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By | October 16, 2022

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Anthony Albanese is the new Prime Minister of Australia. After nine years, Labor has regained power in the Oceania giant and they do so at a time when relations with China, its main trading partner, are going through their worst period after the signing of the AUKUS agreement. So the question is: What will this shift to the left in Australia translate into? How can the change of government affect its relations with China? In this video we tell you.

[Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] 2022 has been a year of change for Australia you have all heard about the Latest one following the death of Elizabeth II Charles III has also become The new Head of State for the land of Kangaroos and surfing however the truth Is that the largest island in the world Always throws a curveball in the 70s Charles tried to be appointed governor General of Australia and was Unsuccessful once married to Diana of Wales his first great trip abroad took Them to the Pacific and it is said that It was precisely in Australia where Prince Charles’s jealousy towards lady Dye’s popularity began then in the 90s He suffered an attack in Sydney in the Style of Christina Fernandez de Kirschner so don’t be surprised if Australians are once again making King Charles’s life miserable because Republicanism is on the rise in this Country [Music] Well the truth is that they already Tried to do away with the monarchy in 1999 when they held a referendum for Establishing a republic although on that

Occasion the monarchy prevailed but Since Charles III is not Elizabeth II Nobody can rule out that the Republicans Will return to The Fray in the next few Years what is already a reality for the Time being is that may 2022 also saw a Significant shift in Australian politics Albanese to be PM as labor ousts Australian conservatives after a decade In power a lot has changed in Australia Over these nine years and things have Also changed in the world for example There is a worldwide agreement to fight Global warming a worldwide pandemic Killed 6.5 million people and Visualpolitik is about to reach 1.3 Million subscribers which we’ll talk About soon and on this channel we have Dedicated several videos to the tensions Between Australia and China relations Between the island continent of Oceana And the Asian giant have deteriorated Significantly in recent years however it Now appears that the new government of Anthony Albanese is betting on adopting An entirely different strategy for Dealing with China so the question is What will this shift to the left in Australia translate into how might this Change of government affect canberra’s Relations with Beijing today on Visualpolitik we are going to provide Answers to these questions but first Let’s take a look at a bit of History

From climate change to policy change The United Kingdom has the reputation But the real crusher of prime ministers Is Australia in the last 12 years six Different people have been in office and At least half of them have been toppled For trying to implement measures to Combat climate change as long as 13 Years ago Labor’s Kevin Rudd tried to Pass an emissions trading scheme that Was shot down by none other than the Greens who felt that stronger policies Were needed its failure brought Julia Gillards to power she promised that her Government would never create a carbon Tax and guess what she passed one just a Year later result her popularity Plummeted and there was a labor debacle At the polls then the liberal Conservative coalition’s time in power Began with Tony Abbott who rejected the Climate change campaign Point Blank he Was followed by Malcolm Turnbull who Like Rudd was ousted by his own party Colleagues because of his plans to push For zero emissions energy so you can see That this is a particularly sensitive Issue in Australia Fossil fuels are Australia’s great Source of wealth the island continent Has become the world’s largest exporter Of coal with a 29 share of the global Market in addition Australia has been a Major beneficiary to the liquefied

Natural Gas Revolution its gas Production has tripled in the last 10 Years and the country has become the World’s largest exporter of LNG with a More than 20 share of all World exports You could say it’s a real money-making Machine But the exploitation of Australia’s Natural resources does not end there Mining accounts for 11 of GDP and Generates 270 000 direct jobs what’s More while the world has been talking For years about Concepts such as energy Transition or decarbonization of the Economy in Oz half of the electricity is Still generated with coal take a look Well visualpolitik Community this is the Reality of Australia fossil fuels are Part of what many call the Australian Way of life so no one has wanted to do Anything to change it until suddenly a Series of natural disasters have brought The environments to the Forefront of the Political news In recent years Australia has suffered All kinds of catastrophes between 2019 And 2020 Australia suffered a wave of Fires that swept through more than 24 Million hectares an area of land Equivalent to the entire United Kingdom It is estimated that the damage exceeded 60 billion more recently in February of 2022 Australia experienced one of the Worst floods in its history with 22

