Andrew Tate DESTROYS Piers Morgan in Interview

By | October 8, 2022

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Andrew Tate was just interviewed by Piers Morgan about his many controversial statements. But to his credit, Tate seemed almost… reasonable?

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Lauren Chen is a political and social commentator. She was born in Canada, raised in Hong Kong, and came to the US for university. She has a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science with a Minor in Middle East Studies and Arabic.

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Hey Lauren here let’s talk about Pierce Morgan’s interview with Andrew Tate and As far as I know this is the first major Mainstream interview that Andrew Tate Has done with anyone since he was seated Off the internet correct me if I’m wrong Though and since this interview with Pierce Morgan is doing so so well it Just aired the day that I’m filming this And it already has just tons of views I Honestly would not be surprised if other Shows now start having Andrew Tate on Because obviously people are interested In what he has to say and I think this Just goes to show if we didn’t know it Already that no censorship does not work We have the whole Streisand effect Happening around Andrew Tate now and Actually Pierce Morgan mentions in this Interview that at one point Andrew Tate Was the most Googled person on the Planet even surpassing Donald Trump so I Actually was one of those people who Wasn’t really familiar with Andrew Tate At all until he got banned off of Everywhere and I did do a video about my Kind of first impressions of him going Through his content a while ago I would Recommend checking that out if you Haven’t already I came away from that Video feeling a little bit middle of the Road Road toward Andrew Tate I really Like the things that she was saying About men and self-improvement that kind

Of stuff personal responsibility but Then when it came to a bunch of the Clips that were circulating with him Talking about relationships I left with The message that okay this is a man who Thinks that all women are Instagram Thoughts and just Uber feminists like That he doesn’t know any actual just Regular women like the type of women I Interact with every day and so that was Pretty much my main criticism of him in That video but honestly having watched This Pierce Morgan interview which is About an hour long and it is up on YouTube in its entirety go check it out After you watch this of course after Sitting through that interview I’ve Actually got a much more positive view Of Andrew Tate which I’m not even sure Was the intention that Pierce Morgan Had Behind having him on because if you’ve Seen this interview and we will get to The Clips in just a second bear with me You’ll know that pretty much the entire Thing consists of Pierce Morgan bringing Up controversial things that Andrew Tate Has said especially around women and Asking him about that challenging him About those things which I think is Perfectly fair if you say controversial Things which even if you like Andrew you Can’t deny he has done yes expect to be Asked about them and I really do think That Andrew Tate uh held himself pretty

Well here and did a good job explaining His own views now some people perhaps More cynical people will say that he’s Only trying to see more moderate now and Less misogynistic because he’s been Banned from everywhere and he wants to Get back on platforms basically for Every quote that Pierce Morgan brings up Andrew Tate’s message is essentially yes I said those things and I still believe Them however I probably would phrase Them differently now with all of the Attention that is on me than I used to And he did pull the all I’m sorry if you Were offended stick which is like not Not a real apology and he says outright That he’s not really sorry for the Things he said and he still ultimately Believes them but he he says with great Power comes great responsibility which Is true and that because he has this Huge platform now he would be more Careful with the way he says things with That being said let’s see the first Quote that Pierce Morgan has a problem With you use this phrase and be taken Out of context and I’m not I’m not sure That is correct in the sense that it Still comes out of your mouth and some Of the things completely some of the Things you’ve said I just think are Blatantly well let’s do let’s do them Well let’s hear them let’s go through Some sure right so you said this about

Me too stroke rate this is probably 40 Of the reason I moved to Romania in Eastern Europe none of this garbage Flies you go to the police and say he Raped me back in 1988 they’ll say well You should have done something about it Back then honestly of all the things That Andrew Tate has ever said this Specific quote is in my opinion Union Kind of a nothing Burger but uh this is What Andrew had to say about it yeah so The point I was making was obviously at The height of the metoo Scandal and also If we look at Amber Heard and Johnny Depp there’s been a lot of high profile Cases where men have been accused of Things they did not do without evidence Their lives have been completely not Least when I say these things people sit And say that oh he hates women I don’t Hate women I think rape is disgusting I Would take a stronger stance on rape Than the British government I think These people should face a death penalty But to sit and say that women without Evidence can go forward and just make up Accusations against men even though They’ve been repeatedly proven to Destroy men’s lives at will is Absolutely what about a woman I think That was a pretty good explanation from What he said again I didn’t even think That quote was that salacious and Pierce Morgan funnily enough also seems to

