🔴 ABL LIVE: Paul Pelosi, Elon Musk, World Series, Fetterman Debate, DeSantis Debate, and more!

By | October 30, 2022

Call in! 434-658-1220. On tonight’s episode of ABL Live, we’re talking about a variety of issues including Paul Pelosi’s awkward encounter with a so-called home invader, Elon Musk finally purchasing Twitter and going through with an employment purge, the World Series being criticized over not having enough American-born black players, John Fetterman vs Dr. Oz in a ridiculous debate, DeSantis destroying Charlie Crist during their debate, Ted Cruz revealing hypocrisy when it comes to claims of election interference and integrity, Trump voters being interviewed about J6, and much more!

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Foreign How’s everybody doing tonight my name is Anthony Brown Logan and you’re watching And or listening to abl live thank you For joining me tonight you could be Almost anywhere in the world but you’re Right here with me live in the show and I appreciate y’all for that I know I’m Five minutes late but you know who to Blame don’t blame me we got a whole lot Going on all over the internet all over Mainstream media social media everywhere And where do we start What’s going on with your man Paul Pelosi huh what’s going on with this guy Living a double life living a secret Life talking about oh this guy came into My house at 2 30 in the morning with a Hammer and tried to assault me Like what’s really going on was it a Home Invader or was it a guest that Became Uninvited at a certain point We’ll talk about that a little bit later Also Elon Musk has officially purchased Twitter And the people on the site that the Leftists they’re going insane A lot of the the top level people have Been fired We’ll talk about all that in a little Bit of course The world series of I guess does not Have enough African-American players

Does that matter when there’s so many Dominicans achievements on there who are Also black They got dropped off first so are they Any different than us not really we’ll Talk about that in a minute Um John Federman what in the world is going On Why do they have Batman out there this Guy Has no idea what he’s talking about he Had a stroke so I’m not trying to make Fun of him but good grief I mean can They give him a break can he let it can He get a little bit of a a reprieve a Little bit of a rest I mean good night Also Rhonda Sanchez killed his debate Against Charlie Chris and we got a whole Lot more to discuss on tonight’s episode Of abl Live And thank you again for Being here you guys are the best Audience anywhere on the internets if You enjoyed what you are hearing thus Far please give the video a thumbs up Also like the video share the video do All that good stuff now somebody said my Voice is echoing is my voice echoing or Is that somebody’s uh is that somebody’s Sound system Playing Tricks on them I Don’t know what’s going on maybe I’m Playing in different parts of your your Situation maybe you have uh I don’t know What’s going on but let’s go ahead and

Get that tightened up We’ll talk about a lot of these things Oh man we got a lot going on we we got a Quite a bit going on Paul Pelosi I’m not I won’t get to that right away I’m gonna Save that for a little bit later and I’m Gonna thank you all again for being here Y’all could be anywhere but you’re right Here with me and I appreciate that I Appreciate y’all for that no Echo okay We good money then don’t worry about it But first shout out to the sponsors a Shout out to aplmerch.com y’all know What it is we got hats t-shirt stickers Hoodies mugs and more on the website Ablmerch.com y’all go check it out right Now today if you have not also go to Anthonyblocan.com that is in your T-h-o-n-y that letter b l o g a n.com Once you go to my website you’re able to Find articles for each video that I Produce so whatever it is it could be Um a video about whatever whatever it is That I produce and not talk on not the Shorts obviously but anything that I Talk on you can find a corresponding Article that I write myself And I always cite my sources so nobody Can come on here and try to challenge me And say hey you don’t cite your sources You just make up stuff well I get my Sources straight from the the internet Streets from left-wing sources Right-wing sources independent AP

Reuters whatever I get it everywhere and I list them all so go check out the Website and also go to the contact page Anthony logan.com forward slash contact You can find my email address my snail Address and you can also find my social Media platforms I’m everywhere now Really but I need to update that Actually I think on the website I have My Twitter Facebook Instagram and of Course YouTube but also I’m also on Tick Tock I don’t really post much on Tick Tock I just have it because I don’t want Nobody else to be trying to um Cappy you know what me or recreate me So yeah I’m on there but the main ones You want to go to Facebook Instagram And uh or on Twitter Twitter is super Lit on there and it’s about to get a Little bit different it is about to get Different for sure All right and what else we got going on Oh and of course I’ll go to Bheedesigns.com make the beautiful Handmade wooden flag sort of right Behind me link for that will be in the Box go to patriotpost.us the best source Of news and information anywhere Anywhere on the internet that will be in The description as well this is also a Podcast you’re listening to right now Whether you’re watching me live on the YouTubes or listening to me after the Fact on YouTube or on your favorite

Audio streaming platform Spotify Stitcher anchor Google play Apple iTunes wherever you listen to Podcasts I should be there just search Abl live I should pop right on up There’s also a link in the description Box and if you’re listening to me right Now on your favorite audio streaming Platform thank you can I get a five-star Rating can I get a positive review can I Get a share can I get a like that’ll Help me out tremendously Also this podcast will be available on The audio only platforms at 8am eastern Time tomorrow morning so today is what Uh Saturday October the 29th that I’m Recording this live with you guys on the YouTubes it’ll be available Sunday October 30th at 8 A.M Eastern Standard Time so that’s that and before I Continue are you guys trick-or-treating Yet like I’m seeing all kind of Halloween parties going on I’m seeing And I feel like I see more adults that Are out there dressed up than the kids Maybe I always see that because the Adults stand out maybe I don’t I don’t Know what it is no I’m seeing I’m seeing The young guys I saw this one video of a Kid Oh it was funny I know you know of Course I got videos I got I got plenty Videos all day for you guys to check out To enjoy a lot of crazy stuff I got I

Got a I got a new Obama video I got some More Joe Biden I could every every show Every time I go live I could do a Segment dedicated to Joe Biden Pretty much deteriorating before our Eyes he’s already deteriorated but it’s Like further deterioration if you have a Hoopty that cannot drive anymore and They’re sitting on blocks it can still Deteriorate more you could have rain Water hit it and then it just rushed to Nothingness that’s kind of what’s Happening right now to your man Joe Biden But anyway I digress I got quite a few Videos y’all but here’s one Um Halloween win for you guys and shout Out to all you guys taking your kids out To Halloween going trick-or-treating uh Be safe out there because you get some Crazy nut jobs out there that want to Hurt your kids all right Um but here is Um oh is that what Obama did endorse Karen bash interesting So shout out to this youngin right here This this is kind of an old video but It’s it’s if you haven’t seen it before It’s new to you And you see the captioning still my Favorite Halloween video you’ve got some Sound and that eardrum bursting that’d Be good [Music]

Let’s see You know the funniest part about this Video Little man has on no costume He has on a hoodie that is costume Themed but he has like a regular pair of Blue jeans and some and some shoes and No mask it’s like sir what in the world Are you who where are your parents at Sir like how did you even learn this you Got an older brother or something that Made you do this You’re gonna have a life of crime you’re Gonna be on America’s Most Wanted you’re Going to be episode of cops talking About I didn’t do nothing hiding up Under her house or something it’s like What’s really going on so yeah shout out To everybody that got good kids out There that won’t just go and take the Whole bowl of candy and put it in the Book bag but anyway yeah trick or treat It’s always a fun time for me when I was A youngin you know I would see stuff Like that I would see the the bowl out There I was always responsible I never Had any I never never gave my parents Any problems you know I would see the Bowl of candy and just take the Appropriate amount but I will tell you This see here’s what I did when I was a Kid I was like super old trick-or-treating I Was like 16 trick-or-treating hey I’m

I’m big you know like I’m a big guy now I’m like my same size I am now I’m six Three over 200 pounds right now so I was Like that size at age 16. I went up to Somebody’s door some of some trick or Treat I have no costume I had it on a Regular coat and a beanie he was like Are you driving like what are you doing That’s all I did but I never I never saw No candy but I was a little bit older That should be at the trick-or-treating But anyway shout out to y’all who are Out there having a good time going to The parties please be safe but we got Quite a few videos on Deck quite a few Topics on that I want to get to Um where do I start really I think I Want to start with I think I want to start with fetterman Let’s start with your man John Federman Because that was a disgrace now John Federman does not need to be out There on the campaign Trail at all at All he shouldn’t be out there we all Know it you know it I know what the Whole world knows that he should not be Out there trying to Become The next anything he shouldn’t be trying To run for dog catch let alone Senator Of Pennsylvania and he shouldn’t really Be the was in the governor right now Because if you don’t know John Federman is currently the

Lieutenant governor of Pennsylvania he Most certainly should not be in that Role but he is So Um He shouldn’t he needs to go against as Far back and again I’m not trying to Make light of or federal woman exactly Federal woman Federer Minx mint and Maxine Frederick Federal person But he shouldn’t be out there trying to Be anything okay Now if you don’t know about the debate About the whole situation what happened Was since fetterman cannot really Understand speech when it spoken to him Clearly and decipher it and make sense Of it they gave him a concession what They did was they allowed him to um They allow him to read closed captioning Above The heads of the people that were Moderating so for example As a question is being asked to him it’s Being transcribed in real time above Them on these real big screens let me See if I can find that actually So you can kind of see what was going on Because During the debate you might not have Been able to see it unless you paid Attention to when they would kind of pan The camera up to the captions It was these real big black screens

Above them let me see if I can uh oh Here we go perfect illustration perfect Picture actually This this is this is it right here high Quality and everything shout out to New York Post always coming through you know Now this this is what he was able to see You guys see this If you’re watching if you listen to me On the you on the um Audio Only I’m Sorry But you have two moderators And above each of the moderators heads You have Captions Of the questions so he was having to Read that to answer the question but the Problem is you still cannot answer the Question appropriately You see what I mean so what what that Did was create a situation where it was A bunch of pauses and long stairs and Just kind of confusion Of what was being said He had a brain injury and that’s why he Was doing that because he had a stroke Earlier this year he shouldn’t be out There trying to do anything for anyone He needs to go ahead and just retire From being lieutenant governor but you Know Democrats don’t care man they put You out there you could be a whole Corpse it’s like all right man go out There go out there and do it same thing

With Joe Biden they know Joe Biden it’s Pretty much a husk of a man he’s a host Cicada cusp a cicada husk animated just Walking around Meandering through life they know that They don’t really care it’s like look You have the best chance of being able To win you go out there with your 25 Battery at best I’m being generous 25 You can still get some stuff done you’re Talking about deep in the red you’re on The boat five percent you you’re on the Last bit of your battery before the Phone cuts off completely and you can’t Turn it on until it gets charged up to About 50 you’re pretty much right there They don’t really care it’s like all Right man you go out there and do that We’ll back you we’ll support you and if The battery runs out we’ll carry to the Finish Line same thing with Hillary Clinton although she lost her battery Ran all the way out She couldn’t even walk two feet to get To the black car back in what 2016 During 9 11 ceremony it was a mess That’s the same thing going on right now With your man Joe Biden but anyway back To your man fetterman Now let’s get through a few of these Now I’m gonna give Federman a little bit Of a defense here The whole hello good night thing he said In the beginning I’m gonna get to that

In a minute I’m gonna play it for you so You understand what I’m saying because You have not seen it but I’ve heard like Jamaican speak that way they’ll like if It’s night time they’ll answer the phone Hello good night Because they may not use the word Evening Good evening makes sense hey good Evening but good night it’s typically Used as a departure like adios or Something like that it’s not meant to be A greeting in the U.S and Jamaica Caribbean maybe it’s used as a greeting But not here now I don’t think fetterman From Braddock Pennsylvania would say Good night as a greeting You know I don’t think federman’s the Kind of guy that would be going to it’s Making chicken restaurant getting Despite super dessert with the beef Patty and all that kind of stuff the Roti I don’t think fetterman’s getting No Roti nowhere at a restaurant I think He has just a brain problem which made Him say the wrong thing he thinks he’s Saying the right thing to him it makes Sense in his mind but his mind is not Operating properly because he got Injured so in his mind he’s saying one Thing but when he verbalizes it it’s Something else this is why he can’t Understand speech because when it’s Being spoken to him

His mind is not interpreting it properly You know your mind is very sensitive to Things like that if you have an injury Or something it could really kind of Disorient you but here’s the whole hello Good night thing as lieutenant governor You’re running for a seat that could Decide the balance of power Okay can you get some what qualifies you To be a U.S senator you have 60 Seconds Hi good night everybody I’m running to serve Pennsylvania he’s Running to use Pennsylvania I mean that right there It’s just bad and you know that a lot of These responses were pre-planned he Can’t just speak off the cuff he could He could never do what I’m doing right Here a live stream well he can’t do it Now maybe he could have done it before You had a brain injury but not right now Because he’s just not able to All right Mr Oz I do want to clarify something now Here’s a really bad moment where the Whole fracking thing came in they asked Him about fracking and he was having a Very difficult time being able to Express himself Mr Oz I do want to clarify something You’re saying tonight that you support Fracking that you’ve always supported Fracking but there is that 2018 Interview that you said quote I don’t

Support fracking at all so how do you Square the two Oh I I I do support fracking and I don’t I don’t I support fracking and I stand and I do Support fracking okay thank you Mr I Mean it makes no sense you know you know The craziest part about this whole Debate is that after the debate they Were trying to say when I say they I’m In the left they were trying to say did He sounded better to Herschel Walker It’s like really are we really going to Say that Herschel Walker is just a Country guy who has an accent that’s Really what it is and he cannot Pronounce certain words properly that’s All but when you heard Hershey Walker Debate he was very sharp he knew all his Facts how all this ducks in a row he did Very well very well despite all the Controversy despite all the negativity Despite his son coming out and saying Some things I’m not trying to invalidate Christian I’m just saying despite all Those things against Russell Walker he Did very well he stumped the preacher The paid orator the guy who speaks for a Living He Stopped the preacher past Minister into wine okay he stopped that Man like the the Irish River dance like He’s in Paris France Italy making wine That’s what he did barefoot okay no Socks no shoes stomped him

They’re trying to say Fetter man sounded Better than Herschel Walker it’s Insulting I mean come on really just Because I may be country and I can’t say certain Words properly I mean I may mispronounce Certain things that doesn’t mean that I’m equivalent to a guy who had a brain Injury I mean come on But that’s that’s how that’s how they do Over there on that side Okay Um now here’s another one talking about The medical records if I’m not mistaken Because One thing that I was reading from the Comments from you guys in the in the Video is that he may have what’s called Aphasia and if I’m saying that wrong or I’m saying the wrong word let me know in The comments but Aphasia I believe is what I was Referring to where the speech Recognition and ability to deliver Speech properly is impaired by a brain Injury So if he has medical records it may list Aphasia in there so if they go through The records and they say oh he has Aphasia he has Um this he has that Dr Oz It don’t matter what you think about Them you could say that he’s a quack or Whatever he’s actually a doctor he’s a

Real doctor So he’s going to know what those terms Mean he’s going to know what everything In that chart is it what it is And he can talk about that if he wants To nothing Dr Oz is being very Diplomatic and he’s not talked about Federal men having his stroke but for Real that’s the elephant in the room That’s LFA in the room because even if You are a good candidate even if you Have good ideas you still got to be able To do the job You still got to do the job it’s just Like your man Charlie Christ in Florida Was asking descent to say are you going To be around for the whole term for the Whole four years or are you going to go Try to be the president of the United States Are you going to try to run against Whoever uh Trump or uh not Kris Cuomo About to say uh what’s your man Gavin Newsom are you going to try to run it’s The same thing with Federman it’s like All right Look I’m seeing some stuff on your neck Right here hold on I’m seeing you got This thing like what is that right there In the back of his neck like right by His ear on the right side of his head What is that See Dr eyes doesn’t really want to talk About that or ask because maybe you’ve

Seen this improper and sensitive and That’ll probably be correct to some People but nah if it’s me I don’t care If it’s me if it’s and Dr Oz’s see Oh I’m talking about it it’s like Federman okay With all due respect and sympathy sir Are you well let’s see your medical Records what’s that on your neck what is That are you all right can we get that Examined can you can we do a biopsy can We you know what I’m saying When and like I don’t want anybody Throwing Tomatoes at me because I’m just Asking obvious questions If somebody came into the debate wearing No no clothes just attire in that Anybody gonna say nothing It’s like okay sir why why are you not Wearing clothes right now what’s Happening can we not address that oh is That too sensitive because he may have a Fear of certain kind of fabrics and Certain kind of stuff and you know the Rain water got going on man you had to Take the clothes off because the rain He’s he’s allergic to rain water I was Like nah man let’s let’s talk about why You butt naked in here at a debate stage Okay same thing let’s talk about this Growth in your neck and talk about you Having a stroke and let’s get to the Bottom of day all due respect though it Ain’t like I’m trying to attack you but