Deaths and 3 billion dollars in losses In addition half of its most precious And best-known natural treasure the Great Barrier Reef has died as a result Of warming ocean temperatures Foreign All these developments have made the Environment a national concern and today If we talk about the environment we’re Talking about the debate about global Warming the thing is that all of a Sudden all of this has had a huge Electoral impact in fact what cost prime Minister Scott Morrison his job was Precisely not doing much of anything For buzzworld in Australia is teal it Means blue green and the teals are the Independent candidates who in several Constituencies have ended to the Traditional dominance of the liberal Conservative Coalition they are So-called because ideologically they Could be perfectly placed on the Australian right but they are calling For stronger action against global Warming thereby claiming that concern For the environment is not the exclusive Preserve of the political left The rise of the teals put an end to Morrison’s chances for a second turn and Now it is the turn of Labor’s Anthony Albanese or albo as the new Australian Prime minister is also known [Music]

For example in early September 2022 it Secured passage of legislation raising Australia’s 2030 emissions reduction Commitment from 2005 from 28 to 43 this New law is a big turnaround from Australia’s traditional approach so now What no one doubts is that the Oceana Giant is going to need a lot of Investment in the coming years Australia’s labor party has 82 Renewables goal for 2030. in 2021 Renewables generated 29 of Australia’s Electricity so there is a long way to go In this area otherwise albo’s economic Program offers nothing that could not be Found in that of any labor politician Anywhere for example he wants better Social services and to raise the minimum Wage by five percent however it seems That much more important for the Australian economy will be whether or Not albo succeeds in bringing relations With China back on track so the question Is how is Australia’s new government Moving forward listen up [Music] The saw [Music] Australia and China have had trade Relations since the 19th century but it Was with the Awakening of the Asian Giants that economic ties between the Two countries grew at an impressive Pace Australia has everything and Beijing

Wants it we are talking about food coal Natural gas iron and all kinds of Minerals the Chinese economy devours Every resource at its disposal and Australia has been more than happy to Provide it ten years ago China had Already become its largest trading Partner and then suddenly the Australian Authorities were caught in a complicated Balancing Act the world’s largest island Was basing its Prosperity on trade with A Communist dictatorship like China While at the same time its security Remained dependent on its alliance with The United States and of course China And the United States have not exactly Been getting along for a few years now The question now is to put the two Things on a scale Prosperity versus Security the question is which one Carries more importance for you because The truth is that Australia has always Been very clear about that Foreign Australia is one of the five members of The five eyes a us-led intelligence Alliance that includes the United Kingdom Canada and New Zealand these Countries consider it a national Security risk to use Chinese Telecommunications companies such as Huawei to be providers of 5G networks For this reason Donald Trump pushed for A veto of Huawei that its allies

Including Australia have followed [Music] But wait a minute because if there is One thing that truly angered China it Was that Australia called for an Independent investigation into the Origins of covid-19 and guess what Beijing’s response was unprecedented [Music] It published a list of 14 complaints About Australia the list complained About the veto on Huawei and its Insinuations about covid-19 but also About other issues such as Australia Rejecting its claims over the South China Sea or blaming China for being Behind cyber attacks this was what the Communist Regime put on the table what Remained hidden was the implementation Of an unofficial trade embargo that has Remained in place to this day suddenly Australian products stopped being bought By China except for those such as iron Ore and liquefied natural gas because at The end of the day it is more Complicated to find alternative Suppliers then China publicly also Failed to complain about something that Also bothers Beijing a lot Australia’s Increasing closeness to its Regional Enemies You see Australia is part of quad a Diplomatic alliance with the United States India and Japan that has been

Conducting the Malabar joint Naval Exercise for precisely two years the Purpose that unites them is to maintain A free and open indo-pacific a fancy way For these countries to say that they Have to join forces to counter China’s Ambitions in the region Five eyes quad and for the past year Another Alliance orcas Australia United Kingdom and United States we have Covered this here on visualpolitik these Countries are expanding their diplomatic And technological collaboration to Provide Australia with eight Nuclear-powered submarines and to Jointly develop supersonic missiles for The Oceana giant orcus represents a Change of strategy these new submarines Will give it two things first greater Capacity to operate in the shipping Lanes between the Strait of Malacca and Taiwanese Waters and second it will be Able to launch much longer range Missiles in practice this will position It as an international power however Orcas’s biggest critics believe that This agreement puts U.S interests first And unnecessarily provokes China but in Australia they don’t think so There is a strong consensus around orcas And in fact Australians believe that the Country should invest more in its Armed Forces so labor coming to power is not Going to change anything what the change