Accept what Andrew is explaining at face Value but where he harps on him is Something that bothers me throughout This entire interview Pierce Morgan Seems to be blaming Andrew Tate himself For people who have taken him out of Context or people who have Misinterpreted what he has said and Don’t get me wrong we should all strive To be as clear as possible in expressing Ourselves but at the end of the day There’s only so much you can do Especially if you are going on hour-long Podcast I mean if someone takes 10 Seconds of what you said you’re not Really responsible in my opinion for People then misunderstanding you that’s On them to go and seek out the rest of The information they probably won’t do That because we’re living in the age of Tick Tock but that’s not all Andrew Tate’s fault in my opinion and we have More Clips to go over lots more to talk About but first I do want to say a quick Thank you to today’s sponsor Health with Lauren have you ever wondered why we Visibly age because it’s it’s not the Best right well a big factor is this Protein called collagen or should I say The lack of unfortunately Studies have Shown that collagen production in our Bodies can decrease as much as 10 every Single decade so if you think of Collagen as kind of the glue that holds

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Working on your anti-aging routine but You understand that when that clip Appears on tick tock as a clip and all Right that’s a clip completely okay but It’s still something came out of your Mouth do you accept that when that Appears on Tick Tock a lot of young Maybe not as smart as you young men Right impressionable teenagers we’ll Read that and go what’s he saying is he Saying that rape doesn’t exist and then In response to that much to my surprise Because right so far Andrew T is seeming Very reasonable he does once more Explain to Pierce Morgan that people Taking him out of context is not really Something he can control completely I’m Not going to sit here as a professional And say that I can’t be taken out of Context what I will say is that one Small sentence you’ve taken was from a One hour video where I explained that of Course rape is disgusting of course Everybody should be punished for their Crimes regardless when they happen but People are not perfect male and female And if you give women the opportunity to Destroy men’s lives without evidence There’s going to be a contingent of Women who will do that and now this Brings us to Andrew Tate’s next Controversial quote that Pierce Morgan Brings up and this was one that I Actually had heard when I was

Researching who Andrew Tate was for the First time it is a more spicy one if I Make a video that 500 people see and 1 Percent of them misunderstand it that’s Not a problem if I make a video that 5 Million people see and one percent of Them under so specifically on that point I think my sister is a husband’s Property she took his last name she she Married him she wanted to join his Family she has so he herself right so She she’s still a sovereign individual She’s absolutely not a property means That the husband owns your sister listen My friend if you want to argue about This you need to go back to the Bible to The Quran so if you ask me even though The big Tech platforms didn’t give a Specific reason for Banning Andrew Tate It was just kind of a general we hate You you’re gone type of thing that they Did which they will do let’s face it if I had to guess it was quotes like that Which contributed to their decision Because you can actually be kicked off Of platforms for misogyny and calling a Woman property a lot of people would say Yep that fits the definition but then When asked about this quote Here Andrew Tate gives a much more nuance and I Would say gentle explanation of what he Was referring to and that’s really a Theme throughout this entire video he’s Still has these same opinions but when

You hear him expand upon them they make A lot more sense and sound a lot less Crazy if I can say that and I find it’s A similar thing with Alex Jones if you Hear a clip of him you’re like what what Is he talking about that’s insane but And Joe Rogan does a good job of this When you actually unpack and like try to Follow his thought process it makes more Sense and this next part is where I get Annoyed with Pierce Morgan because they Go back and forth of Piers Morgan saying Oh but do you think this do you think This and Andrew Tate seems to clarify Like at least seven times that he’s Talking about biblical marriage where a Woman is given to her husband uh this This is true if you don’t like Anderton’s view here then you also have A problem with what it says in the Bible Which yeah you can have a problem with Both but don’t act like he’s not getting This from anything and it’s like even After Andrew Tate explicitly says that Women you know are are not chattel they Still should be Sovereign here’s Morgan Still says that that is misogynistic Which I’m confused because earlier on in The interview Pierce Morgan says he’s a Christian and it’s like I’m sorry but if You are a Christian and you subscribe to The Christian view of marriage this is What we’re talking about I think that if A woman marries a man she decides to