We gotta address it And if it’s me I’m it’s fair game on me Too and from Herschel Walker like okay What’s going on with these kids you got Allegedly what’s going on with this Allegation nah it’s politics all gloves Off but anyway let’s play this clip all Right last week you released this note From your doctor saying you can work Full Duty in public office but you have Not released your detailed medical Records surrounding your stroke Mr Fetterman will you pledge tonight to Release those records in the interest of Transparency you have 60 seconds uh to Me for transparency is about showing up I’m here today to have a debate I have You know spe speeches in front of 3 000 People in Montgomery County you know all Across Pennsylvania big big crowds you Know I believe if my doctor believes That I’m fit to serve and and that’s What I believe is appropriate and now With two weeks before the election you Know I have run the campaign and I’ve Been very transparent about being very Open about the fact we’re in use Captioning and I believe that again my Doctors the real doctors that I believe And they all believe that I’m ready to Be served follow up I didn’t hear you Say you would release your full medical Records why not you have 30 seconds No uh yeah again my Dr L believes that

I’m fit to be serving and that’s what I Believe is where I’m standing okay Mr it Made no sense you see what I’m saying Outfit to be served that’s where I’m Like I think that’s where I’m standing I Don’t even know what he was really Trying to say And look at his face it’s He’s struggling really hard and it’s It’s really kind of it it’s hard to Watch it was hard to watch the debate When I saw it live it was very hard to Watch it’s like man this is cruel this Is this is straight crew but like I said Democrats they don’t care nothing about That they couldn’t care less because Guess what They have a guy that they think they Could put some money behind and they Can’t rally their troops behind they’re In Pennsylvania I think Pennsylvania at This point might be a blue state or at Best purple State not a red State Anymore the way it was when I was a Youngin so they think they could just Put them out there and have him succeed Although he’s clearly mentally impaired Now is there any more Um Okay There’s a lot more of course I’ve Already done the video but I just want To get to some of the highlights or low Lights whatever you want to call it

All right so here was another one where Federman’s not making any kind of sense I think I’ll play a couple more I don’t Want to play I got a bunch of them here Um Let’s play two more Clips I’ll play one More and then the closing statement from Dr eyes refer to men interrupted Although not supposed to you’re supposed To just let him talk and not interrupt But here is one clip from fetterman Now we we all have to make sure that Everyone that works is able to that’s That’s the most American bargain that if You work full-time you should be able to Live in dignity as well true and I Believe they haven’t have any businesses Being being uh you can’t have businesses Being subsidized by not paying Individuals that just simply can’t to Pay their own way Now we I mean it’s like you know what I Mean what can you really do with that is That making any kind of sense And here is the closing statement from Dr eyes for Federman just Completely crashes it Talked to couples want to make their First down payment on a new house and They can’t afford it anymore because of Interest rates I’ve talked to families You want to cut Social Security Mr Fetterman it’s his term for his closing Talk to couples want to make their I

Mean And I saw a video where I think it was Chuck Schumer talking to Joe Biden in a Hot mic why do these guys keep talking Like why do these guys keep talking to Biden in open settings like we can’t Like we can’t hear them like there’s no There’s no audio we don’t have uh Expensive equipment where we can pick up The audio on what’s going on just like Command mccrone talking to Joe Biden I Forget where he was he might have been Trying to go to Saudi and try to Convince them to pump some more oil and Then uh macron was like Hey man they Could do a little bit more but not too Much it’s like why are you Whispering You might as well do an entire podcast Because we can hear you and see you like I can read your lips and hear your Actual words you’re saying but anyway I Digress let’s look at let’s see if I can Find Chuck Schumer Um Chuck Schumer Biden There we go let’s see if we can get that Clip right quick Okay a lot of people got it here we go Here’s a hot mic All right This might be the one I’m talking about Or it may be a different segment Because they’re talking about Georgia Here but I think that when I went we’re Talking about fetterman in that debate

Where Chuck Schumer was like oh wait That didn’t hurt us too bad we doing Okay we’re not doing too badly let’s go Ahead and play this here Thank you Yes [Music] So when you say that first was We might be in danger of losing Georgia Let’s let’s try to replay that that was A little bit muffled just a little bit It almost sounds like Biden has a mic Coin like you’re speaking right into it If he’s undercover he’d be speaking Right here it’s like oh you guys can’t Hear me you speak about this microphone Sir I can see you and your sound is Crystal Clear let’s back up a little bit To see if he’s talking about Georgia Right there because I know right here It’s talking about Pennsylvania in the Debate Everybody Yes I can’t really hear I can’t really hear But you guys may know what he was saying If you can decipher that you let me know But I know right here in the next part He’s talking about the debate in Pennsylvania between fetterman and um Dr Oz I mean Frederick woman [Music] Yeah All right

But hey can we can we get term limits Though matter of fact how about this Radical idea not even term limits But can we get age limits huh Is there’s a there’s a minimum age Without a maximum age Or If not age limits because vitamin is not That old how about Cognitive tests that actually matter Yeah So I heard that part he was saying the Photos turned out in Georgia is huge Huge made a sound and everything but Didn’t they tell us that there was voter Suppression happening in Georgia Oh well you want to have ID to me black Folks can’t go out there and vote and Black folks are a big part of the Population but yet they had a record High turnouts how you gonna sit there And tell me with a straight face Korean John Pierre let me get to her video in a Minute actually How you gonna sit there and tell me that At the same time you have a photo Suppression you also have record high Turned out and voting that didn’t make Any sense because if there’s voter Suppression it wouldn’t work in the Opposite way the laws they pass made Voting more accessible more available Not less available not less accessible The laws did the exact opposite of what

They’re saying that is supposed to do It’s not for the suppression it makes It’s just making voting more secure Bring an ID how hard is that If you don’t have enough dude you Probably spoke correct for a living Anyway so so wait you know if you’re Professional crack smoker the last thing You’re trying to do is go vote it’s like Hey you know what today Rather than getting high on this crack Uh like Hunter Biden Scotty spaceships on Bankhead rather Than doing that you know what I’m gonna Do I’m gonna go vote in the midterm Election where normies don’t typically Vote anyway and I’m going to vote for Raphael or not because I have real Concerns as a constituent of the state Of Georgia it’s like really Are you really worried about that do you Care about inflation I don’t think crack Is being hit by the inflation bug Okay that same crack rock Is what you’re gonna get today tomorrow And the next day all right it’s pretty Simple because a lot of that stuff comes From China anyway and you pretty much Smoking fentanyl at this point so to Make that stuff real cheap in Chinese Factories and bring it up here through The Border that’s one thing that’s not Really inflated as far as I know is the Drugs how they gonna inflict the drugs I

Mean why it’s coming so cheap and There’s there’s fewer barriers to entry If the if the drugs were increasing in Prices because they keep getting caught At the border but they’re not because The borders open but anyway Foreign [Music] Get your hands off these women I think It’s Pelosi right there Get your hands off these women man and Speaking about Pelosi I said that I had A picture of Pelosi at the JFK Inauguration I’m pulling up right quick and then I Keep on moving here and Pelosi was not a Baby this is not an infant picture Pelosi was like in their 30s if I’m not Mistaken in 1961 Check it out I think both of my parents Are Younger than this picture let me see if I can find the picture right quick if You like what you’re hearing so far Please give the video a thumbs up like The video share the video do all that Good stuff that’ll help me out Tremendously Yeah we got we got a lot going on we got We got fetterman we got the santis and DeSantis Wrecked his debate he sure did he really Really did All right

Can I can I find it or not I know it’s somewhere we gonna keep on Moving and then I’ll find that picture Eventually I thought it was like right in my recent Stuff Oh no we gonna find that in a minute But we got a lot to cover so I’m Gonna Keep On Rocking here Now what’s my next topic here oh e-line Let’s let’s talk about Elon right quick I can talk about the disasters debate Um but you know that was just a curb Stop in Uh let’s talk about Elon Musk now Elon Musk has finally purchased twitter.com This is after months and months of back And forth and a lot of finger pointing And a little bit of everything going Knowing and they finally went ahead Pulled the trigger and now Elon Musk Owns Twitter now as a result of Elon Musk buying Twitter Um as a result of that There’s been quite a few layoffs and one Layoff in particular you guys Probably recognize her recognize her Very well let me see if I can find a Layoff picture and then I put it on the Screen then I’ll show you exactly who She is I’ll give you a little bit more Context as to who this person is now There were quite a few layoffs though I Mean

Uh He said that he’s gonna Okay Like two-thirds or no three-fourths of The entire Workforce at Twitter 75 of the workforce is going to get cut So I think that um There’ll be there’s going to be a lot More people that get fired oh and I Ain’t talking about Um oh okay before I get to the people That are real they actually get fired The the CEOs or Executives yes Vijaya I Talk about for Jack Gotti in a minute But before I get to that let’s talk About the people that trolled the media Um wait a minute okay I got to find this I gotta find it hold on y’all y’all just Hang tight Because this was hilarious now Oh here we go here here we go and I Think I got video of this too I got a Picture but I also had video of this Particular thing now People knew that Twitter employees were Gonna get fired because it was already Announced Um I think Elon already said it or a Spokesperson said it somebody said it Already so it wasn’t a secret we all Knew it was going to happen But I don’t think anybody really Knew who these people were except for

Like vagina Gotti and the CEO the former CEO now You know who they are but do you know Who anybody else is do you know who These random people are that they get Fired the engineers and whatnot got the Behind the scenes guys you have no idea Who they are now yes Justin you you Wanna I see you right there boss Now Here’s um Okay I’m gonna show you guys the the Picture first And then I think I’m going to show you Guys the a video of one of the guys Talking So Shout out to these super chats right Here Shout out shout out to these two guys Right here who pulled off the the Ultimate uh prank I have no idea who These guys are aside from guys that made The media think that they had been fired By Twitter and got an on-air interview Were able to say a few words and whatnot All right So I’m not quite sure who these guys are Beyond that if you guys know that y’all Let me know But um Here is a picture of them outside of Twitter with a with a a box like fake Fake box whatever real boxes but

I guess they have boxes like okay I just Got fired and I cleaned my cubicle out Did he even have cubicles at Twitter They probably don’t but anyway The man is holding a Michelle Obama book And the other guy just has a box And with you know just plain box And there’s another picture of these Guys let’s let’s let’s read the the Caption here shall we must cast Allegedly fired an entire team of Twitter data Engineers as quote laid off Unquote employees Raul ligma And Daniel Johnson our picture walking Out of the San Francisco office on Friday afternoon So Rahul ligma Daniel Johnson So then when you know how newspapers Write things they’re not going to refer To you by your first name they call you By your last name at a certain point They may introduce you okay Elon Musk Elon Musk did this Elon Musk that then They’re going to start saying Musk This is your last name only so with These guys with the 3000 IQ it’s like Hey let’s let my name be ligma my last Name be lookma and your last name B Johnson so then when they talk about it They’re gonna say lick my Johnson And the media published this This is getting images right here Getting images took them just like

AFB like they really reported this for Real It’s like nobody thought for a second Like hey can we get a little bit of Verification that you guys are who you Say you are me just out here with a box Talking to us you could be anybody I Could go out there right now with the Box talking about I got fired by Twitter And my name is Amanda hug and kiss and You believe it is that what we’re doing Right now can we do any kind of Journalism any kind of Investigation to Figure out what’s really happening Before we just put stories out there nah Okay cool cool This is why we hate the mainstream media Because they just put out whatever they Don’t really care you know uh facts and All that that’s that’s secondary to the The reality Okay so yeah let’s go ahead and watch a Video of one of these guys talking Outside of Um Twitter’s headquarters Turn the volume down a little bit He’s watching make of that what you Think of it will look like I mean it’s Free speech is you know Nazis saying That uh you know trans woman shouldn’t You know use women’s uh locker rooms Then awesome I guess mission Accomplished we’ll see Listen I gotta touch base with my

Husband and wife I gotta get out of here All right thank you guys sorry Daniel Thank you so that was Daniel Johnson Right there So it’s like yeah man I go I gotta go to My husband and wife my husband and wife It’s just obvious ridiculous and the Box Appears to be empty but you know they Don’t really care about the details Nothing like that you know what I mean They just thirsty to get his story Thirsty I’m talking about dying The Thirst Sahara Desert no water Crazy My husband and wife talk about my name Is Daniel Johnson another guy bro who Ligma It did Crazy but hey shout out to those guys For the Epic troll the Epic troll of the Media they deserve it they sure do I Want to see more of that I want to see More trolling for sure Let’s make these guys do a little bit of Work do some research and figure out who You’re talking to before you just put Stories out there you know that that’d Be a change that’d be something That would be be great for once All right So Hello do I have another video of them oh I got your man rahulikma right there

Okay I got I got litma I got ligma of lick my Johnson so hold On What’s your last name It’s spelled it like anybody catch that Oh man shout out to you bro who Quote-unquote Rahul and shout out to Daniel These guys are hilarious And shout out to Elon for going through Some some some layoffs here now people Did get laid off for real like actual Real employees they did get laid off Um Rahul ligma and Daniel Jackson were not The two guys they were not part of the Laid off Force There were some other people that got Laid off Um The legal correspondent or the legal Chief whatever her title was you guys Know I’m talking about Virginia Gatti She got fired oh here we go Here shout out to say cheese try to say Cheese for this graphic right here so There were quite a few firings but here Are a couple of people or a few people That got fired so Uh Elon fired several Executives Including the CEO parog R AG rawal hold on before I continue I Got a meme for that because these names Are crazy it’s like

Can we get something that’s easier to Pronounce perhaps or no hold up hold up Right quick Let’s let’s get it let’s get it meme for That And then we’ll keep on going here All right So It’s just from what the officer from not Mistaken y’all probably know what this Meme comes from I don’t want to say the Wrong thing Um but the meme says Not going to work here anymore hilarious It’s a guy like reading that she did Paper trying to pronounce the name it’s Like probably won’t work here anymore Sir But anyway Let’s go back to the list so you have The former CEO paulrog The CFO net Seagal legal head Virginia Gatty I talk about her in a moment and General counsel Sean edgett Now let’s talk about the giant Gotti That’s that’s the main person you gotta Speak on first of all there was a Picture that came out recently Like the other day recently that she was In it’s Mike they might not know that She was in like you saw that picture but You didn’t know it was her okay you Didn’t know it was her So and if I’m wrong y’all please let me

Know But the streets say that this person Right here in this picture you ever seen This picture right here so you got Elon That Twitter recently And you see all the defensive posturing You know shoulders and whatnot hands and What not closed up you see the defensive Posture ring And you see Um Vagina got it right there is that her Huh is that her in the in the face oh Man if lips get killed you’d be dead as A doornail super dead Okay you’d be Bottom under C swimming with the fishes Type dead Is that her looks like her Uh maybe I’m just being racist Yeah brown skin Indian I think that’s Her So you know I think now we know why she gave that Look because she knew that she was Getting fired it’s only going to be a Matter of time all right Now you’ve seen her before that picture As well because remember on The Joe Rogan podcast where Jack Dorsey the Former Twitter CEO was on there with Tim Poole and and um and Joe Rogan The giant Gotti was there speaking for Jack Dorsey the majority of the time and Vegeta and Tim Pooh got into back and

Forth a little bit let me see if I can Find that um Come on Joe Rogan What’s his name uh Jack Dorsey Yeah there we go So let’s turn that volume off because I Can’t really play that audio And the video at the same time So Let’s get a better shot can we I could just show her Yes this is her right here on the Joe Rogan podcast from When is this this is 2019. if I’m not Mistaken let me see So March 5th 2019 that’s her right there On a Joe Rogan podcast with uh Jack Dorsey the former CEO of Twitter And they don’t show Jack too much Because he didn’t do too much talking We should see Joe Rogan right there And You see Temple Of course you see you see the famous Beanie now is Jack anywhere Jack might have said two words Throughout this whole thing because the Lawyer Vijaya spoke for him All right Let’s Find out where’s Waldo there he is this Is Jack siding yeah remember Jack he Used to be the CEO of Twitter he’s also The guy that founded stripe and cash out

