Bad Bunny Tries To Explain Throwing Fan’s Phone in the Water

By | January 5, 2023

Bad Bunny explained why he threw a fan’s phone in the water. Ana Kasparian and John Iadarola discuss on The Young Turks. Watch TYT LIVE on weekdays 6-8 pm ET.

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“Bad Bunny has defended throwing a fan’s phone into the water after she tried to get a selfie with him.

Footage surfaced on Twitter on Monday showing the music superstar walking with his entourage in the Dominican Republic when a fan tried to take a photo with him.

The 28-year-old then snatched the phone from the fan’s hand and threw it into a nearby body of water.”


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Thank you [Music] You just witnessed Reggaeton Legend Bad Bunny grabbing a Woman's phone out of her hand and Tossing it as she was attempting to take A selfie I don't know how I feel about this Because on one hand I get it On the other hand there's a better way Of handling it although if you have People shoving their phones in your face Day in day out it does get a little Tiresome and maybe he just had a moment Lapse of judgment lost his temper and Did that he's generally a pretty like Stand-up friendly kind guy like he's not Really embroiled in any kind of Controversy like this so it's kind of Surprising to see it now he did not Apologize for it Uh well okay so in the video that video Of the incident went viral pretty Quickly but instead of offering an Apology here's what he did he defended His actions so why don't we hear him out You tell me what you think he says quote Anyone who comes up to me to say hello To tell me something or just to meet me Will always receive my attention and Respect those who come to put a damn Phone in my face all consider what that What it is a lack of respect and I'll Treat that the same way

Hmm Yeah well uh obviously Bad Bunny has a Massive fandom so if I could address Them first uh he's under a lot of Pressure this person got in his personal Space so he was totally right to do what He did So you can go I don't like it at all yeah no I hear You I mean I I wish he would have Handled it differently what but it's Also kind of funny about that video is How they're like all having a great time Like everyone's like hooting and Hollering and everything and then as Soon as he tosses the phone it kind of Gets silent uh yeah I think so so I I Think I like some of the distinctions he Makes in his message between if somebody Just comes up to him versus someone who Puts the phone in his face I found what She was doing to be unacceptable yeah I Didn't like it at all but two wrongs Don't make a right yeah you can't just Then say well it's disrespect so I do The same well but you didn't do the same You destroyed property which is Different that would be like if she'd Come up and like ripped your necklace Off or something like you you escalated Past that and I get that She did this one thing to you you've had It done hundreds of times so the Collective toll on Bad Bunny is intense

Of probably way worse than what we just Saw in that video probably everywhere he Goes probably people do stuff like that But that's like that's one of the Burdens of I guess being famous is that At the end of the day when you do Something like that for you that's just One of thousands of interactions but When we see it we evaluate it like if I Saw you do that to someone I would be Shocked by that right well from the Point of view the phone being destroyed It's the same if Bad Bunny does it so I Don't know exactly what the solution is And it sucks to always have to be Surrounded by a ring of bodyguards or Something oh my God but I don't think That you can just take like a 600 000 Object and hocket like I don't think you Can do this hundred to a thousand dollar Object yeah no man phones are so Expensive your phone's cheap when you're A millionaire but for a regular person I think it was last week when Jake and I Were doing the show remotely and there Were Tech issues And I got so panicked and frustrated About the tech issues because we're Working from home it was the tech issues Were on my end And I grabbed like I was so frustrated Grabbed my phone and I slammed it I Don't know if you guys can see but it's Yeah is that the case yeah no no it's

Not the case hey Apple How about don't make the back of the Phone glass like they're I hate I can't Stand out that's a reason no there isn't A reason there isn't a reason they want Us to break our phones they want us to Break our phones they put a dark case on It stupid why would you make a phone out Of glass why fancy look at this look at This people want it to be fancy and I Don't want to get another phone I just Do you want it to be plastic how about Not my face but how about I I would say I would for now I wouldn't replace it I Would get a case with a dark back I just Wanna I want to be able to slam my Thousand dollar phone we should Kickstart a phone that is terrible in Every way except you can wail on it and Nothing bad happens no I wanted to like Function the way that my phone currently Functions but it's durable enough for me To like there's cases Be abusive toward my phone and then not Destroy it you want to be able to get in Bad Bunny's face he throws your phone And nothing bad happens exactly But that's the thing if the phone was Durable enough I don't even think the Bad Bunny story would be that Controversial yeah I think that really Pushy people with no respect for Personal space could use a product like That yeah I agree yeah I agree by the

Way there's one tweet yeah in there that You got to read okay I thought it was Pretty funny so who cares what we think What do the people think well they're Divided on this issue so let's talk About that uh in one Tweet someone says People need to stop acting like Celebrities are their best friends You're a complete stranger to them you Can't just run up invade their personal Space and start recording I agree by the Way I think that goes for everyone I'm Kind of tired of living in this like Surveillance state where like the Initial fear was the government Surveilling us which by the way is true And is a problem but what's become an Even bigger problem is Americans Surveilling Americans like oh just Everyone surveilling each other put your Goddamn phones down for a second and Like this obsession with destroying Every everyone's life in the moment Where they're having a bad moment I Think is gross but anyway moving on Another person tweets I love him but This was unnecessary and everyone Justifying his actions are weird a Normal human being with a human being With rational thinking would have told This person can you please back away him Just grabbing her phone and throwing it Like that was completely rude Interesting he could say that but I

