a Woke Thanksgiving! 😂

By | November 24, 2022

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Happy Thanksgiving everybody it's Another classic American holiday which Means of course the Marxist Among Us are Causing strife here's msnbc's Joy Reid With her Happy Thanksgiving message Thanksgiving the day we gather with Friends and family to enjoy turkey Stuffing mashed potatoes and pumpkin pie We throw on the game catch up on our Lives and then discuss or quite possibly Argue about religion and politics for Millions of Americans it's a day of Cherished traditions and As Americans we Certainly value those Traditions you Hate American traditions what are you Talking about from Columbus Day Fourth Of July to Halloween and even Mother's Day I don't think a single holiday goes By anymore without the Communists Complaining about white people or how They're not gay enough but it's also Important to unpack the myth of Thanksgiving you mean how it's Celebrating genocide against the Native Americans It is a holiday riddled with historical Inaccuracies coming from the liberal Media yes built on this myth that the Indigenous welcomed their colonizers With open arms and ears of corn Colonizer you mean saviors a simplistic Fairy tale interpretation of a 1621 Encounter between indigenous tribes and English settlers that erases the

Genocide that followed It's the truth Republicans want banned From our textbooks uh no we just want Drag queens banned from elementary Schools because here's the secret they Want so desperately to keep We are a country founded on violence Well I didn't know that they stopped Teaching about the Revolutionary War Back in school and how we declared Independence from England to start this Great country things are a little more Mild over at CNN however they're Reporting that Thanksgiving is a great Time to celebrate Ethiopian culture it's Also an opportunity to celebrate your Culture one of the most beautiful things With America is that we are so Multicultural right so in my on my Thanksgiving table tomorrow yes there Will be turkey there will also be some Wonderful Dora Watts from Ethiopia and There'll also be some Wildlife from us Yeah there will also be some drivelines From Sweden right there's an opportunity To really celebrate your culture Yeah no and and to share food traditions And have other people bring things uh to The table uh that's different I mean I Actually feel we here in Washington DC We have such a rich uh culture of Ethiopian food because there are so many People so that's not something that I Was ever exposed to as a child but

Something that I that I eat uh regularly Now um that's amazing I didn't know that They actually had food in Ethiopia could You imagine bringing bratwurst to a Cinco de mayo party and then talking About how great your German Heritage is Or going to a holiday celebration in Japan and then complaining that there Are three hamburgers to eat because well That's your culture can Americans enjoy Any of our cultural Traditions anymore Without somebody from a foreign country Complaining about it and trying to make It about them world-renowned American Historian Nick Cannon who I believe is Up to 10 or is it 11 illegitimate Children now I lost count as a different Take on Thanksgiving Really that Feast was ultimately a a Celebration for a massacre of over 700 Native Americans and then once Abraham Lincoln actually years later then Sanctioned it a holiday and kind of Tried to clean it up a little bit but The actual you know Feast that the Pilgrims were having during that time Wasn't a celebration of friendliness or Giving at all it was really like hey They finally got some food because they Have been starving and they they killed The the Godless Indians of which they Called it so Um that is not what happened at all that Might even be too crazy of a take for

MSNBC and this is a story that seems to Get recycled now every year by the Anti-white idiots this from BET why this Scene in A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving Could be racist the classic 1973 peanut Special has stirred up a bit of Controversy in recent years the scene in Question is this one which depicts the Group having Thanksgiving dinner but it Appears to be segregated because the Black character is sitting all by Himself on one side of the table some Have critiqued this scene bet reports Considering it problematic even arguing That it could be racist since Franklin Is separated from the rest of the Characters who are white well yeah I Guess some people have critique the Scenes lunatics and they supposed Native American who Marlon Brando asked to Accept his Oscar on his behalf back in The early 1970s for his role in The Godfather well she passed away not long Ago and well her sisters are now Admitting that she was an ethnic fraud Because she was Mexican he would very Regretfully cannot accept this very Generous award and the reasons for this Being are the treatment of American Indians today by the film industry Excuse me Who could imagine somebody pretending to Be a completely different race something So absurd would never happen in our

Modern society though however right oh Wait what's this identify as black But interestingly enough she wasn't the Only one you may have seen this crying Indian meme it's actually from an old Commercial back in the 1970s which was Actually a good commercial denouncing Pollution and littering and it turns out That the actor in this commercial iron Eyes Cody uh wasn't a Native American But he not only pretended to be one in The commercial he also pretended to be One in real life it turns out that he Was Italian and a complete fraud so Rachel dolezal contrary to popular Belief is not the first transracial Person in America but if you want to Bring tears to the eyes of your liberal Relatives I would recommend ordering a Trump claw sweatshirt from my online Store at markdice.com and wearing that For Christmas dinner this year like all The mining signs it's available in a T-shirt long sleeve and a hoodie and a Whole bunch of different colors as well And if you use the promo code turkey at The checkout this weekend you can save 15 off of anything like my new Ultra Magazine shirt an F Joe Biden shirt an Arrest Dr fauci shirt or any my awesome Designs so head on over to markdise.com Or click the link in the description Below head to the promo code turkey at The checkout to save 15 this weekend and

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