Announcing Jordan Peterson’s New Series On Marriage

By | October 28, 2022

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At Daily Wire Backstage, god-king Jeremy Boreing announced Jordan Peterson’s new 3-part series on Marriage, exclusively on DailyWire+.

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You know two of our uh compatriots Aren’t with us tonight Candace is off Baptizing her her child in the UK I Think you were with her briefly in fact I would you know you know why I got Picked for Godfather tell me why it’s Not you’re not a Godfather I’m The Godfather actually you know what so some People think you know you’re Sicilian That’s why that’s obvious it’s not the Catholic thing has nothing to do with it It’s so that I can grant favors on the Day of uh my goddaughter’s wedding yeah That’s fantastic uh and of course Jordan Peterson not with us uh although He was with young Spencer Clavin in Athens uh two weeks ago and he was with The two of us in Israel the week before That and and uh that an unbelievable Experience he jet sets more than any Human he he is crazy force of Nature and Right after this show tonight we will be Releasing our our new special with Jordan the first episode of our new Special on marriage I’m really excited about our project With Jordan you know we we announced in June that he was joining daily wire plus Uh but we didn’t have a lot to show for It we had that first special which is a Tremendous piece of work Dragons Monsters and men and we had his podcast In members block uh okay that’s great he Was doing the podcast pre-existed us so

You know we’re very happy to have it but It’s not like something that daily wire Brought to the table Between now and the end of this year Which is only two months since We’re going to be releasing so much Incredible Premium exclusive Jordan Peterson Content that has never been seen before Can’t be seen anywhere else people Aren’t going to believe the the body of Work that we’re putting in uh that we’re Going to be putting into the world Starting tonight with the first episode Of marriage We haven’t Incredible special uh coming out with Jordan on vision and an incredible Special that he shot in Athens on Depression and anxiety and how to face Those uh those demons we have I can’t even talk about all of it Because it’s not my place some of it is His to announce but I think it’s fair to Say that by you know eight weeks from Today there will be I don’t know 20 hours or 30 hours of Premium exclusive Peterson content that We’ve been working on since June we’re Really excited to bring to bear I’m thrilled about this one because on The night that we announced that Jordan Was joining us at the Ryman we had an Unbelievable conversation about marriage

I think it’s something that our audience Really responded to we’ve gotten so much Great feedback about it so we asked Jordan just to expand on the issue and He did so in this three-part special on Marriage you can get it tonight right After the show if you’re a member of Daily wire plus again uh you know our Members are what make it possible for us To make really premium content like this Marriage special and so they’ll be able To watch this tonight you can head over To click that Subscribe button and I brought here for Sort of a world premiere I hate that Jordan isn’t with us for it but we’re Going to get to see the first minute of The special that’s ever been released Right now What grows you up responsibility Sacrifice a vision of the future and so People grow up when they get married and Probably get better to get married when You’re young because then you grow up if You’re still an adolescent by the time You’re 40 you’re a creep You’re the sort of person that you don’t Even want to be around So you don’t want to be the oldest Person at the Frat party that is not Pretty it’s there’s something rotten About that and I I mean in that in that Contemptible sense it’s It’s something that’s overstayed its

Welcome man and you know people are Willing to forgive your immaturity when You’re 22 or 23 or 28 maybe or even 30 But man if you’re still playing that Game when you’re 40. You are not a happy person and you’re Going to be motivated to go out there And make everyone miserable and so grow The hell up But what does he really think I don’t Know don’t beat around the book

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