Don't think a lot of these people would Back away like he I am when I say that I Didn't like these through I am not Saying that I think he was in a Perfectly fine situation and he Shouldn't have freaked out I bet it's Awful but I just don't think that Specifically is like it's not you can't Just do anything like if you punch her In the face is that okay no like there Are certain lines that you can't cross But that said people should not do this And we should learn as a society that Just because you've listened to a Person's song doesn't mean that they're Not a person anymore and you can just Have whatever interaction with them you Fantasize about people don't want phones In their faces no you know no nobody Does yeah so just be cognizant of that And he's again he's probably had it Happen to him so many times that he lost His temper yeah Um I'm not giving him an excuse or Providing an excuse for what he did I Don't think he should have done it okay But I'm also not gonna be too hard on Him because I can't imagine what it's Like to deal with this regularly Um I don't know if this was the Tweet You're referring to but this is my Personal favorite he never said he was a Good bunny that was my favorite so that Is true like you knew when you came up

To him you yelled his name yeah it was Bad Yeah he told you he was truthful you Know no false advertising now uh that Unfortunate incident aside Bad Bunny has Actually been pretty generous of late so I wanted to kind of provide some balance On December 27th Bad Bunny gave out more Than 25 000 presidents to fans of all Ages at his good bunny oh he is a good Buddy foundations Bonita tradition gift Drive Uh you try that since you know I'm good Okay uh following the gift Drive uh he Filmed part of a music video for his Recent single uh la humpa Right lahampa Anyway uh sorry I'm a uh gringa as they Say uh with rapper Archangel in Puerto Rico's A neighborhood where a large crowd began To form Bad Bunny then treated the fans To an impromptu performance of several Songs including gato de Noche efecto Mi Porto Bonito and El apagon From the roof of a Gulf gas station According to video shared via social Media That's cool yeah so no and by the way he Has I thought he has a reputation like That Exactly that's why what he did seem so Out of character and his music's so Relaxed the most no his music's awesome

Um no but it's not relaxed the main Point I want to make is look We all have a good bunny side and I Think most of us are mostly good bunnies But every once in a while look we're Flawed right so we have our Bad Bunny Elements too yeah yeah everyone has two Bunnies in them and you decide which you Feed no no but look seriously you feed The character the good funny jokes aside Jokes Aside We shouldn't be so quick to judge a Person based on their worst moments and I think that's the era we're in right Now and we're not generous to people why Are you making that face no I I heard a Sound from there so I glanced at the Control room just I thought I heard Someone go yeah right like generosity of Kindness like being a little more Empathetic toward people and not Automatically thinking they're all bad Because of something you disagree with Or because of some bad moment they have I've had bad moments too we've all had Bad moments and and also Believing people when they say they've Apologized for something they did in Their past they've grown from something They did in their past they've moved on Like we should incur if we believe in And there's actual evidence like they've Actually proven themselves to be you Know different and better like I hate

When obviously like a person in question Has changed from who they were 20 years Ago and rather than you know providing Positive reinforcement for that growth And that change Like the knee-jerk is let's go back to What they did 20 25 years ago and just You know go after them for that yeah Yeah it it provides a disincentive for Growing in my opinion exactly yeah yeah No there's been a couple pretty high Profile cases of like something from Like a long time ago yeah and like if Look if the person has continued to live In the in their life in a way where it's Not super clear if this is still Representative and then maybe you could Have a problem with it but at the same Time I don't think we should allow our Our anger Rage or frustration with People who are like that right now to Try to lump in as many as possible and Think that that's that that's the same Fight when it probably isn't exactly no You you totally articulated what I was Thinking and you're absolutely right About that anyway Um and look I I remember back in the day When like I was definitely quick to Judge I regret that like I regret that a lot I Regret a lot of the stories we did back In the day where we showed like videos Of someone in their bad moment and just

Thought like no this person should lose Everything and it's not fair it's not Fair to people like people are mostly a Mixed bag yeah like even with Joe Biden You've got his like dwee Biden moments That we don't like the neoliberal Component and then there's the like They're far uh few and far between but His dog The dark branded moments are great yeah They can be it's been a bit well he was A bad one he was asked recently about The whole McCarthy debacle and he's like I think he said like uh that's an International embarrassment no he didn't Say that he's like oh he's like not my Problem Yeah I like that response that's the Right response not my problem just I Pair it with an executive order yeah no Totally it's been a little bit he did Some good stuff but it's been a little Bit Yeah do more for us yeah thanks for Watching The Young Turks I really Appreciate it another way to show Support is through YouTube memberships You'll get to interact with us more There's live chat emojis badges you've Got emojis of me Anna John Jr so those Are super fun but you also get playback Of our exclusive member only shows and Specials right after they air so all That all you got to do is click that Join button right underneath the video

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