Anna Kendrick Takes Over Between The Scenes | The Daily Show Throwback

By | December 14, 2022

Anna Kendrick finds out that she’s on an audience member’s “list” and Trevor has no idea what that is. #BetweenTheScenes #TDSThrowback #DailyShow #Comedy #AnnaKendrick

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Sometimes just don't want to know what The movie's about and then you Oh hi Um I just want to say I really like the Between the scenes stuff I always watch It on YouTube so like can I hang out oh Wow thank thank you No it's not a you know sorry I don't Want to be rude but it's not a like it's Not like a which I'm just I just talked To the audience I can talk to the Audience I think the audience doesn't Want to talk to me We like talk about your dead dog again And bump everybody out again Well it's not like I just brought up my Dead dog someone in the audience asked Me about my dead dog and then That's that's how it happened see it's Happening again just like I said talking About it again he's bumming everybody up No it's just like between the scenes Just like it's just like a random I've Never been hey no I'm in a hoodie Because you know the the studio is Freezing and um the ladies have to wear The cute dresses and I wanted to finally Be comfortable in a studio because of The patriarchy it's always freezing I see you in the halter top I see you if She's uncomfortable I feel like you've Taken my between the scenes and turned It against me It's like an intimate moment I share

With and you guys just turned on me as Well we were hanging out and now you Just flipped it on me so So what do you what do you want to do Did you say so did you say so give us Sweater How did this I didn't take the sweaters Away Why is the mob cheering for sweaters now I there's no no sweaters rule in this Wow you guys the next level give us Sweaters Trevor This is how Arab Spring starts this is Like we want We want us no um yeah I genuinely thank You for enjoying between the scenes but I like I don't know if there's anything Am I the first guest to come under Between the scenes you're the first Guest who's come out after we're done With you [Applause] Just like I'm just gonna come I don't Know what to do right now I don't Because when I between the seasons You know that's what you do that's what I'll do you can pick who the question Comes from that's what I do hi hey Greg Gray girl yeah So first of all not to make this weird But you're on my boyfriend's list How you doing You doing good you haven't put a ring on It yet what's going on no not yet okay

Cool [Applause] Am I on your list It's good to know I've got options thank You wait Can you can you back what what Do you mean on on your list like how Oh what is that what do you mean he's so Cute you know you're less no oh like Somebody like favorite actresses they're Like somebody that you can sleep with With like you get like a hall pass for Like five people it's like five people Yeah five people you can sleep with yeah If you run into them and like it's like A normal relationship thing yeah You just go like there are five people You can and then you were like she's on Your list But like so you thought you can I don't Understand how this works No I mean like does the list so do you Know about do you know who's like do you Know that you're on lists or do you how Does that work um people have made me Aware that I'm on lists But they don't consult you at all Have to sleep with them Trevor no that's That's why I'm saying it's a bit weird That she's like just so you know you're On his list like it's like it's okay wow She's trying to wingman her own Boyfriend and I respect it Okay you know what I feel about like This list thing is like oh wow

The list is a lot more like fun when the Person's not real like like because Right now it's like the list is real now Isn't it supposed to be like someone You'd never meet And now you're like there like like You're smiling a lot Wow okay who's on your list then Um the top of my list is probably Huge yeah oh it's like as an [Applause] [Laughter] [Applause] I literally said it because he's one of The nicest people in Hollywood that's Why I can make that joke he's too nice And he's like Australian nice which Makes it even worse he's like super Super oh yeah nice to see you again oh Yeah So who else Um Bon Jovi okay Hugh Jackman Bon Jovi Who else who else is on the list No no I don't want sympathy list don't you Sympathy list me Please I don't want to I want like Thought out lists Hugh Jackman Bon Jovi anyone else Matthew McConaughey well it's funny you Say that because You guys thought I was gonna bring up Matthew McConaughey hey and you're just Gonna walk up to you and be like all

Right all right [Music] [Music]