“Alpha Male” Declares War On M&Ms

By | January 14, 2023

Nick Adams has called for a boycott of M&Ms for being sexist against men. Jayar Jackson, Wosny Lambre, and Yasmine Khan discuss on The Young Turks. Watch LIVE weekdays 6-8 pm ET.

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“A self-described ‘alpha male’ has absolutely lost it over M&M’s releasing special packets of the iconic chocolates featuring an all female character lineup.

The limited edition snacks aim to celebrate the sisters who are out there flipping the status quo to put an end to antiquated gender roles and ideas while raising funds for female charities.

Nick Adams, a man who describes himself as ‘Australian by birth, American by choice’, has taken to social media to hold the candy company to account for what he calls ‘feminist M&M’s’.”


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M M's have just released feminist M Ms Yes you heard me right feminist imminent Egregious sexism of the worst and most Conceivable kind it is outrageous it is Disgusting and it must not stand that is Why I am calling for a complete and Total boycott of all things Mars and Particularly M M's A complete and utter shutdown yeah we've Heard that before there's a alpha male As mentioned on his Twitter account Nick Adams he's calling for a complete Boycott of Mars so I guess that's why I'm not sure it all falls under Mars but Definitely those damn M M's and their Sexist uh screeds and approaches to our Public here's the details of what has Them so upset Paul Rudnick tweets this Out that Eminem's are being released in A limited edition uh saluting women Who've quote flipped the status quo Which is why they're all upside down There and the company's making donations To feminist causes strike two this is All great and I've also learned the Talking M M's are called spokes candies Becoming a spokes candy is my American Dream he pointed out there the so the M M's there are brown purple And as we already know the green with uh The new sneakers not the boots anymore That gives more folks the chance to get Upset about Eminem's we heard about Eminem's before in the rebranding of a

Few of them added an orange one I Believe something like that they had a Bunch of conservatives mad then but Nick Adams has a little bit more to say about This whole thing though he's not done Let's go [Music] Beta male feminist Who has serious serious problems Until Eminem's Rectify this grave Wrong By giving us all male M M's Boycott will remain We will not stand for this at all Eminem's [Music] Come on man these guys go too far with The jokes he had the M M's ready in his Pocket that I assume he purchased did he Steal those from a local a local corner Store to stomp on them on the ground and Also had them upside down approaches Practice a little bit before you go with Your uh pushes by the way I Part of the discussion is going to be About who is Nick Adams because I'm not Sure and I'm sure everyone's had this Conversation but one more tweet from him Which is one of my favorite Parts about This thing this is what he said happens Maybe this is where he got the M M's he Said I was at a bodega this morning when I saw a small boy ask his mother for Some candy as I saw her hand reach for a Package of M M's I cried out and I left

My place in line to stop her once I Informed her Eminem's had gone woke she Thanked me profusely and opted for Twix Instead it was a glorious moment you Know Iron Man flashed through the air And he saves people from International Ruin and he pushes back on his company Uh Captain America lives throughout Multiple decades and makes sure that he Lives and uh Nick Adams he stops women In bodegas from buying their children M M's they're all heroes they just do Different things for society there's More about this but uh I need to ask you Guys well first let's go to the response From Nick Adams because I have a Specific question about him after the Eminem discussion Okay like when I first saw the headline For this story it said that he was a Self-described alpha male but I didn't Realize that this guy literally had Alpha male in his name on Twitter he Just told everyone I am this I'm an Alpha male and like anyone who has to Tell people they're an alpha male isn't Whatever that person thinks an alpha Male is which I assume is like a very Attractive person and an incharged kind Of guy but really they're just insecure And we all know it everyone knows that They're the only ones who don't know it It's so exhausting to stop they won't They won't no they know they never do

They never stop I watch this and just Assume that he's doing like uh Stephen Colbert Uh bill right Bill O'Reilly alpha male Kind of thing right like that's what I Assumed I didn't take this guy at his Word and then you know the next thing is Like I remember I must have been like 30 Years old when somebody told me that Green M M's were horny like I didn't Even know what I didn't do anything yeah That's the thing it was like the mood Ring if you got a mood ring in like Junior High and it turned green that's What it meant yeah Green Oh that's a Symbol for horniness and that's why the Evidence the green m m had the sexy Boots and all of that like Yeah Boy Sometimes horny M M's now she's wearing The uh with the Cortez's or something Like that so she's she's changed her Ways bro we can all be performing change Unfortunately for the god botherers Um people can still have sex and Sneakers that's Um and sad and unfortunate truth I I Just want to highlight uh the other part About Nick Adams there in his last video Saying unless they create a bag of male M M's Uh I will be boycotting them so you want I'm not going to go to what he expects To have in his bag of M M's but Apparently male body parts are supposed