For that mistaken Veronica let me know In the comments I think he still owns Stripe and cash out let me let me check Right quick Um So he’s the co-founder and former CEO of Twitter as well as the founder principal Executive officer of block Incorporated A financial payments company fintech so Let’s look at what black incorporate Rate owns Incorporated owns So Um Let’s see Block Cash Out per square that’s right So if you use cash app use Square that’s Your man right there to think Jack Dorsey he might have said two words Throughout this whole situation so that Woman right there that was a hatchet Lady for Twitter has now been fired So And you’re talking about you know Lawyers getting bad rap some lawyers Real good people shout out to lead Attorney lead attorney is a good lawyer I suppose I don’t think he was out there Doing nothing Shady in these at your Streets with the divorces But they get a bad rap People like this right here make lawyers Look terrible if you saw her in a Courtroom you go into the penitentiary You’re going to jail now you might want

To have her on your side if you’re in Some trouble if you didn’t you know um If you didn’t uh um stole A million dollars from a bank barefaced Robbery You can get her on your side should get You off you know it’s like having a Jewish lawyer and no disrespect you Already know what it is not Anti-submitted to say that Jews are good Lawyers that’s not that’s like saying Black guys play good basketball is that Is that anti-black anyway You’re gonna have her on your side you Won’t get no problems but she was Against you now you got an issue so she Was Over at Twitter as the chief legal head Something like that now she got fired by Elon Musk she didn’t like it and the Former CEO Paul Rock he’s fired too and You’re gonna have a 75 cut in the entire Staff over at Twitter and I can’t wait For it really I’m ready for the the next Shoe to drop for sure I’m ready for it But we’ll see how the whole thing goes We we shall see And if you like what you’re hearing so Far please get the video a thumbs up Like the video share the video do all That good stuff I got some Joe Biden videos for you guys Before I get to the next topic because

These videos are Priceless I got I gotta Show them to you I must do it Because your man Joe Is just a mess And every week he continues to be more And more of a mess All right hold on let me go ahead and Pull this out of my hats So I’m not really sure we’re biting Was What he was trying to do where he was Trying to go But wherever you were trying to go he Wasn’t really making it very well he was Having a really hard time being able to Accomplish that goal But um Let’s get to The button videos And we’ll keep on rocking and rolling it Might just be one video Oh I got another one here that’s kind of A random clip too I’ll play that one And then is there more Um here’s I got a whole Treasure Trove Over here these videos I could like I Said I could do a a segment every show About Joe Biden and the ridiculous Things that he says All right let me play that one too I got About four queued up right here And let’s keep on let’s keep on rolling So here’s your man Joe talking about

Um trying to push for the The Um the shot still Remember he said the other day On television 60 minutes that the Pandemic was over with it was a wrap no More to worry about The pandemic is a wrap the plan scam Whatever you want to call it it’s over With there’s no more but now he’s saying It now you’re saying something different So let’s check it out Uh let’s see what he’s saying here Some of our friends in Congress say we Don’t need covet funding where they say That really no reason that the Government should be paying for it I strongly disagree Strongly disagree this is a global Health Emergency if you really want to But you just said it wasn’t you said It was over with it was it was no more But now it’s bets being an emergency so What changed between right now and like Last month when you said it wasn’t Emergency anymore and it was over with Because right right where he said that I got an email from uh Frontier Airlines I flew with them before and they sent me Email talking about hey you just said Panda was over with come on come on back On the planes But now you’re saying that it’s still an Emergency you’re sending mixed signals

Here sir I put cover behind us we have to keep up The fight together Anyway here’s another here’s another Clip and this guy Is saying hey risk your life get this Shot for five dollars check them out Get the shot five ten twenty dollars off The your drugstore grocery purchase next Or grocery purchase next time at the Same time you get the shot so get the Shot so you’re trying to bribe me for Five dollars talking about something you Get the shot you get five bucks off your Next purchase you’ll give me a coupon a Coupon from uh at least give me the Whole basket for free like if I got Groceries for the week it might be like Like 200 can I get the whole basket for Free you’re trying to talk about five Dollars for taking the shot that’s That’s my reward for getting that I Think not play One More Time Five ten twenty dollars off the your Drugstore grocery purchase next or Grocery purchase next time at the same Time you get the shot Is that I’ll handle my orcas right there In the background Why is he right there talking about Vaccines aren’t you supposed to be The defense not defense secretary isn’t He like the what does he do anyway hello In that is him if I’m not mistaken what

Is his actual title Like the Border I thought I’m in Kamala Harris yeah Homeland Security okay That’s what I thought so what are you Doing talking about vaccines how is that Even in your your wheelhouse I mean what’s going on uh there you go Test one two three just Rob 899 worth yeah go to California go to Sanford and just take what you want why Would I get a shot for five bucks off my My uh my purchase and I can just go Steal it If it’s like lower than a thousand Dollars and get it for free and don’t go To jail Why not Oh Javier Sarah thank you that’s what That is Javier preserve Alejandro mayorkas they All look the same and A joke a joke a joke please don’t nobody Try to cancel me like Kanye West Okay Nah that is wait a minute that ain’t Javier Sarah hold on Oh that is him okay oh oh oh oh oh okay Now that makes sense he’s a HSA Secretary Wait a minute okay I’m gonna put up half A year I’m gonna put up Alejandra my Yorkies And then half of your bracera well they Do look different never mind

I’ll handle got a bald head and more Light skin okay that’s an ill I’ll take The L move them right along So now he’s talking about speaking about Joe Biden that is he’s talking about Thieves on airplanes For extra leg room mostly affect people Of color so let’s go ahead and check it Out decision Some Airlines if you want six more Inches between you and the seat in front You pay more money But you don’t know it until you purchase Your ticket Look folks these are junk fees they’re Unfair in the hip marginalized Americans The hardest especially low-income folks And people of color They Benefit Big corporations not Consumers decisions So I mean like come on man Going back to Frontier Airlines like you Can you can get the the shorter seats if You want to But I like I’m 6’3 so I like to have a Little bit of stretching room yes I do And I’ll just get the extra little Package if I if I can You know and if I can’t afford to fly Maybe I shouldn’t be flying Maybe I should just do something else Save some money do that And I was at a person of color issue Right now people are struggling all the

Way around regardless of what color you Are it doesn’t really matter so I think That was ridiculous thing to say for Sure but that’s your man Joe Biden now Here is the craziest clip of all Now I’m I don’t know what this was maybe You guys know where he was or what was Going on with the context of this was But Joe Biden was walking around on Stage and almost fell off Because the stage ain’t nothing it’s Only so big So he had to get wrangled by Kamala Now do you see her face right here hold On can I zoom in without playing the Video because that Freeze Frame was Crazy All right do you see her face right here Okay let’s let’s play it and then I’m Gonna try to freeze Right there on her face [Music] So she is putting her hands over in her Face So she might have thought he was going To fall right there And ticket services like getting kind of Nervous like okay so are you going to Fall you got to catch me what’s going on [Music] So what what is this facial expression Right here Kamala Harris Like you’re not really showing me uh uh Confident and Powerful vice president a

Leader you’re showing me ah don’t fall This is crazy he’s right on the edge of The stage if you guys can’t see it And he’s like waving at the audience I Suppose He probably sees it you probably see a Little kid in the audience who wants to Wave it and touch the hair or something That’s probably what’s going on [Music] Looking at them like can you please help And tell him to not be on the edge of The stage before he falls and bust his Head open [Music] Now she’s like okay let’s go ahead And go this way Sir a little job for weight [Music] But yeah that was crazy that was crazy The man almost fell You know I feel like if there’s no Handler right there he could just fall Off the stage and then that’d be a wrap For him Yeah so your man Joe Biden is is doing a Lot doing way too much It’s actually going to push him off hey You know now she did that and she she Pushed him off right there she’d be in Gitmo for the rest of her life I mean like you’re gonna you’re gonna do This to the president they don’t care Who you are you could be the vice

President you could be the pope Queen of England uh it’s gonna be a rap They might go ahead and put the pistol On her right there Immediately instantly they don’t care Who you are But yeah shout out to your man Joe Biden Now let’s talk about Uh the next topic here the next topic Let’s talk about Um Oh your man Paul Pelosi let’s get to Paul Pelosi Now what in the world is going on here Paul Pelosi huh Now okay here’s the story Here’s the official story And Mr pull up the article Their story is that 2 30 A.M This guy 42 year old David de Pappy Breaks into Nancy and Paul Pelosi’s home In San Francisco with a hammer or Something breaks the glass and then Paul Calls the police Um and does it covertly Or somewhat covertly let me see if I can Play the dispatch audio right quick Normandy Fair 14 Network copy RVs needed that There’s a mail in the home and that he’s Going to wait for his wife so every State that he doesn’t know who the male Is but he advised that his name is David And that he is a friend RP’s not someone

Confused so okay did you hear that now On a dispatch they’re saying That um There’s a guy in this home who’s waiting For his wife he doesn’t know who he is But he knows his name is David and he’s A friend so he doesn’t know who he is But his name is David and he’s a friend Do those things those two things make Any sense how do you have I don’t know You I don’t know who you are but you’re My friend I know your name That doesn’t make any sense So what’s the real story let’s keep on Going here with the dispatch audio Yes code three For 14 hours Yeah Everyone call advice and positions Okay like it’s just I’m just gonna hear A bunch of beeping tearing my ears up But you get the general idea of what’s Happening Um so The Story Goes 2 30 in the morning David they pay happy 42 year old breaks into Nancy Pelosi Papelosi’s home and I guess he has a Hammer or something and breaks the back Window to go in there When he gets into the house I think Paul Pelosi says that he said Where’s Nancy where is Nancy where is Nancy I mean he was trying to find Nancy Pelosi Nancy Pelosi was not there she

Was in DC if Nancy Pelosi was there There’d be a secret service detail Speaker at her house third in line to Become the president if the president Falls ill the vice president Falls zoo Or whatever it is she’d be next in line If I’m not mistaken so she gets a full Detail while she is around Paul Pelosi Does not and their home does not appear To be very secure It’s insane friend it may not Necessarily be super dangerous where They live but dangerous enough for this To happen allegedly so here is a picture Of the back of their home All right now Oh and then the story continues so when David de Pepe broke in allegedly And The police get called by I suppose Um uh Paul Pelosi I suppose because I’ll Talk about that in a minute When the police get there a third person Unnamed damn damn don’t say what that is Not to Papi not Paul Pelosi not Nancy Pelosi a third person opens the door Now who is at your house is it a a Butler or a neighbor or a friend another Friend quote unquote friend Who’s there at your house opening the Door for the police And if it’s such a situation where It’s a home invasion why aren’t you Helping with the actual home invader so

You see what I’m saying it’s like okay Papa looks 82 years old he’s fighting a Home Invader himself why is a person who Opened the door also not helping Paul Pelosi in the home Invader quote unquote Home Invader you see what I mean now Here’s a picture of the back of the home And you see there’s a busted out window Right there in the center Center left But there’s glass Coming outside on the ground now I’m not Necessarily the rocket scientist of the World I’m not Super Genius but when you Bust in the window And you burst it to actually going to The window you’re gonna hit inward hit Inward Now the glass does appear to be caved Inward from what I see but that could be Incorrect but what I also see is glass Out here so why is there a glass outside Of the window on the ground is that how Windows operate when they’re burst or do They burst inward because you’re hitting Inward the the glass is going inward so Why is that glass outside it doesn’t Make any sense Did the glass get broken from inside or Outside And who was the third person that was There why didn’t they help with the home Invader also here’s the next thing When the police get there what’s going On when the police get there they

Witnessed Paul Pelosi and this guy who By the way was in his underwear and it Was in his drawers right They witnessed them on the floor Wrestling over the hammer And at a certain point David de pampi Takes the hammer away from Paul Pelosi And hits him in front of the police Hit him in the head fractured his skull Hit him in his arm in his hand so then The police jump in to tackle David de Pepe put him under arrest taking the Custody and take talk and take Paul to The hospital Now what in the world type of sense does That make How did the police get called Before the actual assault happened And why were they just sitting there Watching these guys wrestle over the Hammer and didn’t do anything until the Hammer got used I’m having a hard time figuring out What’s going on and who was the third Person The story is that it was a home invasion And they’re trying to say it was Political because they say the guy had a Bunch of q9 stuff in his uh social media Um talking about the election in January 6 but they also don’t talk about is how This guy was a nudist a homeless person And guess what wait for it an illegal Alien from Canada

An illegal alien for Canada from British Columbia Canada living in California So I mean the picture you painting about Q19 super mega Ultra Mega an illegal Alien from Canada that’s a nudist and a Cami registered green party member and He lived in the place I think he lived In the storage locker And he also was in a place it was like a Hippie commune let me show you the Picture of this commune right quick I’m gonna keep on going here if you like What you’re hearing so far get the video A thumbs up like the video share the Video do all that good stuff So let’s go ahead and put this on the Screen So the story is Cap that’s right uh side Butterfly story super cap it makes no Sense at all but let me go ahead and um Let me see if I can find what I’m Looking for here Which way is the picture right there the So-called commune Where the guy may have been living it’s Pretty important because we’re going to Zoom in and look at some of the details First we’re gonna we’re gonna keep it Zoomed out So this apparently is where the guy Might have been staying might have been Hanging out or whatever In San Francisco Berkeley whatever that Was now what do you see first you see

This lgbtq Elemental P flag right there In the bottom right hand corner on the Tree and it has uh wheat flowers on the Bars and also a weed flower in the star Field Okay so lgbtq flag with weed on it That’s very Pro Mago Ultra Maga right Now there’s a few more things in this Picture there’s two more things in this Picture do you see it there’s at least Two things in this picture at least two But can you see it right here let’s zoom In let’s let’s zoom in and see what’s Going on okay Now Here we go This is a little sign right here Berkeley stands United against hate Now does that scream Ultra Mega Pro Mega Hateful right wing Nazi is that scream Net I I think tonight I think not now There’s one more that you may not have Seen Let’s let’s zoom in and go back up Now in the window it clearly says black Lives matter So black lives matter Berkeley’s against hate and the lgbtq Elemental P flat with the weed on it Does this appear to be the place where An Ultra Pro mager would live And also at the same time being a nudist And an illegal alien does that really

Drive with the whole Ultra Magna mega Mega dark mega does that really drop With that I think not I think tonight The news media out there know this guy David de Pepe because he’s a nudist and The well-known nudists he went to a Wedding outside of San Francisco of City Hall butt naked he went to the wedding Butt naked and they got people that saw Him there they remember his name they Did a story on them they already know What it is one of the reporters was like Hey is that the same guy that knew this Guy Can we talk about that and then the Person was like no I don’t talk about That talk about the political talk about Oh it’s a political thing it’s a Right-wing extremist and right before The midterm elections oh for real for Real Check it out you know what I think Happened you know what I think happened Let’s go back to the DUI Pelosi had Remember in the DUI there was a male Passenger that was not seen in the body Cam in footage the passenger was with Popularity that night Where are you going four o’clock in the Morning what’s going on here why are you Drinking with this male passenger in the Car huh hold on let me see if I can find That article right quick Paul Pelosi DUI mail

Passenger Okay hold on Well they might they don’t want to say Mail you know I don’t want to talk about That hold on They don’t want to talk about that Okay Uh they’re trying to scrub that Information but you guys know what Happened there was a passenger there and The person Wasn’t really identified Yeah I’m searching for it right now you Hear that that ding noise is because They don’t want me to find that Yep But there was a guy in the car There was a guy in the car Now let’s and this was when this was uh Back in August if I’m not mistaken yeah This is back in August When this happened so now here we are in September he’s getting hammered again Right you get a hammer before you get Hammered again Um I think what happened was The guy was invited in by Paul Pelosi Things got weird for whatever the reason May be And then it became time to get him out The house Because now he’s getting irate now he’s Getting violent I think the third person