Of government has brought is an Opportunity to resume diplomatic Contacts China’s Envoy to Australia says Two Nations at new juncture several Weeks after the Australian elections Came to the Thor the defense and foreign Ministers of the two countries met Marking the first high-level talks in More than two years there is even Speculation that the new prime minister May soon meet Xi Jinping China insists That there are many reasons for the Asian giant and the Oceana giant to be Friends and partners rather than enemies And adversaries the Prime Minister Albanese is demanding more than just Fine words from China he wants facts and Right now that means restoring the old Trade ties between the two what’s in China’s interest to lift all of the Sanctions against Australia and it’s in Australia’s interest for that to happen As well I want to cooperate with China Where we can I’ll stand up for Australia’s interests where we must There is no justification for these Sanctions on Australian products and They all should be lifted the question Is is China willing to lift them Well it seems that Beijing right now is Worried that sanctions on Russian coal Will increase competition to buy this Mineral in international markets this Could mean higher prices and

Difficulties in maintaining Supply so This favors China being willing to buy Coal from Australia again and lift part Of the current sanctions but wait a Minute because there is another issue That could greatly increase the tension Between the Asian giant and the Oceana Giant well what exactly am I talking About well let’s take a look at it [Music] The Judgment of Solomon [Music] Orcus was like a direct torpedo of those Who thought that Australia China Relations could be easily redirected XI Jinping’s regime raised its voice and Criticized Australia for betting on Entering an arms race however don’t Think Beijing has stood still it has Targeted smaller Pacific Nations many Countries in the region have ties with The United States Australia and New Zealand but China is tempting them with A full trade Aid and investment package So it was only a matter of time before Some such news broke China sane Security Deal with Solomon Islands alarming Neighbors under this agreement the Solomon Islands could ask China to send Police and soldiers to help maintain Order provide humanitarian Aid and also To perform any other tasks agreed by Both parties On the other hand China could send its

Ships to call at the Solomon Islands When needed but always with local Approval on the table is always the Question that this agreement could be The first step for China to establish a Military base in this archipelago so it Is also true that we could argue about The Strategic value of such an isolated Outpost in any case what is certain is That China has scored a point and that This agreement set off the alarm bells In Australia the Morrison government put Pressure on the Solomon Islands to Prevent it from signing the agreement But failed now it’s up to labor to Manage the situation Foreign [Music] Albanese has said that he has a Comprehensive plan for the Pacific the New prime minister wants to boost Australia’s assistance to its Neighboring countries he has two Mechanisms to do this more diplomacy and Above all more money labor is committed To increasing Aid to Pacific island Countries and East Tibor by 525 million Dollars The point is that after the Solomon Islands China went after the entire Pacific its goal was clear persuade 10 Countries to sign a regional agreement Covering trade and security China went So far as to make its proposals public

But not all of them Beijing talked about Providing scholarships training medical Assistance but not a word about its Security proposals what China did not Count on was that its worst enemy would Be China itself Many Pacific leaders are disturbed by China’s interest in linking economic and Security proposals in this vein David Panuelo president of Micronesia sent a Letter warning his neighbors that the Common development Vision agreement Could allow China to conduct massive Surveillance in the region look at what He told them the common development Vision threatens to bring a new Cold War Era at best and a World War at worst David panuelo president of the Federated States of Micronesia so China failed and Did not succeed in making this major Agreement Prosper it did get less Important ones with Samoa and Tonga but The truth is that Australia is now Getting its act together and is Maneuvering a diplomatically in fact it Is given a boost to its relations with Fiji and also concluded an eight-year Partnership to boost development with Samoa itself it is also moving to get More engagement from Washington with the Region and guess what it looks like the Biden Administration has picked up the Gauntlet U.S Australia and allies form New Pacific island partnership we’re

Talking about the partners in the Blue Pacific initiative [Music] New Alliance announced in June that aims To help Pacific island nations address Everything from economic and climate Change to more security related issues This is undoubtedly the West’s response To China’s growing interest in the Region but now the questions are for you Do you think diplomacy will be enough to Curb China’s influence in the Pacific What should the new Australian Government do you can leave me your Answers in the comments as always if you Found the video interesting please like It and don’t forget to subscribe to Visualpolitik all the best I’ll see you Next time [Music] Foreign

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