Activists Killed While Protesting “Cop-City” In Atlanta

By | January 24, 2023

The city of Atlanta is building a mega cop training center that protesters have criticized as a cop city. Jayar Jackson and Jessica Burbank break it down on The Watchlist. Watch LIVE on weekdays at noon ET.

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“Officers spotted someone in a tent in the woods and gave verbal commands, but the person allegedly did not comply and shot a Georgia State Patrol Trooper, the Georgia Bureau of Investigation said in a news release.

Officers returned fire and fatally wounded the person, who was identified as Terán. A handgun recovered from the individual’s possession matched the projectile from the trooper’s wound, the GBI said.”

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Reconstruct barricades to keep police Out police construction Contracting companies do you hear Gunshots all the time because there's a Police firing range yeah you can hear Those shots right there occupying this Forest is how activists are resisting The construction of a 90 million dollar State-of-the-art police training center Protesters call cop City the facility Will be developed on one of the largest Green spaces in Southeast Atlanta which Has a history of Oppression all of it it Will be clear-cut it cannot wait they Just want to go in and bulldoze Everything and then write the history The way the way they want to ride it the Fate of the forest is up in the air as a Police and Forest Defenders both refuse To back down those people to me through Their acts are actually domestic Terrorists major corporations are Pouring Millions into this project Financially pressuring politicians to Build cop City This big structure that uh Atlanta area Police officers are trying to put Together is being dubbed cop city as you Heard there it's a big Training Center They can do anything they want Specifically uh finding ways to push Back against activists which they're Already seeing before they even get a Chance to do so there's some more

Details about this plan they've got and Why this pushback The facility would be a space where the Police could practice tear gas explosion Bomb testing have a shooting range Practice high speed chases like they're Literally going to build a mock city of Atlanta to practice different Urban Warfare tactics the purpose of this Project is to be able to better surveil Better suppress and better prevent Liberation movements that directly Address the exploitation that black and Working class communities are feeling Atlanta actually increased its police Budget after black lives matter protests And a movement to defund the police more Than 70 of atlanteans disapprove of cop City in 2021 Atlanta's population was Almost 50 percent black 20 of atlantans Live in poverty the Atlanta police have Always been an antagonistic towards for Working-class people they have been Active agents of gentrification cop city Is proposed to be built on land that Included a slave plantation and a prison Farm So there's lots of reasons that they're Against this the environmental side of It the fact that they're looking to Train to maybe go after folks in certain Parts of the city that they want to Train to go after in those particular Situations or just their clearing of the

Trees and they talked about uh Temperature controls all these things That I don't understand scientifically But they have grievances maybe we should Listen and maybe discuss and figure out A way to go forward if you want to have This huge training facility that will Cost tons of money this is where things Went South in this uh back and forth uh There was an activist that was shot and Killed as I pointed out Uh in the forest protesting this stuff He was 26 year old his name was Emmanuel Esteban Paez Tehran he was shot near a Planned 90 million 85 acre law Enforcement training so that you heard About there officers spotted someone in A tit in the woods and gave Rebel Commands but the person allegedly did Not comply and shot uh shot a Georgia State Patrol Trooper the Georgia Bureau Of Investigation said in a news release Apparently that's what Manuel did his Mother I said there's no way uh her name is Belicus Tehran spoke to CNN by phone From Panama Saturday night expressing Disbelief in law enforcement's Recounting of that incident they said he Had a gun if he had one it was for Protecting himself against the animals In the forest that's what I understand Is what she said there's other activists As well that said there's no way there's