Was the procurer of these guys to kind Of popular’s house I think that’s what’s going on I think That’s who was in the car one of these Boys that he has with him and I’m not Somebody that’s anti-lgbt don’t get Confused but at the same time I’m like Look Don’t act like it was a home invasion Don’t act like it was some political Stuff when really it was your boyfriend Your boy toy or whoever got out of Control and you didn’t know how to fix It and now you got windows busted out so Now you got to come up with a story That’s my opinion allegedly perhaps Because somebody might try to sue me and Say I’m push much information I’m just Saying it doesn’t make any sense the Storyline that we’re being told does not Make sense okay home invasion with the Window busted out and the glasses on the Outside sitting down okay it’s a home Invasion yet it’s a third person there Who opened the door for the police Calmly so why why aren’t you trying to Get the guy out of the actual place well Aren’t you trying to assist with the Home Invader if I’m at somebody’s house His home invasion going on I’m not going To be like oh man that’s crazy that’s That’s that sucks man let me call the Police for you I need to get involved Because first of all even if I don’t

Really want to be involved I want to be A fighter at the end of the day I’m in danger because I don’t know who This guy is I don’t know what’s going on He could have a gun he could be trying To find me so if it’s me and Paul me and Paul are going to get active right if Paul 82 years old is fighting this So-called home Invader why can’t whoever That was that came to the door it wasn’t Nancy so who was it I think there’s some funny business Going on for sure and I don’t I nobody Can say anything otherwise Right Was it the maid I don’t know was it that Made at 2 30 in the morning up and just Casually opened the door I think it Probably was another person that was There to procure the boys that’s Probably what it was Papalosi living a double life I mean it Ain’t no surprise though this is what Madison carthorne got canceled by the Actual political establishment oh they Cancel them real quick because remember Madison cawthorne snitched on one of These people it could have been Paul and Nancy who knows Check it out Madison carthorne said that he was Invited to a sex party by one of A very influenced person on Capitol Hill Was like Hey you know we got we have

Parties at our home we want you to come To our home and enjoy the party And he put it out there on the podcast When that happened he was done and I I Knew it was going to happen because I’ve Been in DCU a lot not seen some things And I’ve seen some stuff and I’ve seen That kind of underground scene I’ve not Been involved with it I’m cool on that No eyes wide shut for me I’m a super Normie I’m not getting involved however I know that it exists so when he said it I was like oh he snitched they’re going To get him out of there and he’s done Give Nazi medicine called Thorn anymore After that no more Nope Because he snitched Paul Pelosi this Right here was like a little bit of Window inside of that kind of world We saw it with Ed Butner Ed but was just Ridiculous it but was like Like killing people like he he went from The he went away from the fetish type Situation and this is straight being the Murderer He became Jeffrey Dahmer in there long All he didn’t do was eat his victims But anyway I died Grace so popular Losi 82 years old getting his free coin That’s what happened in my opinion Allegedly Home invasion that don’t make any sense The the timeline don’t make sense the

Number one call don’t make sense none of It makes any sense uh who was the guy That was in the car with him when he Crashed his car back in August that Nobody knows their name who was the Person that came through the door and Opened the door for the police a couple Days ago nobody knows let’s get to the Bottom of that then we can figure out What’s going on All right then we can figure out what’s Happening Level scroll grow wrong exactly that’s Exactly what’s going on in my humble Opinion but I’ll keep on moving here That was pretty much all from that one Right there Oh and then of course the last part I Don’t know if I said it but he had a Skull fracture and his right arm and I Think his hand was injured and San Francisco San Fran is a really high Crime rate but I think the crime rate is Relevant here I think this was something That happened to him because he knew the Guy That’s what I think was going on All right but if you like what you’re Hearing so far please give the video a Thumbs up like the video share the video Do all of that good stuff I got some Obama clips for you guys Right quick I think I got at least one Or two Obama videos

Oh and I got a meme I got a meme for Nancy Pelosi I got quite a few memes but I got at least one right here Hold on one second And actually the Obama clip I’m about to Play kind of ties into Um Paul Pelosi let’s go ahead and get This one up here ’s here’s the meme I want to show you Guys if you guys can’t see it it’s a Spider-Man meme Where it’s like pointing at each other And they have on their Spider-Man masks But beyond that they have no clothes up For some tidy whities And they have hammers in their hand and It’s a police officer in the foreground Looking kind of suspicious like a a Chagrin type look going on but the Caption says police walking into Paul And Nancy Pelosi’s home like you got the Two guys and they undies with the Hammers point at each other I think they Both had the draws on I think that Paul Pelosi and the home Invader had their Underwear on And also one more thing There was an article from Politico and Then the political article Um in a political article It said that um Paul was charging his phone in his Bathroom who charges their phone in Their bathroom why would you go to your

Bathroom to charge your phone you charge Your phone in your bedroom on your Nightstand or somewhere else Your bathroom So I mean I could understand like are You in there with a charger while you do Do it or something like what’s what’s Really happening I don’t really Understand I don’t think a charger in the bathroom Kind of go together That’s kind of a weird combination but Whatever He’s charging his phone in his bathroom Why you see all these things you just Get you just ask questions things make You go hmm What’s going on here that’s suspicious That’s weird shout out to cardi B for That one Oh but we gotta we gotta play Obama yes We do got to play Obama yes we do okay Just just momentarily briefly I promise I won’t play him too much But we gotta play it Okay it can be good let’s go turn Dangerous you know I want to take a Moment to prayer for a friend of mine uh Mr Paul Pelosi [Applause] Who was Attacked 82 years old was attacked when somebody Broke into his home looking for his wife

Nancy So you’re hearing a lot of ad-libs and All right there you go they’re in Detroit so you already know what time it Is you get in the black preacher Vibes Going on but let’s keep on moving here And thankfully doctors believe he’s Going to be okay but We’ll let the investigators do their Jobs but but here’s one thing that We can feel we know If our rhetoric About each other Gets that me When when we don’t just disagree with People but we start demonizing them oh Oh is that right is that I’m talking About pot kettle black how about that Demonizing them Ultra Magna extreme Magger basket of deplorables artists and That in the third that’s what y’all do For a living you demonize the other side And if you don’t I can’t tell Making wild crazy allegations about them That creates a dangerous climate And if elected officials don’t do more To explicitly reject that kind of Rhetoric if they tacitively support it Or Encourage their supporters to stand up Side voting places armed with guns and Dressed in tactical gear More people can get hurt And and we’re going to be violating the

Basic Spirit of this country Yes So serve served sweet night nice again Heckle right here you know wait wait Come on But this but this is this is what I mean So there’s more from the heckling I Think let’s see if we can if we can just Get the rest of it No no no okay that’s that’s that that’s Not real that’s not I thought it was Just that’s a meme right there but if That was going on that’d be funny that’d Be hilarious but anyway That’s your man Barack Obama out there Campaigning in Michigan Um in in Detroit Hey we’ll see how that works out Probably trying to campaign for let’s Say Gretchen Whitmer Gretchen Whitmer Gresham butcher anyway Let’s move on here If you like what you’re hearing so far Please give the video a thumbs up like The video share the video do all that Good stuff Um I got time for the j6 thing maybe That’s that’s a great segue and today Ain’t it talking about Obama and you Know oh the hateful rhetoric and all This and that in the third they were Talking about j6 for forever which was a Big nothing Burger it was I promise it Was compared to all the BLM riots and

Protests so-called protests all over the Country nothing Burger Um let’s go ahead and play some of that Right quick There’s a full video of them talking I’ll link to of course that’s always in The description box you go to my website And check it out But if you’ve not seen this just go Ahead and watch it so this is a group of Pittsburgh area voters talking about j6 And remember You may have Federal minutes from the Pittsburgh area in Braddock Pennsylvania Which is right outside of the actual City of Pittsburgh So let’s check it out right here excuse Me Doug mastriano was at the Insurrection And he was photographed breaching one of The restricted areas Is that okay which area because I saw a Video where Capital officers was taking Away barriers and unlocking doors I mean I they opened the gate so it Shouldn’t be disqualifying for an Elected official Participated in January 6th he didn’t Strike anybody he didn’t hurt anybody And the only one that died was a Protester there not a capital police Unarmed female veteran that’s the only One that died the only one who died a Police officer did die no but that was a

Stroke that’s not on site by that that’s Because he shouldn’t have been a police Officer so what do you make though Overall of January 6th I mean it was Watching that footage it was pretty Disturbing I mean there were people Throwing excrement at the walls and it Was our you know it’s the capital almost A lot like antifa’s action except on a Much smaller scale it looked the same as The black lives matter right that’s what I saw the similarities One Burns Kenosha but so it’s okay just Because just because one side that you Disagree with I’m saying good for one It’s good for the other anybody I don’t See anybody anybody who caused property Destruction that needs to be dealt with But if you’re there making your voice Heard at the Bible’s house no less yeah That’s again it’s a fundamental Constitutional right of an American Citizen and people should not be being Held political prisoner uh because of it For misdemeanors that’s East Germany That’s Easter tactics yeah that’s what’s Scary It was an actual fiery but mostly Peaceful protest and the other ones that Were the office was the protest Legitimate in your eyes I feel like is Using it as their Reich dog fire yeah That’s exactly what they’re using it as Do you think that President Trump

Could have quelled the violence It started while he was still speaking I Was actually there I I was there to to See what I thought was going to be the Last time I ever saw Trump a little of That I know so did he tell everybody to Go and and start riding no I didn’t Think so no way and it actually Um I I I stayed for the whole speech Like a ton of people did and then we all Headed to the Capitol because he said Let’s go to the Capitol and and Peacefully peacefully please be heard And we get to the Capitol we’re like What the hell is going on because it had Already happened I’m pretty sure I saw Democratic operatives instigating people Too of course of course Of course so yeah shout out to them you Know one thing about j6 the media keeps Trying to push this it’s like this Really big thing People who but they already don’t like Trump or I don’t like Republicans and Conservatives they already you’re not Really going to change a lot of Minds With the whole j6 thing if anything If you change any Minds you’ll change Mine to go the other direction and be Like you know what I’m not quite sure This makes any sense right here So I might want to go a different Direction You see what I’m saying so I think what

They tried to do did not work at all not In the least bit So yeah shout out to them and if you Don’t know they were uh they are Pennsylvania voters in Pittsburgh in the Pittsburgh area So we’re going to see how the federal Woman uh fetterman Federal person and Dr Oz Election goes down oh and also I’ll be Here On Tuesday Covering his life oh man I will be here Just like I was here for the election And whatnot I’m going to be here Covering that live I gotta I gotta do it That’s going to be a big night Um so y’all get your popcorn ready I’m Gonna be here covering that other Elections all the races I have maps and Stuff up ready for you guys to go ahead And consume that and we can see who’s Going to win live we can see the Red Wave just watch upon us if they got any Kind of weird stuff going on we will be Able to see that too so y’all check it Out I’ll be here Um on a Tuesday uh doing that so What’s that is that next Tuesday it Ain’t it ain’t this Tuesday I think is It Tuesday after Um next Yeah Tuesday after this one coming up so I’ll be here that day

All right and if you like what you’re Hearing so far if you enjoy the content Y’all please uh give me a thumbs up and If you’re not subscribed to the Channel Please do so I’d appreciate you as well So yeah that’s November the 8th I would Definitely be here on that Tuesday Covering it live And Super Chats on Deck I’m gonna get to Those right quick and then I get to the Calls the number to call is four three Four six five eight one two two zero Again four three four six five eight one Two two zero I have more I could talk about right Here but I got time constraints Um I think I didn’t talk about Ted Cruz And DeSantis but that’s okay Oh I want to talk about the the World Series thing just briefly before I get To the super chats if y’all give me a Little bit of time so Dusty Baker the Manager of the Houston Astros who’s a Black American Who played in the Major League Baseball He says that there’s an issue with not Enough black American players in the MLB Major League Baseball Because the World Series is going to be The first one since I think 1950 to not Feature when Um black American player Here’s the thing

There are two black Americans on the Astros roster That I’m not activated that’s the baker Did not activate them so if you want to Have a black player you got them right There on your squad uh Black American That’s a key word because they do have Black players in the world series just Not American American born The American now I suppose they got Citizenship but they’re not American Boring anyway You got these guys in your roster why Don’t you activate them if you really Want black American players to be in the World Series you’re going to put the Best guys out on the field it doesn’t Matter if they are Asian Hispanic black White Puerto Rican candy stripe you can Put the best guys out on the field Period Furthermore the whole idea of black Players not being in the world series is Dumb because all these Dominican guys I Mean what you gonna call them these guys Look just like one of my cuz look just Like me in the face okay it’s because They got dropped off first they somehow Different or special they’re the same So if it’s all these black black stuff You got them right there this happened To be Dominican or Cuban or something Like that you know just not American Born

Okay you speak Spanish Big whoop Um Cesar Martinez whatever your name is Great Meanwhile your Grandmama and my Grandmama look like they they could be Cousins and sisters So what So the whole thing about not enough Black American players it’s like you’re Trying to find something to complain About baseball is more diverse than any Sport in the United States than any Sport Black white asian Hispanic everything All of that mixed in NBA basketball with Eddie 85 black American Um and then if you have any white guys In um well not Major League base what I Say NBA NBA 85 black American and if you have any White guys in the NBA they’re gonna be European Um Luka dances uh Bob maradon Mariana all these guys with a bunch of Seeds and Z’s and x’s in their name that Are not pronounced that way uh who else You have um a man from the Nuggets uh Nicola jokic All these Serbian Slavic guys Eastern Europeans And you know what else you don’t have Western European white guys in the NBA You’re not gonna find no guy from

Lancaster Shire England playing Basketball You’re gonna find one of these big seven Foot tall guys from Latvia you know one Of these big sloppy dudes out there Playing basketball and dominating Find me a guy from Paris France a white Guy from France or London England or Even Germany Dirk Nowitzki that’s only One once you get to Germany you get a Little bit more into basketball players You know you’re getting into your um Your Dirk Nowitzki and Andre carolinko You get into the Eastern European part At that point you’re getting into the Berlin wall type people you understand What I’m saying but Western Europe You’re not gonna have no basketball Playing guys unless they black like Tony Parker or um Um I forget the other guy’s name I’m Seeing your stuff I forget the other Guy’s name but you’re gonna see those Guys in the NBA not regular white guys The point is That Major League Baseball is very Diverse compared to other sports So it is what it is All right I’ll move right along I thought I saw like some kind of a bet In here But sometimes I get these little mobs That come in through the garage I’m not Talking about somebody to be like yo man

These these mobs are tearing me to Pieces Anyway let’s move right along to Super Chats and then I move to the calls Um But yeah the the point Thank You ladybug The point about baseball basketball Football hockey tennis soccer Put the best guys out there on the field But the best guys out there on the court Put the best guys out there even in the General Workforce if I got a company Right And I need employees To do a particular thing I want the best guys and girls to do the Job period I don’t really care the whole Income gap thing it’s like look if women Truly made less than men And it was it was an equal performance As men all I would do is hire women and Pay them less to save on it You see what I’m saying so maybe there’s Something else going on aside from just The general narrative that wouldn’t Defeat us People are just getting uh people are Just kind of bored and want something to Complain about something to cry about But it’s not really a real issue All right Oh you’re right Michael uh Pau Gasol From Spain and also Marc Gasol from Spain yeah those are the only yeah yeah

Yeah Yeah they’re different Spain it’s Actually Spain was a really good team in Uh international basketball especially I Saw that especially on Netflix it was or One of those Um places where Team USA had to train For a while to really beat Spain Because they were so good Um there’s another guy from Spain that’s Really good um a small guard I forget His name y’all guys know what I’m Talking about Um Yeah but I forget his name But still Europeans you’re not gonna Find many American white guys that play NBA basketball it’s just not very common Unless you like Sean Bradley seven foot Six tall Something you know JJ Reddick a Sharpshooter from three-point range but You’re gonna find a bunch of these European guys to go out there and ball Hard Ball super hard Okay yeah Sammy Sosa was black back in The day now I don’t know what color he Is now he has no color he has no race He’s just sent me Sosa looking like you Know is I don’t even know it looks like Now Tony Montana meets a vampire chess Here looking crazy Anyway

Uh Rubio Um Rubio is he Argentinian or Spanish Ricky Rubio hold on let me look him up Oh yeah Rubio that’s right okay from Spain too I thought it was from Argentina but I guess not I’m thinking about um Managinobili But there was another guy from Spain That was really good Rick Rubio’s good but it wasn’t him it Was somebody else I forget his name when I when I see him I’ll I’ll see him Speedy Gonzalez Speedy Gonzalez was good Ginobili’s from Argentina in South America Stats porzingis kristaps is um Lithuanian if I’m not mistaken Uh Chris staps kind of fell off though He had he was kind of a bust All right I don’t want to get too much Into the basketball talk a lot for your Apartment I Lithuania but same thing Baltic State Lottery Lithuania same Thing over there close to Russia but not Quite Russia and not quite Ukraine Either or um Belarus Let me see All right okay I’ll keep on going here We got super chat showing deck and then I get to the call so number the call is Rudy Fernandez that was him Rudy Fernandez was amazing oh yeah he was