To be included with this bag of M M's For him to devour as fast as possible But this is the thing about Nick Adams And I'm glad you brought up this way Wise I think um I think it's a deep deep dive Fun thing he's doing yes it's a I think It's like a Stephen Colbert thing but Everyone knew but there's enough people Who follow this guy which uh I I don't Want to promote him too much but I'm Going to real fast uh yes you have to Follow him because he's hilarious he's Really good at the comedy but there's People who take him seriously enough That I guess it's convincing people that This is real it's like was it uh uh the Elvis guy uh Austin Butler is that his Name the actor he Still's talking like Elvis Presley right now I feel like Nick Adams went on a deep dive to become a Super conservatives and appeal to Donald Trump types of magnet everybody and he Doesn't know how to come out of the Accent he can't stop talking like this Especially when it's making him this Much I guess getting his this kind of Attention and this much money but There's something different about this Whole thing though Even though I think he's acting and this Is just a fun prank on everyone there Are a bunch of actual people who Consider themselves serious human beings

And adults that have been saying similar Things about these M M's let's watch That Woke M Ms have returned the green m m Got her boots back but apparently is now A lesbian maybe and there's also a Plus-sized obese purple m m so we're Going to cover that of course well Eminem still melt in your hands if they Identify as trans apparently there's new Lesbian characters we need to run from Women like the green m m I do not trust Her purple Eminem has added uh was added To push acceptance and inclusivity you Conniving climbing little this is What you need for validation I'm worried About you I think this is the kind of Thing that makes China say like oh good Keep focusing on that keep focusing on Giving people their own color M M's uh While we you know take over all of the Mineral deposits in the entire world is This orange a man or a woman no I I Don't I don't know is this blue is it Non-binary is it Democratic I don't know It's blue women all know that the women Are like I'm a woman and I'm Pro woman And they'll call Pro women I am you Can't trust them Wow Yo listen okay listen listen Um I understand what Sloan news days are About um everyone experiences it every Once in a while in fact I think it's

Annoying when people say slow news day Even when it's the folks like that Sometimes you just have to talk about Random nonsense things but I think they At least have to let everyone know They're joking here I don't know maybe They're not I think their viewers Understand that they're joking and and I Love the idea that that that woman I Don't know her name wouldn't leave a Green m m around her boyfriend like Basically she was implying about Sneaking and conniving that that's Pretty funny It's good it's good comedy it's Impressive though how they can just Loop China into something like the most inane Stories of my career in journalism is Ever reduced to whatever this is then I Quit that's when I know that we're done Here I'm done and well and the producers Probably came as done with this story And they're like really we have to talk About this but by the way she talked About the distractions um uh was that Martha McCollum Um let's talk about the distractions While China just takes the mineral Deposits Um well you're talking about it on your Air and not talking about China stealing Everything in the world's resources and Undermining everyone else you're talking About how much you hate the M Ms yo I

The problem is that people actually pay Attention to it Um and take them seriously while they Rake in the money and laugh all the way To the bank uh Petey hexath on those Clips as well the last bit about this Pete hegseth was eating him and saying I Don't know blue first is purple versus Brown that's the point if you don't care Just eat the M M's and the obese one by The way she shaped oddly like the yellow M m who's a doofus he's the peanut m m Oh he's the male one because he's got Peanuts Inside of him just saying I'm done Talking about this you're right yeah You're right you're right nobody's Telling me is it a man Eminem is it a Woman Eminem I I don't know that body shape of Eminem Is nothing new and I like the peanut m m So I'm like I'm offended on behalf sadly Sadly peanut M M's are absolutely I'm Offended this is my outrage they're the Worst ones I'm sorry you just had to Bring that out that's crazy you don't Like peanut m m unbelievable get out of Here best ones are like peanut uh peanut And then I think there's there's these New ones coming out I enjoy don't like Chocolate anyway but you have to have Eminem's the peanut butter ones that's The way to go am I right this is Poland This is not like chocolate though I

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