Antisemitic Message Praising Kanye West Displayed Outside Football Game

By | November 1, 2022

A line of text seen coming across the side of a wall outside a football stadium in Jacksonville Florida Saturday night reads: ”Kanye is right about the Jews.”

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Check out more from the MR crew:
Matt Binder DOOMED
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Speaking of of some anti-Semitism There’s a sign on the BQE that says that Someone put up a billboard like Complaining about ant it’s been 75 years Since uh the gas Chambers uh complaining About Um Anti-semitism Doesn’t seem terribly uh like an Overreaction or something like that I Mean it was it was it was well stated Um I I grew up with a decent amount of it And was there like you know occasionally You’ve been playing basketball with Somebody and you You you you shoot a basket you hear like A little Jew thing or something or People throwing pennies uh so I’m not Like hugely Sensitive to it in the same way like it Was just it was something like that was There and you got to deal with it Um this is a little bit more Disturbing in my mind because uh Involves more resources it’s not just Some ding dong on the playground Um This is it’s it is Premeditated And it for people who see it it makes Them believe that it is Okay And this wasn’t just at this place but

Play this clip this is down Um this is a building in uh Jacksonville And they were all over uh Jacksonville I Guess uh around like the bass the Football game also the Florida yeah Right it was the floor it was the University of Florida football game uh And uh they there was a building before This this was after the game but this is The second Um line of text that was going around Yeah I’ve seen this multiple times in Different places around there Foreign On the side of a building that is like An electronic sign that puts up uh Different sayings Kanye is right about The Jews I mean Like who owns that building yeah and I Mean in the same at uh the stadium where I mean Shao Khan owns it right this is The jet that was the Jaguar Stadium Where they were playing at that happened There as well It is it’s crazy I mean not crazy but Kanye West is not like a political Figure really I mean I know he ran for President but Um kind of as a joke it’s just one Public person to say just something Brazenly anti-semitic and then all of This people are it it’s it’s okay to do I mean or they’re broadcasting it that’s The way it works yeah I wonder if

Candace Owens is like now like I wonder Like what Candace Owens is thinking About in terms of false Flags you know It’s it’s the left trying to exactly how Hitler was misunderstood I think that’s Probably what Candace is doing right and This one was the one right outside the Stadium Now this one looks like it’s projected On there right yeah but on that building It doesn’t look like it was projected it Looks like it was on like the buildings Like electronic billboard if that yeah Because if that was projected on that Building it’s pretty impressive Projection technology because where are They projecting it from yeah it must Have been I don’t think so this looks Like it was projected just from the from The from the floor because you can see It on top like I I think but I I don’t Know for sure but um but Kanye’s going Out there and he’s I mean the clip is Almost just humor it’s not humorous but He’s so I you can’t take him seriously Obviously he was saying that a Jewish Doctor was telling him to take his Bipolar medication and now he’s freed From the Jews because he’s not taking The medication anymore anybody who’s Watching that goes okay this is somebody Who does not know what’s going on and is Not Tethered to reality but that’s not Really what these bigots and

Anti-semites need they just need someone With a little bit of a public profile to Say something Anti-semitic and then it’s it’s you know Off to the Races and right-wing Politicians have been Greasing the wheels for this for a while With all this globalist kind of uh talk And Elites and things like that with Coded language but now it’s just out There and it’s just it’s paper thin Between open anti-Semitism and it all Being a little bit more concealed the Host GOP Judiciary at Judiciary GOP on October 6th so not even a month ago Ranking member Jim Jordan of Ohio Um tweeted out Kanye period Elon period Trump period yeah yep it’s still up it Has not been traditionally yeah send That to me I might want to retweet that

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