Take his last name that they have Different roles and responsibilities Within that marriage and I believe that That’s all the question she’s had I Believe Like a politician the father hands her To the man right but don’t be a Politician because I think you’re a Straight talker right you keep telling Me you’re straight talk I think my Sister is her husband’s property do you Regret saying it like that I I Understand that with my newfound Fame Perhaps it could be phrased differently However I still believe that a woman is Given to the man in marriage that’s what I believe yeah but not as property next They go back and forth about the same Marriage topic for a long time and I’m Talking about a very long time until Pierce reaches the point where he reads The next quote he went on to say about Authority over women if I have a Responsibility over I must have a degree Of authority yeah for the same reason if I have responsibility over and people Are going to lose their mind it’s an Example an energy responsibility over a Child I have to have some Authority so You believe as part of your ownership or Your property of of the woman you have Authority over her now I believe if you Ever that’s what you said I believe You’ve ever responsibility over

Something you have to have a degree of Authority who can’t be responsible but Authority means again that you’re the Boss so essentially based on the quotes That Pierce Morgan has chosen you can Tell that he really takes issue with the Way that Andrew Tate seems to have a Conservative or traditional view of Gender roles within the confines of Marriage I don’t find it that strange Personally I would love to know what you Guys think perhaps that’s just because I Do read more about things like the Biblical view of marriage but uh hey am I also some crazy misogynist let me know Down below and here in this next clip is Another part where Pierce Morgan makes Me say Pierce why you gotta why you Gotta be like this like I loved your Interview with Jordan Peterson I think You did a great job but all of a sudden You have to come back out here with These terrible takes and it’s like I Know you can think you’re not a stupid Person person is it do you have like a Finite amount of brain power you can use Within a given month and so you try to Parcel it out because this next thing he Says is absolutely ridiculous do you Wish you hadn’t used the word Authority The Authority is something that she Would give to me she would come to me And say how can I make sure but I don’t Interrupt you I just want to point out

That’s not what Authority means if Someone gives you can a person can get Voluntary Authority is not authoritic no But that’s the point Pierce if a woman Comes to me and says I want you to keep Me safe she is handing me Authority for Her safe Pierce Morgan apparently thinks That voluntary Authority Is not Authority so you can’t say that Your boss has authority over you because You voluntarily taken that position at Work and when it comes to the Government’s Authority does that mean That their authority over us isn’t Voluntary because I know that’s that’s Definitely true for people like me I Wouldn’t have thought that would be true For people like Pierce I love lockdowns Morgan and I wish the undertale would Have pushed back more against Pierce Morgan here but I mean this is basically The entire interview Pierce Morgan reads A controversial quote Andrew Tate Explains himself and I think very Reasonable ways here’s Morgan says oh But do you really mean this should you Have said it like this and uh Andrew Tate basically says I’m sorry if you are Offended honestly I’m now at a point Where I actually would like to see Andrew Tate interviewed by someone Better than Pierce Morgan because I’m Curious enough to hear his actual views Not just him defending what he means

About previous things and this of course Brings us to another thing that Andrew Tate has said which Pierce Morgan does Not like and funnily enough Um I actually I don’t mind this quote And I frustratingly just think that Pierce Morgan here does not ask Undertake the right questions but anyway Here we go the benefit of you is you Don’t know why I’m asking you said this In general this is also one of the Reasons men find youth attractive you Want to block the internet I’ll block The internet right effing now the reason 18 and 19 year olds are more attractive Than 25 year olds is because they’ve Been through less People say oh you can’t say that but yes I can a 19 year old is more attractive Than 26 year old woman and I’ll tell you Why because that 26 year old has talked To more guys been to the club more times Being effed and dumped more times more Arguments more mass more for me to clean Up that is misogynist essentially in That quote if you ask me we’re about to Hear Andrew Tate’s explanation he is Discussing the way that yes a lot of Modern women they do have very very Large amounts of relationship baggage That is due to the fact that because of Feminism sexual Revolution I mean women Are just encouraged to like live it up In their 20s by going through a bunch of