Anything he'd be about they disputed Their account of what everything that Went down So this whole thing went down and now Because of that The law enforcement part about this the Fact that someone was killed and now There's more protests happening and People want Justice for that in comes Donald Trump he has things to say about It because you know he's a supporter of Law enforcement back the blue how much Of it do you think he means here as he Talks about himself He talks about a bunch of shootings that Are happening 10 dead in California as We talked about earlier horrible Gun-wielding antifa protest against our Great police in Atlanta nothing will Happen to them despite a night of rage And destruction yet our January 6 Protesters over a rigged election there He is Have had their lives ruined despite Nobody killed except the true Patron Ashley Babbitt this situation will be Fully rectified after the 2024 election And thank you really uh Burbank what do You think he thinks he can do after the 2024 election what is it that can be Rectified about the fact that they're Activists Protesting something that's going to Happen in their area because they live

There and then after that you're going To do something about what are you going To do what's the plan no one's saying That part Well I'm sure there were there were a Few men and women in blue who were President or who were present uh January 6 and the former president really you Know has a soft spot for them that's a Huge problem that the same people that Workforces work for the police are the Same people that burn crosses that Famous Rage Against the Machine lyric is True right we see members uh of these Far-right groups you know in New York And the NYPD officers allowing them to To forego paying their toll in the Subways I mean they're friends they're On the same team and that's in New York Which is a relatively Progressive area Compared to the American South where There's an even richer history of the Former slave Patrol turning in to Cops And then you have Trump saying you know It's antifa this idea that antifa is Some violent group and the far left is Just as Extreme as the far right is Ridiculous because antifa means Anti-fascists they are fighting against Fascism they are fighting against Violence so we don't have a society Where the cops are treating citizens Like their enemies and instead we can Reimagine Public Safety where we have

You know a different sort of social Contract which to many they believe it's Been broken which is why they're Protesting cop City this is not you know Citizens rebelling against the Government and being terribly violent And attacking people who are serving Them this is them standing up because They've been brutalized by the police Time and again and this is going to be a Training facility to teach them how to Continue to do that as we watched that I Was thinking that I'm glad you mentioned It in a way as far as their constituents There's folks and then there's now this Broken social contract why is it this is Automatic anger in response to people Who live in a certain space ago we don't Want this we don't want that to happen And in fact we pay for you guys and then The response is no we're gonna come in With Force to do so is that the type of Relationship that citizens are supposed To have with the police or the police With citizens it's automatic anger Suspicion and uh thoughts that they're Being attacked the ones with the guns And the armored vehicles and the Shields And the extra weapons those folks are The ones that are always being attacked In their mind they've been told that Enough times that no matter what someone Says to them whether it be a middle Finger

Or uh you can't come through here it's Gunfire man Think about how that's supposed to be Normal here that's the normal Relationship we're supposed to have with Folks that are protecting us Yeah like prove that you're worthy of Protection somehow The folks living in poverty and being Overwhelmingly black in this city is Also hugely relevant because all of These people that you know I'm sure many Of them are are working over 40 hour Weeks and being paid way less than the Value of their Labor's worth but of Course you have to you know get a job For a certain amount of wages so that You can continue to have a house Continue to have food and still people Are intentionally underemployed and Unemployed and then they try and meet Their basic needs some of them can't Some of them sleep in tents that Behavior is criminalized by the police And The Police become this first uh Touch point for the criminalization of Poverty essentially and so if you're Working hard people are making money off Of your labor and you're paying taxes Into a system that's treating you like This that makes this all the more Egregious and the social contract broken In so many ways more than one and the Last thought about what um uh Trump was

Tweeting out there are truths out there These are the type of small uh instances Uh nudges that the way that people are Supposed to think about this is this Drawing the Line right down the middle Of of course someone's antifa because uh They're protesting something not hap They don't want to have happen in their Area a place he doesn't live I don't Know how much time he spends in Atlanta I'm gonna guess that not that much but There's a type of stuff that caused this Division and you'll have politicians go Look at the divisive nature of our Country look at the guy who everything He talks about comes back to him in a Stolen election and then how anybody Else who isn't on that side is against The cops wants them dead and at this Point I guess he thinks deserve to die Yo you know you follow someone like that You can't complain about division Anymore