Amazing yes he was Yep that’s what I’m talking about right There he was on the he was on the Spanish national team too he was a beast He was he was killing USA on a spinach Team Anyway you could tell I’m a very Passionate basketball fan so yeah please Pardon me let’s get to the super chats And keep on going here Um let’s go to the first one thank you To college Parchman who says Paul’s man And wife was going to stir up drama with Nancy yes he was Also wanted to say it to his needs to Designate the Narco cartels which means Like a terrorist organization I can Agree with that for sure Um let me see thank you to Apple who Says abo2 Wednesdays no show y’all Killing me bro hey uh I’ll be back I Shall be back with the live shows on Wednesday so y’all y’all don’t fret Um I’m glad you guys are here on the Saturday show showing up and showing now In big numbers I appreciate that means a Lot to me Um also Apple says just kidding you’re Going to live stream Tuesday November The 8th absolutely I will uh he also Says happy Halloween tell us a ghost Story Um I do have a ghost story I may have Told it before

So Um Now this story Um How can I say it okay I’m gonna be kind of vague because I Don’t want to tell too much I don’t have I don’t have permission from everybody To tell this story and to give out names And stuff but you understand the story Regardless it won’t really matter the Names and location won’t matter anyway I’m at I found the members I was Spending the night And I’m sleeping Like in the den of the house I’m not in The bedroom I’m in the den And The way I can look out of the door to The den I can see the hallway going to The front of the house kind of a little Bit like if I kind of anger myself a Little bit because I’m on the couch Sleeping right if I look a little bit I Can kind of see throughout the house a Little bit So it’s at night time I’m just sitting there watching TV Nick At night something like I’m a little boy When it’s happening Nick at night okay You’re watching uh um Dragnet or Something like that maybe So I’m going to bed and I’m seeing like A shadowy figure

And I get up And I’m trying to locate this figure but I can’t I could kind of see it but I Can’t really see it it was like Standing there but it wasn’t it was It Was kind of hard for me to really Describe it was kind of there but not Really there You know and I don’t know exactly what that was but I Was told that it could have been Somebody who died in the war because People had seen him in the house before You understand I’m saying I think Vietnam Yeah they sent him in the house before And one day they saw me sleepwalking in That same hallway So it wasn’t that same night when I got Up and walked but I knew what was going On There’s somebody actually sleepwalking In that same hallway so I don’t know What was going on with that so kind of Paranormal Activity I don’t know what was happening but I Have seen stuff like that I’ve seen some Things and some stuff Um do I believe in ghosts I don’t know Maybe it was my mind playing tricks on Me Maybe you some kind of just share it for Number nine

Because we had told stories about them I I don’t know but I definitely saw some Stuff that day A relative yes he was a relative Yep relative that he passed away in the War In Vietnam So yeah that happened but I’ve seen I’ve Seen a lot of different things like that Now I got some I got some uh I got some Real stories some other kind of some Some crime stories but I can’t go down That road right now so I move on Thank you to um Ian Kenny who says they Had to get Obama into Milwaukee tonight To campaign for governor Evers and Barnes for a senate if you live in Wisconsin vote Michael’s for Um when Michael’s mic Hells for a Governor and Johnson for Senate this is My endorsement thank you for that thank You to Apple again who says who’s The scariest Nancy Pelosi Hillary Dianne Feinstein Lisa murkowski Rashida to lead Nina janky Witch Uh Kamala Joe Biden Janet Yellen Casey Hobbs I’m gonna go with uh Hillary Clinton okay talking about it the clown Right there uh mass murderer Jeffrey Dahmer and incarnate all right very Scary got the same Predator glasses and Everything back in the day have you guys Seen that Meme where it says these guys That are seriously with the same glasses

All the time the the funny frames the Aviators share the same glasses it’s Like she probably was with them Collecting bodies and well we know that There’s some stuff with the the clintons We know that Also favorite Halloween costume as a kid Favorite candy uh what’s that really big In the costumes necessarily I was a kid That would I was a kid that would get like the Fangs that would you could bite into a Capsule and they and they bleed they had Blood on them that was my thing so you Know I was like Vampire in Brooklyn but In Virginia you know I’m I’m a vampire In Brooklyn so I really didn’t do mad um Costumes I paint my face and stuff like A vampire like like trying to be real Scared with the with the fangs that was My thing but I never really did full Costumes well I’ll take that back when I Was a kid I was a turtle and like uh um I was Michelangelo as a kid But I was wearing that just randomly I Could put Michelangelo costume on just In general be hanging around the house You know uh practicing my karate that Was really Halloween they don’t count as A Halloween costume But Halloween time I was a kid that had Fangs the blood face painted with a Pumpkin Um for my my trick or treat bag

Also two vane says if Federman wins it Just proves any win anything can run for Office exactly Um Apple said your phobia clown spider Alien demon ghost oh here’s a story I’ll Tell you guys now my phobia if anything Would be clowns I’m not scared of clowns Per se but first of all when I saw the First it movie when I was like eight Nine years old I was scared out of my Socks I’m talking about super scared When I saw the new one in 2017 I went I wasn’t really scared but I Appreciated the the jump scares and Whatnot I was like okay that that was a Good one like I went to 100 house Recently and they did a jump scare so I’m like okay that that’s a great jump Scare right there I really appreciate That one But Um going back to the story about the Clowns So one day I’m walking home well let’s Say let’s go let’s go back so I’m about 18 19 20 maybe I’m in college and I’m Going to the TCC Art Center in downtown Portsmouth And my dad lives down the street from The art center so I’m walking back to His house Where I parked at and then I was going To drive back to Um mom’s house where I was at the time

Where I was living But what I would do is I would come you Know hang out with Dad before I go to The um To to class and then I would just go Back to his house and get my car in the Garage and go back anyway On the way back just straight down the Street on the way back it’s this Art gallery and there will always be Different kind of sculptures and things In there Halloween time it might be pumpkins it Might be just whatever any kind of Sculpture I see elephants and giraffes And statues New York City replicas Whatever it is now on this day There was about A Thousand Clowns in There I swear like I’m exaggerating but It was countless life-sized clowns scary Clowns just in there and it’s dark it’s Like 10 o’clock at night I’m in Portsmouth it’s getting a little Weird out there anyway I’m already kind Of like got my head also because I’m I’m Still downtown it’s a nice area right by The water but still it’s still Portsmouth I’m from there I know it gets Kind of weird it might be a little bit Dangerous so I’m already kind of like Looking around me It could be dope fiends it could be Somebody with a pistol and here we got A Thousand Clowns I’m like all right do I

Go this way can I can I get around this Particular thing so I had to just muster Up the courage to just walk past all These group full of clowns and luckily Nobody was in there if somebody was to Be in there like messing around or with A clown outfit on man they would have Got man that would have been bad that Would have been all bad A Thousand Clowns in the glass in the middle of the Night and already kind of a seedy little Area nah so yeah If anything could be clowns spiders Don’t care about spiders I see I see That a Latin tendency I’m not scared of Spiders at all they don’t scare me one Bit I’m not scared of insects really I don’t Like bees like Hornets on me bumble bees Are totally fine and harmless Um but aliens demons and nah Ghosts But no clowns that night nah anyway Apple says ABR your superstitious you Have free live stream rituals yes so Before each live stream Um I go go to the bathroom brush my Teeth wash my face make sure Everything’s straight Um get get my get my drink even if I Don’t drink it because I know that I Might be parched I might get you know Not be able to speak so a certain things That I do before the live stream I try

To start it like at the same time I try To put the reminder out at the same time I do a lot of repetitive things for my Content because it’s helps if you have a System to keep things going the way it’s Supposed to go But yeah if you’re going to do any kind Of speaking I suggest you brush your Teeth that’s a that’s a pro tip and wash Your face you get all in your face from The day you want to come on like I got a Shiny nose anyway but If I don’t wash my face you’d be looking Like all over my face would be real Shiny from the oil that my skin produces I got all the skin Also abl you are a street smart and have Common sense please analyze these Leftists who spit on Alex Stein and who Throw tomato juice at art work wow Disgusting Yeah people think that it won’t be any Kind of consequences so they do just Whatever they want to do if you think You won’t get in trouble you just do it If you think that you can’t get touched Like You know I saw a video of a lady getting Um punched in the in the bar I think she Was speaking German and the guy was Russian speaking People like oh he shouldn’t have done it Well she shouldn’t hit him first I can’t Play it right here because they’re gonna

Say it’s violence and whatnot but You can do certain things like that here In the states where you have more Freedom where there’s more of a social Imperative to protect women and to Protect fools to protect these these Imbeciles on the left but other parts of The world you can’t do that so really What it boils down to is people just Think they could do whatever they want Because Society has told them that they can by Their actions or lack thereof Apple also says God bless our pro-life Mega political prisoners uh j6 Pelosi And FBI Inside Job defund feds impeach And NP That machine company says 59 people dead Over 100 injured in the Stampede at a Halloween festivities in Seoul South Korea that was really crazy I saw that I I could not put that here because you’re Talking about dead bodies everywhere it Was crazy Uh that’s something I never seen before In my life a street parade where our Street party that ends in 59 people dead From being crushed Seems pretty crazy also you’re a Tall dude when you fly around the Country do you pay more for late room Yes I do absolutely when I can uh do you Agree Mr Biden that’s unfair to pay more No because I mean I’m tall it is what it

Is just like if you fat you gotta pay Before extra seat I mean if you don’t want to pay for Extra seat don’t be fed you know I mean And if you don’t pay for being tall then But you go you can’t do too much Just suffer being in a little scratched Up seat it is what it is you still get To your destination If I’m going on a long flight Then I need to I need to extend it if I Go on a little you know Pond Skipper Type I don’t really matter Because you can’t really get that much Of a difference from the plane anyway The cabin is going to be pretty much the Same I’ve been on these little small Prop plane looking things going from Like Chattanooga to Atlanta sometimes if I had to do that for some reason which I Don’t normally I will drive there Normally but yeah if I have if I can get It on a long flight I will because I Ain’t trying to be scrunched up for four Hours with my legs like in the dashboard Like I’m in a little Honda Civic or Something I can’t I can’t do it Uh sleeping Earthling Apartments Sleeping Earthling says Dorsey was told By the government to run Twitter a Certain way or else guarantee that’s why Dorsey left CIA NSA FBI probably calling The shots there I I agree with that and Mark Zuckerberg said that about Facebook

How he got a call from the Federalists About the hunter Biden situation that The crack smoking laptop situation so I’m not surprised at that at all Machine company says Reuters are saying They all got 122 million but Jay I got It got 20 million check your email thank You for that thank you to Dina for your Donation take it to Edward saucedo who Says cheers they get to test your tips Who says welcome to all YouTube became ABS we’re thinking for that thank you Elizabeth who says love your channel and The work you do to get this this info Thank you for your uh very kind words And your donation thank you to the less Who says Brian telling we the people to Get the vax against another distraction And a lot of States elections are almost Here and monkeypox didn’t work so here We go again greetings from little Patriots thank you for that I think it’s An underrated Voice who says thanks APO For your advice started a YouTube Channel well hey congrats to you keep on Rocking keep being consistent put on Some good content Thank you to that machine company you Said so half a half naked man can Attempt the murder of husband of the Speaker of the House in his own home With a hammer in front of the cops and Not get shot hey Think it’s a Shelly babes who says it’s

A a throuple a gone wrong Didn’t machine company says two separate Incidents within six months of involving Strange men and Pelosi’s husband totally Normal exactly Oh I think it’s why Henderson who says Paul went to see Gloria Allred next Martian any games from the Democratic Party Exactly also why Henderson says the Reason why he was looking for Nancy is Because she was supposed to be at the Party Paul a lot to him oh okay there You go thank you to Marines serving Jesus Christ who says talk about Maxine Waters hyper create Reading Pennsylvania Who says as always love you man great Show thank you for that thank you to Who says Arizona already said they won’t Have results so the night of November 8th election day I think it’s a sweet Tea who says for the channel my friend Be safe too can’t wait till November the 8th thank you to Dante 2K who says Speaking of the Dominicans quote just Because it got dropped off first unquote LOL has the best comedy on the Internet thank you for that glad you Appreciated that line right there He said Joseph says paying you not to go Vote on Bankhead Highway Exceptional video on a Pelosi case you Are a rocket scientist Sir thank you for That I appreciate you

Thank you for the the hands up in the Dancing emoji thank you to Ramon C GTC Who says we need an MLB and an NBA Stream and I might have to do it thank You to Santo bartez for being a member And Russell says thanks for making Serious topics informative and Entertaining hey that’s what I do and I Enjoy what I do but let’s get to the Calls the number to call is four three Four six five eight one two two zero Again four three four six five eight one Two two zero do not be afraid to call I Will not bite you and if the there’s Also an email in the description box to Get on Skype If it doesn’t work properly it’s not my Fault Blended white man that’s what you Talk to Let’s get to the calls remember to call Four three four there it is four three Four it went away but it’s still in the Description box four three four six five Eight one two two zero let’s go ahead And get rocking and rolling 918 gonna allow my speaker too Hey what’s up JB Scotsman from Oklahoma how you doing Buddy it’s all good man what’s happening Hey uh let me just say uh good night Everybody Thank you Oh dang that was I don’t even want to Comment on that I didn’t look too much

To handle yeah Anyway I do want to talk about Paul Pelosi for a second because That story has got more holes in it than My oldest pair of underwear I mean it is Deserved there’s so many things wrong With that story it’s not even funny Yeah there’s some there’s some weird Stuff going on there It really is and of course the Management they’re going to sanitized Version of it they won’t say everything That’s going on they won’t even really Talk about There could be some things that are kind Of funny they’ll try to go to the Political route to push that narrative Rather than What we all see and what kind of makes Sense You know I think it kind of did go Actually in the political world in the First place it’s like it’s like oh the Poor guy ain’t got a DUI now we feel bad For him and then he gets attacked in his Own home so you know yeah give the guys Some support But no then it turned out to be Something totally different yeah and the More this story is developing it’s It’s getting crazier and crazier yeah Yeah so anyway Yeah I’ll leave a ride See how that goes

Uh one let me do one uh other topic About pop culture um I know you said You’re a fan of like uh like fantasy and Movies and stuff like that you know and And is that is that right Yeah one yeah are you familiar with the Witcher With who The Witcher The Witcher yeah with Henry Campbell Yeah Yeah all right well he just announced Today actually just a couple hours ago This is kind of breaking news I mean he already filmed the season Three but he Resigned after that he’s not going to do With season four And they’re going to pass it on to uh Liam Ensworth And which is a shame because he was Great at it but I’ll tell you what I think what happened because I I’ve Been watching a lot of videos about it Before I called your show and You know because he’s a big fan of the Series of the books the games and I am Too you know I mean I played hundreds And hundreds of hours in the games And they didn’t let him play geralt of Rivia the way he should have been played So he’s like you know what I’m going Back to Superman You know yeah And he said I’m I’m gonna bring back

Some positive And joy to the Superman character Which is great you know bring back truth Justice and the American way yeah that’s A that’s what Superman’s all about yeah I thought yeah there’s a little there’s A little pop culture news for you Um Shout out to my girls happy I know she’s Watching right now my my partner in Crime and Grand Theft Auto I know she’s watching And uh shout out to Elon Musk for Going through with this plan and you Know Making Twitter the way he wants it Yeah right on all right and on that note Yeah love you man I love everybody in The chat and all the listeners and all Sit back and enjoy the rest of the show Thanks for the call man appreciate you Uh letter my man All right great call so yeah I saw Henry Careful at the end of Black Adam You know I saw that movie in the theater And then I saw him and Superman I’m like Okay you gonna play that you look great At Superman I was like yeah let’s go in And get it I enjoyed Black Adam it was a Pretty good movie was it the best movie Ever no but I I enjoyed it I didn’t Really see any kind of flaws with it Um so let’s quickly let’s keep let’s Keep the whole DC you going let’s let’s

