fact he was a little bit worried that Maybe he's contributing to the division In the country there's a conscience There let's watch more They're just trafficking and hate that's What I mean like what if they offer you A traffic cop position direct the hate Traffic but you're in a capacity where You are very clearly taking comedic Route so it's I don't know bro people Are dumb dude I think I think last night I went into a place that I shouldn't have gone to no you're too Harsh yourself because last night I was Like yes the Democrats are like eating Children beneath pizza shops yeah but That obviously is they're like people Watching that who don't know that I'm With them yeah Finally are you a young handsome person Is saying it are you Jesus what are you Gonna fix everybody come on bro you're There you're there to tell jokes I'm not Here to fix people but I'm certainly not Here to like stoke the flame yeah divide The country so as they all clown Tucker Cross and that was apparent another part Of Alex Steins is beef again yet again But uh we're not sure if police were Called but the fight continued let's go Back to that a whole bar stool thing Back in their offices because this went

On for several minutes let's watch more Look at this they won't do anything for You Where are you hiding please Man come on Come on out Frank come on out free are You even scared Frank come on Come on come on come on [Music] Guys this is it I'm a plant-based pimp Dave you're a coward I'm here I'm in Here [Music] We're gonna leave but where's Dave and Then Francis Alice making fun to talk to Carlson nobody make fun of my biological Father Tucker Carlson so tell her Okay You know it's just funny because this is I've got two angles of this hole I know you're so you're so cool you're Just hitting my camera