Guys and I don’t mean to shame women Here because I come from the perspective Of wanting to help women but that is not The way that you’re going to find Long-term happiness and so if I were a Pierce Morgan as an interviewer what I Would want to know is why do you think That women who are older now tend to Have all of this baggage and even Undertake himself admits that no it’s Not all older women and for those women Who do have that baggage why do you Think that this is something that Negatively affects a future relationship To the point where you wouldn’t be Interested in dating them I think if you Actually want to know more about what Andrew Tay believes those are the type Of questions that you would ask but Instead Pierce Morgan is more insistent On just calling Andrew Tate sexist which Is like fine you can disagree with him But I find conversation stations where One party essentially dispends the Entire time saying no I don’t believe You I don’t think you actually think This this is what I think you mean I Find that very tedious and if you’re not Going to take a man at his word why are You even talking to him in the first Place you are encouraging a mindset About 25 year old women that makes them Stand out to be Infinitely less desirable than 18 19

Year olds and having effectively been Having too much sex to be taken in a More respectful way that would well Firstly even if that was the case that Wouldn’t be misogyny but what did you Mean by what you said that’s not Misogyny because it’s not anti-women I’m Saying that an 18 or a 19 year old woman Would be more pretty anti-25 year old Woman Auntie 25 year old women we can Argue but not misogyny well that’s Massage no no no it’s not being anti any Woman at all you heard it from here Folks according to Pierce Morgan being Anti-any woman at all is misogyny which Obviously no no it’s no it’s not you can Be anti-avor Brawn but still not be a Misogynist anyway the last part of the Interview I want to go over is when Piers Morgan asked Andrew Tate about his Own relationship status if you ever been In love yeah how many times uh plenty I Believe in love between men and women I’m a real love you know yeah I believe How many times would you say let’s say 10 I mean I’ve been in love and I Certainly believe that men and women When they work together is the most Beautiful force on the planet I believe In family I believe in children I Believe in why are you single I’m not Single well you’re not married so I mean Well if I was married the last thing I Would do is advertise it to the feral

Psychopaths on the internet so that’s What federal psychic about well like you Called me a friend earlier it can be Debated peers but the point the point But the point I’m making as a whole is That do you want to get married no but This is we have to we house all feed Into each other peers I’m talking about Technical question no but I’m talking About protecting and providing for a Woman I’m talking about a man being Responsible for her I understand so of Course I believe in men and women of Course I believe in love of course I Believe in marriage of course I believe In families the idea that I don’t Believe in the idea that I don’t believe In these things if you believed it I Asked you if you’re going to get married One day absolutely you’d like to if I’m Not married already I would I will be Married one day so what is Andrew Tate All about is he the secret romantic who Wants to someday get married or perhaps He’s already married and he wants to be His wife’s uh super loyal strong Supporter or is he a misogynist grifter Who is preying upon the young Impressionable minds of teenage boys uh Turning them against women I would love To know what you guys think and as Someone who like I said is still not Very familiar with Andrew Tate I do Think that for for the most part of this

Interview I agree with what he’s saying Now are these his actual views is he Simply less bombastic and inflammatory Than he used to be and just trying to Express himself more carefully or is This an attempt to Rebrand cynically Because he knows that his old chick Isn’t working anymore I don’t know I Don’t know the guy enough to make a Definitive decision but honestly I am More interested in what he has to say Now than before and if you guys have Seen this interview or even just from The clips we’ve shown here has your Perception of agitate change for the Worse or for the better let me know down Below and as always if you enjoyed this Video please be sure to like share and Subscribe it means so so much until next Time

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