Have DC you really compete against the Marvel Situation All right let’s go to 904. hold on I was a little bit too late For that one let’s go six six One You’re Gonna Learn how much we could two Hello is this yes it is Okay this is Richard out in California I Was trying to get throw my two cents and Then I bought this Paul Pelosi attack I Mean there’s there’s so much to be said About that thing and uh you know I’ve Been trying to keep cats on it and try To figure out what’s going on I’ve been Watching your show obviously but uh I Had a question before that do you happen To know did they ever talk about where The point of entry was for on that or What they claimed to be an important of Entry they were saying the back door Where they had the um the glass broken Oh the one with the glass over you got All on the outside where everybody knows That that doesn’t have work that way Right exactly So that that that doesn’t that doesn’t Really pan out right there I mean I Think I’m on Deck with you with that Idea that she had company was that you Knew that guy’s name he claims to say That that he didn’t know who he was but He knows his name like he said and Another another thing is that they are

From a reliable source I heard that they Were both in their underwear I mean they They got their tarantarams on both of Them and and uh uh I mean what do they Do what are the two grown men doing Inside of a room but in a house by Themselves in their underwear especially With a gay guy uh that guy was supposed To be gay I guess from the lgbtq Whatever that is uh called and uh But I mean I think it was a Lover’s uh Coral you know they had this Coral got Violent I actually believe that that uh Which is being my Paul Pelosi was Probably the one who grabbed the hammer In the first place and then the younger Guy of course fought him for it and took It and started hammering away when you Know when when things got out of hand You know because I’m pretty sure he was He was really was saying that he was Going to tell uh Nancy about that when Uh uh the romance they’re having there So so he so Paul didn’t want that so now He’s got to dream up some story about uh How this attacker came in that I’m Guessing and that’s where the 911 call Comes in there and I think by accident He he let them know that that he gave me The name so that that’s just my two Cents right there what do you think That makes sense to me it definitely Makes sense you know the media they’re Trying to push this whole thing about

Politics I’m like nah this this is not That I don’t think so I think what You’re saying right there makes a lot More sense Yeah I think it’s somewhere along along The lines with that and then of course You already know they try to push the The mega thing going in the beginning Trying to make it sound that way but None of that pans out at all and what That they didn’t get a good response From that it almost seems like they Dropped it now they’re trying to make it Sound like like uh it was just some Random attack you know that’s how I’m Hearing it now like they they dropped The mega thing and they’re just put in This this idea that it was just a random Attack and and Republicans he could Announce this so they’re not you know They’re they’re not really on Deck with What’s right and all this other stuff You know and they’ll try to push the Idea that it’s going to go political uh But of course it makes everything Political even though they’re I believe That that Paul Pelosi is is out in the Hospital still I’m not sure you Supposedly whatever surgery for Fractured spelling all this other stuff So I mean it’s too bad that does this Have to go political but you know that’s The way it’s rolling right now so I I at First to tell the truth I thought it was

Never just just the smallest story I Thought oh they made this stuff from the Game but then as things started you know The fact started coming in I started to Say wait a minute I think this is real And and uh what you call Paul is doing Some hanky-panky word while while Nancy’s away and and he got caught up in The mess I wouldn’t be surprised if they Were both loaded because he is you know Been known to be getting drunk and and Who knows what the other guy was doing And things got a hand I think I think They both got drunk and things got way Out of hand so I think if it all unravel It’s going to all be hush-hush once it Does unravel because I’m positive that That house I’m not positive for myself I Really don’t know but I I could I’ve had Some very serious doubts that that uh That helps to not have some type of Camera surveillance in it you know we Got we got this uh speaker of the house That lives there and they don’t have any Kind of camera surveillance of course They do and I’m sure they have the the Police uh the the one that they carry Their cam the camera they have on them They’re not showing any of that footage At all so I think there’s a lot a lot to Be said with the camera footage and and They don’t want everybody to know what’s Really going on because right now they Just want to say that that he got

Attacked and it was just like random I Guess so uh you know I I I just can’t Wait to see how this all unravels and What kind of nonsense they’re going to Explain this with but uh you know I I’m On I’m on Deck with you on that one yeah That that was that guy I think was uh What’s it called uh Paul’s private Little Lover But uh yeah I’m gonna see how this Sounds like I keep watching your show Because you keep on bringing new stuff And you know I like to keep uh you know Some good information coming in because There are a lot of people bringing out Some some uh stuff that probably doesn’t Really Have any facts here but you I know you Do your research and you know what You’re talking about you know putting You know boo-boo out there right on me Yeah so it’s it’s good to hear from you And and uh that was about two says right There Thank you for your call man I definitely Appreciate you All right thank you bye-bye All right shout out to the caller Let’s go to Five one no you don’t lie how much Pikachu What’s that can you hear me Yeah I can hear you all right don’t turn On the streamer in the background talk

To me on the phone you’ll be good to go So what’s happening this is Ve okay hey abl uh I just um I just Wanted to comment on the whole uh deal Going on with um with the uh Paul Pelosi And I just wanted to share my insight uh As I live nearby to San Francisco and The whole crime deal and all that go for It Yeah so basically uh You know San Francisco I mean there’s just way Too much crime and and they try to like Downplay it and all that but you know uh I mean it’s not unusual even even with Uh with Government Federal Government Security going on over there uh with the With the speaker of the house I it’s It’s not unusual for Crime to be going On in San Francisco I mean I mean I Would see things at least twice a week And and I wasn’t even in downtown San Francisco it really originates from Oakland and San Francisco but you know Even it spreads out everywhere within a Certain amount of radius And you would just see things all the Time like you go out a certain time of Day just within uh every two weeks you Would see something every two times Every week you would see something going On whether it was a break-in in the Pizza shop or if you’re going out to the Donut shop or you know people doing

Donuts and this that and the other I Mean there’s just an unlimited supply of Just nonsense crime going on Yeah I believe it I mean I’ve seen quite A bit of that on social media so I can Imagine how much more I don’t see that Just happening every single day and People that lived there to experience it That I you know have no idea is going on So yeah I make sense to me Yeah I mean uh I mean with the whole Ordeal see here’s the thing that this Guy may have not been a regular uh Criminal or whatever but see you’re in The the whole society over there is Empowering criminal organizations to That there’s got to be something like a Drug cartel thing going on where these Guys are leaders like Jeff Bezos in the Uh capitalistic world and these these Leaders are creating very huge criminal Organizations that are Um you know internationally Uh you know they’re just internationally Connected and whatnot but when it comes Down to uh You know just the society in general I Mean when when you’re empowering Uh criminals you’re telling the people Around you who are maybe not criminals That hey you have the freedom to do Whatever you want and people just jump Through stop signs red lights what not I Mean uh you know you have red light

Cameras and it’s like oh don’t go Through there you might get a red light Ticket but it’s like hey if you pull Down the visor and you stick your head Up while you’re going through the I Don’t want to give people ideas but That’s the kind of um thing that regular People are doing criminal stuff and they Shouldn’t be doing that criminal stuff But you’re telling regular people that There’s an opportunity they’re doing That and that’s what’s uh going on with With an example of this um this guy from The Castro I don’t think this guy was a Regular everyday career criminal but He’s been empowered that he has the Ability to do whatever he wants And uh that I mean that’s what’s Happened yeah Right of course So yeah I mean I I could tell you Hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of Stories about different different Criminal things in which I witnessed but Um you know that that’s just Kind of sums it up just specifically on The Paul Pelosi deal but if they put This dude Paul Pelosi in jail for the For the drinking and driving you know Probably he wouldn’t be in this this old Ordeal yeah exactly that’s right Thank you for your call man I definitely Appreciate it Okay all right take care then all right

All right now Okay all right take care That’s a good point if Paul Pelosi was Locked up for the DUI situation rather Than getting that’s life on the wrist Maybe he went in the Gap beating his Head with a hammer maybe he wouldn’t be Out there able to proclude these young Guys or younger guys to come to his House when his wife ain’t there huh Let’s go to the next one Eight five six on the line who am I Speaking to Hey anybody else can you hear me yes I Can All right I wanted to turn the speaker out in the Background because I was just listening To your live streams So honestly Here I am I’m telling you right now ADL I’m at the point I don’t I haven’t heard From black lives matter in a minute Because like you said there’s no money Involved And I cannot wait until Candice Owens Documentary come out I’m excited I can’t Wait to see that Because I was really Applause but it’s Like I want to see how most people are Going to react It’s out yeah It’s out already yeah it’s on deadly Wire website you got to be a member to

See it Oh okay so I’m about to be a member soon I can’t wait to go see that I want to See what what kind of truths you know Expose the amazing oh what they did with The money and all that stuff hundreds of Thousands of dollars on like them just Going out having fun living their best Lives Said nothing to the community at all Basically you have that money since then You just checked all black people but Nope They have been living they are they’re Living with the white people That’s right it’s just it’s a big money Drift it’s pretty crazy but you know It’s it’s obvious to see for a lot of People but then sometimes not everybody Is really in tune like that so when you Put it in a nice documentary format is Able to get across to the message like Hey you think they’re one thing but They’re really a different thing so Let’s you know figure it out and see What’s happening Okay Exactly and let me tell you something I Just accepted this job so what I do is I Go into people’s door-to-door and I’m Pretty much you know I registered people To vote or people who already register To vote you know you go to their houses Their address they’re already in the

System and So I’m I have to support John fetterman Yeah yeah So we’re getting paid at least 20 an Hour to go to people’s doors and ask if They want to support John fetterman and Uh Josh Shapiro For governor yeah so And I see that the baby John settlement And it was it was terrible he’s Stuttering that and to the point where The media couldn’t even hiding they Can’t they can’t have it Sorry to cut you out I’m surprised you Didn’t try to hide that because John Fetterman he was stuttering badly I mean He was he was bad Yeah it’s pretty crazy I mean you know The thing is not even just that he was Stuttering it’s just that he has a brain Injury so he is not even really able to Understand what’s being told to him yet He had to be able to read it on closed Caption so when they were taught he Couldn’t understand him he had to read What they were saying to understand it And he was still not answering questions Appropriately in his mind he’s saying One thing but then when he verbalizes it Something else comes out so but then I’m Gonna talk about that they’ll say oh Usher Walker he is the guy that’s not Speaking right it’s like really Herschel

Walker he might have a country accent And mispronounce certain words but he’s Not saying the absolute wrong word Because he has a brain injury that’s John Federman that’s outside the media Does though I have there’s no way he’s in the way He’s gonna win besides of cheating But most people most of the people the Doors I walk to Most Democrats aren’t even going to vote For help they’re just unsure about vote For him because they don’t like about God right huh yeah because because they See fetterman they’re like okay I’m a Democrat but how can that vote for this Guy look at him look like do you see him But like you said at the same time They don’t like Dr Oz either but they See that he’s a better option than Fetterman who’s simply not even Medically Capable of doing anything Yeah not paying us good money to go and See if we really can get support for Federal men And one more thing I want to take a Couple of calls but um the last thing I Had one guy he’s a lecturer that’s uh he Said why because I’m a Democrat but he Said but that’s Joe Biden and that’s True I’m not a trump train to get Obama They don’t do nothing for black people This is a blackout mind you because you

Don’t have to do nothing for us Especially your life so why should I Vote for either one of them I’m not Voting no more because we don’t do Nothing our community stay the same and He was just going on and on how nothing Changes in our community in the black Community and they forget about us they Come around every election year and they Just completely forget about it so he Said he said he’s going to stop voting It reminds this was a Democrat that said That I mean I heard that a lot it’s like You know if you’re gonna do something Like that that’s that’s somebody that Can’t bring themselves to vote for the Democrats because they see what’s going On but at the same time They got too much pride to go to the Other side they still get that that Democrat mind stay in them but they’ve Been disillusioned by the Democrats so They don’t want to go and vote for the Same people they’ve been going for but Their mind hasn’t really changed that’s All so that’s why they want to play it Like that because they haven’t really Changed their mind in the real way Yeah I’ve noticed that there’s a lot of Pride going on there and kind of because Like um who’s 11 uh what’s the name House Scott uh virtualizing the news They were talking about Um Nancy close to his husband Paul

Pelosi yeah and then come and find out They try to oh did Trump have somebody Said Trump has some abuses and come to Find out Trump didn’t have nothing to do With it at all they’re going to stop Talking about that story pretty soon Right absolutely Yeah well thanks for taking my call Sorry it takes so long thanks for the Call man appreciate you I have a good one All right shout out to the caller yeah I Know somebody that does the same thing Like um Uh like door knocking Down here in my region I won’t say where Because I don’t want to put anybody out There shout out to you if you’re Watching thank you for watching I Appreciate you All right and they told me the same Thing like they’re not really for this Particular person but it’s it’s money You know and it’s just seeing if who are You going to vote for Really it’s just like a survey type Thing How are you It’s all good about yourself Hello James I’m calling from Jacksonville Florida All righty what’s happening James I I want to talk about ABIA about all The I work on the military base right

Here in Mayport Florida We’ve got some stuff going on bruh What’s going on what’s happening on the Base Uh we’re moving ships left and right all My boys just got called the service Um and why why are all our little Italian ships And everything else get called out to Portland there’s no exercise what the Hell That’s a good question so it’s like Where are they really going are they Going Stop trying to see yourself okay I asked My son where y’all going I can’t tell You pop but I’ll I’ll talk to you in six Months I’m like okay And that guy just called out the duty And said okay But plus I work at Block Island where I Unload and load ships up And we’ve had these big cargo ships the Big OC teams And man we put uh Planes trucks all from all from the U.N Owner ah So it makes me wonder what the hell’s Going on man That’s yeah I don’t mean I don’t mean to Change his subject But there’s something going on with our Military right here in our front Do you think that something

What now go ahead go ahead I’m just I’m just I mean I don’t know What’s going on I’ll pay attention to The news I pay attention to everything But That I work in my part and all this All the crap that’s coming on my boat as You ain’t stickers on it it’s like That’s not good It’s not good So we have un stuff coming here to the U.S like from overseas to the US Dude yes I I live in Jacksonville Florida I work at the uh Uh blunt Island base right here in Jacksonville Florida It’s just offshore from Mayport Florida And say man we get these Ships coming in We’re unloading ships that are unloading You in equipment and I don’t know what They’re for but For me it just drives me nuts I tried to ask questions and I was told To shut the hell up right Always going to use that for it but I Thought I’d be nice right right I guess Yeah Yeah so apparently we got a whole bunch Of U.N chips being shipped on military Ships over here in America They’re right off our Shores in Jacksonville Florida are you kidding me Why

So I wanted to ask abl if you do Anything about that Well maybe yo if you didn’t know you Talking to me the whole time but Um I think it’s pretty crazy That that’s happening right now Um but I can’t really say I’m surprised At it I think that um It’s a lot going on with the military It’s a lot going on in the world a lot Of instability we talking about Russia Ukraine China South China Sea I don’t mean to be a prick but I mean Through the Ukraine screwed Germany Screw China I don’t care but I mean I’ve been living here in America and I’m Offloading you in vehicles that’s kind Of strange ain’t it I agree I agree I did I just wanted to ask ampl about That Well thank you for you calling me I Definitely appreciate you Okay thank you man all right now Yeah I agree with him I’m not a fan of Uh Ukraine and trying to support what They got going on either I’m right there With him you know what I mean uh there’s He has no um no no debate here I’m right In this corner Let’s go to the next call here Two zero two you don’t allow who my Speaker to Hey This is Jeremy

All right man what’s happening What’s going on man so listen I got Questions so everybody it seems like on The right everybody’s playing down January 6th and one of the biggest Questions that I have is A lot of those people seem to be people Who are supposed to be about Law and Order But there was an extreme amount of Lawlessness that took place on January 6th so what’s the big deal about them Probing into it you know everybody it Seems like a lot of you know people on The right one are sweep it on the rug And oh it was no big deal you know Nobody even died and But these are the same people who tend To side with the police if you know uh Citizens is uh shot by an officer or Something you know like they like okay Well he should have listened and then That was the case for Ashley Babbitt if She would have followed the officer’s Orders she would still be here today but All of that was a result of Lawlessness that took place on that day Okay so what’s your question about like Why is it yeah why does it seem like It’s getting like a lot of people on the On the rug like it was no big deal Because it wasn’t a big deal really the Reality of it is let’s go through let’s Talk about it right quick so January 6th

Uh first of all there was just a uh a Speech from Trump a peaceful speech it Wasn’t really an issue you had people That went down to the Capitol started Some trouble could have been Trump Supporters might not have been Trump Supporters who knows who it was they Started some trouble But as far as any kind of damage anybody That died it was just one person that Died that was actually Babbitt now why Are we talking about this for years why Are we having all these probes why are We doing all this stuff why do you have Political prisoners been in jail with no Charges solitary confinement it’s a Overreaction because it’s a political Purpose and the reason why I know it’s So overreaction is because you had other Riots that have happened in this country Recently within the past two three four Five six years antifa black lives matter But you’ve had dozens people that died Little kids little girls old men black Men black women die in these riots well There wasn’t this big level of scrutiny Over there there wasn’t this big Um years long investigations and nothing Like that into these particular things But you had dozens that have died in These particular rights and you have Groups you can look at organized that Did it antifa black lives matter they’ll Let it go out there just collect money

Do whatever they want to do unfettered But January 6th was like the worst thing Happen in the world with with hearings And whatnot for years so that’s a Difference Um I mean you know I definitely agree That it’s been over politicized on some Level but I think that you know one of The biggest things that you know for People on both sides that we’re missing Is that like I said you know some of the Same people who stand for Law and Order And you know scrutinizing question Police officers who might be involved in A shooting rather than that person be Unarmed or armed or whatever the case May be these are the same people who Want to act like what took place at the Capitol on January 6 wasn’t a big deal And like you said I mean on them just The elementary principle of it is if They were respecting the boundaries and The laws then this wouldn’t have Happened you know period across the Board it just you know I think that if You’re going to stand up and say hey I’m About Law and Order then it has to be Across the board it can’t just be when It fits you or for any of us or you know To to set up a certain political agenda If you stand for you know law and order It has to be the same across the board So definitely what took place on January 6 is it it’s it is kind of a big deal

When you think that I think about that Nothing like that has happened that I Can remember you know uh what do you Mean like we’ve had we’ve had riots We’ve had rights all over the country For the past few years Portland Oregon In the federal building and then you had And then you had an area of uh what was That Sierra Washington that was taking Over a police precinct was taken over And almost Burns To The Ground two young Black men died as a result of that they Were shot and killed in this particular Area a whole city block was taking over So when you say this is like an unheard Of thing how can you say that when You’ve had all these things that have Happened well hold on hold on how can You say that we’ve had all things that Have happened in the country at the same Time as the January 16 was going on Doesn’t make any sense I mean those things were simple you know Motivated behind things that were Happening simply this was motivated Behind an election you know and I’m not Pointing things at who’s wrong who’s Right only thing I’m just saying is that For the people who sit who are on the Right and saying hey this isn’t a big Deal these are also the people who are Saying hey you guys have to respect Law And Order you guys don’t care about the Police you guys don’t you know okay okay

I got you I got you I got your point but Still it doesn’t make it doesn’t make a Difference it’s like okay we’re not Going to be out there uh tearing stuff Down burning neighborhoods down because They actually Babbitt we can disagree With what happened to her and not tear Things down but see what happens on the Other side is when they don’t agree with Something they want to tear things down When George Floyd dies in police custody You get riots all over the country Neighborhoods getting torn to the ground People infrastructure being torn to the Ground And that’s that’s the whole thing we Believe in Law and Order if she dies Disagree we’re not going to behave Lawlessly as a result but on the other Side they behave lawlessly as a result Of anything they don’t like and disagree With Let the court actually wait wait wait Wait wait wait wait hold on Let the court actually play out properly And talking about Law and Order how About due prices how is it right to ask Mighty in solitary confinement for a Year or two with no trial okay where’s The due process that’s Law and Order Right there but you’re not getting that Because it’s political in nature it’s Not even about Law and Order it’s about Politics it’s about trying to keep Trump

Out of office it’s about trying to Attack the other side of that aisle it’s Not about Law and Order that’s the whole Thing so you’re talking about Law and Order try to use that particular point But it doesn’t even apply here because There’s nothing about Law and Order it’s About political stuff that’s it and That’s all So you you brought up you know um the Political motivation but my thing is Once again is that it it has to it has To be applied okay but see check it out I I got your point but see across the Board would mean we get due process the Same way as everybody else if anybody Gets locked up for it wait wait wait Wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait Hold on if I get locked up for a crime Today I still have the right to Due Process correct Absolutely but in January but they’re Not getting that in January 6th you got Guys Solitaire confinement with no trial Date but no nothing no charges just Sitting there languishing because They’re political prisoners that is not Law and Order so you can’t say oh well It’s got to be some cross support you Got to believe in Law and Order we’re Not getting Law and Order we’re not Getting that with January 6. their their Regular citizens who deal with that Every day like people who are you know

Who are arrested and charged for crimes And they sit and the the like once again Just getting back to it being overly Politicized is yes anybody you know if You’re a citizen you have a right to be Processed but once again the issue is People are screaming hey this is wrong This is wrong these people are being you Know held without their due process but Are we as Americans are we making as Much noise for those people who might Have that effect from January 6th for People all across the nation who might Be having their rights violated civil Who sit in jails and prisons for years And years I mean whoever whoever whoever Knows these people needs make the kind Of noise we don’t really know these People we know about January 6th because Wait wait wait we know about the thing With Washington DC January 6 because It’s been all over the news it’s been a Really big story put in front of our Faces that’s why we know about it it’s a Big thing and they’re trying to use that As a political weapon against people That are conservative people that are on A on the Republican Party they’re using That as a political weapon we don’t know About random person in podunkville USA They got locked up and been sitting for A year without a trial we don’t know About that how can we know about that at The end of the day we want the same

Rights for everyone now somebody’s in Jail and they’ve not been given any kind Of due process that’s wrong too but we Don’t know about that we know about January 6th so again we’re talking about Law and Order we’re not getting that in January 6th we get into Political which Chain we’re getting political prisoners Not Law and Order so you can’t use that Argument so wait wait wait wait wait Wait wait wait wait wait wait wait you Cannot use that argument in January 6th Because you’re not we’re not getting law In order it’s not due process it’s not a Fair trial not a trial at all it’s a Political Witcher and that’s not all There is it ain’t nothing else too Let me ask you this I’ve heard people Refer to Ashley Babbitt’s death as an Execution I’ve heard people even say That the police officer who you know uh Killed Ashley Babbitt he was wrong all These you know all these series and People do you believe that she that her You know her death was justified I think It was probably too I think I think it Was too much because really what was That trespassing do you get shot for Trespassing but again wait wait wait Wait wait wait wait wait again but see Law and Order is that the correct thing To do get shot for Trace pass in Law and Order okay so we’re talking about what What the law says now I ain’t talking

About how I feel talking about the law Is right against her for trespassing now Here’s the next thing about that here’s The next thing now if I don’t agree with That do I go out there and write do I go Out there and tear things down why I Don’t I don’t do that why because I Believe and guess what I believe and Guess what Law and Order that’s why I Don’t do that but on the other side they Don’t believe that they disagree with The thing and they want to disregard Law And Order I’m still gonna I’m still I’m Still I’m still going to abide by Law And Order even if I don’t agree with What’s with what happened it’s simple But when you say the other side right Like so you know I I I would like I Would say that I’m on the other side but I also listen to all at all views you Know which is why I watch your show I Listen to Brandon Tatum but the issue That I’m talking about is that you’re Saying how we would react on the other Side but that isn’t the vast majority Like you said you have a few people who Choose to react to a certain way it Doesn’t it doesn’t matter it doesn’t it Doesn’t matter if it’s a majority or not Okay but see it doesn’t matter if it’s The majority or not we’ve not done that At all on the right Nobody has Rarity for Ashley Babbitt not One person nobody but whenever there’s a

BLM type situation going on there’s Always a riot we don’t do that at all so You can’t say also it’s not the majority It don’t matter the point is that some People do it enough people do it And the politicians kind of condone it And encourage it the media encourages it Condones it we don’t do that on our side I just find it I just find it you know Awkward that the a lot of people on the Right are like they they make J they try To like Fly by Night what happened on January 6th and in all honesty It it was a big deal okay so okay look We got we got time hold on we got we got Time constraints so I got one last Question for you do you think January 6 Is like one of the worst things to Happen to America like one of the worst Events in American history do you think That Um top five easily so give me the other Four things that are in them in in American history in the ballpark with January 6th Um you know like some Charlottesville Um Definitely 9 11. UM and you know uh uh The stuff that was going on in Seattle With the police station I mean all of Those things but you got we got four Give me okay hold on we got four give me One more give me one more to make five Um Sandy Hook okay so Civil War

American Revolution uh Great Depression Uh Valentine’s Day Massacre in Chicago Illinois uh Those those things ring a bill I mean Waco Waco Texas January 6th is something that you know Like I have a kid January 6 is something That my child Pearl Harbor Pearl Harbor So are we going to put January 6th in The same category as Pearl Harbor Um I don’t think so I mean you can’t put You know how about how about how about How about about Civil War Obviously Oh okay how about Waco Texas No you can’t I think I think I think What needs to happen before I I got Calls on the line you should kind of Just rethink what you’re talking about Because January 6th when you think about American history and things that have Happened it’s not that deep and look at All the riots that have happened over The past few years and then look at the Entire history it’s not that bad when You look at America and what’s been Going on thank you for the car man Definitely appreciate you have a good Luck All right shout out to the caller that Was a little bit long but I wanted to Just get my my point across there he was Cool for calling in and having a Distancing point of view

It’s happened over the past all right What’s going on man Hey man that last caller is the Exact problem with many Americans who Could just consume too much media and Are very ignorant sadly especially when You’re coming from the left you only Have one lens Um your lens is only right-wing Terrace And also when I debate clowns like him I Always put him on a defensive because There’s no defensible way that you could Defend what black lives matter did over The summer black lives matter were not Only harming white people they were also Destroying black businesses I even live Here in Dallas Texas where I know a lot Of black people who own businesses who Had the board up their businesses in Fear of black lives matter destroying it And what’s crazy especially for the African-American is that these white Liberals went into their neighborhoods And assisted in destroying their Businesses so black people were directly Affected by the black lives matter many Black people lost their job jobs some Black people even lost their lives but For them to just Overlook that shows how They don’t even love themselves like how They claim to be so that they don’t even Care about their own communities they Don’t care about nothing it’s all about What the white man is doing that’s why

He’s so set about upset about what Happened on the riot because he doesn’t Like that it was a bunch of white people Getting angry and also I honestly Believe is that it didn’t put him as a Black person in the middle of it you Know to claim some type of victim status And when and when it comes to the um January 6 man this is just a nut and Burger all it is was just a bunch of Angry people mad at the election who Protested this is not even Insurrection I don’t even think Republicans should be Calling this an Insurrection this this Was nothing it could have easily been Put down but we’ve seen video footage Of some police officers letting the Protesters in and I honestly think you Know and you know I don’t know yet Because there’s not much research into It but I honestly think this was allowed To happen just to hurt Trump’s chances Because you’re not think about it if Trump was really trying to to start an Insurrection why isn’t the Commander-in-chief out there riding with Y’all and then why is he also saying be Peaceful go go home don’t use violence This is not what I wanted it just makes No sense and liberals know this but they Assume the American population is stupid And sadly some Americans are being Stupid just out of the media wants them To I know these Democrat liberals know

That this January 6 was nothing but they Understand like they always play on Black black people’s emotions you have To Hype it up so that black people when They go to vote they are not intelligent Enough to vote for policies because Their emotions there’s always cloud in Their judgment so every time they vote It has to be on fear fear and emotion I Just saw January 36 I can’t let these White boys go and try to overthrow this Country just to think a bunch of unarmed White people Are going to overthrow the strongest Just just think about how stupid that Sounds you really think the United States was going to allow that you Really think that we couldn’t call the National Guard and clap down on that Like some people just can’t think but it But but this is what I told you earlier About the January 6th like I said this Was the Democrats gift and I I said Before the the people who are out there Doing it should should have never did it Because it’s it was exported for this Very reason to have callers like that And millions of Americans think like him So every time when it comes to voting They are never going to look at the Republicans man so yeah that that whole Thing’s a farce and that guy man it’s Like you know I’m saying the more he he Burns his head in a mainstream meter you

Know the more loss he’s going to get and Not understand why things the way they Are Um now the other question I want to ask You man is Elon Musk man Um You know I am happy he brought Twitter But I am very skeptical man Um when he announced this diverse Council But but before reading stating accounts What what did you think about that I Think that he he’s got to do that Because the thing is you still got to Have content moderation you still got to Have it be a place where people people Want to be it can’t be just overrun Become a troll farmer nothing else but No regular people on it so you got to Kind of be middle of the road He he’ll Be a moderate kind of person and I think That’s okay you don’t have to be on our Side 100 he could just be more moderate The problem with Twitter over the past Few years is that they become super left Left left left all the way left I mean You getting banned for the just the most Mundane ridiculous things I think there Will still be some censorship in some Moderation but not to the level that it Had been before where you getting banned For just really small things Yeah yeah and I agree with that like the Uh covet bands that’s just that’s that’s

Really attack on free speech like you’re You’re Banning people for a difference Of opinion I sure hope that’s the truth and really You know and my thing is I’m I’m a given The benefit of the doubt man you know The thing is he has to reinstate Donald Trump if he’s serious about this because Really Donald Trump has not really Committed any crimes you cannot say he Was a part of some Insurrection the man Is not even locked up so how is he Guilty of something when he’s not even Locked up it just makes no sense he was Never even indicted for a crime if Elon Musk is serious I you know like like I Said I know you got to have this concept Just man I worry about these councils Man because I just feel like man the higher up you Go the more liberal people are and I Just hope that you know this whatever This council is it’s a fair Council let Trump back on man you know he is going To lose some advertisers but screw them Man that that’s the pressure that Liberals always want to put on you they Want to try to take your money away they They want to go out to the advertisers Oh so you’re just gonna support Twitter When Twitter is allowing Donald Trump on Who who try to launch Insurrection That’s what they’re going to do with These advertisers and I just hope Elon

Musk sex the heck with y’all I’m gonna You know and I do agree you you have to Have some contact moderation but it’s Like on some of these bands the heck With y’all I mean if you guys want to Lose out on money well we got millions Of people on Twitter so be it so you Know what I’m saying I’m just I’m just Really hoping that you know Elon Musk Sticks to it if anything Trump back on Let’s get Andrew take back on you know Alex Jones I’m mean you know some of the Controversial people who just you know I’m not going to name any names but There are some people out there who are Out there I wouldn’t mind man but yeah Man that’s that’s that’s all I got to Say man you know I I I I hope this pulls Through and you know January 6 was just Nothing but a protest like every other American protest that’s that’s all I Gotta say man thanks for the club man Appreciation All right take care Great call Fantastic call And the number to call is 434-658-1220 And the phone lines are blowing up so Please bear with me I try to get you Guys on as soon as I can y’all just hang Tight for me I’d appreciate it if you Did Allowance speaker two seven four seven Yes hi Hello hello yes can you hear me

Yes all righty what’s happening Yeah hi um I just wanna was thinking Maybe we should give Paul Pelosi a break At least this time when he got hammered He wasn’t driving a car there you go Absolutely All right well hey short and sweet take It to the person for the call definitely Appreciate her and let’s go to the next One here let’s go Six zero one you don’t allow who am I Speaking to Yeah this is OC from Ohio how are you Well about yourself I’m doing good Um I wanted to talk about something that I think most uh naturally born Americans Would not think about in terms of having Nine Americans be able to vote so Um I’m actually conservative so it’s not Like I’m a left-wing nut but um I moved To the United States some 20 years ago Came here legally I came from school I Was always legal the whole time I was Here And you know I pay taxes because I was Working I had a work permit I was able To work but the one thing I couldn’t do Even guys lived here for a very long Time is vote so You know this this had become my home But I wasn’t an American citizen and I Had the right to be here you know I had The proper paperwork so I think

Um maybe when some of these Democratic States were talking about allowing Non-citizens to vote that’s what they Mean now I could be wrong I support Florida ID and everything I think if You’re able to prove that you know you Hold a green card you’re legally here You’ve paid your taxes and everything I Think you should be able to vote because Literally this is my home Um I didn’t get citizenship until this Year to where my kids were actually Shocked like you were not a citizen this Whole time so it’s just some things that I think would help if people were able To vote Um even though you’re not a citizen you Are a permanent resident but you’re not A citizen so if you’re a permanent Resident you canceled but I think we Should be able to what do you think Um I don’t think so and there’s nothing Against you but Here’s a here’s one thing that I would Say In order to be the president you have to Have a few qualifications but it’s not That not that much you got to be a Citizen number one to be the president So If you got to be a citizen to be a President and it’s not even that much Other qualifications Um 35 years old be a citizen and uh live

In the US for at least 14 years Just through qualifications you could be You could have a felony on your record You can have all kinds of things on your Record you could pretty much do a lot of Different things you could be a Convicted criminal and still become the President So I think if you kind of if you’re Going to vote you should at least meet The one qualification To become the president to to rise from The ranks of being a citizen up to the President Got to be a citizen now I’m not saying That I’m trying to get you deported You’re here legally but in order to vote I think you need to be a citizen because Also with that comes some National Security issues with some people that Come over here and abuse this system for Their country of origin So imagine you get a bunch of Chinese um People to come over here nothing against People that are Chinese in general but I’m talking about no the government is They come over here on the H1B or a Green card or whatever it is Talking about okay we’re going to work In California we’re going to go over There and just work and just be tech People and then they begin to vote and They vote in a certain kind of way to Put their own guy in now we got foreign

Nationals over here in the U.S acting on The foreign National on the foreign Country’s behalf So that could be something that happens I think overall it’s just a good Practice to have citizens vote although I have nothing against you if you’re Here legally if you’re here legally it’s Fine but when it comes to voting be a Citizen I mean yeah I get I hear your point um I Guess my point was having lived here Paying my taxes here I’m I’m Um subjected to bad votes you know what I mean I want to vote for especially at The local level I think you should be Able to like my school districts are a Mess you know all this stuff they’re Trying to indoctrinate in kids but it’s Like I can’t I can’t help with that I Just have to sit on the sidelines so I Do think maybe I understand your point About maybe being president and all that But I do think maybe at the local level It should be to where you know I can Vote for what my kid has taught in School because they are attending school And I do pay taxes I you know I um I was once told when I was in college Because I tried to apply for Scholarships um and and grants and I was Told you’re only consider the citizen For tax purposes That’s the only time we substitute of

Your citizen so I mean if you’re able to Text me Um if you know I I’m paying my taxes you Know I’m I have haven’t permitted any Crimes it’s just that the system is Taking longer for my citizenship to move Along then I’m just subjected to all These bad votes or this bad voting so That was just my point um I I know a lot Of people in the chat are like no you Can’t vote but it’s like I can help Y’all that’s all I’m saying I understand Your Viewpoint I do understand you Coming from but I just I would just put The line right there at citizens being Able to vote because you know what’s Next you’re gonna say illegal aliens I Know that’s not you you’re legal but the Next thing is going to be illegal aliens I already see where it’s going to go Because they’re already trying to do That so I would just have it right there And then have that be there I know it Could be it could be unfair it could be Something that is disheartening but I Think that’s probably the right thing to Do for the country Yeah I hear you well I’m gonna vote um This coming up midterms because I have My citizenship now so hopefully that That’s the one vote we were missing to There we go get the right people in Office Murphy All right thanks abl thank you for the

Call appreciate it Bye-bye Yeah and to be clear I’m nothing against People that are here as legal residents If you’re here legally if you’re Following the law it’s cool But if you’re not a citizen I think you Gotta draw the line because like I said The next thing is going to be oh you’re Here as an illegal alien no no no Documentation of what you’ve been here DACA recipients you vote too you see What I’m saying And then just just like with the whole Thing with gay marriage I have nothing Against anybody that’s gay if you gay And you’re an adult adult keyword not Little kids but anyway if you are gay And you’re an adult I don’t care that’s Your business whatever y’all do that’s Between you and whoever consents right As an adult But when it comes to gay marriage see Now what’s going to happen is you’re Going to have to gay marriage and then Okay now we’re going down the we’re Seeing where we are right now in a very Short period of time ever since uh Obama Became the LGBT president Now we’re talking about drag queen story Time and we’re talking about 10 year old Little girls having men or adult boys Six foot four Invading their space in the locker room

Showing their jobs enough You see how that happened but anybody Could have seen it coming because we Know how they operate they they they They take You give it an inch you take them out Matter of fact you give them one inch They’ll take every mile from here all The way to the sun that’s how they Operate and we know it at a certain Point after seeing repetitive patterns Year after year Anyways let’s go to the next call here Let’s go to 203 on the line who am I speaking to Hi Bill this is Raymond Campos All righty what’s happening Hey how you doing I want you every day Every every time you post something Because it’s nice talking to you I’m From Connecticut and I just wanted your Opinion on a governor and LaMont and Bob Stefanowski I I wanted to vote like Republican for stefanowski but I just Found out like he was okay with like First term Abortion and I was just wondering what’s Your opinion on that does it like make Them a rhino or something like that Well I’m not really sure about him being A rhino because there’s mixed opinions On that when you say first summer Abortion did you say a certain number of Weeks did he say six weeks eight weeks

Like what did he say I think he was talking about the like Very beginning so like back to where it Was he basically where the law is now is Where he wants it to stay So I mean I’m not really sure like Because I know there are certain bills Like let’s say for example in Georgia They have the heartbeat bill and I think They say That abortion is banned after a Heartbeat can be detected I think it’s At about five to six weeks something Like that so that means that in the very Beginning abortion will be legal You see what I’m saying in the very Beginning so I’m not really sure what Your the governor candidate I’m not Really sure where he draws a line but What I will say is yeah You said what now I’m trying to figure Out who I want to vote for I don’t want Ned anymore But like what I’m saying is if First term abortion versus abortion Unlimited is probably going to be your Your options It may not be the best options but it’s What you have so if the other guys like Abortion whenever abortion on the on the Um and not much gestation versus the Other guy that says very early It’s a clear choice very early versus Full term

I might have to go up uh thank you so Much for that and I just got one Question one question because my son is In school he’s um I think Middle School High School eighth ninth grade and um They keep putting CNN every every day in The mornings you know if there’s some Advice you could give me something to Say something to do about that is he Doesn’t like to watch the end I don’t Like to watch that I know that it’s fake News I know that can be trying to Implement their Agenda well all you can really do for Your child is just to talk to him about What’s going on I mean if your child Knows what’s happening he’s probably Already aware that it’s fake stuff he’s Just watching some stuff that he don’t Really like to watch but just keep Talking to him and keep educating them On your own about what’s happening in The world so the stuff he sees on Television won’t really affect him Because he knows from Dad what’s right And what’s wrong Thank you so much thank you so much I Appreciate that he listens to you um With me while we work he works with me Sometimes Um thank you so much it was great Talking to you have a great night thanks For the call man appreciate you Thank you

Yeah great call shout out to him and Shout out to the shout out to your boy For watching me and for knowing what’s Going on in the world having the Awareness to understand that CNN sucks So shout out to your boy All right let’s go to Nine eight Now You’re Gonna Learn who am I speaking to Yeah Yes I am You’re live on the air turn your stream Down in the background for me please Um that’s now but you’re not looking Live I gotta yeah you can’t because it Won’t it won’t line up but what’s Happening man talk to me on the phone Oh man I’m just enjoying a show I’m Here having a good time I want to know why you’re buying me man Who are you Hello I’m Corn Pop Hey man things happen I don’t know what Happened you know because you know I got Moderators you probably said something Crazy that’s probably why you got banned I don’t know what you said no I don’t Think I said anything crazy I think I Might have said something funny but Grandpa oh I’m catching it in your Reflex I mean are you in Reverse bro Yeah like that’s what I’m saying you Guys turn your stream down so I’m Telling you you can’t you can’t watch

Your stream at the same time when you’re On the phone you’re playing at me oh no Okay Do we have anything if you want to add To the show or that was it No I’m just saying can you unban me bro I support you I’m watching the show Um send me a send me a link to my emails On my website go to my website I can’t I’m not gonna unbank you if I Can’t if you can’t do that I can’t I Can’t find your channel any other way Huh I got alternate subscriptions I got I Got ways to watch well hey that that’d Be you your best bet man thank you for Your call I appreciate you yeah all Right man thanks for Banning me all Right love you bro All right shout out to Corn Pop it’s Like yo unbanny bro it’s like If I I can’t unbame you if you want to Send me your channel link because if you If you just What I’m gonna do just be like all right It’s granted Corn Pop unbanned wait for Magic one to carry it like that Anyway the phone lines are blowing up Y’all please bear with me here please Please please Come on speaker two six one seven Hey APL Center in West Virginia all Righty what’s going on This couple if you think first of all

Thank you for calling red flags too Because it never added up for me either But it’s getting good because the New York Post do you remember uh earlier I Think it was earlier in the week were Commented to her whole like yellow School bus nonsense Yeah Uh so then here post dropped an article Today that says the title is Paul Pelosi Attacker David de Pepe lives in the School bus Wow hilarious Also there’s so many reports that aren’t Coming out so other like news agencies Are interviewing the neighbors and this Guy’s a lefty Lefty all the way around So they’re 100 Trying to make it seem as though You know it was some right-wing nonsense But neighbors described to Pepe as a Homeless addict with politics that were Until recently left-wing but secondary Importance to psychotic and paranoid Behavior And remember the naked wedding that he Did yeah It was for his baby’s mama wow so wait a Minute was was he the one getting Married or was somebody else getting Married no that’s that is the shade Because here’s the thing he married Somebody else and was like but you can Be the best man

Also wow So her kids she he has two kids with her And apparently both of you she’s in jail Right now she’s a Russian immigrant um She’s in jail right now she has like 20 Something felony counts on her but They’re almost like the new going and And um Epstein type scenario because Their kids came out and said hey since We were young he abused us Yeah This guy got some serious serious Serious problems I wonder how apopolosi Got in contact with this character I Mean what’s going on here The plot continues to thicken I have no Idea but I just figured I would drop That one on you because the whole fact That the New York folks trolled them and Said that he lived on a school bus which He did is epic that’s hilarious Beyond Hilarious Have a good night thank you for the call Appreciate it Yeah this guy I mean they couldn’t have Found a more ridiculous person than this Dude um what’s his name uh David pappy Look at his name I I’m the Pappy I guess you are the Pappy sir All right the calls are blowing up y’all Y’all please forgive me I got hold on Call line speaker two three one zero Oh abl how you doing this is Ron from

Georgia how you doing sir it’s all good Man what’s happening Oh I’m glad that reached managed this uh Another wondrous Day in the United States and in Georgia and uh I’m glad I Was able to get my vote in and Um you know they got Herschel trying to Get her silver to the line along with With uh Kemp And the rest of the our gangs here but I’m just laughing at uh The hysteria that the the Democrat media Is going over everything they’re just Trying to pull out all the stops like I Said uh we’re all red And bring her out the closet with him That Obama bringing him out It’s crazy it’s crazy they’re panicking Their panicking is good because it’s About time that But we get our country back and I know We’re not gonna be able to do too much Because we got uh Bozo in the White House and you know anything that we put Down the pike he’s going to veto it and And not allow things to come through but We’re gonna slow this roll until 2024. And that’ll be a good thing you know and Whoever uh whether Trump or defenses or Whoever we got a deep bench in the Republican party right now a lot of good Good uh Players out there that uh not idiot It’s not like what they’re trying to

Push forward in California with uh Newsome but uh you know that’s the best They got Lord help us exactly exactly yeah yeah But you know I’ve been talking to some Of my friends and uh you know friends of Cali and even some of my relatives come Back and they try to bash on Herschel And everything how could you vote for Hers on it I said what are you talking About he said did you see the debate did You not see the debate he did a great Job and said oh he just sounds You guys are picking up on this monster Is that same thing about Obama over the Flowery boys and everything there but Did you hear what he was trying to say And the things that Obama was trying to Say was nonsense was as I I’m concerned But I’ve seen Herschel in person and uh You know Republic a republican uh Meeting and uh I know he did he’s not an Idiot not at all he seems very well you Know and you know as I said right now You got his campaign speech and Everything so it’s repetitive right now But he’s going to stop you gotta go from Place to place but he he’s gonna do it He’s going to do a good job for the American people and that’s what we need Today in our country people that are Doing things for the American people Instead of for themselves you hear me Talking every time about these grifters

Out there that’s all they doing is just Raping the country they’re raping the Country and they’re raping us hard and The thing about it that not only that You’re setting up their money across From me like you said Ukraine That’s another Shield job right there Hey I come sell our bombs and everything Like that really being very effective Because they trading them for some money Putting some putting themselves other For the other politicians when they get Out of office they they have another Store Bank of fund somewhere else They’re they’re breaking up uh the Generations of the future and it’s a Damn shame But we can we can fight this we can get It back you know that said they like say The the the Them they’re they’re very meticulous on How they want to erode things Like you say they do it a step at a time A step at a time but you know what we Got to see the see where they’re coming From stopping where they’re at and that You know the American people could rise Up and go forward you know people just Need to look at the see the truth you Know you say if you have any type of Discernment skills you can see what They’re where they’re coming where They’re coming from and we can stop them But then uh it just kills me that

Whenever I try to talk to somebody Liberal friend they uh they just cannot See the truth or let’s explain it to Them they cannot be and I just say you Know it’s just no hope there’s no hope For them but I just pray for them I pray For the nation I pray for the world I Just pray for our for the people that You know that the blinders will be lift Without their eyes remove these skills That they could see you know remove Their skills and that they can see and Know the truth you know but That’s what I would hope for our country Today ADL you’re doing an awesome job Everything is built you put forth you The best for the best Uh play by play for Paul Pelosi that I’ve seen I’ll tell you I’ve been Looking at everything and and and and And you gave a full play-by-play and Just like what you said I said as soon As I heard it I was shopping and then I Heard it when they did the first live uh Uh Replay in San Francisco and I said Uh-uh that’s not right what they said he Doing the hammer oh no that’s it that’s Not right but like I said I think they Had a little freaky Dicky going on out There that’s that’s what they’re going On right there but you know what praise God I just say abl you keep on doing What you’re doing my brother young man You’ve done a great job you’re doing a

Great job for your country believe me You are and uh I can’t wait to the day That I will meet you face to face my Friend I like saying that far you know I’m in Georgia you’re in you’re over There hey man real on me one day I’m Telling you so anyway when we do hey That’d be a great day hey brother you Just take care God bless I love you okay Thanks for your callback appreciate it Thank you all right All right great call but that’ll be Right for me if you couldn’t get on Tonight I’m sorry the phone lines are Blowing up out of control this is a Really good show uh thank y’all again For being here you guys are the best Audience anywhere on the internet so if You enjoy what you heard thus far if you Enjoyed her tonight because the show is Over with but give me a thumbs up give Me uh a like a share and if you’re not Subscribed to the Channel please Subscribe to the channel it’s 100 free I’d appreciate you if you did do that Um I got super attached to read then I Write the showing up put the bow on top Thank you all again for being here you Guys are the best audience anywhere Um I’ll be back live again on Wednesday Of this week of course I ain’t missing The Wednesday show for y’all that missed It I missed a couple Wednesdays And I’m also live on Saturday but I put

Out pre-recorded videos all throughout The week excluding Sunday all right so I’ll be off tomorrow but I’ll be back Right back at it Monday putting out Pre-recorded videos about whatever’s Going on you got any tips you got any News you want to send me send me an Email at contact Anthony B logan.com if You can’t remember to um email as always On my website all my links will be in The description box below this is also a Podcast listening to right now it’ll be Available on your favorite audio Streaming platforms tomorrow morning 8 A.M wherever you stream whether that be Google play Spotify Stitcher anchor Apple iTunes it’ll be right there on That particular Website now let’s go to the Super chats And thanks to the mods for keeping the Trolls in check and the weird crazy Bots Talking about free time tonight thank You for getting them out of here I Really appreciate y’all for for doing That for me and let’s get to the Um supers Thank you to where where was I oh I Think I pretty much got everything thank You to Stacy D for being the member and Being part of the abl squad and they get The Corn Pops cousin for the Super Chat I think that’s it I think most of the Super chats came in pretty early so I Got everything right now but I’ll be

Back live again on Wednesday and Monday Of course doing the pre-recorded videos But that’ll be a wrap for me so until Next time Y’all be safe I’m out And peace

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